What are Budapest Burger King prices

Burger King Budapest

Budapest’s vegan restaurant options are growing in number as of 2024,with international fast food restaurants introducing plant based meals.

Your chances of finding a high-quality plant-based food in Budapest city are high.

Given that Burger King,has built its long and successful business on the backs of beef, there will be a good number of vegans who would never consider visiting them for vegan food.

Specially considering the fact that every burger in Budapest,the bacon comes in by default, its a great luxury that Burger King has multiple vegan options available.

There are many Burger King outlets all around Budapest.

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Vegan Food at Budapest at BurgerKing

Vegan food in Budapest is getting popular in Budapest.

Although in Budapest Burger King, like any other branch, 90% of the menu contains meat items, there is still a change for you to have animal-products free diet.

We do think there’s not a lot! But,in case, vegans find themselves particularly hungry and without any other options, we hope the following post helps them find the right vegan meal for them.

In this article, we’ll take a look at what is available at Burger King Budapest for those following a plant-based diet.

Salads at Burger King Budapest

One of the vegan food at Burger king Budapest is to have salads.

There are two sizes of salads available in Burger King Hungary.

One is called King Salata (King Shalata) while the other is Kis Salata (Kish Shalata).

Here King refers to bigger size,while Kis refers to smaller sized salads.

However,keep in mind that King Salata comes with girlled chicken, therefore, it is better to order Kis Salata for Vegan food.

The Kis Salata contains cucumbers,tomatoes,Radicchio (purple lettuce) and green lettuce.

Salad Dressings in Budapest Burger King

The salads dressing in Budapest Burger kings comes with Jogurt and Balsamic options.

These are called Joghurtos öntet and Balzsamecetes öntet,respectively.

Burger King Salad Menu is available on their Hungarian website, which is in Hungarian and difficult to get translated.

Vegan Burgers at Burger King Hungary

Compared to other international fast food restaurants in Hungary, Burger King comes with 2 major vegan burger options. These vegan burgers are available at all the branches of Burger King Hungary.

The two vegan options in Burger King Hungary are

1) Vegetarian Whopper

2) Plant Based Vegetarian Whopper

Vegetarian Whopper – Burger King Hungary

Budapest Burger king Vegetarian
Budapest Burger king Vegetarian

The vegetarian whopper of Burger King Budapest consists of a circular patty made up of mixed vegetables.

It tastes great with original flavors of boiled vegetables mixed together in the form of a patty.

The contents of the vegetarian whopper patty are potatoes, carrots, green peas and many more.

The patty is deep-fried and has a crispy crest.

Size is quite good, so if you buy a whole meal (with French fries and a bottle), you will be full.

If served fresh, you will love having it.

Does Vegetarian Whopper contains meat?

Based upon the following statement from Burger King Hungary, it is confirmed that there is no meat involved in preparation of Vegetarian whopper in Burger King Budapest.

Here is the statement translated from Hungarian to English.

“The original WHOPPER® experience can be yours even without meat, as we haven’t changed anything other than the crispy vegetarian patty made of potatoes, beets, peas and corn.”

Plant based Vegetarian Whopper – Burger King Hungary

Burger king Budapest vegetarian
Burger king Budapest vegetarian

One option introduced around 3 years ago for vegetarians in Burger King Hungary is the plant based vegetarian whopper.

The patty looks like a normal beef patty, but the contents are not coming from meat.

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The vegetarian whopper patty is totally plant based and intended for vegetarians who want to taste meaty flavour.

The patty is thick, but the overall burger size is good, with jalapeños, tomatoes and mayonnaise inside.

The patty is grilled.

Is plant based vegetarian whopper with zero meat?

According to the statement of Burger King Hungary, we have the following information,translated from their Hungarian version.

Maximum WHOPPER® experience with 0% meat. Plant-Based WHOPPER® brings the same experience without meat. The Plant-Based cake, made entirely from plant-based, sustainably grown soybeans and wheat, is accompanied by the usual ingredients: juicy tomatoes, fresh onions, crunchy iceberg lettuce, cucumbers, creamy mayonnaise and ketchup.

So,it does mention there is no meat involved in preparation of the patty, while the ingredients are only wheat and soybeans. Despite the plant based menu, the taste is pretty much closer to a beef burger.

BurgerKing Hungary Vegetarian Burgers price

The price of Vegetarian Burgers in BurgerKing Hungary is around 3.5 USD/EUR/GBPP.

If you want to buy the menu,i.e. with cold drink and french fries, you can add 1.5 to 2 USD/EUR/GBP.

So, a vegan burger deal in Budapest BurgerKing will cost you around 5 USD/EUR/GBP.

Some branches of Burger King offer unlimited cold drink,if the machine lies outside the cashier desk.

BurgerKing Budapest Vegetarian burgers buying tips

Around the city center and in major shopping plazas of Budapest, the branches of Burger King have English Speaking baristas.

In some outlets of Burger King in Budapest or Hungary, it may be a scenario that the barista does not speak English,in such cases you can ask him to bring someone who speaks English.

In other cases, you may ask someone in the line behind you to help you with the order.

You need to ensure that you are calling the right name of the burger,as majority of BurgerKing Menu items contain “Whopper”,so you order can be easily confused with other types of whopper.

So, if you say “vegetarian whopper”, you will get the one with mixed vegetable wrapped in breadcrumbs and fried in oil. While the “plant based vegetarian whopper” is a grilled vegan patty which tastes like meat.

Other Vegan Food at Budapest BurgerKing

Aside from the vegan salads and burger options, there are other vegan food that you can try at BurgerKing Hungary.

These include

  • French Fries
  • Fries made from Sweet potato
  • Onion rings
  • Cheese Nuggets (with Gauda Cheese)
  • Cheese Nuggets with Chilly

All of the above non-meaty food items can be purchased from any branch of Burger King in Hungary,even if you do not buy burgers.

The prices of above non-meaty items in BurgerKing Hungary ranges fro 2.5 to 3.5 USD/GBP/EUR.