Night Bus Budapest 2024 | Night transport in Budapest

Budapest Night Bus

Budapest is one of the Europeans cities which is pretty happening throughout the night.

You can do party all night in Budapest, have a Night Cruise in Budapest or a Hungarian Dinner in a boat next to Danube in 2024.

All this can be possible because Budapest night transport can help you visit any destination inside the city at night.

Hence, it is pretty essential to know what are the night buses in Budapest and Budapest night transport options for tourists.

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Night Bus Budapest
Night Bus Budapest

Specially around the weekends, places around the Budapest city center, and older part of the city are crowded with visitors walking,drinking and chattering. 

During the day time, you can easily move around within the city through Budapest Bus Network and Budapest Underground Metro System.

However, if you have to visit some place which requires use of public transport in the midnight, you must be familiar with the possible night transport options by Budapest public transport authority.

When do Night buses of Budapest start operations

Budapest Bus at night
Budapest Bus at night

All around the year and even now in 2024, Budapest night buses start operations right after morning BKK public transport vehicles stop operating around mid night.

Morning Budapest public transport vehicles (or urban transport in Budapest )start operations around 4 to 4 30 in the morning and stop operating around 23 30.

After the urban transport is closed around mid night, the night buses will start operating.

Morning buses of Budapest switch to night buses around mid night, and night buses continue to operate till the morning buses are operational.

Hence,majority of the Budapest night buses start operations around 23 30 in the night and are operational till 4 45 in the morning.

How to Identify Night Bus in Budapest

Night bus in Budapest
Night bus in Budapest

All the night buses of Budapest numbers are starting with digit 9xx, and consist of 3 digit number and may include an English alphabet character at the end.

For example 909,914,950A are some numbers of Budapest night buses.

Just like the morning buses, the night buses of Budapest also have their number displayed on the front of the bus.

If you do not have mobile internet or smartphone, and want to identify whether a Budapest night bus comes anywhere near to you, you can do the following.

You can go to any closest bus station and check if there is a time table for a 3 digit bus number.

For night buses, the number is written in white color in a black square box.

If you find Bus numbers in white color ,but with blue or red boxes but no 3 digit numbers with black box, it means, the night bus does not come to this bus stop.

If you want to check the nearest bus station for a Budapest night bus with mobile phone, you can easily check it with the BudapestGO app.

BudapestGO app can tell which nearest bus stop has a night bus coming, and it can help you plan your journey.

Without the BudapestGO app, you can also use google maps to plan your trip at night.

Common Budapest night buses and trams inside the city

Budapest Night tram
Budapest Night tram

In Budapest at night 23:30 to 4 30, there are a couple of trams and many night buses, which you can use to travel within the city at night.

Tram 6 and tram 4 are the most important trams in Budapest for tourists, which are operational 24/7.

These are important in a way, as these are passing through key areas which are major tourist attractions, specially the other side of Jewish District of Budapest.

Some of the important stops it pass through are.

  • Margit hid – Margaret Island (open air night clubs in summer)
  • Jazai Mari ter – Closer to famous clubs and bars
  • Nyugati Palyudvar M – Lot of clubs and restaurants
  • Oktogon – A greater place to explore clubs and walk along Andrassy road.
  • Kiraly Utca/Erzsebet Korut – Closer to Ruin clubs
  • Wesselenyi Utca/ Erzsebet Korut – Closer to Ruin clubs and pubs

Blaha Lujza ter M – Most happening area of Budapest at night.
Keep in mind that underground metros(M1,M2,M3,M4) do not operate from 23:30 to 4:30.

As most of the tourists will be leaving from the city center after partying the whole night.

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Budapest Night Bus timetable
Budapest Night Bus timetable

In 2024, common night buses at Deak Ferenc ter in Budapest are the following.

  • 909
  • 914,914A
  • 931
  • 934
  • 950,950A
  • 979,979A

Budapest night buses vs normal urban transport

In terms of operations, there is no difference between the night buses and the normal day buses in Budapest.

At any bus stop in Budapest, the common urban buses in Budapest operational during day time, can be identified with their numbers in white color with either blue or red background box.

On the other hand, if stopping at a bus station, night buses have 3 digit white number with black background on the bus time table at the stop.

Another key difference in night buses of Budapest is that all night buses have ticket checkers all the time.

The ticket checkers will ask for either a BKK Budapest travel pass, or a validated ticket. Not many will speak English.

In case you do not have a ticket, you can buy it from the ticket checkers. You should validate ticket in bus right away.

If you have a valid BKK one day pass,3 days pass or a 7 day pass for Budapest public transport, you can onboard the night buses without any additional charges.

If you do not have a valid BKK pass, then you need to validate your ticket in the Budapest Night bus, when you are on boarding the bus.

Normally night buses of Budapest are not so frequent as of 2024.

In fact, they are coming to the designated stop around 2 to 4 times in an hour and the frequency of arrival comes to 2 or less at the very low traffic hours.

Compared to the morning urban transport buses, night buses of Budapest are mostly old,and come with lot of noise.

Buying Tickets or passes for Budapest night bus

Budapest Night Bus ticket machine
Budapest Night Bus ticket machine

There are no separate kind of tickets and passes in Budapest for day transport and night transport.

Of course, you can purchase tickets and passes in advance, which can be used either for Budapest urban transport in the day as well as in the night.
You can pay for night buses, by purchasing tickets or public transport passes.

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The tickets and passes for Budapest night buses or 6-4 tram can be purchased from

  • Ticket machines (operational 24 hours) which are installed on majority of bus/metro/tram stations.
  • Ticket offices which are operational until 1700-1800.
  • Through the Budapest transport app BudapestGO.
  • Ticket checkers in the night buses.

Note : Tickets and passes for Budapest night buses are the same kind what you bought for the morning bus/tram and metros.

Budapest airport night bus

Budapest Airport Night Bus
Budapest Airport Night Bus

If you plan to come from Budapest airport to city at night, the best public transport option is to use 100E bus Budapest,which operates 24 hours.

Coming from Budapest airport to city center at night with 100E will cost 1500 HUF (4.5 GBP/EUR/USD).

The price from traveling to Budapest city center from city center with 100E is pretty optimum compared to Budapest taxis which will be around 12000 HUF(30 USD/GBP/EUR).

100E was closed for few months during COVID, but now it is in full operation.

You can check the status of 100E in Budapest GO app if you plan to arrive late night in Budapest.

100E operates 24/7 and goes from Budapest airport to city center, even at night.

If you flight is arriving to Budapest in the midnight, you can take 100E from airport which stops at Kalvin ter,Astoria and Deak ferenc ter.

200E can be another option to come from Budapest airport to City at night, but only if you are able to catch the last bus which departs at 23 45 in the night.

In recent times, coming with 200E after 23:00 can be tricky,as the next metro M3 that brings you to the city is under maintenance and this journey will cause hiccups in travel to Budapest city center.

You can use the normal Budapest tickets and passes from BKK in Budapest 200E bus and M3 metro, whereas the 100E has a special ticket.

Rules for Budapest Night Bus service

As a foreigner, you must get familiar with the rules for on boarding Budapest night buses.

  • Night bus service in Budapest is not free, Hence, It is not allowed to travel in Budapest night buses without a validated ticket or a valid pass from BKK.
  • Smoking is forbidden in Budapest night buses.
  • You cannot drink or eat in the Buses of Budapest night service.
  • You cannot spray or paint, post any stickers on the buses.
  • It is not allowed to damage any object in Budapest night buses.
  • Disturbing fellow passengers in also strictly forbidden.