Are there public toilets in Budapest?

Budapest toilets in festivals

If you have some some allergies or need to visit Toilet on regular basis, the important information to gather is to identify how you will visit toilets in case of Nature call.

Most tourist monuments in Budapest have toilets as of 2024.

Just in case you are in a non-tourist area of Hungary, and you could not find success in finding toilets while asking in English. It’s better to know the terminology for toilets in Hungarian.

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Hungarian Toilets

Toilet signs in Budapest Hungary for ladies and gents
Toilet signs in Budapest Hungary for ladies and gents

In Hungarian, There are three words which are associated with toilets.

These are

  • Toalett (To-aw-let not Tu-a-let)
  • WC (Way-tsay)
  • Mosdo (Mosh-do)

At some places you will find WC, while others will have Toalett written on it.

Wondering how to ask for a toilet location in Budapest.

You can  say either of the two sentences.

  • Hol van a WC. (where is WC)
  • Hol van  a Toalett (Where is toilet)
  • Hol van a mosdo (Where is bathroom)You can also check some of the Hungarian phrases for tourists.

Identifying public toilets in Budapest 2024

Whether you are visiting a public Toilet or in a hotel, sometimes, it can be challenging identifying the male and female section,if there are only Hungarian descriptions.

Toilets In Budapest Hungary
Toilets In Budapest Hungary

If there are artistic pictures or stickers on the door of the bathroom, you will understand whether its a ladies or gents toils.

In case if it’s written in Hungarian, then you can identify toilets with following words.

  • FÉRFIAK –> Men
  • NÖK –> Women
  • Uram –> Gents
  • Holge –> Ladies

Budapest Toilets at Airport 2024

After arriving at Budapest airport terminals (Liszt Ference Airport), you can find the first set of toilets just before the immigration counter.

Once you have crossed the immigration counter, the next toilets can be located closer to the luggage belts.

When picking up luggage, and coming out of the airport, you can still find toilets inside the building arrival area.

Toilets at Budapest  airport are in good condition and free to use as of 2024.

In case you plan to delay your toilet usage due to certain reasons, keep in mind that it may take around one hour to reach the city center.

Budapest toilets in Underground Metro

Budapest has 4 underground Metros.

Most underground metro stations  have toilets just before the BKK ticket machine .

For the yellow Metro M1,which is the oldest metro, toilets can be found after coming out of the stairs.

The toilets next to underground metros are paid as of 2024.

They may charge from 200 to 300 HUF (around 1 USD/GBP/EUR)  Budapest currency coins.

The conditions are from acceptable to good in most of the cases.

Public Toilets in Budapest City Center

Around Budapest city center, you can find good deals while shopping in Budapest around sales season.

Either you are at Vaci street Budapest or Andrassy Avenue Budapest, you will find some options in case you have call of nature.

There are public toilets erected at various places in Budapest city center.

If you want to book your hotel,hostel or accommodation in Budapest City center, do check the following options

Due to the pandemic, some of them were temporarily closed.

But you can still find some options to use toilets in City Center of Budapest.

At Deak Ferenc ter, you can find a toilet at walking distance.

Staying near Budapest St Stephen Basilica gives you opportunity to explore the Budapest city center. Do check Hotel Central Basilica availability, which is 5 mins walk from St Stephen Basilica.

There is also a possibility to change baby diapers at the toilets located in Elizabeth square.

There is an entry fee of 400 Huf for toilet usage in Budapest city center as of 2024.Due to higher fees, the quality of toilets has improved considerably at Elizabeth Square.

As Budapest is a great city for walking, it can be explored with other means, that allow you to navigate quickly and have a unique travel experience. At Vorosmarty ter, near Budapest Vaci Street, you can visit the bathroom next inside Burger King which is shared with the adjacent restaurant.

Similarly, in front of the Central Market Hall Budapest, there is another Burger King that can be assessed for the same reason.

Free toilet in Budapest City center

Sometimes, you have to show the receipt of any purchase in Burger King, to use the washroom.

If you do not purchase anything from Burget king at Vaci Street, then visiting the toilet is costing around 200 HUF (0.5 Euro/USD/GBP).

While walking on Vaci Utca between Great Market hall and Vorosmarty ter, you will find many cafés and restaurants where you can ask for using bathrooms.

There is a KFC and McDonald’s in between the two end points which can be visited for the same reason.

