USD ATM Budapest | Hungary ATM fees 2024

Budapest ATM no Fees

Are you planning a trip to Budapest in 2024? Is there USD ATM in Budapest? What is ATM fees in Hungary in 2024? Are some of the questions going through your mind.

Do you always withdraw money from the ATMs in the visited country?You must be wondering how the process for cash withdrawal with Budapest ATMs.Are there fees involved when taking money out of the ATM machine?

Here we try to answer these questions.

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Tips for cash Withdrawal for ATMs in Budapest

OTP ATM Budapest
OTP ATM Budapest

If you really need to withdraw cash from any ATM machine in Budapest using your card,always ensure that you select HUF.

Withdrawing money in Budapest in local currency(Hungarian Forints) will save you from additional charges,which may occur due to currency conversion between your home country currency and the one offered by an ATM Machine.

At all cost, try to avoid using the commonly seen ATM machines without any Bank name on it.(They just show EUR | HUF on them).

Some ATM Machine in Hungary,will try to trick you into withdrawing Euros or USD, instead of Hungarian forints,and you must select HUF.This will certainly ensure no currency conversion fees which comes on top of the ATM provider charges.

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Budapest ATM machines

Raiffeisen Bank ATM Budapest
Raiffeisen Bank ATM Budapest

One fact that cannot be denied is that Budapest is quite rich in terms of ATM machine availability.

Either you are in the city centre,in a Budapest Shopping mall or in a non-touristic area, there are ATMs all over.The ATMs in Budapest are not only installed by the local banks but some other organizations too which may rip off the tourists.

Hence, Do not get carried away by withdrawing cash from any of such Budapest ATMs,that may cost you heavily in some cases.

  • OTP Bank
  • Erste Bank
  • K&H Bank
  • Raiffeisen Bank
  • CIB
  • MKB
  • UniCredit
  • Budapest Bank

What ATMs in Budapest are good for cash withdrawal

OTP Bank Budapest ATM machine
OTP Bank Budapest ATM machine

For cash withdrawal in Budapest, you should always use ATM machines of any of the registered banks in Budapest.

Some of these banks are OTP,Reiffeisen, Erste,K&H, Raiffeisen.

The ATM machines from Hungarian Banks are also found next to the Bank branches,which are there around Corvin,Oktogon and Deak Ferenc ter.

Also, you need to make sure, that no matter what currency your home bank account is, you should withdraw the local Hungarian currency.i.e.HUF from the ATM.

Additionally, you should check your home bank for your Budapest trip,which Hungarian bank has the least transaction fees.

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What ATMs to avoid in Budapest

EuroNet ATMs in Budapest are frequently seen in every street,whether you are in the city center, jewish quarter or around Heroes Square.

These are the ATMs which should be avoided at all cost due to the hidden charges which are far higher compared to bank ATM machines.

ATMs to avoid in Budapest
ATMs to avoid in Budapest

Why do Budapest EuroNet ATMs charge higher fees

When using an international card to withdraw money from EuroNet ATMs,the machine will ask whether you want to use your bank’s currency conversion rate or the one offered by EuroNet.

Due to the tricky design, it does not show your original bank’s conversion rate,which may be lower,but tells you its own conversion rate,and pretends it is the guaranteed rate which looks more trustworthy.

Naturally, the user will prefer the option which shows the available conversion rate but still be charged more.

EuroNet ATMs do charge higher conversion rates than your original bank’s rate,but it may be untrue in few cases.

In such cases, it is better to ask your bank if you are withdrawing the cash from any ATM machine in Budapest,and you select Withdrawal without conversion.

Withdrawal without conversion vs Withdrawal with conversion

If you are withdrawing money from any ATM and specially the EuroNet ATM, it will ask whether you want withdrawal without conversion or withdrawal with conversion.

In majority of the cases when withdrawing money from ATMs, the safest option is to select withdrawal without conversion, despite the fact that the ATM machine will not tell you the conversion rate your bank will provide at the instant.

How is the exchange rate in Hungary calculated

When you insert a debit or credit card into the ATM machine in Budapest, it will ask which currency you like to withdraw.

In Majority of the cases the available combinations would be USD/HUF or EUR/HUF. Visitors coming from EU as well non-EU countries think that getting Euros will be a good idea,which is not.

The reason is that selecting any currency other than HUF will use an exchange rate used by the ATM machine that is normally higher than what your home bank may charge.

There are certain countries where Debit cards issued are blocked to be used internationally.

