What are the fast food chains in Hungary?

McDonalds near Keleti, fast food in Budapest Hungary

Budapest is a great place to have a variety of food in 2024.There are Hungarian,Asian,Arab,Italian,American,African,Turkish,Thai and Chinese fast food restaurants in Budapest. Hence, you will never fall short of good food from various parts of the world.

Although you can try fast food in various corners of Budapest,but if you want to order at home, this is also possible. In the past couple of years, the apps like foodora and Wolt have allowed people to order fast food at home.

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American Fast food in Budapest

If you are looking for American fast food in Budapest,here is the list of American fast food restaurants.

  • Burger King
  • McDonald’s
  • KFC
  • Pizza Hut
  • NordSee
  • Subway

Burger King and KFC has its branches in almost every big plaza in Budapest. These two food chains have their franchises right next to each other in majority of shopping malls in Budapest. On the other hand, Pizza Hut and McDonald’s has its branches uniformly distributed among Budapest districts. NordSee any Subway have a pretty small presence in Hungary and specially in Budapest,as they have very few restaurants.

Hungarian Fast Food in Budapest

Hungary has some special traditional fast food which is a must try for all the visitors.Langos,KurtosKalacs,Libamaj,porkolt and Goulyas soups are some of the famous Hungarian fast food. You can try Kuroskalacs, also called Chimney cake, at underground metro stations at Blaha Lujza ter,Deak Ferenc ter and Bajcsy-Zsilinszky utca. Chimney Cake shops in Budapest are not having seating arrangements and you can eat it while walking.

Langos is another street food that is commonly available during Christmas as well as summer fairs in Budapest.There are small shops at various locations in Budapest selling fresh Langos.

There are small open halls in Budapest where you can try street food. These are quite common in District V,VI and VII.

You can visit Central Market Hall,and market halls from other districts in Budapest to try the Hungarian fast food.

Street Food in Budapest

For trying street food in Budapest,the best place to explore is the 7th district,also called Jewish District. There are fast food restaurants offering authentic Hungarian Food in Kiraly Street,Dob Street,and Wesselenyi Street. Another great place to try Hungarian street food is Gozsdu Court which has many food options.

In Budapest Kazinczy Street, there is an outdoor food court “Street Food Karavan”which has around 10 food trucks offering burgers and other fast food varieties. It is a must visit to enjoy the local food and environment.

The Central Market hall at Fovam ter has a good variety of Hungarian Street food on first floor and is always crowded with visitors. It is also a good option to visit for fresh Hungarian food.

Thai Fast Food in Budapest

The most famous Thai Fast food chain in Budapest is PadThai Wokbar,which has expanded its operations exponentially. Padthai Wokbar has quite a lot of branches in Budapest. The rates are pretty high for even a normal dish,while the prices start around 4000 Huf just for the main dish,which may be noodles or rice,etc.

Although the prices for PadThai are quite high, the food is delicious and not to be missed if you are looking for Thai food in Budapest.

Famous Pizza in Budapest

There are quite many smaller and bigger pizza shops near every metro station in Budapest. However, the best pizza is from PizzaMe and PizzaHut. The pizza varieties from PizzaMe and Pizza Hut are different but have their own unique taste.

Pizza King is another fast food chain in Hungary,that you can try if you are looking for a quick food.

Cheapest Fast Food in Budapest

The cheapest fast food in Budapest is the Turkish Gyros which is another form of Donor. With the recent price hike in last few month, the average price of a small Gyros is 1500 Huf, excluding drinks.

You will find Turkish Donor and Gyros Shops in every next street in Budapest city center.The good thing with Gyros shops is that many of them are open 24 hours,compared to other fast food chains.