If you are in front of the Basilica, toilets can be assessed in a few coffee shops by showing receipts of any purchase.

(the public toilet is temporarily closed at the time of writing).

If you are around the Budapest eye, the closest hotels include Meridian Hotel and Gerbeaud to visit.

Budapest Toilets in Bars and nightclubs

Budapest is called the party city of Europe.

Your Budapest trip is considered incomplete without visiting the bars and clubs in 2024.

All Budapest bars and clubs have toilets with varying conditions.

Some clubs in Budapest charge around 150 HUF (0.5 EUR/GBP/USD) for a visit, while in some it is free.

The Budapest nightclubs offering free toilet use are normally not well maintained.

Budapest Toilet in City Park

City park is one of the biggest parks in Budapest 7th district which was recently renovated and fully functional in 2024.

There are newly built toilets in the Budapest VarosLiget, inside the children park.

Next to the children park are many small courts for basketball, football, table tennis and gymnastics.

There are separate newly built toilets for the players’ areas.

On the other side of the Budapest city park, you can find toilets closer to the Szechenyi baths.

Toilets in Budapest Shopping Plazas

Some shopping malls in Budapest include Corvin, Arena Mall, West End shopping Center, Allee Mall and Arkad 2.

These can be easily assessed by Budapest public transport and great for Budapest shopping from international brands.

Most shopping malls have toilets in good condition, and are free for use.

Only Arkad 2 charges for the usage of toilets,but this plaza is quite far from the city center.

At arena mall Budapest, there is a special baby changing room in front of Tesco entrance.

Corvin mall has toilets on ground as well as first floor which are free to use.

Allee Mall toilets are also free to use and are located on the first floor.

Arena Mall which is the nearest shopping mall to Keleti station of Budapest has toilets located closer to Tesco.

toilets in Budapest Shopping malls
toilets in Budapest Shopping malls

Budapest Public Toilets in festivals

Outdoor toilets in Budapest- Hungary during festivals
Outdoor toilets in Budapest- Hungary during festivals

Every year during summer, Budapest hosts a lot of festivals and open concerts.

These festivals include the Sziget Festival and open concerts at Heroes square.

There are some smaller festivals held at  Andrassy Ut, Deak Ferenc ter, and Vajhajdu Castle in 2024.

All festivals in Budapest have well-organized programs and temporary public toilets installed.

If you plan to visit an international concert in Budapest, do check available offers on ticketnetwork.

Budapest Toilet in Margaret Island

Margaret Island is the unique place in Budapest where a huge number of locals and tourists arrive.

Unfortunately, the public toilet at Margaret island is not in a good shape.

Although you may have to pay 250-300 HUF for the usage, you may still get disappointed.

There can be issues with soap, tissue or cleanliness.

The toilet on the island is located around in the middle for common public.

Budapest Toilets closer to Parliament

If you are hanging around the Hungarian Parliament and need to visit a bathroom, you can visit one in the tourist center,which is next to the parliament entry.

You must be visiting Budapest Parliament,which is one of the top 3 beautiful buildings in Budapest.

The closest toilets are located in Olympic (Olympic) park (a few mins walk from Parliament in Margaret island direction).

The other closest toilet is located in Freedom park(Szabadsag ter) which is 10 mins walk away from the Hungarian Parliament.

To avoid long queues for entry to the parliament,you can book entry tickets in advance.

Budapest Toilets along Tram 2

If you are walking along the Danube on the pest side, you can use the toilets from the hotels along the tram line 2.

Wondering what Budapest attractions and activities are there along Budapest sightseeing trams and around the city center?

You can visit the toilets in the following hotels if you are walking on the Pest side.

  • Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest
  • The Intercontinental Hotel, Budapest

Normally, the attendants don’t complain if you are not their customer.

Public Toilets along Budapest Castle Hill

Toilets along the castle hill Budapest are also located closer to Fisherman Bastion.

You have to pay a minor fee of 200 HUF or more.

There are signs marked at certain places which tell the location of WC.

If you are a patient and do not want to use public transport of Budapest to reach Castle Hill, consider asking for BigBusTours which will take you to majority of attractions including Castle Hill.

Budapest public Toilets app

Luckily, there is an app for finding toilets in Budapest.

You can find the map of all the public toilets available in Budapest.

The Budapest toilet finding app requires the GPS to be enabled to find the closest toilet to you.

It is called MKKP Pisi App. You can download it here.

You can also find online Budapest public toilet map here.