Currency in Hungary 2024 | Currency in Budapest 2024

Currency in Hungary 2023

What currency does Budapest use in 2024? Does Hungary use the euro in 2024?

What is the best currency to take to Hungary in 2024? are the few questions, that come to your mind if you are planning your trip to Budapest,Hungary.

The best places to stay near Budapest City center are

Hungary has been the member of European Union for a long time. There have been discussions to adopt the European Union Currency.i.e. EURO. The plan to use EURO as the Hungarian currency has not been materialized as of 2024. The official currency of Hungary is Forint, also called HUF.

Now, you will be wondering if Hungary does not use EUR, what is the best alternate currency to take to Hungary.

The best foreign currency to take to Hungary is Euro,as it is accepted around the city center.

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Currency in Budapest 2024
Currency in Budapest 2024

Hungarian Currency

Like many of the eastern European countries,Hungary has it own currency. The Hungarian currency has been losing its value with passage of time. It is the worst performing currency amongst the European Union in the last 5 to 10 years. Hence,if you get a job in Hungary, always demand for payments in Euros as having salary in local currency will harm you pretty badly.

Currency in Hungary Budapest
Currency in Hungary Budapest

Hungarian Currency has many names associated with it as below.

  • HUF
  • Forints
  • Hungarian Forints

On Hungarian currency notes,the official language is Hungarian,which means you are not able to read from the language,what is written, however, the numbers/digits written on currency notes and coins will give you the hint about the real value of it.

What currency Hungary use?

Looking for the info that what currency is used in Hungary now? Official currency in Hungary is HUF and it seems it will continue to be the official currency for next many years. All the businesses in Hungary use Forint as official currency. If you go to a grocery store (ALDI,LIDL,SPAR,TESCO) in Hungary, you will find all the prices displayed in Forints.

All the big electronics stores like MediaMarkt,eMAG,ALZA and AQUA display their prices in HUF.

What currency does Budapest use for shopping
What currency does Budapest use for shopping

Do you love shopping and wondering which currency used in Hungary for shopping. If you are doing shopping in a mall/ plaza,Vaci Street or Andrassy Street, all the brands display their prices in Hungarian forints. Even for some brands,where the official stickers were for other currencies, the official prices is updated with Hungarian forints pricing stickers.

If you are wondering,what is the currency in Hungary for food and drinks prices.

Currency in Hungary for Drinks Prices
Currency in Hungary for Drinks Prices

Forint is the currency used in Hungary by all the big restaurants in the city center as well as non-touristic places. They display Hungarian prices for the Menu.

Currency used in Hungary by Restaurants
Currency used in Hungary by Restaurants

Either you are in an Irish bar, or a normal local bard, money used in Hungary is Huf. They display their prices in Hungarian forints and accept money in local currency.

Hungary Budapest currency in Bars
Hungary Budapest currency in Bars

You would be wondering what’s the currency in Hungary for the taxis?Taxi prices in Hungary are also display in local currency.i.e. Forints. It is mandatory for all taxi companies to display the official rate in Hungarian local currency.

what is the currency used in Budapest by taxis
what is the currency used in Budapest by taxis

Only place where HUF is skipped in Hungary is when you want to have an apartment contract and the owner would like to charge you in EUROs instead of HUF. This is purely due to the fact that the HUF is pretty volatile and owners will be at loss if they get their rent in Hungarian currency.

Currency use in Hungary

By law, all the businesses are obliged to accept Hungarian forints in cash and coins. However, from the tourists perspective,since they need to know whether it is better to exchange some international currency to HUF of not.

In 2024, if you are coming from any country with national currencies like USD, GBP, AUD, CHF, SEK,or CAD, it is better to bring your national currency and exchange to HUF in Budapest,if cash is required.

If you have already booked your accommodation in Budapest, despite the rates shown in your national currencies, if you plan to pay with cash in Budapest, only HUF or EUR will be accepted.

