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Either you are an expat or a visitor looking to buy luggage in Budapest, you would be thinking what are the best luggage stores in Budapest? Where to buy travel bags in Budapest? Where to find cheap luggage in Budapest?

Being one of the top 10 destinations around the world, whenever you are traveling to Budapest,make sure to bring a backpack as well a suitcase. Backpack is required to be with you when exploring various parts of the city,while the suitcase can bind your other essential travel goods together.

Where to buy luggage in Budapest?

Nowadays, the requirements of luggage for travel have changed rapidly. You may travel to Budapest with just a backpack,but after spending a couple of days shopping in Budapest, you may have enough gifts that you need to buy travel luggage when going back home.

In some cases, it may happen that your suitcase got a fault and you need to visit a baggage store in Budapest. In this post I am going to discuss the various options to buy luggage,travel bags,trolley bags and baggage in Budapest.

Luggage stores in Budapest City Center

travel bags stores in Budapest city center
Travel bags stores in Budapest city center – Souvenir Shops

In case, you are looking for stores that sell suitcases in Budapest city center, you will not find big luggage stores on Vaci Street and Fashion Street. On the other hand, you will find luggage stores in big fashion brands on Andrassy Avenue Budapest which are pretty expansive for normal users.

Few places to buy suitcase in Budapest city center are the souvenir shops. These can be located on regular intervals on each end of Vaci and Fashion street. Being on the main tourist streets of Budapest, the prices of luggage on majority of stores in Budapest city center are still on a higher end.

Cheap luggage stores in Budapest

Cheap Luggage stores Budapest
Cheap Luggage stores Budapest – Chinese shops

If you are looking to buy the cheapest luggage, and thinking that where to buy cheap suitcases in Budapest, where to buy cheap luggage in Budapest. The best place to buy cheap luggage and suitcases in Budapest are

  • Tesco
  • Auchan
  • CCC
  • Chinese Stores

Not all Tesco stores in Budapest sell luggage or suitcases.Tesco stores with bigger sizes in Hungary have a good variety of luggage of all sizes. The prices of Luggage at Tesco Hungary are quite affordable. Specially, sometimes they are offering 30% to 50% discounts on luggage prices.

Auchan stores are not too many in Budapest but the ones which exist are quite huge. You can buy luggage and suitcases at good prices in Auchan stores. Auchan stores are only recommended for buying luggage in Budapest ,if you have a car, as traveling by public transport takes a lot of time.

You can buy good quality luggage from CCC stores in Budapest. The suitcases and luggage variety at CCC is of good quality. You can buy luggage in almost every CCC store in Budapest. CCC luggage stores are located in Corvin Mall,Arena Mall,Arkad 2, Mammut,West End,Etele Plaza,Lurdy Haz and many more places.

The cheapest luggage stores in Budapest are the Chinese stores which can be found on underground metro stations. Blaha Lujza ter, Nyugati Palyudvar and Corvin to name a few are some underground metro stations in Budapest,where you can find cheap luggage. You can also find cheap suitcases from Chinese shops named as Vegyes elelmizer. These shops are selling every sort of household items,but do have a good variety of luggage at affordable price.

Online Luggage stores in Hungary

For business personnel going to attend a business meeting by air or visit a conference,the luggage requirements would be a lightweight elegant design.

In Europe,USA,Canada and Australia, it has almost become a norm for teenagers to go abroad after high school and travel to their favorite countries for a limited amount of time.

Budapest is one of such cities which is among the top destinations for party in Eastern Europe.

Visitors to Budapest not only require quality luggage but smart solutions which comfort and protect their belongings. You must also be wondering if there is Samsonite store in Budapest?

You definitely need high quality bags,luggage or suitcase on your Budapest trip,either you are traveling for fun,with family or on a business trip. The best option to buy luggage is to go through a list of online companies to have a view of their quality,style,design,and affordability.

Many global companies deliver luggage items to Hungary. The advantage of ordering luggage from global companies is that they have their websites in English, while the Hungarian luggage websites offer only Hungarian version.

