Does Budapest have a metro? How many metro lines in Budapest

Budapest Underground Metro system - Hungary

Budapest Underground Metro System is one of the oldest metro system in the world.

In 2024, you can easily travel within the city with the help of Budapest Metro lines,but it requires good knowledge of types of tickets, and ticket validation methods.

Unlike other European cities, Budapest does not have a metro line from Budapest airport to City. However,there is a dedicated Airport shuttle costing 4.5 USD which drops you right at the city center.

The best places to stay near Budapest City center are

Budapest Metro System

Budapest metro system is quite efficient despite having a mixture of old and new underground metros. Budapest Metro system is managed by BKK which is the Budapest Transport Authority.
The Budapest transport authority have a single system to manage the buses,trams and underground metros of Budapest. It means,there is no dedicated ticket for Budapest Metro lines.

You can simply buy a BKK ticket,and use it (only once)in a bus (100E is an exception and not covered),train or Budapest Metro line.

From the tourist perspective, the Budapest metro system may be complicated if they buy single tickets to travel around. However, buying a day pass, 3 day pass or weekly pass can save the hassle that comes with buying and validating single tickets.

Although you can take Big Bus guided tours which have planned routes to take you to the famous monuments of Budapest, traveling in some Budapest metro lines will give you an experience like you are 30 years behind.Hence, it should not be missed.

Budapest Metro Lines

Budapest is definitely a big city but not as the size of London or Milan where there are multiple metro lines.

In 2024, there are 4 underground metros lines in Budapest connecting the city. However, there is a good bus network as well as trams connecting different parts of the city.

Budapest Metro lines have numbers and also associated colors,to identify them. Hence, multiple terminologies can be used to address Metro line in Budapest.

These are 4 Metro lines in Budapest.

  1. Budapest M1 Metro / Metro 1 Budapest / Yellow metro line Budapest
  2. Budapest M2 Metro / Metro 2 Budapest / Budapest metro red line
  3. Budapest M3 Metro / Metro 3 Budapest / Budapest metro blue line
  4. Budapest M4 Metro / Metro 4 Budapest / Green Metro line Budapest

Out of these metro lines in Budapest, M1,M2, and M3 are the important ones from the tourist perspective.A couple of them are quite old, but have metro stations closer to the tourist attractions.

Once you are in the city center with the help of Budapest metro lines, Vaci street Budapest and Andrassy Avenue Budapest walk is not to be missed.

Using the Budapest metros to travel the city is the fastest way to move around,as Budapest roads are not so wide and going with taxis,and buses will take greater time.

However, you may not be able to see the Budapest attractions which exist on the ground,when traveling in the Metro lines.

Traveling method in Budapest metros is quite cheap as these are subsidized by government.However, in August 2022, the prices of Budapest passes were increased due to reduction in the value of Hungarian Forint.

Don’t forget to read about the procedure about How to validate ticket Budapest, types of tickets for Budapest public transport, Budapest public transport tickets and different ways to travel from Budapest airport to city center.

Budapest Metro tickets

In order to travel with Budapest metros, you can either buy a single ticket which will be valid for a single journey. You can even buy a transfer ticket (3 types) which allows you to make transfer between vehicles with certain conditions.

There is also an option to buy a BKK pass which can be for 1 day,3 days or 7 days.

Common ways to travel by underground Budapest Metro is through

  • a single ticket in printed form (300-350 HUF, 1 EUR/GBP/USD)
  • Transfer ticket (550 HUF, 1.2 EUR/GBP/USD)
  • Budapest day pass (1600 HUF, 5 EURO/GBP/USD)
  • a monthly pass (9500 HUF 25 EUR/GBP/USD)
  • a group pass
  • Digital tickets bought from Budapest GO app.

Budapest Metro Stations

Metro Stations in Budapest has a big M displayed in a circular board visible on the road. Additionally, you can identify the Budapest metro lines entrance with the stairs going underground around different squares.

You have to walk one level down the road, and before you see the escalators, there will be some machines where you have to validate your single ticket.

For each of the Budapest metro stations, the entrance is quite similar.On validation of the ticket, there will be a date and time printed on it.

