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Budapest bus 200E

Tourists arriving to Budapest airport in 2024 can transfer from Budapest airport to city center in multiple ways. Starting from cheapest option, you have 200E+M3,100E and private shuttles.

However 200E bus is the 1st cheapest option using public transport that can transfer from Budapest airport to city. The 2nd cheapest option being the 100E Budapest bus.

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200E is operational throughout the year, compared to 100E bus Budapest which was halted in situations like covid peak and less tourists arriving to Budapest.

Most important thing for tourists to know about on boarding 200E bus is that it drops you at the boundary of Budapest city,and does not go to City center. Hence, you will need to take another public transport to come to the city center.

If your accommodation is inside the city center,i.e. near Deak Ferenc ter, you will have to onboard M3 underground metro,which takes you directly to the Budapest city center.

Instead of taking 200E, if you want a hassle free way to come to city center, you can book a shared shuttle for 12 USD/GBP/EUR which will take your directly to your hotel and save precious time.

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100E vs 200E Budapest

In 2024, both 100E and 200E are operational. There are certain differences that tourist would like to know,when they are arriving to Budapest. Whether to select 100E or 200E depends upon certain factors which we try to cover in this post.

The overall price to reach Budapest city center is cheaper in 200E+M3(Metro) combination, compared to 100E.Just as an idea, 200E+M3 price can be 3 to 4 USD (800-1000 Huf) whereas for 100E it is 6.5 USD (2200 HUF).

You can also use 1-day,3-day,15-day and 30-day BKK Budapest pass, on 200E and do not need to care about validate ticket in Budapest public transport. On the other hand, you cannot use any kind of Budapest pass or card for 100E bus,as it has its own ticket,or option to pay on the bus.

Additionally, the pass can be used on Budapest Metro System.There is always enough space in both buses to put your luggage.

The major limitation with 200E+M3 metro combination to reach city center of Budapest is that it takes a long time compared to 100E bus.As a rough estimate, based upon experience, the 200E+M3 combination will take around 90 mins whereas the similar journey by 100E to Deak Ferenc ter is 45 mins.

Hence,100E is 2 times faster but 2.5 times pricey than the 200E+M3 combination.

Although the primary public transport choice for tourists is to use 100E to transfer from airport to Budapest city center.However, there are some scenarios when 200E bus can be used instead of 100E.

During Covid times,when all the international travel was almost non-existent, 100E bus service was halted for many months.In such scenarios, 200E bus was the only cheapest option in the Budapest Buses, while Budapest taxis also had limited operations.

After off-boarding 200E on the last stop, you need to take at least another public transport vehicle to reach the city center. Hence, you will need  at least two single tickets,a single/multiple day pass or one transfer ticket Budapest for using 200E bus Budapest.

Budapest transfer ticket : Reference Bkk website
Budapest transfer ticket : Reference bkk website

For tourists coming to Budapest, the common combination to reach the city center is 200E Budapest+Metro M3 (if they have more time and buy a Budapest pass).

Bus 200e at Budapest Airport

bus 200E Budapest airport stop
bus 200E Budapest airport stop

You would be wondering where to take the bus 200E at Budapest airport and where is the 200e bus stop located. How far is it from the Budapest arrivals terminal?

The bus stop for 200E at airport is 1 min walk from the arrivals terminal. Once you get out of the customs terminal,and come out of arrivals terminal, you should walk on the left side outside the airport.

Even if you are not confident, just follow the crowd and you will reach the airport bus station for 200E.

Note : Bus stop for 200E and 100E are next to each other.

Budapest 200e bus ticket

200E bus from Budapest airport does not have a dedicated ticket. There are 4 ways to buy Budapest 200e ticket.

You can purchase Budapest 200e bus ticket from the

Kind of ticket in Budapest public transport system
Budapest public transport tickets

Budapest 200e Bus ticket online

In 2024,if you want to buy online ticket for Budapest 200e, the most convenient way is with Budapest public transport app,Budapest GO.

You can buy 200E bus ticket with the app even before you fly to Budapest.

However, you need to ensure to validate it when you are on boarding the bus after you arrive to Budapest.The 350 HUF ticket and day passes are similarly priced as in BKK machine if you buy them online with Budapest GO app.

You will also need internet connection to validate the online ticket.

For first time Budapest visitors, you can reach the city center from Airport for 12 USD, Book your Airport shuttle here.

Bus 200e ticket from BKK office

On arrival to Budapest airport, you will find a BKK office right next to arrivals exit door.

You can buy Bus 200e ticket from the clerk at the BKK office.It is better to buy one day  or multiple day pass, with a couple of single tickets(in case you have to use public transport when the pass is expired).

You can pay by card at the BKK office at Airport but cant use foreign currency as cash to buy 200E ticket.

200e ticket from BKK machine

BKK Ticket Machine
BKK Ticket Machine

When in Budapest, the 200E ticket can be purchased from BKK Machines,which are purple in color.

These are general ticket machines and all sorts of public transport tickets including the 200E bus can be bought from here.

It is possible to buy all sorts of tickets and public transport passes from BKK machines.Ticket Vending machine is also 3 min walk when you are coming out of the Budapest airport.

