Nepliget Bus Station 2024 | Budapest Népliget bus station

Nepliget Bus Station

Budapest Nepliget Bus station is the place where you will be arriving if you are traveling by bus to/from Budapest for an international trip as well as national trips.

As of 2024, most of the international bus carriers have their stops at the Budapest Nepliget Bus Station.Nepliget bus station is a big place with many terminals for international Bus services in Budapest. For travellers coming to Budapest on Nepliget Station, we recommend having comfortable backpacks and lightweigh trolley bags as you will walk a lot and use metros for travelling. You can buy such travel bags with 20% flat discount on Horizn-Studio using HSxBudapezt code.

The closest hotel to Nepliget is located 500m away, while the good ones are one metro station away.We recommend checking the following.

budapest népliget bus station
Budapest Népliget bus station

What is Nepliget?

Nepliget Park Budapest
Nepliget Park Budapest

“Nep” (sound like Snape in Harry potter) means “people” in Hungarian.While “Liget” means people. Hence Nepliget means People’s Park.

Budapest Nepliget station is located adjacent to a huge park called Nepliget.The main bus station for international buses in Budapest is Nepliget Bus Station.

You have to cross the bridge and walk for 5 minutes to reach Nepliget park.

We strongly advice you to check basic Hungarian phrases for tourists.

“Népliget bus station” vs “Nepliget Bus Station”

Nepliget bus terminal
Nepliget bus terminal

You must also be wondering what is the difference between “Népliget bus station” and “Nepliget Bus Station”. These are the names of the same place,one is Hungarian version, while other is English.

As é is a Hungarian character with sound “ay” while in English version it is replaced with “e”.

These names written in Hungarian and English language are Népliget and Nepliget,respectively.

Nepliget Bus Station Address

Location of  Budapest Nepliget Bus Station is  Üllői út 131 , 1091 Budapest . The coordinates of Nepliget Budapest Station are  47.475114, 19.099383.

Here is the google map location of the Budapest Nepliget station, you can plan your journey to any destination with this map.

Nepliget Bus Station

Budapest Nepliget Building
Budapest Nepliget Building

As most of the tourists are interested in the Nepliget Budapest Bus station,it is important to know the other terminologies associated with Nepliget.

The Hungarian name for Nepliget is Népliget Autóbusz-pályaudvar.

At Nepliget Budapest Bus Station, you will also find the flix bus station.

On google maps, the Budapest flix bus station at the Nepliget Station is also named as Budapesti Flixbus autóbusz-állomás.The main Nepliget bus station building has a big banner with the name of Budapest Nepliget Volanbusz which is visible from far.

Nepliget Bus Station Map

Budapest Nepliget Map
Budapest Nepliget Map

Nepliget Bus Station is arranged in such a way that the main hall is in the center,while the bus terminals are spread around the main building. The Ground floor or the Nepliget Bus station is where the international ticket office is located in the main hall. You can enter/exit from many doors on the ground floor towards the bus terminals.

The underground level of Nepliget station has lockers, washrooms,domestic tickets offices and ATMs.
If you want to take the public transport, you should go to the underground floor where there is metro station right next to exit of Nepliget.

Nepliget platforms

Nepliget Bus station Platforms
Nepliget Bus station Platforms

Nepliget Budapest is a huge bus station. There are around 30 platforms at Nepliget. It means,at one time 30 buses can depart/arrive at a time.

Bus Platforms at Nepliget are divided into 3 sections.

One section contains Platforms 8 to 19. Another section at Nepliget Budapest has Platforms 1 to 7 while the 3rd section has platforms 26 to 30.

Nepliget International ticket Office

Nepliget International ticket office
Nepliget International ticket office

The international ticket office at Nepliget is on the ground floor and named “Travel Centre” (Called Utazasi Centrum).

There are around 5 counters to deal with the visitors queries and questions about international travel and tickets. There is a big Flixbus banner also visible. However, you have to get a token/ticket from the machine and wait for your turn to reach the counter.