In case you have a Budapest day pass, monthly pass or a group pass, there is no need for validation.You can enter the escalators of Budapest metro lines entrance by showing a validated ticket or a valid pass.

Budapest Metro stations are safe to visit in the morning,afternoon and in the night. You can find bakeries as well as small grocery stores and Chinese shops at some of the underground metro stations in Budapest.

When coming out of the Budapest Metro stations at the end of journey, you must ensure to save your single ticket or pass. The reason is that there are ticket checkers who are randomly standing at the arrival section and you need to show the validated tickets or passes.

Budapest Metro Fines

At random occasions,there are ticket checkers  in Budapest Metro stations who are standing at the entrance of the metro station, who will check your ticket (in a careless manner).

Some people do trick them by validating and showing an already used ticket, and may even onboard the Budapest metro lines.

However, beware that, when you are coming out at your desired underground Budapest station, sometimes, there are ticket checkers right in front of the train, who check for your ticket validation.

In case of invalid ticket, or no ticket, you may be fined 20 to 40 USD.The same fine is imposed at the Budapest Metros by ticket checkers, if your Budapest transport pass is not valid.

Budapest Metro Timetable

The timetable of Underground metros is available on the entry of each metro stop.You can also check the Budapest metro timetable on Budapest GO app.

You will need internet to use the BudapestGO app,buy and validate tickets for Budapest Metro lines.Hence,its recommend to have a sim card in advance that will work in Budapest.

According to the latest Budapest Metro timetable in 2024, the metro lines are quite frequent in they day time during the operational hours.i.e. 4 30 to 23 30.

Budapest Metro Working Hours

Budapest Metro lines are operational 365 days of the year,on weekdays,weekends as well as on public holidays. However, the operating times are fixed.i.e. from 0430 to 11 45.

The Working hours for Budapest metro have been the same for many years.Since early morning time, 4:30 when the Budapest metro lines start operating, the metros are arriving every 10 to 15 mins on respective stations.

During the peak time in the morning,afternoon, and in the evening, the frequency of Budapest metro lines is even higher in 2024.

The Metro stations in Budapest are closed between 0000 in the night till 4 75 in the morning,as during these time night buses start their operations.

Specially during the night time, if you have missed the last train in any metro station in Budapest, you should go out of the station. The reason is that Budapest metro stations are closed after the last trains in both directions have departed.

Budapest Metros Experience

As of 2024, Budapest metro lines M1,M2,M3 are the common ones what the tourist will use.

A common trait with these metros is that they are quite noisy.

On the other hand, the advantage with these metros is that, they have a common junction at Deak Ferenc Ter.

So no matter where ever you are hanging around, and want to come to the town center, you can sit in these and come to the town center.

In case you want to book a cheap apartment in Budapest, then, the first thing you should check is if it is within 10 mins walk from a metro station.

Budapest M1 Metro

 Budapest yellow Metro M1 stairs, no lift
Budapest yellow Metro M1 stairs, no lift

Budapest M1 Metro, is also called Yellow metro line due to associated color.
M1 Metro in Budapest is operating between
Vörösmarty Tér (Budapest City Center)and Mexikói Út (Near Szechenyi Baths) metro stations.

M1 Metro in Budapest runs among the best monuments in Budapest and gives you an experience as if you are 40 years back in history.

Hisses, screeches, and rumbling sounds, it’s all-in-one package when you are traveling in Budapest M1 Metro in the year 2024.

However, traveling in Yellow metro Budapest is a lifetime experience, which you can have without going to a train Museum.M1 Budapest Metro gets crowded in summer as it’s not a big one and has only 3 bogies.

For Budapest Metro line M1 specially, sometimes, the ticket checkers come inside the metro to check the tickets and passes, and may fine if someone gets caught without proper ticket/pass.

There are no escalators, of lifts all around metro line 1 Budapest. However, the stairs on each M1 metro stop are around 20, and not so much like in other Metro stations in Budapest.

