Is Budapest Heroes square worth a visit?

Heroes Square Budapest Hungary Attractions

Talking of the historical monuments in Budapest, Heroes square is one of the top 10.

The monument is built in the memory of the forefathers of the Hungarian Nation, the Magyars.

These forefathers are also known as Hungarian heroes.

These Hungarian Heroes are said to have arrived at the current place of Hungary and settled around one thousand years ago.

This is an iconic symbol of Hungary and displays the importance of current Hungarian roots with its culture.

What are other names of Heroes Square

The Hungarian name of Heroes Square is Hosok Tere.

It is also called the Millennium Monument for the reason that it was built to mark the 1000 years of the Hungarian settlement at the very location.

In reality, the Millennium Monument is associated with the terrace that has a tall tower with angels and 7 horse statues and riders.

Heroes square Budapest address

Hereos square in Budapest is a quite famous place, you cannot go wrong when visiting Heroes square.

The address of Heroes square is Budapest, Hősök tere, 1146.

Although you can also search with the name “Heroes Square Budapest” on google maps and it should show you the exact location.

What is at Heroes Square?

Coming out of the M1 Metro at Hosok tere metro station, you see a huge square in front with no walls.

At the center of the Heroes square is a tall tower with a statue at the top.

Heroes square Budapest statues of angel and seven kings
Heroes square Budapest statues of angel and seven kings

The statue is of Gabriel with a Crown and double cross in the hands.

At the base of the tower are statues of Hungarian kings sitting on a horse.

The monument containing the statues of the 7 kings and the tall towers is known as millennium monument Budapest.

In front of the tall tower, you see the iconic tomb of the dead heroes of Hungary also called Tomb of Unknown soldiers.

At the back side of the millennium monument are two arches with multiple columns erected.

There are statues of the Hungarian Kings in between each column of the arch.

These are the kings who made key contributions in the development of the Hungarian state during their time.

Each King statue has the name and the duration of his kingship on a plate just beneath.

How to reach Heroes square

Heroes Square of Budapest is located in the 14th district and adjacent to the 7th district.

You can reach heroes square by various methods.

Reaching Heroes square by M1 or Yellow Metro :

You can reach Heroes square by taking Budapest Metro M1 also called yellow Metro by dropping off at Hosok tere underground station.

Budapest Metro M1 Underground stop Heroes square
Budapest Metro M1 Underground stop Heroes square

If you want to travel from Budapest city center to Heroes square, then M1 is the best option.

It takes around 20 mins to reach Heroes square from the Deak Ferenc ter (closer to 100e stop).

Keep in mind that M1 stops don’t have escalators or lifts on any metro station.

If you are coming with a stroller, you will need help to carry the stroller outside with stairs.

However, passengers coming out of the metro are quite helpful in carrying the strollers out of the station.

Reaching Heroes square from Keleti by Bus

Blue Bus (20,30,30A) from Keleti Station to Heroes square Budapest
Blue Bus (20,30,30A) from Keleti Station to Heroes square Budapest

You can go from Budapest Keleti train station to Heroes square with the Buses 20E,30,30A,79M.

The fastest way to get to Heroes square from Keleti station is with bus 20E.

20E will take max 15 mins to bring you to Heroes square from Keleti station.

30A,30 and 79M will take around 20 to 25 mins, as these stop at multiple bus stations compared to 20E.

All Buses in Budapest have special space for strollers,prams and are wheelchair friendly.

One of the best options to visit Budapest top attractions in short time is using Hop On Hop Off buses. Get your Hop on Hop off bus ticket here for a 10% discount.

Going to Heroes square from City Center

If you want to go by bus from Deak ferenc ter to Heroes square, then bus 105 and 178 will be a good option.

The bus station for Bus 105 and 178 is 8 mins walk from the Deak Ferenc station.

These buses will take around 25 mins to go in either direction.

Car Parking near Heroes Square

Parking around the boundary of Heroes Square is not available,however, there are limited car parking and bus parking places in front of the Varosliget Cafe.

