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Budapest buses

Do you plan to use public transport in Budapest? You must be wondering how to use buses in Budapest? Can you pay with card on Budapest bus?Can you pay on the bus in Budapest? What are the best buses for tourists in Budapest.
Transport buses are one of the many ways tourists can explore the city of Budapest in 2024.

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Buses in Budapest
Buses in Budapest

City transport buses in Budapest are quite efficient and cover a large area,so that you can visit all the top attractions with them,along with the Budapest Metro.

Even as a tourist, you can reach any famous monument with the help of buses operated by BKK buses.In this post you will find important buses lines, their routes,timetables and maps.

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Buses in Budapest

Budapest bus lines
Budapest bus lines

Budapest bus network is quite huge,considering the fact that there are only 4 underground metros. Hence, many areas of Budapest which are not connected by trams,metro or trains, those are mainly connected with the help of buses operated by BKK.

Budapest Bus Timings

Buses in Budapest operated by BKK or public Transport Authority in Budapest are running quite extensively throughout the day. Typically, Budapest buses start operating at 4:30 in the morning and run till 23:30.

The frequency of Budapest buses is quite low from 4:30 to 7:00,where a bus may travel 3 to 5 times in a given hour. Later on, when its time for people to visit their offices and children to go to their schools, the Buses arrive more frequently until 20:00.

Budapest Bus Timings
Budapest Bus Timings – Credits

The frequency of Budapest becomes lesser between 20:00 and 23:30. Hence, if you are traveling during this time slot in Budapest, you may have to wait for few minutes before the bus arrives.

After 23:30, you can use Budapest Night buses,which are operating on limited routes until 4:30 in the morning. The tickets and passes can be used in a similar way in the night buses of Budapest.

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Budapest Bus Price

Budapest bus ticket prices for any bus or trolley bus are same,except for Bus 100E,which has a special ticket.

As of 2024, the minimum price to travel with a bus in Budapest is 450 HUF (around 1.25 USD). You have to buy a single ticket and validate it in the ticket validating machine inside the bus,right after you are getting into the bus.

The bus price if ticket is bought from the driver is 600 Huf(around 1.5 USD),a bit higher compared to what you get from the app or BKK ticket machine.

Nowadays some new buses in Budapest have been introduced where card payment is possible.

If you buy a Budapest pass for 24 hours, you have to bear a one time cost of 2500 HUF(7.20 USD) and use it on BKK transport buses(not 100E),trolleys and trams.

On the other hand a 72 hour pass price is 5500 HUF(16 USD) and you can have unlimited journeys in Budapest buses,trolleys and metros.

Budapest Bus Pass
Budapest Bus Pass

Budapest Bus Tickets

You can use single tickets,transfer tickets and time based tickets in Budapest buses.Single tickets for Budapest buses can be bought from BKK ticket machines,BKK Offices,Bus Drivers and BudapestGO app.

Public transport tickets are generic in Budapest,i.e. an unused ticket bought from BKK machine,BudapestGO app can be used for traveling in trains,trolleys and buses.

Just make sure that if you are buying a paper ticket for single journey, it has to be validated inside the bus right after you get into the bus,and once the ticket is validated, you cannot use this ticket for any other journey or vehicle.

On the other hand, if you buy a digital single ticket costing 450 HUF/1.2 USD from BudapestGO app or SIMPLE by OTP, it also needs to be validated before on boarding the bus using QR code scanner.

As a general rule,if you are using a ticket to travel in a Budapest bus,make sure to validate it right after you enter the bus,and once you have dropped out of the bus, the ticket cannot be used anymore for additional journeys.

Budapest Bus Pass

There is a no special terminology as Budapest Bus Pass.In fact, these are generic travel passes which have a validity of 24hours,72hours or 1 week and can be used to travel with any metro,train,trolley and bus in Budapest.(100e is excluded)

There are 2 types of travel passes.You can travel in Budapest buses with BKK travel pass or a Budapest Card. BKK travel pass is way cheaper than the Budapest Card.Both passes are not specific to buses,but can be used on other BKK vehicles,without any additional payment.

Buy Budapest Bus Tickets
Buy Budapest Bus Tickets

The best way to travel in Budapest buses is by having a Budapest Travel Card or a Budapest pass,that allows you to have unlimited transfers and use of metros,trolleys,buses and trams during the validity time.

Budapest Card is quite expansive and despite providing discounts to many monuments, is still not a good option for tourists.Hence, we recommend using a Budapest pass from the BKK machine or BudapestGO app which is way cheaper and serves the same purpose,except the discounts for monuments entry.

Budapest Card
Budapest Card

Budapest Bus app

If you are looking for app for Budapest bus use, you can use BudapestGO and SIMPLE by OTP.