Budapest M1 Metro Stations

Being the oldest metro in Budapest, M1 Metro Budapest transports passengers between 11 metro stations. Following is the list of Budapest M1 Metro stations in order, if you are traveling from the city center towards the direction of Heroes Square of Budapest.

  • Vörösmarty Tér
  • Deák Ferenc Tér
  • Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Út
  • Opera
  • Oktogon
  • Vörösmarty Utca
  • Kodály Körönd
  • Bajza Utca
  • Hősök Tere
  • Széchenyi Fürdő
  • Mexikói Út

M1 Budapest Metro is hardly stopping due to technical issues and operational throughout the year compared to M3 which is non-operational at some parts during the month.

Important Budapest stations for M1 metro

As Budapest M1 metro has many important stations, where tourist would love to explore the attraction. It is good to know which Budapest metro station is closer to which famous attraction.

We describe the important train stations along Metro M1.

Vorosmarty ter

Vorosmarty ter is the end station of Metro M1 which is right at the Budapest city center.It was recently renovated and a great place to walk around.

The big area around Vorosmarty square used to host the Budapest Christmas market before renovation. Now it is ready and will be hosting Christmas market in 2024 as well.

If you are traveling during Christmas,or any other time of the year, Vorosmarty square should be your first priority for visiting,and you can reach here with Budapest Yellow Metro.

Famous food options closer to Vorosmarty ter are

  • Hard rock café Budapest
  • Vapiano restaurant (Italian food)
  • Café Gerbeaud (coffee and desserts)
  • Burger King (Fast food)

Vorosmarty ter at M1 metro station is a must-visit if you want to go shopping from branded stores. The international shopping stores next to Vorosmarthy square are

  • C&A
  • Pull and Bear
  • H&M
  • Zara
  • Springfield
  • Bershka
Deak Ferenc ter - Budapest City Center
Deak Ferenc ter – Budapest City Center – Junction of M1,M2,M3 Metros

You will find lot of food options next to Deak ferenc ter.

These can be found right on the left hand side before entering the Fashion street.

  1. Starbuck
  2. KFC
  3. PizzaMe
  4. Bamba Marha Burger Bar

From Deak Ferenc ter, you can walk towards fashion street of Budapest where one of the most luxurious brands can be found.

These include

  1. Lindt
  3. Lush
  4. Lacoste
  5. United colors onf Benetton
  6. COS
  7. Tommy Hilfiger
  8. Boss
  9. Zara Home
  10. Massimo Dutti
  11. Cigar Tower

Opera – M1 Budapest Metro

Opera House Budapest Hungary - Yellow Metro 1
Opera House Budapest – M1 Budapest Metro

Opera metro station at M1 Budapest is the stop where you can get off to see the Hungarian State Opera. Hungarian State opera is located right in front of M1 Budapest Metro Opera station.

Opera is located at Andrassy Utca and the exact address is Budapest, Andrássy út 22, 1061.

For latest information to visit Hungarian Opera House is available at their official Website.

There are numerous restaurants on Andrassy Utca around the Opera House.

Oktogon – Metro 1 Budapest

Budapest underground Metro M1 Public transport system
Budapest underground Metro M1 Public transport system

Oktogon metro stop is one of the big square in Budapest. This is the Metro 1 stop where M1 and Tram 6-4 are intersecting and you can make a transfer in your journey.

You will find ATMs (From K&H and Reffeisen Banks) as well as currency exchange shops near Oktogon M1 metro stop.

Oktogon has great variety of food options which include

  • Bamba Marha Burger Bar
  • PrímaPék
  • Burger King
  • Bellozzo
  • Pizza Me
  • McDonald’s
  • Planet Sushi
  • TGI Fridays

Hosok tere – Budapest M1 metro

Budapest Metro M1 Underground stop Heroes square
Budapest Metro M1 Underground stop Heroes square

Hosok  tere (also named as Heroes Square) is one of the important Budapest metro M1 stations.
You can visit multiple attractions around Heroes Square if you drop at Hosok tere Budapest M1 metro station.

Coming out of the Hosok tere metro stop, you will be find the famous Heroes square, which has statues of Hungarian heroes.