Parking in Budapest on the other side of city park (in front of the zoo) is available on Allatkerti krt.

However, if you just want to visit Heroes square, you can park on the streets opposite of the Heroes square, while parallel to Andrassy Avenue Budapest.

These include Delibab Utca, Lendvay Utca, Szondi Utca, and Ripple Ronai Utca.

What are the timings of Heroes Square

Heroes Square Budapest time to visit in summers and winters
Heroes Square Budapest time to visit in summers and winters

Some of you might be wondering when Heroes Square is closed or when it is open.

Are there any timings to visit Heroes Square?

The Heroes Square is open throughout the year, as there are no fences or gates to enter.

You can visit Heroes Square anytime of the day and year.

Do you need a ticket to enter Heroes Square

There are no entry fees to visit Heroes square as it is an open monument.

You can walk from any direction and there are no checks to enter it.

Activities to do at Heroes Square

Heroes Square Budapest lights at night
Heroes Square Budapest lights at night

The activities to do at Heroes square are to explore the historical monuments in form of statues.

Watching the details of the fine art work with the statues of horses and kings.

Taking pictures is a must once you are at the Heroes square.

It’s a huge square with no traffic allowed, hence a fun place for children to run around.

The level of heroes square is the same as the road outside, hence it’s wheelchair accessible.

Best time to visit Heroes Square

Visiting the Heroes square at noon during the peak summer season may be exhausting in 2024.

Taking pictures, walking around and watching the statues may take 25 to 30 mins.

However, if you plan to visit other attractions(City park, City park Lake, Budapest zoo and Szechenyi Bath) nearby, it’s always good to plan to visit Heroes square when the weather is not so hot.

During the summers, sunset in Budapest is 19:00 to 20:30.

In summers, there is the possibility for boating in the daytime behind heroes square.

Hence, you can plan to visit after 4 pm.

In the winters, when one portion of the lake is converted into a Skating Rink, it is better to visit in the evening.

Sunset in winters is around 4pm, and any time after 5pm is good to visit.

The heroes square and the skating rink are well lit and great for taking pictures.

Keep in mind that during Hungarian National Holidays, there are special government events until 9am in the morning at Heroes square.

You can come and watch the guard parade at Heroes square during these holiday times.(15 March, 20 August, 23 October)

Boating near Budapest heroes square at city park lake Hungary
Boating near Budapest heroes square at city park lake Hungary

Heroes Square Budapest events

Aside from the historical events, Heroes square of Budapest has been the host of many special events.

Some are held every year, while some on random occasions.

However, August, September and October are the most happening months when around every weekend, there is a small festival arranged at the Heroes Square.

Summer Festival on Andrassy Avenue close to heroes square Budapest in August
Summer Festival on Andrassy Avenue close to heroes square Budapest in August

Horse Race at Heroes Square

One of the events that involves horse racing at Heroes square in Budapest is National Gallop.

National Gallop is normally for 2 days and there are horse races held at the Heroes square.

For two days, the heroes square is converted into a circular shape stadium for horse races.

There are seats for visitors with tickets.

While there are horse races inside the ring. The competitors come from all around Hungary.

The national gallop is also called vagta in Hungarian, with official website also available.

Visitors without tickets can see the horse race at Heroes square for free.

Without a ticket, you can enter the ring, but can only watch while standing inside the ring.

There are few seating arrangements if you buy refreshments from the small canteen.

The best time to visit is around 1400 to 1700. The horse race is planned to be held on 2-3 October 2021.

Horse Race at Heroes Square Budapest in Summers September
Horse Race at Heroes Square Budapest in Summers September

Pope Francis Address at Heroes Square

Events like such are happening once in a while, and you may feel lucky to be part of the address by Pope Francis.

On 05th of September, Pope Francis addressed a huge crowd at Heroes Square.

It was the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress held at Heroes square.

Pop Francis arrival to Budapest 2021 at heroes square
Pop Francis arrival to Budapest 2021 at heroes square

Open free Heroes square concerts by Brian Adams and Shaggy

In September and October, you may encounter free Heroes Square concerts.

