Does Budapest have uber?Uber Budapest Alternative 2024

Uber alternative in Budapest Hungary

For the tourists planning to come to Budapest in 2024, it may come as a shock that Uber does not operate in Hungary.

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Gone are the days when tourists could take Uber for transfer from Budapest airport to city center, Keleti Railway Station or from  Nepliget bus station to the city center. You can check different ways to explore Budapest with the best way to be using hop on hop off tours.

Uber is a world known taxi company famous for its optimum fare and ease of use.

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What happened to Budapest Uber

Uber Budapest prices were quite nominal compared to the normal Taxis in Hungary.

It’s an unfortunate thing for many visitors that Uber Budapest ceased its operations in Hungary.

Anybody planning to travel to Budapest would ask some of the following questions about Budapest Uber.

“How is the experience with Uber Budapest?”

“Is there Uber in Budapest”

“Does Budapest have Uber”

If you are looking for an estimated taxi fare in Budapest, you can use the online fare calculator.

“What are the rates of Budapest Uber compared to normal taxis”.

These questions are now irrelevant as Uber Budapest does not exist anymore as of 2024.

However, there is no need to worry, as Budapest has good alternates as well as good public transport system.

Specially, as mostly tourist are worried about cheap transfers from Airport to Budapest City center with Uber.
Even in the absence of Uber,you can hire a taxi online in Budapest.

Additionally, you can check What can i use in Budapest instead of Uber.

Does Budapest have uber?
Does Budapest have uber?

Does Uber work in Budapest?

In Hungary, Uber Budapest was considered a threat to the local Taxi companies.

This is the reason that around 2015-16 time, Uber Budapest did start its operations.

The fares were pretty lesser than normal Budapest taxis, almost half of the normal taxi fares.

There was a case against Uber by the local Taxi companies due to the operating model.Uber lost the case and left its operations in Hungary.

Therefore, If you are a foreigner looking for Uber in Budapest, you will not find any in 2024.

As Budapest a pretty walk-able city, it can be covered with Budapest Public transport once you have arrived to the city center.

If you are looking for an estimated taxi fare in Budapest, you can use the online fare calculator.

Taxi companies vs Budapest Uber

After the Uber Budapest failure, some new companies operating on a slightly different model have been serving.

Their rates are not as competitive as Uber, but still better than getting a street Taxi in Budapest.

As there have been reports of Taxi drivers overcharging.

With the use of taxi apps, you can reduce the risk of getting overcharged in Budapest when using taxi.

Taxi from airport to Budapest city center,Hungary Uber alternative
Taxi from airport to Budapest city center,Hungary Uber alternative

Taxi Apps in Budapest

It is always good to order a taxi through a Taxi app in Budapest.

There are many taxi apps in Budapest created by the taxi companies for easy bookings.

Taxify company used to be the Uber Hungary alternative, which was rebranded as Bolt (Bolt Taxi App).
However,as of now, there is no difference between the quality of service between Bolt, CityTaxi, FoTaxi and BestTaxi. Hence, for Airport transfer, we recommend book your taxi here.

Here we are talking about using an online app to get an estimate of your travel cost in Budapest with Taxi.

Note : All the Taxis in Hungary are in yellow color, whether they are operated by an app or without it.

However, the yellow color of the Taxi does not mean all will charge fairly.

Budapest Uber alternative

If you are looking for Uber alternative in Budapest, you should use Bolt taxi app.

After the Uber failure in Hungary, the Taxify company started its operations a few years ago.

Taxify used yellow taxis for its use (as opposed to uber, where any personal car could be used as a taxi).

Taxify was acquired by Bolt app, which has over 1Million views on Google store and overall rating of 4.6.You will not find any Taxify taxi as of now because they have Bolt stickers after rebranding.

Bolt Taxi App is a trusted application and not specific to Budapest, as it is also operating in a lot of countries all around the world. However,it may be tricky whether with a foreign sim card,do you get a smooth experience.
Therefore, it is best to go with a trusted taxi company and book in advance.

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