You must be wondering,whether in Budapest cash or card should be used.As cards are accepted everywhere in Budapest, you can still have a great experience without bringing cash.

Money in Budapest
Money in Budapest

Keep in mind that if you pay in foreign currency to any shop in Budapest, in return you will get HUF and not in foreign currency.

What currency is used in hungry when buying something from the carts in the festivals is a tricky question as many such people selling food/drinks prefer cash over the cards,since they want to avoid taxes.

To multiply your joy, we recommend to check the availability of best attractions in Budapest involving

Is Hungary in the euro

Hungary is definitely part of the EUROPEAN UNION. However, it is still one of the countries who have not adapted EURO.But then the question comes up does Hungary use euros?Is euro accepted in Hungary? If not Euros, what currency does Hungary use?Will Hungary accept Euros?

Yes, Euro is also accepted in Hungary. In fact, many places would prefer to charge you in Euros instead of local Hungarian currency due to depreciating nature of HUF. However, they will charge you at a pretty bad rate, and return you in local currency,which may be useless for you in case you do not plan to spend more money.

Do they use euros in Hungary in supermarkets is definitely a valid question if you are traveling with EUROs in cash. You can definitely pay in Euros in Hungarian supermarkets,but keep in mind the bad exchange rates and the HUF money they will return.

If you are coming with the intent to do shopping,Are euros accepted in Hungary by major brand stores is a valid question. Big brand stores in Hungary do accept EUROs either in the form of cash or by card. However, we recommend using your card to make payments in local currency,as it will be way cheaper for you.

Looking to have a taxi in Budapest and not having local currency?You brought only EUROs and wondering do they use euro in hungary for taxis? Why not? there is hardly any taxi driver in Hungary who prefers local currency payment instead of EUROs.But again, we do not recommend to pay the taxis in EUROs as it may be expansive. It is better you use your card and use HUF as the payment currency.

Before you go blindly looking to spend EUROs in Hungary, don’t forget what is the currency in Budapest called,and that is Forint,HUF or Hungarian Forint.

Can you spend euros in Budapest?

Budapest is the capital of Hungary and currency recommended for tourists to use is Hungarian Forints. Now if you are wondering can you use euro in Budapest?What money is used in Budapest?Is euro accepted in Budapest?Does euro work in Budapest? are definitely valid questions.

What currency in Budapest
What currency in Budapest

Euros in Budapest are accepted by Taxis,Supermarkets,Fashion Stores,Cosmetics stores,Shoe stores,Restaurants and Fast Food restaurants.

If you are coming by car and looking to park your car in the street, you must be wondering what is the Hungarian currency to be used for parking machines. It is HUF in most of the cases for the machines which do not have card payment options. On the other hand, majority of parking machines in Budapest have only HUF coin payment options.

Similarly, many open air parking lots and some parking garages accept payment only in Cash,but they will prefer payment in EUROs instead of HUF.

Without any doubt, the preferred currency in Budapest Hungary by any business from a foreigner is any of the t

Is it better to exchange money in Hungary

Currency in Hungary 2024
Currency in Hungary 2024

Yes, if you are traveling to Hungary in 2024, and think of using cash,in Hungary, it is better to exchange your money inside Hungary.

Additionally, you will hardly find any currency exchange in your home country that gives you HUF.

Despite having an old architecture, shops in Budapest do accept debit and credit cards in 2024.

You have the option to pay either in HUF or in any international currency,that your card supports.

Either you want to book a bus tour or a boat tour, you can still pay with Euros or Dollars.

Check our guide about Budapest ATM no fee.

When you are in the city center, close to Deak Ferenc ter, you can visit the best exchange in Budapest.

Another great way to avoid paying at the spot is to plan your trip ahead of time and book a hop on hop off tour, or select from a wide range of activities in Budapest including late night parties, pinball museum Budapest, Budapest thermal bathsHungarian dinner cruise, panoramic hike around Budapest, exploring Budapest with Segways and Cave walking in Budapest.