You can buy single tickets,transfer tickets as well as day passes from the ticket machine.The machine accepts cash in HUF while debit/credit cards are also accepted.

Bus 200E ticket from driver

Buying ticket from the driver for 200E bus should be your last option.

Normally he will push you to buy the ticket from the vending machine which is right around the bus stop, if you are at the airport.

Although you can buy Budapest 200e bus ticket from the driver when on-boarding, but it will be expansive and you will have to pay in Hungarian footprints in cash form.

200e bus Budapest price

Ticket price for Budapest bus 200e is 450 huf (over one EUR/USD/GBP), if you bought if from the ticket vending machine.

If you bought a pack of 10 tickets from ticket vending machine for 4000 huf(around 11 EUR/USD/GBP), 200E bus ticket will cost 400 huf or around 1 USD/GBP/EUR.

If you use that single 400 huf ticket, the single journey 200e bus ticket price would be 400 huf.

The ticket price for 200e bus Budapest would be 600 huf (1.7 EUR/GBP/USD)if you buy it from the driver,hence it is expansive If you buy from the driver. In 2024, price of all public transport tickets have been increased.e.g. a bus ticket from driver which was 450 Huf is now 600 Huf.

If you have a valid BKK pass for one day,3 days or more day, you can on board the bus 200E with it. There is no need to buy a separate ticket use 200E bus.

Budapest bus 200E route

Budapest 200e bus starts from Liszt Ferenc Airport 2 bus station and finishes at Kobanya-Kispest Metro station.

There are around 13 Bus stops which are in the 200E bus route towards Budapest.

Hence,it takes considerable time to travel between airport and Budapest.

200e bus Budapest stops

200E Bus route map
200E Bus route map

Here are the list of bus stops which are part of 200e bus route in order.

  • Liszt Ferenc Airport 2
  • Repülőmúzeum
  • Vecsés-nyugat
  • Repülőtéri Rendőr Igazgatóság
  • Repülőtér, D porta
  • Ferihegy vasútállomás
  • Szemeretelep vasútállomás
  • Billentyű utca
  • Csévéző utca
  • Pestszentlőrinc vasútállomás (átjáró)
  • Felsőcsatári út
  • Kőbánya-Kispest P+R
  • Kőbánya-Kispest M

After you are dropping off at Kobanya kispest, you can walk for 3 mins and take metro M3 which can deliver you to Deak ferenc ter. (check for ticket rules and validation,if you do not use Budapest travel pass).

200e bus Budapest timetable

In 2024, 200E Budapest bus is traveling quite frequently during the day time,while the frequency is less at late night.

Below is the timetable for 200E bus at Budapest Airport.

It is evident that, the bus comes to Airport 5 times in 5 hours between 00:00 and 05:00.

Between 04:00 and 07:00, it comes Budapest airport 3 to 4 times in an hour.

The maximum frequency of Bus 200E Budapest is 6 times an hour between 08:00 and 21:00. Despite its high frequency, and low price, 200E is not the best way to reach Budapest city,hence, we recommend for first time Budapest visitors to book a private shuttle for 10 USD/EUR/GBP where you pay few extra,but have peace of mind.

200E bus Budapest timetable
200E bus timetable

200E Bus Ticket validation

Each type of ticket in Budapest 200E has its own way of validation.

If you  have a one day,3 day or week pass, there is no need to validate it in 200E Bus, you just show it to the ticket checker.

Physical tickets for 200e bus ,bought either from the driver,BKK machine or BKK office, must be validated with the validation machine in bus.Normally there are 3 validation machines in bus 200E, one near the driver, one in the middle and one at the back of the bus.

bus 200E ticket validation machine
bus 200E ticket validation machine

If you buy an online ticket for 200E, make sure to validate it by reading the QR code right next to the front door of the bus on the outside.

Budapest 200E Discounts

There are some ways to get discount on 200 E Budapest in 2024.

You can get discounts for Budapest 200E if you buy a pack of 10 tickets instead of a single ticket. You make a saving of 1 GBP/EUR/USD overall. In such case, you can use 1 ticket for 200E, and another one for Metro 3 to reach the city center, and you will have 8 remaining to use for next journeys.

Another way to get discount for 200E, is to buy a 1 Day pass,3 Day or a weekly pass depending upon your stay,as it gives you option to use 200E,all kinds of buses (except 100E) in Budapest,trams,trolleys and underground metros. In this way, you pay only once, and get free rides during your pass for the mentioned vehicles.

If you are a student with a valid student id, you may get a discounted monthly pass,but if your trip is less than 5 days, the one day and 3 day passes will not bring any discount.

Budapest 200E facilities

In 200E bus, you will experience air conditioner in summers while heating in winters.

There are dedicated seats for elders,patients and pregnant women in 200E.

If you are coming with a wheel chair, the driver will personally come to the middle to enable the slide for your wheel chair to climb the bus and assist in setting up security belts.

There are screens to display the route and stops of the bus.

Overall,in majority of the buses, there are 4 dedicated places for wheelchair/children strollers, where 2 are on front side,while 2 on back side.