You may also find an assistant next to the token machine who may only speak Hungarian. After getting the token you can wait in the waiting area right in front of the Nepliget International ticket office. There is a clean seating arrangement in front of the the international ticket office,with a small area for children.

Nepliget waiting area
Nepliget waiting area

Budapest Nepliget Flixbus station

Budapest Nepliget Flixbus Office
Budapest Nepliget Flixbus Office

Budapest FlixBus office is also located in the main Travel Centre office operated by VolanBusz company.
For any queries and info related to Flixbus ticket, you have to take a token and wait for your turn.
Infact, the same assistants are handling the flixbus queries who are supporting the volanbusz customers.

FlixBus buses in Budapest are also departing from the platforms at Nepliget Bus Station.
Majority of international buses operated by FlixBus on Nepliget Budapest depart from Platforms 1-6 and 30.
Some Flixbus buses are departing daily at pre-defined times,while some are departing 3 times a week to various destinations.

At Budapest Nepliget station, the flixbus buses are departing to 8 countries. The international bus routes at Nepliget involve Croatia, Germany,Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia,Czech Republic,Ukraine and Romania.

Budapest International Bus Routes

budapest nepliget flixbus
Budapest Nepliget Flixbus

There are various international Bus routes available at Budapest Nepliget Bus Station.

There are around 8 International Bus routes from Nepliget station covering top destinations in Europe.

Most frequent international Bus routes from Budapest are towards Romania,Ukraine, Czech Republic and Serbia, as these routes have buses operating almost daily.
While the international bus routes towards Germany/Austria,Croatia, Bulgaria and Greece are less frequent.i.e 3 to 1 times a week.

Flixbus Stop Budapest

Flix Bus Stop Budapest
Flix Bus Stop Budapest

If you are coming via FlixBus from any Eastern European country and going to Western Europe, there are good chances that your bus will stop at Budapest. The FlixBus stop in Budapest is at the Nepliget Bus station which is located at a place that does not have much attractions nearby.

Hence, if you have a stay of 2 hours or less, you may feel bored at Nepliget. In such case, you can either go to the Nepliget Park 10 mins walk from the Bus station, or visit a couple of bars, which are located next to underground M3 Budapest Metro station.

Nepliget Domestic Ticket Office

The domestic ticket office at Nepliget Budapest is located on the underground floor. If you are coming from M3 Metro station, you have to turn left to see the entrance to the Nepliget Bus station.

The entrance from M3 Metro stop towards the Nepliget bus station is through a fancy door. You keep walking straight and on the left hand side, you will find 5 to 6 counters for buying Hungary domestic tickets.

Nepliget Domestic Ticket office
Nepliget Domestic Ticket office

Budapest Nepliget lockers

Budapest Nepliget Lockers
Budapest Nepliget Lockers

There are luggage lockers at the Nepliget Budapest Bus station. These are available on the underground floor closer to the national ticket counters. Nepliget luggage lockers are located on two location at the underground floor.

If you are coming from the M3 Nepliget Metro station,you have to go straight instead of taking the escalators.One locker is at the end of the underground hall, while other is located on the right side of the hall.

In 2024, the cost for small size lockers at Nepliget Budapest is 400 HUF while the bigger cells are 600 HUF. The lockers can be a good option to use if you want to visit the underground metro station to eat something.

However, if your luggage is bigger,these smaller lockers may not be a good option.Additionally,many of them are faulty and your coins may go wasted while attempting to use the locker.Hence, You can check this Locker option and keep you luggage near Nepliget People’s park.

Nepliget Ticket Machines

Nepliget Ticket Machines
Nepliget Ticket Machines

There are 4 to 6 ticket machines installed in Nepliget Bus Station.

The ticket machines in Nepliget Bus Station are installed on the underground level.

With Nepliget ticket machines, you can either print the bus tickets or purchase them.

The ticket vending machines at Nepliget are yellow in color. The machines support 3 languages, English,Hungarian and German. You can pay by card as well as cash for purchasing tickets from the Nepliget ticket machines.

