BKK ticket machine 2024 | Budapest bus ticket machine

BKK ticket Machine Budapest

During your stay in Budapest, if you are planning to use Budapest public transport, you will need to buy tickets, or travel passes.

All kinds of tickets and travel passes for Budapest buses,sightseeing Budapest trams and Budapest Metro can be purchased from a BKK ticket machine.

Another option to buy Budapest tickets and passes is through the Budapest public transport App called Budapest GO and Simple by OTP.

Either you use the Budapest Bus network, Tram network, or Budapest underground metro system, to reach your favorite destination, Budapest public transport tickets and passes must be purchased.

Keep in mind that there is only one type of ticket machine, either you call it Budapest Bus ticket machine or Budapest tram ticket machine.

Although there is a trend in Budapest to shift the ticket buying procedure to online method, in 2024, you will still find BKK ticket machines in many places.

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The decision to buy various kinds of tickets and passed from BKK ticket machines depends upon a the assumption that you are a trip planner or you like to get guided tours.

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Sections of Budapest ticket vending machine

BKK ticket machines in Budapest are also named as BKK TVMs,i.e. Ticket Vending Machines.

As of 2024,the current ticket machines have 3 main sections.

  • Section 1 contains the touch screen
  • Section 2 contains the option for payment
  • Section 3 contains a tray where printed passes and tickets are delivered.

Budapest ticket vending machine Section 1

Section 1 of the BKK ticket machine has a touch screen.

In order to buy the ticket, you should press anywhere on the screen.

The default language is Hungarian.

At the bottom of the screen of a BKK ticket machine, there are options to select multiple languages.

The languages available in the BKK ticket machine are Hungarian,English,German,French, Slovak,Spanish,Romanian,Chinese and Russian.

However,in some BKK ticket machines,the languages supported are Hungarian,English and German.

BKK Machine languages
BKK Machine languages

Once you select your desired language, there are options to select various kinds of tickets and Budapest pass which can be used in public transport.

After selecting your desired set of passes or tickets, you can select the payment option,which can be debit/credit card, Hungarian coins, or Hungarian currency notes.

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Bkk ticket machine section 1
Bkk ticket machine section 1

Budapest ticket vending machine Section 2

As you have already selected your desired tickets and passes with the payment option, the next step is to use Section 2 of the ticket vending machine.

Based upon your selection of payment type, you should pay the prices of the purchased passes and tickets.

If you plan to pay by card, you can use the pay-pass as well as the inserting option in the BKK ticket machine.

The machine may ask for the pin code which can be entered in the pin pad in section 2 of the machine.

For payment by cash, you have to ensure that only Hungarian currency notes and coins can be inserted on the section 2 of ticket vending machines in Budapest.

Machine will return the currency notes on the right button corner of section 2.

Bkk ticket machine section 2
Bkk ticket machine section 2

Budapest vending machine section 3

Bkk ticket machine section 3
Bkk ticket machine section 3

After your transaction with card or cash has been successful, the touch screen will mention the success.

Later on, it will also show the status that your passes or tickets are being printed.

Printing of Budapest travel passes or tickets may take 30 to 60 seconds.

Make sure to pick up your tickets or passes from the tray in section 3 by pushing the lead behind.

Best option to pay at Budapest ticket machine

Budapest ticket machines accept HUF in cash notes as well as in coins along with card payments.

The best option to buy Budapest public transport tickets is using the credit/debit card in the machine if you do not have Budapest currency coins.

BKK ticket machine advantages

Compared to the BudapestGO app,which requires internet connection to validate a ticket or pass, some tourists may feel comfortable using the printed tickets and passes over digital ones in 2024.

Buying tickets from Budapest BKK ticket machines comes with the following advantages.

  • BKK ticket machines are installed in the majority of tourist places.
  • All BKK ticket machines accept debit/credit cards, so you do not want to exchange money at Budapest airport terminals.
  • BKK ticket machines have multiple languages support.
  • Price of all tickets and passes are the same whether you buy from BudapestGO app, BKK ticket machines or from the BKK offices.(not in case bought from bus drivers)

Buying a ticket from the Budapest bus drivers

If you do not buy tickets or passes from the BudapestGO app,bkk ticket machine or BKK offices, there is a possibility to buy only single tickets in buses of Budapest.

However, buying tickets from drivers of Budapest buses should be your last option, as you can buy cheaper tickets and passes from other ways.

Here are the few reasons why buying tickets from bus drivers in Budapest is not a good option.

  • Ticket prices are higher when bought from the drivers of the buses.
  • Bus drivers can only offer a single ticket which is 600 HUF (compared to 400 and 450 huf tickets available from BKK machines).
  • Bus drivers in Budapest public transport do not accept foreign currency.
    Bus Drivers do not accept debit and credit cards when selling tickets to passengers.
  • You will need to provide the exact amount of the ticket prices as drivers do not have change most of the time.