You can buy Bus ticket or pass from both apps and also validate it using the standard procedure of QR code validation. However, SIMPLE app by OTP is not showing any info about the transport buses routes,schedule and arrival times.

BudapestGO is not specific to Budapest buses,but gives you all detailed info about public transport including trams,trolleys,trains and metros.

The recommended app for Budapest buses is BudapestGO as it gives you the bus routes,bus stops,bus arrival times and route changes.

Budapest Bus Routes

There are over 50 bus routes in Budapest which are well connecting the different corners of the city. The routes are covering all the 20+ districts of Budapest,but from tourists point of view,there are only limited bus routes which you should know before your journey.

While exploring Budapest around the city you will see following 6 kinds of buses on the roads.

  • Blue Buses (all blue)
  • Red Buses (all red)
  • Red Buses from Hop on Hop off tours
  • Red Buses from big bus tours
  • Yellow buses (not so frequent)
  • International tour buses (Random designs)

However,if you are interested in using just the public transport network, only the Red and Blue buses should be used.

You can check the routes of any Budapest autobus using BudapestGO app. In BudapestGO app there is a possibility to check the buses which are coming to your stop,the nearest bus location and its estimated time or arrival to your bus stop.

If you do not have internet, the bus routes of all the buses arriving to your bus stop can be checked in the bus schedule displayed next to the Bus stop. Majority of bus stops in Budapest do not have live timings of arriving buses,hence you can only get a static schedule of your desired bus.

In some cases,the Budapest Bus schedule can be affected due to some events,and you will never notice them unless you have BudapestGO app.

Budapest AutoBus
Budapest AutoBus

Out of remaining 4 types of buses, only the yellow ones are operated by BKK,but will be found only in outskirts of Budapest and require special tickets.

NOTE: All Trams in Budapest city are yellow,however, these are not to be confused with BKK yellow buses.

What are the buses in Budapest called?

Budapest city buses are called busz, only the spelling is different, where “sz” is read as “s”.

However, instead of the English pronunciation of bus, the Hungarian version is read as “boos”, like in “Juice”.The bus station in Budapest is called Buszmegallo (Boos Meg-aalo).

Are Budapest buses free?

Are Budapest Buses free
Are Budapest Buses free

No, Budapest buses are not free.

However, there are discounted passes for parents,older citizens and students in Budapest public transport.

But if you do no have such passes, you need to buy bus ticket or metro ticket and validate in respective mode of Budapest transportation.

There are no discounted tickets for buses if you buy single tickets.

How much does a bus ride cost in Budapest?

Minimum cost of a bus ride in Budapest is 1 USD/GBP/EUR (300huf to 350 huf) depends which ticket you are using in 2024.

For a day/weekly/monthly pass, there is no additional cost to ride the BKK Budapest buses.

It means, the tickets costing 300 HUF,350 HUF,550 Huf can be used for a single journey or a transfer.

Do Budapest buses take cash?

Either you are in Blue or red buses in Budapest, there is a possibility to buy ticket with cash from the driver.However, this ticket will be expansive,i.e.1.5 USD or 450 huf.

Drivers accept only cash in HUF,while foreign currency is not accepted in Budapest buses in 2024.Also,it is better to pay in coins or the smallest HUF currency.

In case you pay with a bigger currency note, they driver may not give you ticket and you may be fined later on by ticket checkers.

Where to buy Budapest bus tickets?

Budapest Bus ticket machine
Budapest Bus ticket machine

You can buy Budapest bus tickets through various channels.

  • From the bus driver
  • From the BudapestGO app in mobile
  • From the BKK ticket machines
  • From the BKK offices
  • From stores at the metro stations

Can you use credit cards in Budapest buses for ticket purchase?

You cannot buy a bus ticket from the driver with a credit or debit card.

Bus drivers in Budapest only accept cash in Hungarian forints,which is the Budapest currency, as foreign currency,even Euros are not accepted in  buses.

If you do not plan to exchange currency in Budapest, make sure you buy your ticket online with BudapestGO and validate it ASAP when you onboard the bus.

In 2024,there is a possibility for 100E bus,Budapest Airport shuttle, to buy the ticket with a machine that accepts debit/credit card.

Do Budapest buses run on weekends?

All Budapest buses run on weekdays and weekends,whether blue or red.

Although the frequency of some buses is less on weekends,but still it is on acceptable level.

100E bus also runs on weekends. 

Do Budapest buses run in the night?

Night Bus Budapest
Night Bus Budapest

Normal Budapest buses(Red and Blue) are operational from around 04:00 and continue to operate around 00:00 till mid night.

After 00:00, there are separate night buses in Budapest which can serve the low number of travelers.

Night buses of Budapest have different numbering scheme which starts with 9xx.Bus 100E and 200E are also working during the night,but at lesser frequency.

How do you on board a Blue Bus in Budapest?