Nepliget Bus Timetable

Nepliget Departure Timetables
Nepliget Departure Timetables

There are big display boards where you can check the timetable of buses departing from Budapest bus station.
As a tourist you would be assuming these bus departure timetables to be displayed somewhere near the Travel Centre office on the ground floor, but this is not the case.

The detailed Nepliget bus timetables are located on the underground level,if you are coming from M3 metro station and walking towards the escalators. The timetables are displayed on the walls left and right.

On the left side, you can find four big banners displaying Departure timetables for Domestic Buses at Nepliget Bus station.

While on the right hand side of Nepliget Entrance, you will find four notice boards displaying Arrival Times, International Departure times and Budapest Public transport Map.

Budapest Nepliget Parking

Nepliget Garage parking
Nepliget Garage parking

There is an underground parking place next to Budapest Nepliget Bus Station. It is somehow difficult to find as its entrance is on Konyves Kalman Krt. The exact entrance for Nepliget underground parking is Konyves Kalman Krt. 15, which is adjacent to the Nepliget Center.

Parking at Budapest Nepliget station is paid, as there is a ticket machine where you can pay the parking.
The car parking payment machine is located at the end of underground floor, right next to the reception area.
You have to insert the ticket that you received when entering the garage and the LCD will display the fees you have tot pay for parking at the Nepliget garage.

Parking machine Nepliget Budapest
Parking machine Nepliget Budapest

Budapest Nepliget Admin Office

Budapest Nepliget Admin Office
Budapest Nepliget Admin Office

Aside from the Travel Centre office located on the ground floor at the Nepliget Budapest. There is a small reception office right next to the parking ticket machine on the underground floor. You can check with them in case of any queries related to Nepliget Budapest bus station.

If you have lost something at the Nepliget Budapest, or have any issues with any other service, you can visit the Admin office, which is called Recepcio in Hungarian. The Admin office at Nepliget may be challenging to find as it is right at the other end of the underground floor when you are entering from M3 Metro Station.

Nepliget Currency Exchange

Nepliget Currency Exchange
Nepliget Currency Exchange

There is a currency exchange at Nepliget Bus Station on the underground floor. The currency exchange is called Perfect Change Team. It is not a well known exchange name in Budapest. However, you can definitely change currencies at Nepliget using this currency exchange office.

You can exchange EUR,USD,SEK,CHF,GBP,JPY,NOK,PLN and RON to HUF at the Budapest Nepliget exchange.

Keep in mind that conversion rates may not be the best at Nepliget Currency exchange office,hence, if you can survive until reaching Deak Ferenc ter and exchange it from there from the best exchange in Budapest.

If you are coming from the M3 Metro station, you should walk straight and on the right side, just behind the escalators, you can find the currency exchange.

At every shop,restaurant,bar or cafe in Budapest, you can use a debit and credit card. Even for buying any sort of domestic,international and Budapest Public transport ticket, you can use your card. Hence, you can live without HUF cash in Budapest. However, it is always advisable to have a little bit of local currency if you plan to stay longer in Budapest.

Nepliget Toilets

Nepliget Toilets
Nepliget Toilets

The toilets in Nepliget Budapest bus station are located on the underground floor. As Toilets are called WC in Hungarian. You can use them at the cost of 300 forints,which is approximately less than a USD/GBP/EUR.

If you are entering the Nepliget from M3 metro side, the toilets will be on your right hand side around the middle of the hall. There is also baby changing facilities if you are traveling with toddlers.

Nepliget Shops

Nepliget Shops
Nepliget Shop

There is a small shop on the ground floor of Nepliget Budapest Bus Station. If you are walking in opposite direction of the Travel Centre Office/information office, on the left passage, the shop will be on your right side.

You can buy Fruits,Beer, Juices,cold drinks, ice cream and snacks from the small shop. You can also purchase coffee (written as KAVE) from the small shop.

On the ground floor there are vending machines as well, right next to the escalators. From vending machines on ground floor of Nepliget, you can buy cold drinks,coffee and snacks.

Don’t get disappointed after hearing about the only grocery shop on the ground floor of Nepliget Budapest,as there are other options in underground, to serve the tourists arriving to the Central Budapest Bus station.

