Is Budapest Parliament tour worth it?

Budapest Parliament

Budapest Parliament visit is a must activity that should never be missed even if you are on a day trip to Budapest in 2024.

The Hungarian Budapest Parliament building is the largest one of most beautiful buildings in Hungary.

It’s not the size or height, but the stunning and breathtaking architecture of the building that is famous all around the world.

If you are looking to stay near Budapest parliament, do check Parlament Hotel availability which is walking distance from key attractions in Budapest.

Along with that, it has interesting Hungarian history attached to the revolutions.

The interior is as exciting as outside,and it is definitely recommended to buy ticket in advance to avoid potential wait at the ticket office.

Hungarian parliament in Budapest view from Kossuth square
Hungarian parliament in Budapest view from Kossuth square

Budapest’s parliament architecture is Gothic, baroque, and renaissance in style.

As the parliament is facing the Danube, you can combine various activities in addition to visiting Parliament, including River Ride Budapest, Danube River Cruise with Dinner and Candle Light Dinner Cruise in Budapest.

Official Budapest parliament building name is Orszaggyules (Or-sag-ju-laysh).

The parliament building was designed by Imre Steindl.

It took 11 years for the Hungarian Parliament building to be completed. It was opened in 1904.

Budapest parliament building

Budapest Parliament front view
Budapest Parliament front view

The main front of the Hungarian Parliament building faces the Danube.

However, the entry is from the back side.

Coming out of the Kossuth Lajos ter, the back side of the building is right in front of the metro station exit.

The area around parliament,on the pest side has good attractions to spend half a day. While the opposite side of Danube near Bathyany Ter is good for taking pictures.

Is the parliament building in the Budapest city center?

Parliament building in Budapest is 1.5 KM(20 mins) walk away from the Budapest Center (i.e. Deak Ferenc ter).

Taking the subway Metro2 from the center towards Kossuth Lajos ter is a good option as it takes only 6 mins.

However, the walk from Budapest center to Parliament building is also exciting.

The house of parliament in Budapest is still used to hold the parliament sessions by the members.

Budapest Parliament tour 2024

Access to the outskirts of the Budapest parliament is easy as there are no security gates or boundary walls as of 2024.

You can walk in the big area around the building, take photos, and do not need Budapest parliament tour.

Now the next question is if it is worth seeing inside the Budapest parliament.

Of course, the interior of the parliament has no match in brilliance, and a must-see.

You can purchase the Parliament entry ticket or become part of a group.

If you are interested in knowing the history of parliament and area around, there is a 2.5 hour parliament guided tour, and Budapest history walking tour.

What is included in the Budapest parliament tour

Parliament Budapest visit on Hungarian national day
Parliament Budapest visit on Hungarian national day

With the parliament tour, visitors can go inside the parliament building and see the splendid interior.

The tour includes a visit to the parliament session hall, grand hall, and the long stairs which are covered with a huge red carpet.

The crown jewels of Hungary are also present to be seen.

Do notice the red carpet which is said to be 3KM in length.

The tours are led by guides in various languages (Do check online if the desired language tour is available on your planned day of visit)

If the group is big(25-30 people), you may have issues listening to the guide’s voice.

Budapest parliament tours 2024

There are many companies that offer the parliament tour at some additional charges in 2024.

They might offer a pick up service at the parliament and arrange your tickets already.

No doubt, you can save a great amount of money by arranging tickets and going by yourself.

Buy there is always a risk that in case of a large queue, you may have to wait for sometime,which may be an hour or more.

Keep in mind that, the official parliament tour includes entry into the parliament with a ticket.

You can purchase the ticket online or in front of the parliament.

The parliament tour guide in 2024 will be also part of your ticket price and tell you the important information about various parts of Parliament.

Budapest parliament building tour tickets

There are 3 ways you can buy tickets for Budapest Parliament tours as of 2024.

  • Budapest parliament tickets online with a Local Hungarian website.
  • Purchasing Hungarian parliament tickets from the ticket office beside the Parliament.
  • Getting Budapest parliament tickets through the International partners.

Budapest parliament tour does not require booking in advance but we suggest you buy it in advance as on the specific day, there may be large lines of visitors.

Buying Budapest parliament building tour tickets online

Tickets for Budapest parliament tours can be purchased online through the Hungarian website .

You can also purchase entry ticket through grand city tour with Parliament entry.

You can select the dates when you plan to visit the Budapest parliament and also the language in which the tours will be.

Check the available languages supported as at the time of post, the following languages are supported for guided tours.

  • English
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German

In case you already planned to visit the Parliament, it’s better to get the online tickets as onsite tickets may be pre-booked when you reach.

Get your Budapest parliament tickets in advance,as it may save you a couple of hours standing in line,when bought at the spot.

Buying Budapest parliament building tour tickets onsite

In case you did not purchase the tickets online, you can buy the tickets from the Visitor Center next to the parliament building.

Beware that, you may have to wait longer if there is a queue of people like you waiting to buy the ticket.