Heroes square has lot of attractions for tourists. These include

  1. City Park Budapest
  2. Heroes Square (Skating rink in winters)
  3. Heroes square boating area (in summer)
  4. Vajduhunyad Castle
  5. A lake with a beautiful view
  6. Budapest Zoo
  7. Hungarian Circus

On Hungarian national holidays, Heroes square is a good place to visit in the morning to watch the guards’ ceremony.

Szechenyi Furdo


Szechenyi Furdo is the second last metro station of Budapest M1 Metro.If you plan to visit one of the biggest thermal baths of Budapest, you must visit Szechenyi furdo. You can come to Szechenyi furdo with Yellow Metro and drop at Szechenyi Furdo Metro station, which is 4 minutes walk from the entrance of Szechenyi baths.

For latest information about prices and opening times, you can visit their website.

If you already had dropped at Heroes square,its a good idea just to walk towards Szechenyi baths as there are not more than 10 mins walk.

Metro 2 Budapest

Budapest Red metro M2 escalators
Budapest Red metro M2 escalators

Budapest Metro line 2 was renovated in 2015-16 and traveling inside is pretty good experience.

The trains and tracks for Budapest metro line 2 were re-installed and hence you don’t hear any noise while traveling.

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M2 Metro route is good for traveling to Budapest Parliament as well as opposite site of the Danube to see the Parliament from the other side.

The metro stations of M2 are quite deep,and there are no escalators.

You have to be careful when standing on the escalators as these are inclined.

Metro 2 Budapest Stations

Metro 2 Budapest is carrying passengers between 11 different underground metro stations. It operates betwen Ors Vezer tere and Deli Palyaudvar. Ors Vezer tere is closer to Arkad 2 which is a huge plaza for shopping in Budapest,while Deli Palyaudvar is a train station for national/international trains.

  • Örs Vezér Tere
  • Pillangó Utca
  • Puskás Ferenc Stadion
  • Keleti Pályaudvar
  • Blaha Lujza Tér
  • Astoria
  • Deák Ferenc Tér
  • Kossuth Lajos Tér
  • Batthyány Tér
  • Széll Kálmán Tér
  • Déli Pályaudvar

Important Metro line 2 stations in Budapest

M2 has quite important metro stops which are worth knowing before your trip to Budapest.

Déli Pályaudvar – Metro 2 Budapest

Deli Playudvar is the station for trains connecting Budapest and Ljublljana and Zagreb. With Metro 2 Budapest, you can drop on Deli Palyaudvar metro station for onboarding the international trains.

It is the last station of Metro 2 in southern side (Deli Means south in Hungarian).If you plan to visit Lake Balaton from Budapest, the local trains can be picked from here.

International trains to/from Ljubljana & Zagreb, and domestic trains to Lake Balaton also leave from ‘The Déli’.

Széll Kalman ter – Metro line 2 Budapest

If you plan to visit Normafa, which is a hill station in Budapest, you can take M2 Metro.

You should take Metro line 2 in Budapest from Deak ferenc ter and drop at Szell Kalman Ter m2 Metro station

You have to walk for 5 mins taking stairs after coming out of the metro station and ride buses which take you to Normafa in 20 mins.

Batthyany ter – Budapest Metro Red Line

Best full Parliament View from Bathany ter at night
Best full Parliament View from Bathany ter at night

Bathyany ter is one of the most important stops on Budapest Metro Red Line.

Coming out of Bathyany ter, you can have a perfect view of parliament from across the river.

Either you visit in day or night, one of the memorable pic can be taken from this stop with the parliament in the background.

You can even spend some time on the stairs next to Danube bank.

As the area next to Bathyany ter is quite long for walking, you can rent e-bikes, E-Scooters or Segways to have a quick view of parliament and Danube.

Hungarian parliament building is the most magnificent monument,which is a must visit. Walking around the building is free but entering requires a paid entry. Make sure to Book your parliament entry ticket in advance.

Kossuth Lajos ter – M2 Budapest

Kossuth Lajos ter is equally important as the Batthyany ter stop on Budapest M2 line.