NOTE : There is no possibility to buy tickets in underground metros from drivers, or drivers of trolleys and trams in the Budapest transport system.

Budapest BKK ticket machines locations

BKK ticket machines are located at almost every underground metro station.

From the tourist point of view,in 2024, following are important places to know where Budapest BKK ticket machines are installed.

  • Budapest Airport, around 4 mins walk from the departure terminal.
  • Kobanya Kispest,M3 stop, if you take 200E bus from airport to reach Budapest
  • Deak Ference ter / Kalvin ter / Astoria, area around the city center.
  • Nyugati Palyaudvar, Budapest southern Railway station
  • Budapest Keleti train Station, Eastern Railway station Budapest
  • Hosok tere, Heroes Square Budapest
  • Nepliget Bus Station, International bus station in Budapest
  • Oktogon, A famous tram stop at Andrassy Avenue Budapest.

Tickets available from Budapest ticket machines

Following tickets available from the Budapest ticket vending machines are good to know if you are visiting Budapest as a tourist.

Ticket prices in 2024 may increase, however, current rates are mentioned below.

Single Ticket – 450 HUF

Single ticket Budapest BKK Machine
Single ticket Budapest BKK Machine

In 2024, if you want to buy a Budapest Bus ticket, Budapest tram ticket or a Budapest underground metro ticket from the BKK ticket machine for a single journey, it will cost you 450 huf.i.e.1.3 EUR/GBP/USD.

The option to buy a single ticket from the ticket machine is “Single Ticket”, as it also shows the 450 HUF price on the bottom right corner.

The single ticket can be used in a bus,train or trolley without any transfers.

Either you are looking for a Budapest bus ticket from BKK machine or a Budapest metro ticket from BKK machine, for a single journey, this ticket is sufficient for a single journey.

When to use single ticket

If your way of traveling involves having guided tours,and not plan the trip yourself to the nitty gritty, you can buy a couple of such single tickets for emergency usage.

Transfer Ticket – 550 huf

Transfer Ticket Budapest ticket BKK Machine
Transfer Ticket Budapest ticket BKK Machine

If you need to travel in a journey involving transfers,or two kinds of transport, Transfer ticket is a better option,as it saves you 100 to 150 huf.

The printed transfer ticket available from the BKK machine has to be validated one by one in both modes of transport during the journey.

Budapest Airport shuttle bus ticket

100E Bus Budapest ticket BKK Machine
100E Bus Budapest ticket BKK Machine in 2022

You can buy a Budapest airport shuttle bus ticket from the BKK machine for 6.5 USD (2200).

100E bus Budapest is called the airport shuttle bus and suitable if you are coming with less luggage.

It operates on the quickest route with minimum stops between Budapest airport and the city center.

Although there is an option to buy a return ticket for the Budapest airport shuttle bus.

You pay 4400 huf (around 12 USD/EUR/GBP) at once to buy two tickets.

There is no advantage buying the return ticket together as the cost remains the same even if you buy it later.

Lets say you buy a 2200 HUF Budapest airport shuttle ticket at the airport to come to city center and later on,for example, after 4 days, want to use the airport shuttle to reach airport, you can buy another ticket from the Ticket vending machines.

Block of 10 tickets

If you love to walk and only use public transport for longer distances, you can buy a block of 10 tickets from BKK machine.

Block of 10 tickets can be used on buses,trolleys or metros for a single journey.

The price for block of 10 tickets in Budapest is still 4000 HUF.i.e. 11 EUR/GBP/EUR in 2024.

If your stay is more than one day and you will rarely use public transport inside Budapest, this could be a better option.

Of course, you need to validate only a single ticket on a single journey.

You get a saving of 50 HUF per ticket,i.e. Overall 500 HUF(1.2 EUR/GBP/USD) savings if you used all the tickets.

Block of 10 Tickets Budapest BKK ticket Machine
Block of 10 Tickets Budapest BKK ticket Machine

When to use block of 10 tickets Budapest

If you stay is more than 3 days but you will be mainly staying around the city center, the 7 day pass may be expansive.

The inner part of the city is quite walkable with any monument around a 1 to 3 KM walking distance.

24-hour Budapest travel card

The 24 hour Budapest travel card is also available in BKK Budapest ticket vending machines.

In 2024, the cost of a 24 hour Budapest travel card is 2500 HUF,which is around 6 USD/GBP/EUR.

The prices has been recently increased by 60%, as previously it was available for 1550 Huf.i.e.4 USD/GBP/EUR

It suitable for tourists who want to explore Budapest with public transport with unlimited transfers in a day.

If you think you will use Budapest buses,trolleys or metros more than 4 times in a day, it is better to buy a 24 hour travel card.

