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100E Bus Budapest

At arrival to Budapest airport, 100E and 200E are the two public transport buses that can help you reach the Budapest City in 2024.

Although there are many ways for tourists for traveling around Budapest but 100E is a unique bus that is a special one for tourists.Once you are in the city, you can take hop on hop off tours to visit all top attractions in Budapest.

100E bus station is located right next to the arrivals section of Liszt Ferenc Airport,which is the main airport for all flights towards Budapest.If your plan is to use public transport or walking around the city to explore, make sure to bring a comfortable backpack. You can get backpacks with great designs,comfort an durability from Horizn-Studios. Use coupen HSxBudapezt for 20% discount on all new purchases.

Compared to 100E which costs around 7 USD/GBP/EUR(2200 Huf), another comfortable way is to get a shuttle, which offer transfers directly to hotels for as low as 12 USD/GBP/EUR.

The post is written specially for tourists coming to Budapest and want to get information exclusively for bus 100E Budapest. (Budapest airport bus 200E is not covered in this post).

Without any doubt, 100E Budapest is the best bus from Airport to City Center, in terms of time saving,less hassle and optimum price.

Although there are different ways to reach Budapest city center from Airport.

For visitors coming to Budapest with kids and families, some great Hotels to check are

100E Budapest

Bus 100E stop
Bus 100E stop

As of 2024, 100E is the number of the airport shuttle in Budapest operated by Public transport authority.

100E bus takes the minimum time to travel between Budapest Airport and City among all other public transport ways.

Average travel time for 100E to travel between Airport and city center is 45 mins, while its price is 7 USD (2200 HUF).

100E is as fast as a Taxi service because it will take around similar time to arrive the city center.

The bus 100E operates 24 hours a day from Budapest airport to city.

It is specially designed for tourists to have a comfortable journey when traveling between airport and Budapest city center.

Budapest public transport is a bit complex to understand,hence, make sure to read a bit about how it operates.

100E Budapest Price

The price for 100E is 6.5 USD (2200 HUF) if you buy it from the BKK machine.

If you buy 100E ticket from the Budapest GO app,which is digital format, the cost will be also 7 USD (2200 HUF).

Ticket of 100E retains the same price if you buy it from any BKK ticket office.

However, if you pay in foreign currency though debit/credit card, the price for 100E may vary, depending upon exchange rate.

Budapest Airport bus 100e ticket

100E bus stop location
100E bus stop Budapest city center

As a tourist, it is essential to buy the right ticket if you plan to use airport bus 100E in 2024.

Either you are buying from the BKK office,Ticket Vending Machine or from the Budapest public transport app (Budapest GO app), you should buy the single ticket with price “2200 Huf” i.e. approx 7 USD.

Yes, Budapest 100e bus price is 2200 huf (7 USD) in 2024, for a single person and a single journey.

The price for 100E used to be 900 HUF (3 USD/GBP/EUR),but increased to 1500 from 1st of July 2022 due to currency depreciation and inflation in Hungary.Later on in April 2023 it was increased again to 2200 HUF.

Hence, in 2024 the price for 100E for a single journey is 2200 HUF (which is around 7-8 USD/GBP/EUR)

If you plan to buy bus 100e ticket with BudapestGO app, you should buy the one called “Airport shuttle bus single ticket”.

Please note that Budapest pass (1 day,3 day, 7 day, Budapest cards) and tickets (costing 350 HUF,300 HUF,550 HUF), different from “2200 HUF price ticket” are not working in 100E bus.

You may get fined if caught without a valid 2200 HUF ticket on 100E.

100e Budapest ticket online

You can buy 100E bus ticket online as well.

Online ticket for Budapest 100E airport shuttle can be bought with Budapest GO app as well as SIMPLE by OTP app.You can buy it in advance and validate it before on boarding the bus.

Online ticket price for 100E ticket is 6.5 USD (2200 HUF),the picture below from BudapestGO is a bit older when price was 1500 HUF.

You have to select Airport Shuttle bus single ticket when buying online on your mobile phone.

How do you pay for Budapest bus 100e?

It is possible to pay for 100e ticket with debit card/credit card only if you are buying the tickets from BKK office,Ticket Vending Machine as well as BudapestGO app.

Keep in mind that any foreign currency in cash is not accepted for buying 100E ticket at these official ticket points.You can definitely survive without foreign money exchange in Budapest if your trip is properly planned.

You cannot use a debit/credit card while buying ticket for 100e on the bus,which should be the last preferred option.

In most of the cases,the driver may ask you to buy it from the ticket machine installed right next to the bus stop at Budapest airport.