Hungarian parliament in Budapest view from Kossuth square
Hungarian parliament in Budapest view from Kossuth square

Coming out of the Budapest Kossuth Lajos ter M2 metro Station, the parliament building will be in front of you.

There are numerous attractions next to Kossuth Lajos ter,which include

  1. Budapest Parliament
  2. Liberty Park
  3. Jewish Shoes Budapest Memorial
  4. Olympic Park
  5. Many Statues in connection to Hungarian History

Deak Ferenc ter – Budpest M2 line

Deak Ferenc ter Budapest metro station M2 red metro
Deak Ferenc ter Budapest metro station M2 red metro

As mentioned in earlier, Deak ferenc ter is the name you must remember while exploring Budapest.

Budapest M2 line drops at Deak Ferenc ter and no matter where you are, coming to the Budapest city center will be easier by asking directions for Deak Ferenc ter.

You can start your nightlife adventures from Deak ferenc ter and walk along Kiraly Utca.

You will find lots of clubs,bars and restaurants on the walk.

Astoria –  M2 Budapest

Budapest Red Metro M2 Station Astoria
Budapest Red Metro M2 Station Astoria

Astoria is the stop which is quite closer to the party area of Budapest. With M2 Budapest, if you are coming from Keleti palyaudvar, you can drop at Astoria Metro station,which is a junction of multiple trams,and buses.Even bus 100E also stops at Astoria Metro Station.

There are pretty nice restaurants, cafes and ruin bars around Astoria.

As Astoria is the closest to Jewish quarter of Budapest you should explore the History of Budapest Jews through Jewish heritage private tour or Jewish Heritage walking tour.

Don’t forget to visit the following attractions near Astoria.

  1. Great Synagogue Budapest
  2. Szimpla Kert
  3. Amazing Metal Art Gallery (Budapest, Dohány u. 30./A, 1072)

One of the top attractions in Budapest is the Great Synagogue. If you plan to visit, make sure to book your Great Synagogue ticket in advance to avoid long queues.

Blaha Lujza ter – Budapest Metro M2

Blaha Luzja Ter M2 Red Metro Station 6-4 tram Budapest
Blaha Luzja Ter M2 Red Metro Station 6-4 tram Budapest

Blaha Lujza ter is one of the central point with lot of happenings in Budapest.

There are cafes,clubs and bars which are worth to visit on your next Budapest trip.

It exists on the one boundary of Jewish district,which is one of the oldest part of Budapest.

Keleti Pályaudvar – Budapest M2 line

Keleti Palyudvar Budapest railway station for Germany and Austria trains
Keleti Palyudvar Budapest railway station for Germany and Austria trains

Keleti Palyudvar in Budapest is the western Railway station where trains from Germany and Austria can be boarded.

With underground metro M2, you can easily reach the Budapest city center with the cost of 1 USD to the city center.

There is a huge ticket office at Keleti station for information as well as ticket purchase.

If you are coming by train to Budapest, you can find many food options Budapest Keleti train station.

In case you want to buy cheap souvenirs near keleti, that is also possible.

Even on the ground floor, you will find lot of ticket machines where you can buy desired public transport tickets, and passes.There are all sorts of shops closer to Keleti Station.

There is a huge mall closer to Keleti Palyudvar called Arena Plaza and a Tesco(15 mins walk).

Arena plaza has a quite a many eating options.

Puskás Ferenc Stadion – M2 Budapest

As the name implies, this station is right next to Puskas Ferenc stadium.

The stadium has been hosting lot of international matches.

Örs vezér tere – M2 Budapest

Ors Vezer tere is the last station of M2 in Budapest.

It is only important for tourists,if they want to explore fashion shopping options in Budapest.

There is a huge shopping plaza called Arkad 2,where you can easily spent over 4 hours in shopping.

Almost every shopping mall Budapest comes with international brands shops.

Budapest metro blue line

Blue Metro Budapest Hungary M3
Blue Metro Budapest Hungary M3

Budapest M3 Metro is important in a way as it is used by many tourists to come to the city, after 100E lands them at Kobanya Kispest on their way from  the airport.

Blue line metro in Budapest has been undergoing renovation for over 9 years and every year it is closed between few stops.

