Validate Ticket Budapest | Budapest Single Ticket Validity

Validate Ticket Budapest

If you are arriving to Budapest for the first time in 2024, it’s a good idea to know different ways to validate tickets.

If you will be using public transport, you will need to validate the tickets in Budapest Metro ,Budapest buses and sightseeing Budapest trams.

Budapest public transport is run by BKK agency which keeps on updating its fares and conditions.

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Around every metro station or a bus station closer to town center, you will find at least one BKK ticket machine where you can buy Budapest public transport tickets, Budapest pass for 1 or multiple days,and transfer ticket Budapest.

Ticket Vending Machine in Budapest
Ticket Vending Machine in Budapest

Staying closer to City center is not always expansive, it may save you on time but also avoiding the hassle of buying/validating ticket.

As Budapest public transport is a mixture of 100 years old train (M1), one of the finest driver less underground train (M4), trams of diverse models, and various color(Red and Blue) buses.

It is essential to know how to validate the ticket for each mode of transport as majority of destinations in Budapest are accessible by public transport.

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(Assuming you are not having any Budapest public transport passes for 1-day,3-day or 7-day)

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What is the Budapest single ticket validity

According to BKK website, for public transport in Budapest , single ticket validity is 80 mins from the time of validation for the morning transport,for the same vehicle.

Whereas for night transport services, Budapest single ticket validity is 120 mins from the time of validation,for the same vehicle.

You should notice that it is only applicable for the single vehicle for which you validated the ticket.

(Just as an info, in some other EU countries a validated ticket can be used in multiple transport vehicles up to 60 or 80 minutes,but not in Budapest).

As tourists, it may appear complex to you, so you should have a general rule of thumb,i.e. Once you validated the ticket for a metro, bus or trolley and on boarded, it cannot be used if you came out of the transport medium.

After you left the on boarded vehicle, the ticket is useless afterwards,even if you had accidentally came out of the bus,metro station or trolley and want to onboard the next one which is coming in 5 to 10 mins.

(In case of underground metros, unless you come out of the escalators and cross the ticket checker lines, you can still onboard the next metro with same ticket, but ensure that you onboard the next one).

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Validating tickets in Buses of Budapest

Whenever you are traveling on a bus in Budapest, you have to validate your ticket.

There are different sorts of Budapest buses with main ones having blue and red colors.

The buses in Budapest have ticket validation machines next to the driver, in the middle and at the end of the bus.

Budapest Bus ticket validation
Budapest Bus ticket validation

You just have to insert the ticket in horizontal direction, and it will automatically print the time/date on it in purple color.

There is a punching sound with green light. Sometimes the ink dries, ensure to get it validated from the other side of the bus.

You can onboard blue colored buses in Budapest from any door.

However, the red colored buses in Budapest will only allow you to enter from the front door.

Hence, you have to get the ticket validated in front of driver. (or you show the valid 1-day/3-day/7-day pass).

Fines in Budapest Bus for traveling without ticket

Budapest Bus fines 2024
Budapest Bus fines 2024

If you onboard a bus and there are lot of people that it is hard to validate the ticket.

It is still advisable that you get your ticket validated by inserting into the validation machine.

You must ensure to validate it before the bus reaches the next stop, or even earlier.

In case, the ticket checkers appear out of nowhere, while putting their bands on the shoulders.

If they find you without a validated ticket, a minimum fine of 35USD (12000 HUF) is a must, if you pay on the spot.

Validating tickets in 6-4 Trams in Budapest

There are many variants of Trams in Budapest.

Some are new, some are old, while some are ancient but classic.

The latest one is 6-4 Tram which is running throughout the day as of 2024.

In the 6-4 tram, you can validate the ticket by inserting a ticket into the validation machine, and it will print a date/time on it.

Fines for traveling without ticket in 6-4 Tram

Just like the buses, you must ensure to validate your ticket right after boarding the tram before the next station.The ticket checkers in 6-4 tram are in normal clothes and operate in groups.