The alternate way to using 100E bus is to book a shuttle which is 10 USD/GBP/EUR and drops in front of the Hotel.

Where to buy 100e bus ticket Budapest

In general, you can buy bus 100e tickets with the following options in Budapest.

  • BKK ticket machines – installed at major bus/metro stations and Budapest Airport
  • BKK Ticket offices – At major bus/Metro stations and Budapest Airport
  • Budapest GO app
  • Driver of the bus 100E – when on boarding the bus.

Bus 100e ticket at Budapest airport

If you do not plan to use Budapest GO app, there are 3 ways through which you can buy ticket for bus 100E at Budapest airport terminals.

On arrival to Budapest airport, there is a BKK office once you come out of the customs counter.

You can buy ticket for bus 100e at Budapest airport from the BKK office at the airport.

At BKK office, you can either pay in HUF or use a Debit/Credit card to buy the 100E ticket.

Another option to buy Budapest 100e bus ticket at airport is, to walk out of the airport and after few steps, you will find ticket vending machines,where you can bus 100e bus ticket.

Ticket for 100E bus in Budapest can be bought with HUF cash, or Debit/Credit cards with BKK ticket Vending Machines.

BKK Ticket Machine
BKK Ticket Machine

If you plan to use Budapest ATMs with no fee for cash withdrawal, be careful with the EuroNet ATM machines which may charge you hefty fees.

Bus 100e Budapest timetable

Although timetable for Bus 100E is available at the bus stop near the Budapest airport as well as BKK site.

As of 2024, the way to check the time table for 100E bus  Budapest is with BudapestGO app.

It shows that Bus 100e is operating 24 hours.

So, even if your flight arrives late to Budapest Airport, you can still take services of the airport shuttle 100E.

bus 100e budapest timetable
bus 100e Budapest timetable

100E Bus times

From the Liszt Ferenc Airport, Budapest bus 100E operates quite frequently during the day time but in the late night hours, the frequency is lesser.

100E bus times are planned according to the number of arriving flights and traffic at the time.

Hence,if you arrive late to Budapest airport, there is definitely an option to catch public transport bus.

Only challenge to catch 100E bus may be that you have to wait 15  to 20 mins for the bus arrival at peak hours.Hence if you are looking for comfortable transfer late at night,we recommend taking private shared shuttle service which takes around 10 USD/GBP/EUR and will take almost similar time.

Following are the 100E bus times from Budapest airport, if you plan to go to city center.

  • Between midnight (01:00) and morning (09:00),the bus operates 1 to 3 times in an hour.
  • From morning (09:00) till evening (20:00), bus 100E operates quite frequently, i.e. between 4 to 6 times.
  • From night (21:00) till Midnight (01:00) the frequency of bus varies between 3 and 4 times.

Bus 100e Budapest route map

bus 100e budapest route map
bus 100e Budapest route map

On its route from Budapest airport to the City center, 100E bus Budapest stops at the following bus stations,as of 2024.

  • Liszt Ferenc Airport 2 (Terminal 2)
  • Kálvin Tér M
  • Astoria M
  • Deák Ferenc Tér M

In the reverse direction, the bus route goes in reverse order from Deak Ferenc ter M to Liszt Ferenc Airport – terminal 2.

100E Budapest bus from airport to City center stops at only 3 bus stops.

Well,its true, that Bus 100E will off board passengers to only 3 bus stops,where the 3rd one is Budapest city center.

The reason is that 100E is a quick bus service that is specially designed for tourists to save time.
Although 200E also comes from Airport but that takes longer time as well as does not come anywhere near the town center.

Compared to 100E and 200E buses, there is a 3rd option for comfortable and cheaper transfers for avoiding hassles of understanding Budapest Public transport.

How long does the 100E bus take?

100E bus journey from Budapest airport to City center will take 35 mins in the off-peak traffic hours.

On the other hand, during the peak traffic hours, the time may be 45 to 50 minutes, based upon the route in 2024.

This time is almost comparable to a taxi that will take same amount of time but with 4 times cost of the bus.

You must be thinking of taking Uber Budapest, which is unfortunately not available.

In fact, due to dedicated bus lanes in Budapest, buses are not stopping like normal traffic in Budapest, and same is true for 100E.

100E vs 200E which is better

Tourists not willing to book taxi in Budapest for airport to city, must be confused between 100e and 200e bus service.

In reality,100E is the simple and best choice due to the fact that you sit in the bus at the airport and come directly to city center.

There are less chances of getting lost due to only 2 stops during the journey.