It is advised to use google translate when accessing Hungarian websites. On the other hand, if you are on a hungarian website, you can search the luggage types with following vocabulary.

  • Hátizsákok – BackPack
  • Crossbody táskák – Cross Body Bag
  • Táskák és bőröndök – Bags and suitcases
  • Övtáska – Belt bag
  • Aktatáskák – Briefcase

In Hungarian online fashion stores, you have to visit the Kiegészítők section to find the travel bags.

Some of the online luggage stores in Hungary are the following.

Luggage stores in Budapest

Luggage Shop Budapest - CCC
Luggage Shop Budapest – CCC

There are all sorts of luggage shops in Budapest. No matter you have a high or low budget for the luggage, you will definitely find luggage stores in Budapest.

Budapest luggage shops can be located in shopping malls, famous shopping streets as well as on underground metro stations.

If you are looking for branded luggage stores in Budapest around city center, the best option is to explore Andrassy Avenue, and Fashion Street. For checking a bigger variety of branded luggage in Budapest, you can visit either of the following malls. Arena Mall, Arkad Mall, Allee Mall and MomPark.

The safest place to buy luggage in Budapest for tourists at a good price are TESCO stores. One such is in Arena Plaza,which is 15 mins walk from Keleti Train Station. If you are staying closer to any other big plaza, you can find CCC luggage store for a good quality baggage.

Suitcase Stores in Budapest

Famous Luggage store in Budapest
Famous Luggage store in Budapest

Being among the top 10 tourist destinations in the last so many years, Budapest has also been a great shopping hub. You will find a huge variety of luggage brands in Budapest.

Here are some of the stores selling suitcases in Budapest.

However, there are many branded bag stores in Budapest where you can get backpacks and hand carry bags.

  • GEOX
  • ECCO

Travel Bags and Backpacks in Budapest

If you are looking for hand carry travel bags and backpacks in Budapest city center. You can find these in normal fashion apparel stores in Budapest.

ZARA,Adidas,Desigual,Pull and Bear on Vaci street are good options to find hand carry travel bags and back packs. You can find stylish travel bags and back packs from these physical stores in Budapest.

Hand bags in Budapest can also be found in sports shops in Budapest, like Adidas,Nike and Hervis Sports.

Best Luggage store in Budapest

If you are looking for the best luggage store in Budapest, it is Horizn Studios.It is not physically present in Budapest, but can deliver pretty fast to Hungary. It is building sustainable solutions for the future of travel.

Their technology ensures 99% waste-free production while the materials are 100% vegan with PETA approval.

They deliver to EU,USA,Canada and all parts of the world.

The range of products gelled with their vision, it is a great idea to check out the wide variety of products they offer.

Horizn Studios Luggage
Horizn Studios Luggage

Here are the top bags and luggage that you may consider buying for your Budapest trip.

Horizn Studios – M5 Essential Neon

Are you coming to Budapest to enjoy the party life? Perhaps you have booked your honeymoon in Budapest.

Maybe you are coming with your friends for a week to explore the Budapest night beauty along the Danube.

Either you come to Budapest Airport, Keleti train Station or Nepliget Bus station of Budapest.

With 15 vibrant color combinations, M5 Essential Neon is for you.

It provides enough capacity to pack your stuff and attractive designs that can add beauty to your photos along the Danube.

Horizn-Studios M5

The hard shell keeps your stuff safe from bumps while walking. The waterproof material saves your laptop in case of rain.

Additionally, you can customize the color combination based upon your preferred style at this link.

Dimensions : Width x Height x Depth: 40cm x 55cm x 23cm

Volume: 33L,Weight: 3.6kg

Key Highlights :

  • Premium poly-carbonate hard shell
  • Water-resistant front pocket
  • Front pocket for a 15” laptop
  • Four 360° Japanese spinner wheels
  • TSA-approved lock
  • Four-stage telescopic handle
  • Options to customize the design and color combinations

Horizn Studios – M5 Smart

With so many multinational companies having their huge offices in Budapest, corporate executives,managers and engineers are regularly traveling to Budapest.