Should you use Budapest airport currency exchange

What currency does Hungary use 2024
What currency does Hungary use 2024

If you are looking to exchange currency at the Budapest airport terminals, keep in mind that the rates are very, very high.

You may think to exchange 40 or 50 Dollars/Euros to pay the TAXI, but it would be better that you pay the taxi in foreign currency, which may serve you better than currency exchange at the Budapest airport.

If you plan to stay for around a week in Budapest, then it may be a good idea that you exchange foreign currency with HUF, as paying in foreign currency may be very expansive.

Survival without currency exchange at Budapest Airport

what currency is used in Budapest 2024
what currency is used in Budapest 2024

If you are coming by air and wondering do they take euros in Hungary airport in Budapest?Yes, Euros will be accepted at shops in Budapest airport. But the best option to save money is to continue without currency exchange at Budapest airport, if you have visa/master card.

Can you pay with euros in Budapest airport restaurants? yes, you can use Euros, but the best option is to use your card at the Budapest airport if you want to eat something and pay in local currency by card.

You can also book the taxi from official booth, and pay with your card for transfer from Budapest airport to city center.

Or in case of Public transport,if you are wondering what currency is used in hungry by public transport,its good to know that BKK ticket machine at Budapest airport accept card for buying Budapest passes and ticket payments.

Even a convenient way to buy tickets for Budapest public transport is available since 2024.

In 2024, there is an option to buy online tickets for bus 100E bus Budapest, 200E bus Budapest from the Budapest Public transport app.

Hence, you can even skip usage of card or cash, until reaching the city center.

Therefore, you can reach Budapest city center without exchanging any foreign currency at Budapest Airport and get better rates near city center.

Let’s say from the airport if you plan to use the bus 200E, and you do not want to exchange currency at the airport, you can buy a ticket from the ticketing machine using your debit/credit card.

For people traveling by car to Budapest, the challenge could be paying the parking fees which requires coins 10 HUF, 20 HUF, 50 HUF, 100 HUF, 200 HUF.

In such cases it would be good to exchange the currency when you arrive in the city.

Survival without currency exchange at Nepliget

What currency does Budapest Use
What currency does Budapest Use

At the Nepliget Bus Station, you may find a currency exchange, but again, it will be giving you bad conversion rates.

You can buy food and any other items from the Nepliget Metro station at reasonable prices with your card.

Additionally to travel from Nepliget Bus station to Budapest city center, you can buy tickets online with Budapest GO app,even before start of your trip.

However, you must ensure to validate Budapest public transport tickets before taking any Budapest metro, Budapest buses and night bus Budapest.

Additionally, you can survive without currency exchange at Nepliget, as the BKK ticket machines in Budapest do accept cards,hence, you will not need to use cash in HUF.

Places to find Budapest currency exchange in city

Before coronavirus, there were multiple currency exchanges located in Budapest on, Jozsef Korut, Erzsebet Korut and Terez Korut.

In other words, these currency exchanges can be seen along the 6-4 tram which is operational 24 hours.These could be even found close to Mester Utca, Octagon, Blaha Lujza ter, Corvin Metro station and Nyugati railway station, which offered close to good rates.

Although there are numerous currency exchanges at Vaci Utca, which is the tourist street.However,their rates are pretty high.

You can find good rates at currency exchange shops close to Kiraly Utca.

where to exchange money in budapest
Where to exchange money in Budapest

Budapest Currency for American Visitors

If you are coming from United States to Budapest in 2024, you will be wondering does Hungary accept US dollars? Can you use US dollars in Hungary?What is the rate of conversion for Hungary currency to dollar?

As Hungary is part of European Union, many Americans would like to know does euro work in Hungary?Hungarian Currency is called Hungarian Forint.The current USD to HUF rate is 1 USD = 420 huf.