Nepliget Bakery

Nepliget Bakery
Nepliget Bakery

There is a good bakery on the underground floor of Nepliget Budapest. The bakery is called Fornetti Food and Beverges. Fornetti is a famous baking brand in Budapest with special kinds of breads.

If you want to try fresh bread variety, croissant,sandwiches, pizza, coffee, tea and cold drinks, you should definitely try the Fornetti.

Nepliget beer shop

Nepliget Beer shop
Nepliget Beer shop

Right in front of the Fornetti Bakery,there is a 1 minute shop on the underground level of Nepliget Budapest Bus station,which is good place to buy beer.

You can buy a limited variety of alcoholic drinks, energy drinks, cold drinks, snacks and cakes. You can also buy some magazines, although majority of these are in Hungarian.

Nepliget Bar

Nepliget Bar
Nepliget Bar

Coming out of Nepliget bus station towards the M3 Metro station through the underground passage, there are a couple of bars.

If you stay at Nepliget Bus Station is not so long and you want to spend quality time, you can visit bars located on the Nepliget Metro station.

The bar has a capacity of around 12 people and official Dreher sponsor.

Budapest Nepliget Food

Food Bar Nepliget Budapest Zold Villam EtelBar
Food Bar Nepliget Budapest

As inside Budapest Nepliget bus station,there is not a single proper food place, you have to come out from the underground passage going towards the M3 Underground metro station to find limited variety of proper food.

There is a small food bar in the underground part of Nepliget Metro station,adjacent to Nepliget International bus station. You can have good range of hot foods,including fried chicken,Chicken Burgers,Salads, Fish, and Kolbas in the Nepliget food bar named as Zold Villam EtelBar “Green light food bar”.

As there is no KFC or McDonalds at a walking distance from Nepliget, ZoldVilam Bar can be an option to try burgers,if you are feeling hungry.

In addition to hot food, you can order beer,wine,juices,and hot drinks as well.

Nepliget Kebab

Nepliget Doner
Nepliget Doner

If you are looking for turkish food near Nepliget, there is a small Doner Kebab place in the area around M3 Metro station. You can buy Doner kebab also called Gyros in Hungarian. There are options to buy full pizza, pizza slices, Doner in Pita bread as well in tortilla.

If you are looking for vegetarian food near Nepliget Budapest, You can buy falafel sandwich from the Nepliget Doner place.There is no seating arrangement here,hence, only option is to takeaway.

Nepliget Tobacco Shop

Nepliget Tobacco Shop
Nepliget Tobacco Shop

In Hungary as all the tobacco related items can only be sold by certain shops called Nemzeti Dohany Bolt. Hence, you do not find any tobacco or cigarette in any grocery store.

To buy tobacco in Nepliget Bus Station, you have to move to the left when coming out of the Nepliget Bus center on the underground floor. There are options to buy large variety of cigarettes, wines, beers and Energy drinks at Nepliget tobacco shop.

Nepliget Website for online ticket purchase

As of 2024, the website for booking tickets is operated by Volanbusz is mostly in Hungarian.The limited English version is difficult to navigate,but you can use google translate for desired version.

Volánbusz is primarily a state owned company which manages the national bus routes within Hungary.Although there are some international routes available,but they are pretty limited.
For wide variety of travel options from/to Budapest, you can check bus ticket prices and plan your trip accordingly.

Buying online bus tickets for Budapest

For buying cheap online tickets from/to Budapest with FlixBus, please check the link for booking your train/bus trip.You can buy online Bus/Train tickets to wide range of cities and countries from Budapest.

If you are interested in buying the tickets to an international city,the VolanBusz can be used.However,it seems the volanbusz has limited options to travel to international cities.Additionally, the user interface is not so great.

Is Nepliget bus station Budapest closer to City Center?

Nepliget Bus Station is the main bus station of Budapest. It at a considerable distance from Budapest City Center.i.e. around 5 to 6 km.

Unlike Bus stations in many EU cities,which are located closer to city centers, Budapest Népliget bus station is not at a walking distance from city center.

