How to use Budapest metro in 2024?

How to Use Budapest Metro

Budapest metro can be used with a single ticket, a transfer ticket, BKK pass or Budapest Card.

There are 4 metros in Budapest,and all of them are located at the underground level. Budapest metros are numbered from 1 to 4 and also have colors associated with their numbers. Metro 1 is Yellow, Metro 2 is Red,Metro 3 is Blue while Metro 4 is green.

In order to use any metro in Budapest, make sure you have a ticket,BKK pass or a Budapest Card. These are available in digital form as well as in paper format for various duration.

Before entering any metro station in Budapest, you should make sure to put your ticket into the ticket validation machine.

Budapest Metro Ticket Validation Machine

If you have a Budapest Card or a BKK pass, there is no need to validate it for any Budapest metro.

After that you move to the escalators going downwards towards the metro. Just before the stairs, sometimes there are ticket checkers standing. You have to show your validated ticket to them.

If you have a Budapest Card or Budapest pass, you just have to show them,and they will allow you to pass.
After coming down from the escalators, you have to see the names of stations, which are written in a specific pattern for each metro station.

How to use Budapest Metro 1

Metro 1 is the only Budapest metro where one stop has two entrances for the same stop, to go in each direction.
i.e. all Metro 1 stations are located on the opposite side of the road.

It means, you have to identify before going down, which side of the road you should go to travel in the right direction.
As Metro 1 Budapest is located underneath the Andrassy Avenue, you should follow the traffic direction.

For example, if you are standing in any direction of traffic on Andrassy avenue, if you want to move to Heroes Square, you should visit the M1 station which is on the side of traffic going to the Heroes Square direction.

As Budapest Metro 1 is the oldest metro, its depth is around 20 feet below the ground level.
For using metro 1, you just have to take the stairs to reach the metro level as there are no escalators.

As you come down with the stairs, you will see the ticket machine in front of you,and metro stop at few steps.If you are traveling with the ticket, you should validate a new ticket and show it to the ticket checkers,if you find them.

Even if they are not there, do not travel without validating your ticket.
In case of a Budapest Card or Budapest travel pass, you have to show to the ticket checkers in front of Metro M1 stop.

If ticket checkers are not there, you can directly go to the metro.
The metro arrives after every 2 to 3 minutes during the day time,and time of arrival is displayed on a small LCD.

Metro 1 doors are automatically opened when it arrives at the stop.

Out of the 4 metros in Budapest, Metro 1 is the only metro where ticket checkers can come out of nowhere inside the metro to check for valid tickets or passes, and fine you inside the metro.
Whenever coming out of Metro 1, there is no need to press any button. You just have to identify your final metro stop and stand next to the door when the metro stops.

As there is no LCD screen inside Metro M1, you have to manually track the Metros stops where you want to drop off.
After coming out of the M1 Metro stop, you can still be stopped by ticket checkers, who can fine you around 12000 HUF if you are found without a validated ticket or a valid pass.