24- Hour Budapest travelcard Budapest BKK Machine
24- Hour Budapest travelcard Budapest BKK Machine

72-hour Budapest travel card

BKK ticket machines in Budapest have a 72 hour travel card which can be used for 3 days.

In 2024, the 72 hour Budapest travel card prices is 5500 HUF,which is around 14.50 EUR/GBP/USD.

The price for 3 day Budapest travel pass was increased in September 2022, from 4150 HUF,i.e. around 10 USD/GBP/EUR to 5500 HUF (14.50 EUR/GBP/USD).

It is suitable if you will use Budapest public transport more than 4 times each day of your 3 days.

72 - Hour Budapest travelcard Budapest BKK Machine
72 – Hour Budapest travelcard Budapest BKK Machine

Seven Day Budapest Travel Card

If you stay in Budapest is for 6 to 7 days, seven day Budapest travel card is definitely a good option.

Although you cannot use 100E bus Budapest and a classic small tram (running inside the city center), but all other kinds of buses, trolleys and metros can be used with seven day pass.

The price for seven day Budapest pass is 6500 HUF in 2024.

The price for 7 day Budapest pass was increased by 40% recently in September 2022.

Seven Day Budapest Travelcard BKK Machine
Seven Day Budapest Travelcard BKK Machine
When to use Budapest 7 Day travel card

7 day travel card in Budapest is a great option when you stay is around a week.

You have much time and luxury to see attractions not only within the city,but which are even far (45-60 mins) from the main city.

Once you have explored the top attractions within the city, some of the activities to explore away from city using 7 day travel card are the following.

Pro Tip : There is no need to buy Budapest Card (The Official City pass) which says you can get discounted free entry to top monuments in Budapest with free transport in Budapest.

Budapest card is different from the Budapest BKK travelcard available in the BKK ticket machine or Budapest GO app.

Budapest card is an expensive and useless card as you do not get value of money.

It is not as good as you find in other European cities where city cards allow you to enter famous monuments for free.

It is better to buy the the Travel passes from BKK ticket machines,which also allow you to travel freely in Budapest public transport while buy tickets for your favorite monument separately if you want to enter any of them.

What tickets are best from BKK machine

Although there are many options available in BKK ticket machines in Budapest.

However, if you already plan your trip how frequently you will use the public transport, it can help you better decide whether to buy 1 day,3 days pass or single/transfer tickets.

For example if your stay in Budapest is around 3 days, Instead of having a 72 hour travel card, you buy a 24 hour travel card for the day when you plan to use public transport more frequently while buying single tickets or block of tickets for other days.

Is it better to buy tickets from ticket machines or online?

If you have a debit/credit card, purchase can be made from BKK ticket machines easily. You will not even be required to exchange currency for purchasing tickets from ticket machines.

Without the card, you will need local Hungarian currency to use in ticket machines.

On the other hand, buying Budapest public transport tickets online requires you to have an internet connection in order to validate the ticket,which may be tricky.

Are BKK machines faulty?

Majority of the BKK machines are functional,hence they are rarely faulty.

Even if you find a faulty BKK machine at the airport, there are atleast 4,and you may get tickets from the other ones.

You can also buy ticket from the bkk offices which are located at major touristic areas.

Do BKK ticket machines accept foreign currency?

You cannot use any currency other than HUF,i.e. HUngarian forints in the BKK ticket machines.

However,if you use debit/credit cards, you may select the currency which you want to pay.

Do BKK ticket machines support foreign languages?

BKK machines support more than 8 languages on many spots,while some machines support only 3 languages. The list of languages include the majority of European as well as Chinese language.

Can you buy a bus ticket from the Budapest BKK machine?

Yes, you can buy all sorts of bus tickets from the BKK machine. Although the tickets are not classified based upon the mode of transport but the whether its a single or transfer journey.

Only exception is 100E bus which requires a special ticket also available in BKK ticket machine.

Can you buy a Budapest metro ticket from the BKK machine?

Yes, you can buy all sorts of metro tickets from the BKK machine. Although the tickets are not classified based upon the mode of transport but the whether it is a single or transfer journey.

Prices for metro tickets can be 400 huf 450 huf whether bought as a pack of 10 tickets or a single ticket from the ticket vending machine. 24 hour and 72 hour passes can also be used on Budapest metros.

Are tickets cheaper on the BKK machine compared to online?

There is no difference in the price of tickets whether you buy it from the BKK ticket machine or BudapestGO online app.

What is the difference between Budapest bus and train ticket bought from BKK machine

There is no difference in tickets for buses,trains,metros or trolleys in Budapest.

All available tickets can be used on these modes of transport in Budapest,aside from the 100E bus.

Where can you buy Budapest travel card

You can buy Budapest travel cards for 1 days 3 days 15 days and 30 days.

These travel cards just cover the majority of BKK transport,excluding the 100E bus.

These travel cards can be purchased in any BKK ticket vending machine.