In fact, if you planned to walk from Népliget bus station towards Budapest city center, you must change your plans and look for other alternatives such as public transport or taxi.

You must be wondering what if you walk from Budapest Nepliget to city center, you might encounter some top attractions of Budapest on the way. However, that is not the case.

Just in case, you still prefer walking from Népliget bus station , you should take the Ulloi Street in the direction of Kalvin ter. It will be 50 minutes walk with 3.5 kms in total.

On your way from Népliget bus station to Kalvin ter, you may be interested in stopping at following Budapest attractions on they way.

  • Groupama Arena (a newly built football stadium) 10 mins walk from Nepliget bus station
  • Holocaust Memorial Center (Jewish Memorial in Budapest)
  • Budapesti Örökimádás Oltáriszentség templom (a church )
  • Corvin Mall (in case you want to buy clothes and have good variety of food)
  • Museum of Applied Arts (Temporarily closed,but still the green architecture from outside is great to watch).

If you are yet to plan your Budapest trip with train/bus, make sure to check ticket prices in advance.

For Budapest Solo tours, walking towards Kalvin ter may be a good option.

Additionally, on the Ulloi Street you will definitely find Chinese,Vietnamese,Turkish and local Hungarian restaurants which have good food menus in the day time.

You can easily pay with your debit/credit card for food in any restaurant on Ulloi Street and still be good without cash. It is good to know the Budapest currency is HUF.

Wondering what is the best time to visit Budapest.

The walk may appear a boring one in the day time and can be an option in spring and summers. For winters, if you are not well dressed, you will be frozen in negative temperatures of Budapest which may go upto -10C.

While in the night time, its not a very populated area as Ulloi Street is not a very touristic one.

Once, you reach Kalvin ter, you can walk towards the Central Market Hall Budapest which is one part of the Budapest City center.

How to travel from Nepliget

You can travel to any point in Budapest from Nepliget bus station using public transport, as of 2024.

Make sure you get yourself familiar with the following to avoid any kind of fines.

However, using public transport, you can travel from Nepliget Bus station with following modes of transport towards the Budapest city.

With Budapest Card,you can explore major attractions via public transport for free and get entry to multiple monuments with discounts.You can purchase it here.

  • By Underground Metro M3 (Blue Metro)
  • By Tram 1
  • By Budapest Buses (when M3 is under maintenance )
  • By Taxi

Népliget bus station by metro M3

Budapest Nepliget M3 Metro Station
Budapest Nepliget M3 Metro Station

You can reach Budapest Népliget Bus Station by underground Metro M3 (or Blue Metro). The name of M3 underground metro stop to reach Népliget Bus Station is also called Nepliget.

Sometimes visitors get confused about the Népliget name,as it is associated with the international Bus station as well as Metro 3 stop.

Once you come out of M3 Népliget underground metro station, you have to see the signs on the wall  to reach the Nepliget Budapest Bus Station.From M3 metro nepliget station,you can reach Nepliget Bus stop by walking for 5 mins where escalators will take you to the hall of Budapest.

If you are planning to come from Budapest City center to Nepliget, M3 is the best option.

Similarly,on arrival by bus, if you want to travel from Budapest Nepliget to city center,e.g. Deak Ferenc Ter, then M3 is the best option.Sometimes due to renovation,if the M3 is not operational in 2024, there are replacement buses,which can carry the M3 passengers.

The M3 Bus station is inside the adjacent park “Nepliget”.

The best places to stay near Budapest City center are

Tram from Budapest Népliget Bus Station

Another public transport mode to reach Nepliget center is by tram 1, tram 1M and tram 41.The tram stop is also called Népliget, which is a 10 mins walk from the Nepliget Bus station.

Once you drop off the tram station, you can go to the adjacent stairs of the underground metro M3, where a passage goes directly to the entry of Nepliget Station.

If you want to travel from Nepliget Budapest to City Park Budapest, then Tram 1 or 1M is the best option.

If you want to get a transfer from Budapest airport to city center,you can book your taxi here.You can use the taxi fare comparator from KiwiTaxi and SunTransfers to select the best one.