When the M3 Budapest is closed for renovation, there are buses which are running on the roads in parallel route.

If you have validated a single journey ticket at one M3 stop and ride a bus, replacing M3, you should validate the ticket from the other side on the replacement bus.

M3 Budapest Metro is also built on an old system, with screeches and noise throughout the travel journey.

Important stations of Budapest Metro 3

Blue Metro also named as M3 is one of the largest metro in Budapest.
It operates between the stops Kobanya-Kispest and Ujpest varoskozpont.
Following are the important stations at the Metro M3 from tourists point of view.

  • Kobanya-Kispest
  • Nepliget bus station
  • Corvin-negyed
  • Kalvin ter
  • Ferenciek tere
  • Deak Ferenc ter
  • Arany Janos utca
  • Nyugati palyaudvar
  • Arpad hid

Kobanya-Kispest – Budapest Metro station for M3

If you are coming from airport to Budapest with bus 200E, you will be dropped at the Kobanya Kispest Station.

From the bus station, you need to walk to the Metro station and onboard Metro M3 to come to the Budapest City center.

In case you want to do some shopping for clothes,shoes or cosmetics, you will find quite branded shops.

Also there is a big food court with a lot of variety at the huge mall attached to Kobanya Kispest.

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The next important metro station at M3 is the Budapest Nepliget Bus station.

Nepliget is also the bus station for international travelers coming to/from Budapest by bus.

The bus station is around 5 mins walk from the metro station of Nepliget stop of M3 Metro.

If you are traveling internationally with FlixBus or any other international bus service, Nepliget is most probably the station where you can onboard the bus.



Corvin-Negyed is another important station on Metro M3.

It is one of the areas in Budapest which has been re-built after demolishing the old buildings.Corvin area hosts some of the offices from big companies like EPAM and NOKIA.

There is also a big plaza named as corvin mall which has shops related to all the verticals.Just behind Corvin plaza,there is a great open place to sit around with many restaurants,bars and cafes.

Kalvin ter  – Budapest Metro line 3

Kalvin ter square Budapest Hungary M3 Metro Station
Kalvin ter square Budapest Hungary M3 Metro Station

At Kalvin ter Metro station of M3, you can explore the following attractions in Budapest.

  • Hungarian National Museum
  • Raday Utca – Food Street of Budapest with lots of restaurants with food Menus.
  • Green Bridge Budapest – sit and enjoy the Budapest Beauty.
  • Central Market Hall Budapest – For buying souvenirs
  • Eötvös Loránd University
  • Károlyi Garden – A hidden garden 10 mins away from Ferenciek tere
  • Vaci Street Budapest – A tourist street with souvenir shops and restaurants.

Ferenciek tere

Ferenciek Ter Budapest Hungary M3-Blue Metro Station
Ferenciek Ter Budapest Hungary M3-Blue Metro Station

At Ferenciek ter, you can come out and either walk towards the White Bridge of Budapest (Elizabeth Bridge).

In other case, you can walk along Vaci Utca, that goes towards Vorosmarty Square.

Closest Attractions next to Ferenciek tere are the following if you start walking towards the vorosmarthy square

  • KFC
  • GEOX
  • Traditional Hungarian Restaurents
  • Muller
  • Intimissimi
  • Salamander
  • Humanic Shoe store

Moving further towards the Vorosmarthy Utca, on the street to the left,you will find a McDonald’s.

On Vaci utca,Budapest other shops to notice are

  • Reserved
  • Foot Locker
  • Swarovski
  • Flying Tiger Copenhagen

Deak Ferenc ter

Deak ferenc ter is the central metro station where 3 metros of Budapest intersect.If you are coming by an international bus to Budapest, or you took 200E budapest bus from airport, at respective metro stations, you can onboard Metro M3 to reach Deak ferenc ter.

Arany János utca

Saint Stephen Basilica Budapest - Arany janos m3 metro station
Saint Stephen Basilica Budapest – Arany janos m3 metro station

Budapest Metro M3 StationArany Janos Utca Metro station is pretty closer to Budapest Basilica.There is a Burger king just behind the Metro stop.If you walk around Basilica, you will find a lot of restaurants,cafes and walking places.