100E saves you considerable time.i.e. 40 mins, to travel from airport to Budapest city.

On the other hand 200E bus Budapest stops at more than 10 stations on its journey, and drops you at outskirts of Budapest.
You have to take another Metro  to reach the city center.

You have to validate ticket in Budapest Metro M3 station,Kobanya Kispest, and hence, more time consumed in the transfers.

100E bus Budapest facilities

Either you are traveling alone or with your family, 100E is a pretty comfortable way for traveling from Airport to city center.
The buses operating at 100E route are almost new, clean and equipped with latest facilities.

As there are 4 seasons in Budapest and you must be wondering what is the best time to visit Budapest.

In winters, the heating is working in the bus 100E, while in summer time, Air conditioner also operates.

You can book a taxi at a fixed rate from Budapest airport to city center,Click here to book your Airport transfer with no hidden charges.

There is enough space in front and back half of the 100E Budapest to put the luggage.
You will also find dedicated space for baby stroller in 100E bus.

If you are a patient coming in Bus 100E,there is wheelchair access as well as special seats for pregnant women and old people.

However, there is no facility of toilets in bus 100E.You should also check pharmacy Budapest guide,and guide for public toilets Budapest.

Budapest 100E Bus stops

On its journey from Airport to City center, 100e Bus is stopping at a couple of stops before reaching its destination.

The key reason is that 100E bus is specially designed for providing cheap and quick way for people to arrive from Budapest airport to City.

In fact, 100e will stop at two of the main tram/Metro stops around the city center, between its journey from Budapest airport to Deak Ferenc ter.

  • Liszt Ferenc Airport 2 (Terminal 2)
  • Kálvin Tér M
  • Astoria M
  • Deák Ferenc Tér M

Kalvin ter 100e bus stop

Kalvin ter M is the first bus stop for 100E bus when coming from airport to city center.

Area around Kalvin ter is good to drop off from 100E and have a good lunch or breakfast,as one end of food street of Budapest, Raday Utca starts from here.

There are many good restaurants as well if you walk from Kalvin ter to Green Bridge.

Other attractions closer to Kalvin ter are Central Market hall Budapest,Hungarian National Museum,Corvinus University of Budapest and Vaci Street.

At Kalvin ter you can get Metro M3 as well as tram 47,48,and 49 which take you to Deak Ferenc ter.

100e Astoria to airport

Astoria is a historical bus,metro and tram stop as you can take Metro M2,tram 47,48 and 49 to reach Deak Ferenc ter.

Astoria M is the ideal stop for Visiting Jewish quarter Budapest, Great Synagogue Budapest and enjoying the night life.

Astoria exists on the edge of 7th district and great for walking tours. You can take bus 100E from Astoria to reach the Budapest Airport.

There are ticket machines available at the bus stop but due to frequent travelers using the bus, getting a ticket may take extra 10 minutes. Therefore, it is recommended to book you return airport journey using a pre-booked shuttle starting at 10 USD/GBP/EUR.

Deak Ferenc ter bus 100e

The last stop of bus 100E is Deak Ferenc ter when coming from Budapest airport.

Deak Ferenc Ter M, is good for visiting Vaci street Budapest and Andrassy Avenue,if you are interested in shopping.

As it is the central area of Budapest, you can easily spend whole day exploring the attractions around.

The bus stops at Deak Ferenc ter for bus 100e for incoming and outgoing directions are next to the yellow tram stops. You will not find any difficulty in locating the bus 100E stop at Deak ferenc ter.

There are also BKK ticket machines right next to the starting point of 100E bus around Deak Ferenc ter, where you can purchase 100E ticket when going to the airport.

Attractions on the route of Budapest bus 100E

You might be wondering, that since you paid 5 USD/EUR/GBP for one way trip journey with 100E, will there be any attraction on the way from airport to city center.

The simple answer is no, as 100E does not cross Danube either on Lions Bridge Budapest,Green Bridge Budapest or Budapest Margaret Bridge near Margaret Island.

In fact, you may take the sightseeing trams 2 in Budapest near Deak ferenc ter to visit Budapest attractions.

100E bus Budapest at Night

If you are arriving late at night to Budapest airport, you might be wondering how is Budapest night transport.

If you are willing to use Budapest public transport,instead of Taxi, then 100E bus is still the best option.

In 2024, 100E bus is a bus service which is 24 hours operational between Budapest airport and Deak Ferenc Ter M.

It works on the normal route in night time in the same way as in the day time.However, late at night, the frequency for 100E is quite less, but still available.

You should download Budapest GO app on your mobile and check 100E which gives you the live night time table for 100E bus.