Once they plan to check the tickets, they will suddenly take out the bands and put on their shoulders.

If you are caught without a validated ticket, the on spot fine is 25000 HUF.

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Validating tickets in older trams of Budapest

ticket validation in older trams of Budapest
ticket validation in older trams of Budapest

There are certain routes of trams in Budapest which have an older technology of ticket validations.

Some examples of Budapest tram with older models are 47,49,51,2,1.

In these trams, you have to insert the ticket in a vertical direction and have to pull a trigger at the top, which will punch the ticket.

Older versions of trams have mechanical validation machines in red color with black entry point for ticket validation.

The punch will create some ugly holes in the ticket, and that is the way you validate ticket in Budapest older trams.

Some older trams have automatic machines too, where just inserting the ticket will print the validation time and date on it, as shown in the picture. These experiences are most common in  Sightseeing Budapest trams.

Budapest Tram Fines

You can get fined in tram if the ticket checker finds you without a validated ticket from the tram machine.

The ticket checkers in trams are also in normal clothes and pull up their bands when they start their operation.

The trams fines in Budapest vary from 35 USD (12000 HUF) to 73 USD (25000 HUF).

Budapest metro ticket validation

How to validate tickets in Budapest Metro
How to validate tickets in Budapest Metro

As Budapest as 4 underground metros, named M1, M2, M3, and M4.

There are no ticket validation machines inside these metros.

It means, you should validate your ticket even before entering any of the metros.

The ticket validation machines for each metro are located at least one floor above the metro.

Sometimes, there are ticket checkers who will check your ticket before they allow you to go towards the metro.

Ticket validation machines on Budapest underground metros are also automatic, i.e. you insert the ticket in a horizontal way, and it prints date/time on it.

Budapest Ticket validity
Budapest Ticket validity

Majority of attractions in Budapest are accessible with underground Metros.

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Budapest Metro Fines

Sometimes, tourists enter Budapest metro without validating the ticket, in case there are no ticket checkers at the entry of Metro.

Keep in mind that, that when coming out of Metro station, you may find ticket checkers who check whether you validated your ticket earlier or not.

In case of no validated ticket, you will be fined between 35 USD (12000 HUF) on the spot to 73 USD (25000), if you pay later.

In Metro 1(yellow metro), there have been incidents that ticket checkers came into the metro and asked for tickets validation from each person individually.


If you are caught without a ticket in a public transport, you can be fined 35 USD (12000 HUF) to be paid on the spot, or 73 USD (25000 HUF) to be paid later.

Once a ticket is validated, it cannot be used for another public transport.

Do you need to validate a Budapest BKK pass

In Budapest public transport system, there are various kinds of public transport passes available.

These range from one day,3 Day and 7 days and one day Budapest Pass.

There is no need to validate these passes, as when they are issued, the validity dates and times are already written on it.

Budapest Bus 100E ticket validation

Budapest 100E Bus ticket validation
Budapest 100E Bus ticket validation

If you are taking 100E Bus Budapest from Budapest airport to city center, you must purchase (printed) ticket (from bkk machines at airport or driver) costing 6.5 USD (2200 HUF) and validate right away from the machines in the bus.

In case you want to purchase electronic ticket through Budapest public transport app, that should also be validated right away.
Either you buy physical or electronic tickets for 100E bus, you must ensure you are using the ticket costing 6.5 USD (2200 HUF).

If you accidentally used the 300HUF/350HUF/or 550HUF transfer ticket, you can still be fined in 100E, as only valid ticket to be used in 100E bus is the one costing 2200 HUF.

The ticket checkers are most active on the bus routes between Budapest airport to city center and are quite brutal in fining the foreigners.

Validity of 100E bus ticket

100E bus ticket is valid only for a single journey and can be used only for a single person.

Once you have used and validated the ticket costing 2200 HUF in 100E bus, and got of the bus at any of the 3 stations on the way, coming from airport, your existing ticket will not be valid if you take the next 100E bus.