Metro Budapest Tickets 2024 | Budapest Tram Tickets

Budapest Metro ticket for single journey cost 300 to 350 huf

If you are visiting Budapest in 2024 and plan to take a single journey, you must be familiar with Budapest Metro tickets as well as Budapest Bus Tickets.

Although a single ticket in Budapest can be used both in Metro,bus or a trolley, it is essential to validate it.
Using public transport is way cheaper than using Budapest taxis.

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Before going to the details of single ticket types, you must be aware of that a single journey in Budapest is the one that includes single validation of a ticket inside a bus, tram, trolley or validation before going to the underground metro.

In Budapest public transport, if you want to have a journey that involves two types of vehicles, e.g. you start with a bus and then ride a train,or vice versa, this is not a single journey.get

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Single Ticket Budapest Costing 350 HUF

This kind of single ticket that costs 350 HUF can be used in any tram, underground train, bus or any other sort of bus inside Budapest.

This kind of ticket can be bought from the ticket machine, and suitable if you want to buy 2 or 3 tickets to be used at random occasions.

Beware that single ticket costing 350 HUF cannot be used for 100E, i.e. the special bus service going from Budapest Airport to Deak Ferec Ter and vice versa.

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Single Ticket Budapest Costing 300 HUF

This kind of ticket is used similarly as the ticket costing 350 HUF.

The only difference is that, if you buy a packet of 10 tickets from the ticket vending machine or BKK office, then single journey tickets are discounted.

i.e. You have to spend 3000 HUF simultaneously to get a pack of 10 single journey tickets (500 HUF saving for 10 tickets).

These are also available at the ticket machines at the Budapest international airport and major underground and overground stations.

It is not possible to buy these tickets from the BudapestGO app.

Single Ticket Budapest for Connecting Journey cost 550 HUF

This type of ticket costing 550 HUF is termed as a single ticket, although it comes with two papers.

If your journey involves two types of transport, then a better option is to buy the single ticket for the connecting journey also called Transfer ticket in Budapest Public transport.

The first paper ticket has to be validated at the first means of transport, while the other at the second means of transport.

Example : If you are coming from Budapest Airport to Deak Ferenc Ter.

You can take 200E bus that with bring you to Kobanya Kispest, so you should validate the first paper of ticket at the bus 200E.

Once you reach Kobanya Kispest, you must validate the second part of the ticket before riding Metro 3.

This kind of ticket is also available at ticket machines at the airport next to the bus stop for 200E.

This ticket cannot be used at 100E.

In BudapestGO app, two such kind of tickets have been introduced.

One costing 530 Huf can be used for unlimited transfers within Budapest for max 30 mins.

While the other costing 750 Huf can be used for unlimited transfers within Budapest for max 90 mins.

Despite the instructions about the transfer tickets,we still suggest to use either single journey tickets, Budapest 1 day,3 day,or 7 day passes as there is less chance of getting fined.

Budapest Single ticket for 100E Bus

If you want to come from Budapest airport to directly Deak Ferenc ter in shorter time with bus, then bus 100E is the best option.

It stops at only 2 bus stations before finally delivering to Budapest city center.

The ticket for bus 100E Budapest is a single ticket can be only bought from the bus driver for 1500 HUF(4.5 USD/GBP/EUR).

This ticket cannot be used in any other bus.

What to do if underground metro is replaced with bus

If you have taken 200E bus from Budapest airport, at the last stop of 200E you have to take underground metro M3 to reach Budapest city center.

M3 also known as blue metro which runs from Kobanya kispest to Deak Ferenc ter (and further), is sometimes not functional due to construction,specially in 2024.

For tourist, it may be a surprise, what to do in such situation as the announcement is also in Hungarian and hard to understand.

In such case, if the M3 is stopping and people go out, you can follow the crowd and ride a bus outside the metro station, with M3 written on the front LED, on top of the driver window.

You must be wondering whether you need to validate a new ticket or use the older one.

In such case, if you had already validated your ticket before riding M3, you don’t need to validate another ticket. but use the existing ticket and validate it from other side inside the bus.

Date on Budapest public transport ticket

Whenever you are buying a ticket from a Budapest ticket machine, there will be a date printed on it.

This date on the single ticket from BKK machine is the printing date.

The purpose of this date on the printed ticket from the machine is just to track in case it is checked by the ticket checkers.

There is no other meaning of the printed date on the single Budapest transport ticket.

However, you must ensure that you validate this ticket in the ticket validation machines inside the bus,in a tram, or just behind the stairs on all the underground metro stations.

In most of the cases, the ticket validation machines in Budapest will print another date and time in blue ink,which depicts the validation time of the ticket.

Once the ticket is validated on the specific machine for the mode of transport in Budapest, it cannot be used anywhere else,aside from the journey it was used for.

In 2024,for some ticket validation machines in Budapest, there is no printing function, but you have to manually punch the ticket.

In such case only few holes are punched into the ticket and no date is printed,however, the ticket is considered validated for that transport mode.