Is there Samsonite store in Budapest

Is there Samsonite store in Budapest

For visitors coming to Hungary in 2024 and looking to do luggage shopping must be wondering if there is Samsonite in Budapest. Is Samsonite cheaper in Budapest? Where are the Samsonite stores in Budapest? Are there alternatives to Samsonite in Budapest? The good news is that , Samsonite luggage brand has been operating for a long time in Budapest. In 2024, you can buy Samsonite luggage in Budapest.

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In this post,we try to cover the Samsonite stores that you can visit on your next visit to Budapest. We also cover some good alternatives.

Budapest Samsonite Stores

Just like other countries,where Samsonite sells its luggage and suitcases through its own stores and partners,Samsonite has adapted similar model in Hungary. Samsonite stores in Budapest are located in almost every big plaza.

Samsonite luggage stores in Budapest can be found in the following shopping malls.

  • Arena Shopping Mall Budapest
  • Arkad 2 Mall Budapest
  • Allee Shopping Mall Budapest
  • Budapest WestEnd Shopping Mall

Another great luggage store worth exploring is German luggage brand with stores in major cities of Europe.

Budapest Samsonite store in Arkad shopping mall
Budapest Samsonite store in Arkad shopping mall

Samsonite online store in Hungary

Samsonite operates its website in Hungary,which is totally in Hungarian. The website for Samsonite Hungary is It is a reflection of Samsonite global website. A huge luggage variety of Samsonite Hungarian website is overlapping with the models in other countries. Despite having many similar items online, there is a different of price upto 5% in Hungarian version and German version of the website.

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Samsonite Budapest luggage variety

Samsonite Budapest suitcase Store
Samsonite Budapest suitcase Store

The luggage variety among various Samsonite stores is quite consistent. The stores are of decent size and carry a good variety of travel bags,suitcases,and bags. Here are the common type of travel bags you will find at Budapest Samsonite stores in any plaza.

  • Samsonite 3 piece luggage sets
  • Samsonite Carry on luggage
  • Samsonite Hard Shell luggage
  • Samsonite soft shell luggage
  • Samsonite Light luggage
  • Samsonite suitcases in small medium and large sizes
  • Samsonite Backpacks
  • Samsonite Ladies bags
  • Samsonite Cabin luggage
  • Samsonite spinner luggage
  • Samsonite Laptop Bags
  • Samsonite kids luggage

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Samsonite travel bags Budapest
Samsonite travel bags Budapest

If you are looking for a great variety of luggage from Samsonite Budapest,it is worth visiting their website.You can check the prices of the various versions of the luggage sets and individual suitcases. The latest trendy luggage models in Samsonite website are the following.


Samsonite prices in Budapest

Samsonite prices in Budapest
Samsonite prices in Budapest

Being a global brand in luggage industry, Samsonite prices are pretty high in Budapest as well. Either you are looking for a laptop bag,carry on luggage or a backpack, you must keep in mind that prices will not be cheap.Here,we analyze the various versions of samsonite bags.

Samsonite Budapest Laptop bag prices

There are over 10 varieties of weekender and laptop bags at Samsonite Hungary website. The laptop bag sizes are available for 13.3,14.1,15.6,and 17.3 inches. Laptop bag prices in Samsonite Budapest start at 34000 Huf (88 Euros) and goes up to 117000 Huf(300 Euros). Average price of a laptop bag in Samsonite Budapest store is around 70000 Huf(180 Euros).

Cabin baggage price in Samsonite Budapest

Cabin baggage from Samsonite Budapest come in dimension of 55x40x20 cm 55x40x23 cm.The most expansive cabin baggage is BOSS priced at 369000 HUF, almost a thousand euros. There are two price points for average cabin baggage in Budapest. Average price for Samsonite cabin baggage is between 110000 HUF (283 Euros) and 156000 HUF (400 Euros).
Check out the best cabin baggage prices in europe.

Economical Samsonite cabin baggage

Samsonite Budapest Hard Luggage
Samsonite Budapest Hard Luggage

The most economical cabin baggage on Samsonite Hungary website is a duffle bag costing 24000 Huf(62 Euros). There are a few options for duffle bag from Samsonite with prices ranging from 36000 Huf(93 Euros) to 64000 Huf(165 Euros).

If you are looking for an economical spinner luggage from Samsonite, your budget should be between 60000 Huf (155 Euros)and 83000 Huf (212 Euros).At the same price,you can also check spinner luggage from HS.

Cabin baggage set from Samsonite Budapest

NUON,a cabin baggage from Samsonite with size 55x40x20/23 cm is around 110000 Huf,which is 284 Euros.The NUON version price for Samsonite luggage in Medium size 69 x 45 x 28/31 cm is 118000 HUF (305 Euros). NUON luggage in Budapest is also available in 75 and 81 size with prices 127000 HUF/328 Euros and 135000 HUF/349 Euros.

Budapest Samsonite Outlet

Samsonite outlet store Hungary in Premier outlet
Samsonite outlet store Hungary in Premier outlet

Despite the wide number of Samsonite stores in Budapest City, there is no outlet store in the city. Samsonite outlet near Budapest is located in Premier Outlet,which is half hour drive from Budapest. The Samsonite outlet in Premier outlet is of good size and provides a lot of variety for carry on luggage,luggage with hard shell,soft luggage,backpacks and laptop bags.

Samsonite luggage sizes in Premier outlet near Budapest range from small,medium,large and extra large sizes.

Budapest Samsonite luggage sale

Samsonite does not offer huge discounts in its stores in Budapest. Unlike the fashion apparel brands which go up to 70% discount twice a year, Samsonite does not offer such reduced prices. The maximum discount you may find in a Samsonite Budapest store could be up to 25%. Hence, if you are looking for a cheaper luggage brand in Budapest, you will have visit other luggage stores.