Does Hungary use Euro or Dollar
Does Hungary use Euro or Dollar

For American visitors,best currency for Budapest in cash form is USD.In Budapest, USD is easily accepted at the money exchanges.Paying with USDs in cash may be a challenge in normal shops of Budapest, while some hotels may accept.

But why pay the conversion charges when you can pay with debit/credit cards in 99% of places in Hungary.The best way to pay in Budapest for American tourist is with credit cards.

As USD to forint conversion is available in almost all currency exchanges in Budapest,you can live temporarily on your debit/card on your journey from Budapest airport to city center.

Once you reach the city center, there are a few very good money exchanges where you can exchange 50 to 100 USD depending upon your stay.

currency in Budapest to USD
currency in Budapest to USD

If you are still thinking is it better to exchange money in Hungary as you have Dollars with you,the answer is yes.
You will get the best rate of dollar to Huf in Hungary,as you will not find many money exchanges in USA offering USD to HUF conversion.

Budapest money exchanges are uniformly distributed in the city,but whenever you plan to exchange Dollar to Forint, it is recommended to check the commission as well as compare their rates with XE app.

USD to Hungarian forint rate has been getting better and better. Of course its bad for Hungarian Forint but better for tourists.

If you are wondering how much is a dollar worth in Hungary,there is no simple answer to it.

A year ago,1 USD was around 300 HUF,which went above 400 HUF,came back to 340HUF and now raising again in the direction of 400HUF.

Hungary Currency to Dollar
Hungary Currency to Dollar

With continuous devaluation of USD vs HUF, the inflation rate is going pretty high,so do not get surprised when you have to pay thousands of HUF for a simple meal in Budapest.

Do not exchange your USD to HUF at the airport at any cost as the rates are pretty bad.

Similarly,if someone in Budapest accepts your USDs for any product or service, pay him with the smallest dollar bills,as you will get return in HUF and not in USD.

Even if you ask for Euros in return, you will be disappointed with the returned money in forints.

You can check the USD to Forint currency converter on website of Hungarian national bank which gives official Hungarian forint exchange rate.

Hungarian Currency Exchange
Hungarian Currency Exchange

Some Americans who will be traveling to Europe with stay in Budapest may prefer to exchange USD to EUR for their longer trip.

Even many of my friends coming for Euro trip frequently ask can you use euros in Budapest?This is because,as Euro is the global currency of Europe, they are unaware that currency of Budapest in 2024 is still Forint.

And my answer is that yes you can use Euros in tourist areas of Budapest.Now if you are still wondering,does Hungary use Euro or Dollar?Then,the answer is Euro. So if you already have Euros from previous trip, you can keep them and use them,in case you are unable to pay with your card.

Best Currency in Budapest for British tourists

Eastern Europe has been a happy destination for British Tourist due to cheap beer and alcoholic drinks even for 2024.
Some visit to explore the history,while others come here to party in the ruin pubs and bars of Budapest.
One of the reasons for cheaper drinks is the Currency in Hungary that is going down in value against GBP.

Hungary money to GBP
Hungary money to GBP

Before exchanging your GBP to EUR,it is essential for British visitors to know what currency does Hungary use? Another valid question is can you use euros in Hungary?

As a British visitor, if you are visiting Hungary for the first time,you will be surprised to know that currency in Budapest is Hungarian Forint,also written as HUF.

For your Budapest trip, if you plan to exchange GBP(from a good currency exchange), you will get a better rate from Forint to Pound.

For “GBP currency” Budapest is full of exchanges which happily accept Pounds in exchange for HUF.
As of this post, pound to Hungarian forint rate is 1 GBP = 483 HUF.However,some Budapest money exchanges will charge some commission,while others not charging commission will have a considerable bad rate.

Currency used in Hungary in 2024, is still Forint and it is not yet clear,that despite being in EU, when does it switches to Euro.

