Best malls in Budapest | Biggest mall in Budapest

Shopping Plazas in Budapest Hungary

Budapest is a fun place to go for shopping for visitors and locals in 2024.Are there shopping malls in Budapest? What is best shopping mall in Budapest?Which is the biggest shopping mall in Budapest? are some the questions going through your mind.

Not only in the city center, but at various places in the city, there are options to do shopping for international brands in shopping malls and plazas.

The best places to stay near Budapest City center are

There are shopping malls in Budapest which have been built keeping the modern architecture and style in mind.

You will find designers shops, clothes shops and all the options for luxury shopping in Budapest.

Shopping mall in Budapest is called Bevasarlakozpont (Bay-va-shar-lakoz-pont).

Many online shopping stores exist in Hungary which do not have a physical store but do provide a huge variety and quality. These include

Reasons to visit Budapest shopping Malls

Are you fond of shopping and visiting Budapest in 2024, following are the top reasons that will convince you to  visit Budapest shopping malls.

  • Shopping plazas in Budapest are open on weekdays and weekends(Sat and Sun).
  • All shopping plazas have lifts.
  • Shopping plazas in Budapest are well maintained and clean.
  • There are toilets and mother care rooms in majority of Budapest Malls.
  • You can park your car in the parking area of many of Budapest Malls.
  • Some shopping plazas offer free parking for first 2-3 hours.
  • All major shopping plazas have food court.
  • Some shopping malls have cinemas for watching movies.
  • International branded shops have sales twice a year where discounts can go up to 70%.
  • You can return or exchange any cloth or shoe that has not be used within 30 days of purchase from any international brands store.
  • Debit/Credit cards are widely accepted in all shops in any big plaza of Budapest.

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Best Budapest Shopping malls list

Budapest has many small and big shopping malls spread around the city.

However, if you are a visitor coming to Budapest with limited time, there are a few plazas which are worth visiting as it will take less time to reach these shopping malls.
Majority of shopping plazas in can be visited by Budapest Buses as well as  Budapest Metro system.

Here is the list of best shopping malls in Budapest.

  1. Arena Mall (closer to Keleti Palyaudvar)
  2. Koki Center (the start point of 200E at Kobanya kispest in the way of Budapest airport)
  3. West End Shopping Center (closer to Nyugati Palyaudvar)
  4. Allee Mall (More closer to Gellert Hotel)
  5. Arkad 2 (Far from city center but direct train from Deak Ferenc ter and Keleti Palyaudvar)
  6. Corvin Plaza (on 6-4 tram and Metro 3 train station)
  7. Etele Shopping Mall (Far from city center but accessible with metro 4)
  8. Mom Park 2 (Far from City center)