In peak seasons, tickets may be sold out.

Buying guided tours from third party operators for Budapest Parliament

As there are many options available where you can buy guided tours.

These companies will include guided tours to some free monuments in Budapest and include the Parliament tour (which is of course a separate one), but charge you more money.

That is also a good option only in case money is not an issue for you.

Do check their reviews before booking a tour.

Get your Budapest parliament tickets in advance,as it may save you a couple of hours standing in line,when bought at the spot.

Is Budapest parliament visit worth the money

The duration of the Budapest parliament tour is 45 minutes max.

As tickets, prices range for Budapest Parliament tours vary from 8 Euros to 24 Euros per person, depending upon your status.

It could be quite expensive for non-EEA citizens to enter the parliament, and that for an under hour visit.

For EEA citizens and students, it’s definitely worth the money, while non-EEA citizens can decide based upon their budget.

What are Budapest parliament visiting hours?

Free Budapest Parliament House visit crown jewels during national holiday

You can walk around the Budapest Parliament building any time of the day.

The outskirts of the building are open to common public and visitors and there is no time frame set.

However, to have a guided tour to enter the Parliament building, check the current timings on the website.

As of this post, the first guided tour starts at 9:30, and continues for 45 mins.

The next tour starts every 15 mins and the last one ends at 15 15.

The Budapest parliament building hours are from 930 to 1515.

The building is closed on new year and during the Christmas time.

Budapest parliament pics

Budapest Parliament night View from Bathany ter
Budapest Parliament night View from Bathyany ter

Budapest parliament looks awesome either you visit at day or night.

It also depends whether you want to walk around the Parliament building or have pictures with a full image of parliament in the background.

Visiting the parliament in the daytime can be tiring in summers as there are not many covered places to sit.

However, the day time pictures would be good to have if your camera cannot capture good pictures at night.

Budapest Parliament night view is also a must see,especially from the opposite side of the river next to Batthyany ter.

Hungarian parliament building is the most magnificent monument,which is a must visit. Walking around the building is free but entering requires a paid entry. Make sure to Book your parliament entry ticket in advance.

Best views to take pictures for Budapest parliament

Budapest parliament view from Margaret Island
Budapest parliament view from Margaret Island

You can definitely take great pictures while walking next to the parliament building.

However, there are various spots in Budapest for photos with Budapest Parliament building in the background.

The parliament view at Budapest on these spots is equally awesome whether you are taking photos in daytime or in the evening.

  • Margaret Bridge (1.2 km away by walking)
  • Batthyany ter (6 mins by subway M2)
  • Fisherman Bastion (walk for 45 mins or more from parliament, No direct public transport from Parliament building)
  • Buda Castle (walk for 45 min or more from parliament, No direct public transport from Parliament building)

Parliament neighborhood Budapest

The parliament area in Budapest has quite many attractions involving status on both sides and a small pond with fountains.

There are benches right at the back side of the parliament where you can rest,eat and drink.

There is an underground museum (stairs going down) which is only open during Hungarian National days.

From Budapest, there are 4 options that can be explored.

  • Walking towards Margaret island (or taking tram 2)
  • Moving towards the Basilica,exploring the liberty park, monuments and statues on the way
  • Exploring the Danube bank towards the chain bridge, the Budapest shoe memorial at parliament comes in the way. The Budapest river walk from parliament to chain bridge should not be missed at any cost.
Jewish shoes memorial near Hungarian Parliament budapest sunset view
Jewish shoes memorial near Hungarian Parliament Budapest sunset view

Buying food items near Budapest Parliament

Walking along the Danube next to parliament square Budapest, there is hardly any shop for doing grocery or dine in.

However,going against the direction of Parliament’s back side, at Bathory utca, you can find the grocery shop ALDI.

At ALDI closer to Parliament, you can find bread,eggs,water,cold drinks,wine, fruits and vegetables.

There are some local restaurants and coffee shops on the next streets of Parliament.

You will not find any fast food chain like Burger King,McDonalds, or KFC anywhere near the Budapest Parliament.

The closest McDonald comes in the direction of Margaret island, at Budapest, Szent István krt. 2, 1137.(800m – 10 Min)

The closest Burger King to the Budapest Parliament is located at Budapest, Arany János u. 34, 1051. (1 KM – 12 Min)

Tips to plan Budapest Parliament tour

Budapest parliament house from inside corridor
Budapest parliament house from inside corridor

Please keep in mind the following points if you plan to have Budapest Parliament tour

  • At the time of entry to Parliament, there is a security check, you may be asked to drop your bags outside,so keep only necessary items.
  • Pets are not allowed,but only in the case of guides for special people.
  • Although there is no strict checkup of nationalities,but it’s better to have your ids/passports.
  • Aside from the great hall, pictures are allowed for the inside tours.
  • Parliament Budapest tickets in summer may be sold out early,hence buy in advance
  • Lights of Budapest are turned on at sunset time,while turned off at 12 in the night.