How many terminals at Budapest airport?

Budapest airport transfers

Do you know number of Budapest Airport terminals? Or which departure terminal you will have to go when leaving Budapest in 2024.

It is essential before planning an air trip to any city, to get necessary information about the airport and the possible airfare for your destination.

How many airports are there in Budapest? Is there only one airport in Budapest?Are there separate airports for low cost airlines?

What are the convenient ways to travel from airport to city center.

Same kind of questions should be checked if you are traveling to Budapest.

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What airport do you fly into for Budapest?

Another question in your mind would be, “Is Budapest Airport in Buda or Pest?”For international travels involving commercial flights, either you are using low cost carriers(RyanAir, Wizzair) or bigger airlines like Qatar,Turkish Airlines.

You will be flying and landing at only one airport.i.e. Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport.

How many airports are there in Budapest?

You may be wondering “How many airports are there in Budapest?” “are there two airports in Budapest?

There are 3 airports in Budapest.But out of those 3 only one is relevant for international tourists coming for vacations in Budapest.i.e. Liszt Ferenc International Airport.

No matter what airline you choose to come to Budapest in 2024, all flights will land to one Airport.

Although in some countries, there are separate airports on different locations,where one is for network carriers (bigger airlines), while others are reserved for low cost airlines.

In Budapest, all international flights fly to one airport,whether they are big carriers or low cost ones.

The IATA code for Budapest international airport is BUD. Also check “Is Budapest Airport Easy?”

How many terminals does Budapest Airport have?

There are two terminals at Budapest airport. Terminal 2A and Terminal 2B

The concept of terminal 2A and 2B is connected to both departure and arrival flights.

Ferenc Liszt Airport in Budapest has been physically divided into two parts.

These are separated based upon whether your flight is going/coming to/from a schengen area or non-Schengen area.

Budapest airport Terminal 2B

If you are flying to non-Schengen area from Budapest, you will be using Budapest Airport Terminal 2B.

It means there is an immigration counter where they will stamp your passport as you are going out of Schengen border.

Similarly, on arrival to terminal 2b of Budapest airport, your passport will be stamped again.

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Budapest airport terminal 2A

For flights coming to Budapest from inside schengen territory, terminal 2A is used.

Once you arrive to Budapest at terminal 2A, your passport will not be stamped.

Similarly going out of Budapest when using terminal 2A, there is no immigration counter and your documents are only checked before boarding the plane.

Distance between Budapest airport terminal 2A and terminal 2B

Terminal 2A and terminal 2B at Budapest Ferenc Liszt International airport are 5 mins walk away from each other.

There is no train or bus running between terminal 2A and 2B.

As Budapest airport is not so big,if you manage to reach wrong terminal for your departure flight, you can easily walk to other terminal.

Is there Budapest Airport terminal 1

As of now, there is no terminal 1 associated with Budapest Airport.

Only two terminals operational are Terminal 2A and 2B.

How to reach Budapest airport terminal 2A,2B

To reach Budapest airport from anywhere in the city, you have to take 100E or 200E bus.

These Budapest buses are operated by BKK.

For travelers using Budapest public transport,bus 100E and 200E will drop you right in front of the departures terminal 2A,2B of Budapest airport.

From the bus stops of 100E and 200E, it is a 5-6 mins walk towards terminal 2A or 2B.

If you are taking Budapest taxis to reach departure terminal 2A or 2B, that will also drop you in front of the required terminal.

There is no train station between Budapest airport and the city.

What is Budapest airport called?

As of 2024, Budapest international airport is called Liszt Ferenc Airport or Ferenc Liszt Airport.

Previously it was called Ferihegy Airport and still used sometimes due to historical reasons.

In Hungarian, Budapest airport is called Budapest Liszt Ferenc Nemzetközi Repülőtér.

Nemzetközi means international, while Repülőtér means airport.

The name is assigned with reference to famous Hungarian composer called Liszt Ferenc.

Are there two airports in Budapest?

Some international Budapest travelers think there are two airports in Budapest for commercial flights.

One reason is due to two names as well as two terminals associated with the Budapest international airport.

This is not the case, as there is only one airport in Budapest for international flights and it is called Budapest Liszt Ferenc International airport.

To be precise, Ferenc Liszt Budapest Airport has 2 terminals 2A and 2B which are on walking distance from each other.

Exact Address of Budapest  International Airport

Address of Budapest international airport in Hungarian and English is the following.

1185 Budapest, BUD Nemzetközi Repülotér, Hungary
Budapest, Budapest Airport (BUD), 1185

You can easily search for the address of Budapest airport in google maps by entering any of the above entries.

How far is Budapest airport from city??

Budapest airport is at a distance of 20 km from the city center.

Coming by 100E Bus Budapest will take 40 to 50 mins for reaching Budapest city center.

While using 200E+M3 combination can easily take 1 hour and 20 mins for transfer to Budapest city center from airport.

Taxi is expansive and takes around 40 mins from Budapest airport to Budapest city center.

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How do I know which terminal my flight is from?

Once you have booked the outgoing flight from Budapest, in the email confirmation from your airline, it will be mentioned that which terminal you should visit.

Second option is to check the ticket itinerary, which will mention the terminal of your flight.

Another third way to check which terminal is your flight is to check the Budapest airport website, that mentioned the departure terminal for your flight.

Uber Budapest airport to city?

Tourists willing to have comfortable ride from Budapest airport to city are always looking to hire trust-able taxi brands.

You must be wondering if you can take Uber Budapest?

Uber does not operate in Budapest, in fact, its not operational anywhere in Hungary.

You should either take official taxi service from a small booth right outside the airport.

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Is there Budapest airport to city center train?

There is no direct train from Budapest airport to City center.

In fact, there is no train station anywhere near the Budapest Airport.

The best option to reach Budapest city center is with airport shuttle 100E which can as fast as a train.

The times to reach city center with 100E is comparable to that of a taxi,as it stops at only 2 stops on the way.

Other options are 200E Bus Budapest + Budapest Metro M3 combination which is somehow longer.

Is gate the same as terminal at Budapest airport?

The terminology of Gate and Terminal may be new for some Budapest travelers.

As you are departing from Budapest airport, your itinerary will only mention the Terminal name, which can be 2A or 2B.

Terminal is mentioned in the ticket right when you have a confirmed booking.

On the other hand, Gate for the flight is announced around 1 to 2 hours before the flight departure,once you have gone through the security check and booked your luggage at the flight counter at the arrivals.