Hence, if you are traveling to Budapest and your debit card is by default locked to be used internationally, you must always unlock it to be used in Hungary for cash withdrawal.

Where is the majority of Bank ATMs in Budapest

The vast majority of Bank ATMs in Budapest are spread around Terez Korut.

This is the road that is along the 6-4 Tram. If you start from Boraros ter and with 6-4 tram travel towards Jazai Mari ter stop, you will find more than 30 bank ATMs. Hence if you want to withdraw money from Budapest Bank ATM, you will find ATMs on regular intervals on 6-4 tram in Budapest.

Dollar ATM Budapest

Budapest ATM with Minimum Fees
Budapest ATM with Minimum Fees

Are you looking for a Dollar ATM in Budapest in 2024, due to the fact that your home bank account is in US dollars?

It is best to visit any Hungarian Bank ATM machine and withdraw forints (and not dollars),as the official currency of Hungary is Forints.

Try to withdraw a minimum amount of forints just for emergency use,while keeping using the card in restaurants and during shopping as Budapest is pretty cashless.

No fees ATM Budapest

Erste Bank ATM Hungary
Erste Bank ATM Hungary

Are you looking for ATM machines in Budapest which charge zero fees for usage of a foreign card?

Unfortunately, there is none.

The common fees charged by Hungarian ATM machines varies from 1 to 3%,if they are from a Hungarian Bank. Additionally, you need to ensure to take out forints instead of any foreign currency to avoid additional conversion charges.

Budapest ATM fees 2024

Best ATM machine in Budapest
Best ATM machine in Budapest

The cash withdrawal fees in Budapest can vary from 1 to 10% for cards issued by non-Hungarian banks. The ATM cash withdrawal fees in Hungary depend on numerous factors.

The worst charges for cash withdrawal in Budapest are coming when you select a EuroNet ATM machine and withdraw Euros,instead of HUF. In such case the charges can be around 10%.

On the other hand if you withdraw cash from a Hungarian Bank and in forints, the cash withdrawal charges can vary from 1 to 3%.

What is wrong with Budapest Euronet ATM machines

Like most of the EU countries where the EURO is not the national currency, Euronet ATM machines trick the tourists by showing them certain options during cash withdrawal which will result in the worst conversion rates.

The same is true with Euronet ATM machines in Budapest.Hence, visitors end up paying more conversion fees than offered by ATM machines operated by Hungarian banks.

Is it best to use a card or cash in Budapest?

Budapest is pretty much cashless,as visa/Mastercard/American Express are widely accepted around the city centre. Hence it is best to use a card for any payments in Budapest.

What ATMs to use in Budapest?

24hr ATM Budapest City center
24hr ATM Budapest City center

For best conversion rates for cash withdrawal in Budapest ATM machines, it is recommended to use ATMs which have a bank sticker with them.

Majority of ATM machines operated by Banks are right next to the entry door of the respective bank. There are 24 hour open ATM machines in Budapest around the city center, from various banks.

Should I take cash to Budapest?

Bringing cash to Budapest is always a good idea as in some rare cases, the card network may be down and you will need to pay in cash.

In such cases,bringing cash between 20 to 100 Euros is good for a 2 to 7 days Budapest trip. However, keep in mind that you can pay for any service or product with the card,and you will hardly find any shop not accepting a card.

Can you pay in Euros in Budapest?

Euros are pretty much accepted in Budapest around the city center. In the grocery stores, apparel and shoes shops,restaurants, souvenirs shops as well as tour guides, all will happily accept Euros.

However, keep in mind,if you have a bigger currency note, your return currency will be HUF.

Are cards widely accepted in Budapest?

By law,every shop in Hungary has to accept payments by debit/credit cards.

Therefore, you will find card machines in every shop in Budapest. You can not only pay with the contact less option but also with Google pay and Apple pay.

ATM machines at Budapest Airport

Are you thinking about getting cash out of the ATM at the Budapest Airport?

No need for that, since either you use a taxi or the bus 100E, there are options to use your credit/debit cards to pay.No cash is required.

If you want to use a taxi and pay with card at the Budapest airport, you can do it by going to the FoTaxi booth and ask for an estimate about the taxi fare towards your destination.

You can also ask for payment by card,and you will not need cash for the Budapest Taxi.

Similarly, if you want to use Budapest Public transport, you can buy tickets for 100E,200E or any kind of Budapest travel passes from the BKK ticket machines,which accept payment by card.Hence you will still survive without cash.