Similarly, if you want to travel from Heroes square(adjacent to city park) to Nepliget, a better option is to walk to the closest Tram 1 station (10 mins walk from Heroes Square) and use Tram 1.

The Tram 1 takes around 25 mins to travel between nepliget Budapest and City Park.

The closest Tram 1 stop near to city park is Kacsóh Pongrác út.

Nepliget Bus station at night

Budapest underground metros (M1,M2,M3,M4) are only operational till 23 30 and operational in the morning around 4 AM.

Same is the case with M3, which will stop at Nepliget Metro Station at 23 33.

If you want to reach Nepliget at night when Metro M3 is not operational, you can onboard the Night bus Budapest.

In case you have arrived at Nepliget by Bus and want to visit any part of the city, you should take a night bus.

Night buses in Budapest Nepliget are 914,914A, 950,950A.

Official website for Budapest Népliget bus station

Although Budapest Nepliget station is for international(as well as national buses), and it is assumed that website should have good information in English.

However, switching the website to English version comes with limited information.

For detailed information from the website, you will need to use the Hungarian version, you can use google translate to convert the content of site to your desired language.

In case of queries, the information related to the contact point for Nepliget Budapest is available here.

Nepliget Bus Station Timing 2024

Budapest Nepliget Opening times
Budapest Nepliget Opening times

The timings of Nepliget Bus station vary on work days as well as on weekends.

The Nepliget Bus Station ticket office is open on working days between 6:00 to 20:00

On weekends,and public holidays, the timing of Nepliget Bus ticket office is between 06:00 to 17:00

Keep in mind there is a ticket system for any kind of access to the ticket counter.

Looking for a budget accommodation in Budapest,check out Boomerang Hostel and Avenue Hostel.

Is Népliget Bus station Budapest for international travel?

Nepliget is definitely an international bus station in Budapest, as you can buy tickets for multiple international bus lines.

You can perform the following actions at the ticket office of Budapest Népliget bus station.

  • You can buy tickets for international bus services,Flixbus
  • It is possible to make changes to your purchased tickets
  • If you purchased a ticket online or from the same Nepliget Volanbusz office, you may ask for a return.

In some cases, you may have to file a request for the return of money.You should always bring a European ID card, or a passport with a valid visa (for countries requiring a visa).

There is a possibility to pay in HUF(only) by cash at Népliget bus station Budapest.

You can buy tickets at Nepliget Center Budapest by credit cards as well. Check our guide for using Budapest ATM machines.The cards accepted are MasterCard,Maestro,Visa,Vpay,JCB and American Express.

For the official information, please visit here. However, there is a possibility to book international tickets here.

Facts about Népliget Bus station

There are a lot of bus companies offering cheap bus tickets for traveling to Budapest from Germany and other western EU cities, with stops at Népliget bus station Budapest.

However, there are certain challenges  associated with bus travel in Europe,and especially in Budapest, which people are not aware of. The reason is that most of the bus tours are more than 10 hours,with non-operational bathrooms.

After a long journey by bus, if you don’t find proper facilities, it can be challenging.

Before you plan to book your bus trip to Budapest Nepliget Bus Station,There are certain challenges that you must be aware of.

These difficulties should be known to anyone traveling to Budapest by international bus.

  • There is no Wifi available at the Nepliget Bus Station.(Check offers at DrimSIM)
  • One of the biggest challenges that foreigners will face at Nepliget Station is the language issue.
  • It can happen that at the information desk the officer may not speak good English.
  • Even if you reach Nepliget during the day,and look for information from the info desk, you may face long delays.
  • Toilets at the Nepliget Bus station is a paid one. You have to pay around 300 HUF(80 cents) to use it.
  • If your bus arrives late to Nepliget Budapest,e.g. After 10 PM, the indoor part of the bus station will be closed.
  • Hence if you are traveling to Budapest Nepliget Bus Station from any other country, ensure you have good winter clothes as you will not be allowed to enter the building.Also at the nearest Metro station Nepliget, everything will be closed.For booking tickets to/from Budapest Nepliget station in advance, check ticket prices for buses here.