The team meetings, conferences and dinners around the Danube, these activities demand at least 5 days stay in Budapest.

horizn studios M5 Smart luggage
Horizn studios M5 Smart luggage

M5 smart by Horizn Studios is the enhanced version of M5 Essential,with colors supporting the corporate outlook.M5 smart is an excellent cabin luggage for business travelers,as it can fit in your laptop up to 15 inches.

In the front pocket you can put your documents and electronics,which can be easily taken out for airport security.The capacity bag can fit in clothing up to 5 days.

Additionally, it comes with a smart removable charger which is cabin approved for all airlines.Hence, if you already charged your smart charger, and visiting Budapest for few days, you do not need to purchase any adapter.

Dimensions : Width x Height x Depth: 40cm x 55cm x 23cm

Volume: 33L,Weight: 3.6kg

Key Highlights :

  • Premium poly-carbonate hard shell
  • Water-resistant front pocket
  • Front pocket for a 15” laptop
  • Four 360° Japanese spinner wheels
  • TSA approved lock
  • Four-stage telescopic handle
  • Removable smart charger
  • Compression pad
  • Premium Laundry Bag

Horizn Studios – Sofo Backpack

Air Travel within Europe has become so much easier with many cheap airlines offering last minute discounts as low as 30 Euros for return flights.

Many Budapest solo travelers would just book a flight one night before their travel and grab a backpack with their essentials.

Horizn Studios Sofo Back Pack
Horizn Studios Sofo Back Pack

Budapest can be an excellent destination for a two day weekend trip.For such 2 day short trips, Sofo Backpack by Horizn-Studios is an excellent match.

It comes with 3 colors and a waterproof base. The breathable padding on the shoulders and backside makes it perfect for Budapest where you will walk more.The backpack is designed to comfort your shoulders with capacity that can be extended.

Sofo Backpack is a spacious bag for short trips.

Dimension (normal) : Width x Height x Depth: 32cm × 50cm × 17cm

Volume: 29L

Dimension (expanded) : Width x Height x Depth : 32cm × 60cm × 17 cm

Volume : 34L (without pockets)

Key Highlights :

  • Waterproof base
  • Breathable and comfortable padding
  • Expandable with more capacity
  • Safe for carrying laptops up to 16 inches
  • Can be opened from top and backside
  • Multiple pockets for accessories

Horizn Studios – SoFo Weekender

If you already have the suitcase and backpack, the only thing that you need to complete your travel pack is a Duffle bag.With great material and super clean design,SoFo Weekender by Horizn Studios will serve your travel needs for years to come.

It can be used as a gym bag,a travel bag,as well as a sports bag.If you have challenges fitting your irregular belongings in another bag, Sofo Weekender comes to the rescue with its flexibility.

Especially with so many low cost carriers bringing thousands of visitors to Budapest,many tourists have to pay extra just because the size of their bag does not fit the cabin limit.

In such cases SoFo Weekender is an excellent choice.

Horizn Studios Sofo weekender travel bag
Horizn Studios Sofo weekender travel bag

Dimensions :Width x Height x Depth: 52cm x 31cm x 20cm
Volume: 32L

Key Highlights :

  • Lightweight and durable material
  • Cool design with 3 colors
  • Can be used as gym,sports and travel bag
  • Waterproof base
  • Multiple pockets
  • Removable adjustable straps.

Horizn Studios – Top Case

Top case from horizn-studios is designed while considering your comfort and ease.On an air trip, you can put your important items on it.

From electronics,beauty accessories or jewellery items, Top case is good to be used in short and long journeys.It comes in 8 colors with 2 zips,one on the outer side while other inside. One key feature of Top Case is that it can also fit in the horizn studios cabin luggage handle.

Horizn Studios TopCase
Horizn Studios Top Case

Dimensions : Width x Height x Depth: 26cm x 12cm x 18cm