A few years ago, there was a concert by Brian Adams held at Heroes square, where a lot of people participated.

Then, Shaggy was also part of a concert some years ago. Both Heroes square concerts were free to visit.

The Heroes square concerts normally start at 1800 and finish around 2100.

Bryan Adams free concerts in Budapest Heroes Square
Bryan Adams free concerts in Budapest Heroes Square

Do you need a guide for visiting Heroes Square and nearby attractions?

As Heroes Square and City park are free to enter, there is no need to hire a guide to get  you through.

Of Course if you are interested in the detailed history of the location, free guided tours can be joined.

Thermal baths,Circus,Vajdahunyad castle(Museum) and zoo require entry fees and tickets can be purchased at respective entry points.

These are pretty close to each other and easily visible,hence you can navigate without any guide.

Where to eat near Heroes Square

If you plan to eat near Heroes square, keep in mind that there are no restaurants in front of Heroes square.

Majority of restaurants near heroes square Budapest are uniformly spread across the city park.

One such restaurant is next to the lake in City park, on the allatkerti krt side of the park, but that is an expensive one.

Food options closer to Heroes square are expansive,ever in the form of food carts.

If there is a festival ongoing at Heroes square, you may find these food carts on Heroes Square,on Andrassy Utca and at the entrance of Vajdahunyad Castle.

During summer festivals, you can find beer carts and trucks in addition to the food carts closer to Heroes square.

However, in winters, there are no temporary food or beer carts at the Heroes Square.

You can also check the food option at the City Park Boating and Skating rink.

Authentic Hungarian Restaurant near Heroes Square

If you want to eat authentic Hungarian food closer to Heroes Square, it is possible in the Paprika Restaurant.

Paprika Restaurant is 2 KM walk from the Heroes Square.

It also faces the front side of the other side of City park.

You can also take any of the Budapest buses 79,75,20E,30A,30 from heroes square and drop at Dembinszky utca stop.

Or you can walk within the city park and come towards the Paprika Restaurant.

The address of Paprika restaurant is Budapest, Dózsa György út 72, 1071.

The restaurant is always full of guests,hence there is little risk that you may have to wait for your turn.

Best Authentical Hungarian Restaurent near Heroes square Budapest
Best Authentic Hungarian Restaurant near Heroes square Budapest

Authentic Chinese Restaurant near to Heroes Square

Authentic Chinese restaurant near City park Heroes square Budapest
Authentic Chinese restaurant near City park Heroes square Budapest

In case you want to eat authentic Chinese food in a restaurant, you can visit Kilenc Sarkany restaurant.

It is 5 mins walk further from the Paprika Restaurant,if you are coming from Heroes Square.

The address of Kilenc Sarkany restaurant is Budapest, Dózsa György út 56, 1071.

Buying Grocery closer to Heroes Square

Keep in mind that there are no grocery shops (ALDI,SPAR,TESCO,LIDL) closer to Heroes square.

Either you plan to buy water,snacks, fruits, bread or anything, it’s not in the closer vicinity of Heroes square.

Hence, you should buy these things while you start your journey to Heroes Square from the Budapest city center.

The closest one is Budapest, Dózsa György út 78, 1071.(2 KM walk)

A CBA is present at Budapest, Dózsa György út 54, 1071.(2.1 KM walk)

Buying Cigarette closer to Heroes Square

Just like the grocery stores, the cigarette shops are also hard to find in the area closer to Heroes square.

One is present next to the CBA at Dózsa György út 54, 1071.

It is actually the other corner of the city park.

You can also see a pharmacy, called Gyógyszertár or Patika, in front of the CBA.

What are the Attractions near Heroes Square

There are numerous attractions near Heroes Square Budapest for children, couples, families and adults.

You must be wondering how much time should be spent in the area around Heroes square.

Based upon the following attractions, a whole day can be spent easily if you have time and also want to explore all the attractions closer to Heroes Square.

City Park

City park is the top attraction next to Heroes Square.