Some British visitors may make a blunder of exchanging GBP to EUR,but get a shock when seeing that converting to Euro was not so fruitful,as EURO to HUF conversion is still needed.

In summary, you do not need to convert GBP to HUF in Great Britain for the Budapest trip.

The best is to bring GBP in cash depending upon the duration of stay in Budapest,get it changed to HUF at optimum rate, while use cards for majority of payments.

Even after arrival to Budapest airport, there is no need to exchange GBP at airport,as they give bad rates.

Use your credit/debit cards to pay the Budapest taxi/bus ticket(from bkk ticket machines).

Once you reach the city center, exchange the desired amount of GBP to HUF (just for the emergency).

You can also avoid the charges from GBP to Hungarian forint,by using a debit/credit card.British bank cards (master/visa) are acceptable in pubs,cafes,restaurants,taxis and supermarkets in Budapest.

Wise and Revolut cards are also accepted in Hungary as of 2024.

Budapest Hungary Currency for EU travelers

exchange Euro to HUF in Budapest
exchange Euro to HUF in Budapest

In EU countries like Germany,France,Spain,Italy,and Portugal,the common currency is Euro.

For some of EU travelers coming to Budapest in 2024, it is an important question to know does Budapest use euros?

Although currency in Budapest and Hungary is Forint, Euros are also accepted.The good news for travelers from European union is that they do not need to exchange EUROs for Budapest travel.

In Budapest, EU travelers should use visa/master cards for shopping/payment,and keep Euros only in case of emergency.Even when they are in Budapest,Euros can be used where cards do not work,as many shops display the exchange rate of eur to huf.

For a couple of days trip, visitors from EU can use cards for 98% of purchasing and payments in Hungary.

As of now, euro to huf rate is like 1 EURO equals 407 HUF.

Despite euro to forint rate is favorable for Euro, converting EURO to Hungarian Forint is only recommended if your stay is more than 3 days.

In 2024, Best currency to use in Budapest after HUF is EUROs for visitors coming from other EU countries.

EURO to Hungarian Money
EURO to Hungarian Money

Budapest currency for African travelers

If you are traveling from African countries to Budapest for the first time,you may have no clue what currency do they use in Hungary?

Some may wonder does Hungary accept euros,as being part of the EU.What is the currency in Hungary 2024?

These are all valid questions and short answer to it is Hungarian forint.

You will hardly find any currency exchange in your parent African country that gives you HUF.

Should you exchange your local currency to some currency that is acceptable in Hungary,then the answer to bring Euros on your Hungary Trip,which should be easily exchanged in your home country.

Keep your debit or credit card as the first priority to be used in Budapest,while Euros in case of emergency.
As you can easily pay with cards,and if something happens with your card,city center and areas around will accept EUROs,in cash form.

Euro is the second best currency used in Budapest.

If you stay in Hungary is longer than 3 days, you may consider exchanging EUR to HUF in some currency exchange offering good rates.

Always stay away from the street walkers offering currency exchange in Budapest Vaci Street and Fashion street.

Hungary currency for Arab travelers

For Budapest visitors coming from Arab world, it is essential to know that neither of any Arabian currency can be exchanged to Budapest currency.

Of course, Arab visitors to Hungary would be thinking what currency do they use in Budapest?

What is the currency in Hungary? It is Hungarian Forint, also named as HUF.

Either you bring AED,QR or SAR to Budapest,you will not find any exchange accepting these currencies.

The best option for Arab travelers to Hungary is to bring a couple of debit/credit cards to be used as first priority.

Additionally, you should convert certain money to Euros for the Hungarian trip. If you would like to stay less than 3 days in Budapest, you will most probably survive with usage of cards as well as Euros.

However,if your stay in longer than that, you can exchange it from a currency exchange available at many locations around city center.

Nowadays,EUR to HUF conversion rate is 1 EUR=407 Huf.