While standing at the bus station in Budapest, when the bus arrives and opens it doors, you should wait for passengers to come out.In some buses,if the doors do not open while the bus stops, you should press a button next to the door which will open the bus door.

As in Blue buses you can enter from any door, you should ensure to validate your ticket in the ticket machine and keep it with you.If you are unable to validate your ticket, due to bus is full or the machine is not operational, you should ensure to validate it at any cost.

For digital tickets bought through BudapestGO app, you must ensure to validate it with QR code on the bus.
Because if ticket checkers catch you, on the spot you have to pay fine of 8000 HUF which is 25USD,approx.

If you have a 24 hour pass,weekly or monthly pass, there is no need to validate,and you should just show it when ticket checkers ask.

How do you on board a Red Bus in Budapest?

How to enter a Budapest Bus
How to enter a Budapest Bus

In red buses of Budapest operated by BKK, you can only on board using the front door.

When entering, you have to validate the ticket in the machine next to the driver, or show your pass.Here, you cannot enter the bus from back doors.

Only in case of a stroller/pram, the entry is possible from middle door of the bus.You should ensure to keep your ticket with you throughout your journey.

What is Budapest bus ticket price?


A single ticket for bus in Budapest costs 350 HUF, this ticket can be used for a single journey.

The same ticket costs 300 HUF(2.5 USD), if you buy a pack of 10 tickets.i.e. if you spend 3000 HUF (8 USD) in bulk.

If you use a BKK pass for 24-hours,3 days,a week or a month, you just have to pay the price of pass,and no need for additional ticket.

You cannot use foreign currency when buying ticket from bus driver.Also keep in mind,that price of ticket is expansive if bought from the bus driver.

NOTE: only Budapest bus 100E has a different price,as its a special one for airport transfers.

Is there a Budapest bus ticket app?

BudapestGO is the best transport app for buses information in Budapest.Operated by Hungarian Government, you can buy all kinds of bus tickets from the app.

It is the best app to check the bus time tables in Budapest city.The app tells the location of buses,estimated time of arrival and routes of the buses.

How do you get off a Budapest Bus?

How to get off Budapest Bus
How to get off Budapest Bus

Before getting off any of the BKK Budapest buses, you have to press a button that will set a light on a green button on top of each door.

All Budapest buses have a STOP button, which has different locations,depending upon the bus model.

In newer buses,there are stop buttons on supporting rods,at a height of 4 feet,at regular intervals.Also for families with children strollers and wheelchairs, there is a button with Stroller picture next to stroller place.

As you press any of these buttons, there will be a green light turned on, and bus will stop at the next station.

You should ensure that you do not press the Emergency STOP button which is on the same rod but at 6 feet height.

Are Budapest buses good for special persons?

Budapest Bus Wheel Chair
Budapest Bus Wheel Chair

Majority of buses,nowadays,in Budapest are good for special people to onboard.For older people,pregnant women and special people, there are dedicated seats right next to the entry doors.

Additionally if you are coming with a stroller,the bus will stop for longer time unless your stroller has fit itself on the dedicated place.

If you are coming with wheel chair and want to onboard a bus in Budapest, that is also possible.The driver will leave its seat and ensure a smooth slide from bus to the ground.

The wheelchair can be transported to the bus and placed on the dedicated place.Similarly, during off boarding, the driver will come down to ensure smooth exit from the bus.

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How do you get fined in Budapest buses?

You can be fined in Budapest buses on various reasons.The most common way to get fined in Budapest buses is to on board without validating the ticket.

You can also get fined if you used the wrong ticket, mostly happens in 100E bus.Also, if you are unable to show a valid ticket,valid bkk pass or are eating/drinking inside the bus, you will be fined.

Although there have been less incidents when people were fined for eating in bus.

If you are coming with a group of friends, do Book the beer bus that allows you do sightseeing as well.

Are Budapest buses comfortable?

Budapest public buses seats
Budapest public buses seats

The newer buses in Budapest have comfortable seats.

These have air conditioners turned on during summers, while heaters are operational in winter times.

There is enough space for taller people while sitting on the seats.

You will find proper support and enough space to stand with the support available.

There are dedicated places for senior citizens,pregnant women and special people.

How to check Budapest bus routes?

You can check the bus routes for each bus in Budapest through the Budapest GO app.

The app tells the current position,estimated time of arrival and different stops that the bus will stop.

If you are on a bus stop, you can find the bus routes for each bus stopping at that bus stop.

The name of next stops is mentioned along with estimated time in minutes to reach that stop from your current position.

Where to find Budapest bus map?

All the buses operated by BKK in Budapest have online map and other information available on BudapestGO app.

You can download the app on your mobile and check the map,directions and timing for each bus.

If you are at any bus stop, you will find the the bus route map where the bus will stop and at what time.