A huge park on the back side of Heroes square, with multiple children  playground Budapest, various courts, a lake, running track and various gymnastic areas.

It is a long walk of around one hour to walk from one side of the park to the other.

The time spent in the city park depends upon the visitor’s status,whether you are a couple,family or friends.

City park next to Heroes square Budapest Hungary
City park next to Heroes square Budapest Hungary

Vajdahunyad Castle

A castle with a medievil outlook at the bank of the small lake is a must visit attraction closer to Heroes Square.

It’s a 5 minute walk behind the Heroes square.

Entry to the passage of Vajdahunyad castle is free,which enables you to see the exterior of the castle.

However, entry to the Vajdahunyad castle museum is a fishing Museum.

Entry to Vajdahunyad castle is possible with tickets.

Vajduhunyad Castle behind Heroes square Budapest
Castle behind Heroes square Budapest

Szechenyi thermal bath

In case you have time and want to have a unique experience of Budapest, Szechenyi Bath is a must visit.

It is a top attraction closer to Heroes Square.

You can easily spend 3 to 4 hours in the various pools with varying temperatures.

Szechenyi Thermal Baths near heroes square - M1 yellow metro Budapest Hungary
Szechenyi Thermal Baths near heroes square – M1 yellow metro Budapest Hungar

Budapest Zoo

Budapest Zoo is another attraction closer to Heroes square which is a must visit if you are with kids.

It’s without any doubt that children will definitely enjoy this top attraction around Heroes Square.

The Zoo is quite big and hosts lots of animals,details can be found here.

Zoo is a 7 to 10 mins walk from the Heroes Square.

Budapest Zoo near Heroes Square Yellow Metro M1 Hosok Tere
Budapest Zoo near Heroes Square Yellow Metro M1 Hosok Tere

Capital Circus of Budapest

The capital circus of Budapest is right next to the Budapest Zoo.

It is a must visit in Budapest whether you are an adult or with children.

You can easily plan 2 to 3 hours for the visit to the circus.

Heroes Square boating Lake

In the summertime, one of the places to visit is the heroes square boating lake.

It is located just behind Heroes square and there are a lot of options to rent a paddle boat.

Per person price for heroes square boat rentals is around 5 Euros.

The lake is full of tourists during the summer time but a must do activity closer to Heroes square.

There is no option to swim or sunbath at the Heroes square lake.

Heroes square boating near city park Budapest Hungary
Heroes square boating near city park Budapest Hungary

Heroes Square Skating rink

The heroes square lake is converted into a huge skating rink during the winter time.

It is a memorable experience skating at the Heroes square skating rink.

The rental price of skates is around 6 euros for an hour.

The skating rink of Heroes square has options for all age groups to enjoy skating.

Tickets for Ice skating rink can be bought online at the website

The site also contains the relevant information and answer to frequently asked questions.

Budapest Museum of Fine Arts

On one side of Heroes square lies the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts.

The Museum of fine arts in Budapest is also called Szepmuveszeti Muzeum.

If you are an art lover, you can visit the museum by paying nominal fees.

Palace of Exhibition

While one side of Heroes square has a Museum of fine arts.

Other side has a big building called the Palace of Exhibition where various exhibitions are held all around the year.

It is a 2 min walk from the millennium monument, right on the opposite side of the road.

Should you book a hotel closer to Heroes square

With so many attractions closer to it you must be wondering whether you should book you accommodation closer to Heroes Square.

Only in winters, it might be a good idea to have accommodation closer to Heroes square if you want to do skating.

During the remaining time of the year, there are not many attractions to have a night walk around Heroes square.

Keep in mind that, aside from the winters,when the skating rink is operational, there is not much activity in the night time around Heroes square.

Hence, it is recommended to book your accommodation closer to Budapest City center.

You can have a day trip from City center towards Heroes Square with Metro M1, explore the attractions, and come back in the evening time to the city center.

Since the happening area for a night walk and exploring the Budapest Beauty at night is along the Pest side,along tram 2.