Reaching Nepliget for outgoing journey

As Nepliget Bus station is a big one, it is recommended to reach here at least 20 mins before departure time.

The reason is that it can be tricky for some passengers to identify the exact platform of the departure.

Although the numbers of bus stops are written, some may get confused and spend more time asking around.

And especially with not many English speaking stuff, it may take some time to get the right information.

If you want to get a transfer from Budapest airport to city center,you can book your taxi here.You can use the taxi fare comparator from KiwiTaxi and SunTransfers to select the best one.

Budapest Nepliget Lift

Budapest Nepliget Lift
Budapest Nepliget Lift

There are lifts available at Budapest Nepliget Bus Station. One lift is available inside the main building of Nepliget Bus station. You can take the lift for going from ground floor to underground floor of the Bus station. The lift is just behind escalators.

Another lift closer to Nepliget Bus station is available on the M3 underground Metro Station,which operates between ground floor,underground floor and the level at which M3 Metro operates.

When using lifts on the Metro side, keep in mind that going from underground level to the metro level, you must ensure to validate your ticket, otherwise you may be fined.

Taxi vs public transport at Nepliget bus station

Coming on an international bus to Nepliget Budapest, you must be wondering whether to take public transport or taxis,which is better.

If you reach by bus, the Nepliget center Budapest with a huge luggage, it’s advisable to use a Taxi.

The Taxi fare from Budapest Nepliget to City center should not be more than 4500 HUF (15 USD/GBP/EUR).

Fare of Taxi from Budapest Nepliget to City Center

If you are coming to Budapest Nepliget bus station after a long journey, you must be tired.

Additionally, if you carry a lot of luggage, walking towards the train station to reach the city center might seem a daunting task.

Specially if you arrive late at the Nepliget bus station, you might consider getting a Budapest taxi instead of using public transport.

In such scenario, you would be wondering what will it cost to reach City center of Budapest from Nepliget by Taxi.

Nepliget bus station is around around 5 to 6 km away from the Budapest city center.

Going from Budapest Nepliget to City Center.i.e. Deak Ferenc ter, Taxi will take around 12 minutes in the night while in the day time it may take up to 20 minutes due to heavy traffic on the way.

The taxi fare to go from Nepliget Budapest to city center also varies between 2800 huf to 4500 huf(10 to 15 USD/GBP/EUR), depending upon what time of the day/night you are traveling.

On reaching your destination in the city center, If the taxi asks for more than 5000 HUF (15 USD/GBP/EUR) for travel from Budapest Nepliget to city center, you can threaten them to call the police for overcharging.

Nepliget Restaurants

Nepliget Bus station is located at a place where not many restaurants exist at walking distance.

There is a KFC two stops away from the Nepliget tram stop.

You can reach the closest KFC to Nepliget by TRAM 1 and 41 and drop off at Kőbányai út / Könyves Kálmán körút.

Just in front of KFC, you can also find the closest McDonalds to Nepliget.

Infact, both KFC and McDOnalds are at opposite sides of the Tram 1 station Kőbányai út / Könyves Kálmán körút.

Budapest Nepliget to City Center cheapest option

If you do not have too much luggage and can manage it using the public transport of Budapest, the cheapest options for you would be to use public transport to reach the Budapest city center.

Budapest city center is 4 metro stops away from Nepliget Bus station and will take you 10 mins by metro to reach Deak ferenc ter.

If you do not plan to buy a Budapest BKK pass for 1 day,3 days or a week, with single ticket costing 350 Huf (around 1 Euros), you can reach the city center.

Nepliget underground metro station is at a walking distance from the Nepliget Bus station.
You will find directions nearby to reach the metro station.

You can buy the tickets at the Metro station from the BKK ticket machine.

Booking hotel near Nepliget bus station

Before you book your hotel closer to Nepliget station, it is important to know that Nepliget Budapest is located at a place which is away from the city center.

Although with Metro 3, you can reach the city center in 20 mins, but there is no attraction closer to Nepliget station aside from the football stadium.

Although the Nepliget park is nearby,but not a good idea to go there at night.