Nyugati pályaudvar

Nyugati Palyudvar Metro M3 Train station Budapest
Nyugati Palyudvar Metro M3 Train station Budapest

Nyugati Palyudvar is one of the beautiful old train station of Budapest,which is under renovation.

Attractions next to Nyugati are

Arpad Hid

Arpad Hid is another metro station on M3, which is important if you want to come to Margaret Island.

There are two ways to reach Margaret Island, One is through the Tram 6-4, while the other is through Metro M3 Arpad Hid Stop.

Important stations of Budapest Metro line 4

M4 Green Metro Budapest Hungary Gellert hotel and fovam term
M4 Green Metro Budapest Hungary Gellert hotel and fovam term

Green Metro M4 in Budapest is the newest underground train service.

It operates between Keleti Palyudvar and Kelenfoldi palyaudvar train stations of Budapest.

Important stations of Metro M4 and attractions are the following.

  • Keleti Pályaudvar – Eastern Railway station in Budapest where Red metro and Green metro meet.
  • Kálvin tér – Station to walk towards the green bridge, or explore the Budapest city center.
  • Fővám tér – Metro 4 station right next to the Great Market hall, Vaci utca and green bridge.
  • Szent Gellért tér – Metro 4 stop closer to Gellert baths and the base of hike towards the liberty statue of Budapest(Gellert hill)

How much does the metro cost in Budapest?

A single journey in Budapest metro will cost a single ticket. The ticket price can be 300 HUF, if you bought a pack of 10 packets from the ticket machine. Or the cost can be 350 HUF, if you bought a single ticket from the office or ticket machine.

Hence, a single journey in metro costs 300 to 350 HUF, i.e. around 1 USD.

If you have a valid single day, weekly or monthly Budapest transport pass, you do not need to pay for riding the metro.

Is Metro free in Budapest?

Metro in Budapest is not free.

You need to have either a single ticket, or a valid single day, weekly or monthly pass before onboarding the underground metro in Budapest.

Does Budapest have Metro at airport?

Budapest does not have metro at the airport.

You have to pick either 200E or 100E bus if you are coming to the city from Budapest airport.

The closest metro station to airport is Kobanya Kispest where 200E bus from airport will drop.

On the other hand bus 100E goes directly to Budapest City center from the airport.

You can book airport transfers to reach Budapest city via private shuttles (Check availability here).

Are there gates on entrance of Budapest Metro?

Budapest Underground metros M1,M2,M3,M4 do not have any entrance gates.

This tricks the first time visitors to Budapest in onboarding the metro without validating the ticket, if there are no ticket checkers standing at the entry.

One of the best options to visit Budapest top attractions in short time is using Hop On Hop Off buses. Get your Hop on Hop off bus ticket here for a 10% discount.

Keep in mind that, you have to validate your ticket in a ticket validation machine which are planted on poles just before the escalators or stairs going towards the Metro.

In case you forgot to validate your ticket before going into the underground metro and on going out of the destination metro, the ticket checkers are found. You will be fined 8000 HUF-16000 HUF.

Where to buy Budapest Metro Tickets?

Ticket Printing Machine in Budapest Hungary
Ticket Printing Machine in Budapest Hungary

Budapest metro tickets can be purchased from the BKK Ticket machine, ticket offices and shops closer to metro stations.

The ticket purchasing machines are installed few steps before the validation machines on certain metro stops.

Budapest transport ticket machines are also installed on many bus stations.

Tickets purchased from the ticket machine can be used for metros,trams,and buses are same.

Budapest Metro tickets can also be bought from the Budapest GO app.

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Is a day pass better than a public transport ticket in Budapest metro?

A single day Budapest transport pass(1650 HUF) is better if you are staying in Budapest for less than 36 hours.

A one day Budapest public transport pass allows you to onboard metros,buses or trams without any extra risk of getting fined.

Because many tourists forget to validate tickets before on boarding trains,trolleys or buses and get caught without validated ticket.

There are public transport passes available for more days, which are different than the Budapest Card.