Where to buy souvenirs in Budapest?

Quality Hungarian souvenirs in Budapest City Center

On your recent Budapest trip in 2024, you can buy souvenirs in Budapest from various locations.

Of course, what to buy as a souvenir in Budapest is another question.

The reason is simply because certain kinds of souvenirs can be found in certain localities and the prices vary.

You will definitely find options to buy souvenirs in Budapest city center as well as the Budapest Airport terminals.

There are also options to buy Cheap souvenirs in Budapest near Keleti Palyudvar which is western railway station in Budapest.

However, keep in mind if you are coming to Budapest at Nepliget Bus Station, there are not much options to buy Souvenirs in the area around.

If you are looking for shopping at Vaci Street in Budapest and plan to stay in historic 5 star hotels nearby, do check the following.

The rich culture of Hungary has a distinct importance,which makes it one of the best reasons to visit Budapest.

According to some travelers, taking pictures with unique experiences in the visited country is the best way to have great memories in the form of pictures as souvenirs.

What to buy in Budapest central market

Great Market Hall Budapest outside view
Great Market Hall Budapest outside view

Central Market Hall Budapest is one of the top places for buying cheap souvenirs in Budapest at reasonable prices compared to other shops.

It is not only a spot for buying fresh vegetables, fruits, meat and fish, but souvenirs too.

There are a huge number of souvenir shops in Great Market Hall, Budapest.

Souvenir shops in the Great Market hall Budapest are on the second floor,where you can wander around and check for cheap Budapest souvenirs.

It can take around 1 hour or more if you just want to explore the second floor for buying cheap souvenirs in Budapest.

Buying cheap souvenirs Budapest Great Market Hall

On the second floor of Budapest Market hall, you can buy the following Hungarian souvenirs.

  1. Budapest t-shirts for all genders and sizes
  2. Hungarian jerseys for all genders and sizes
  3. Traditional Hungarian dresses for all genders and ages
  4. Decoration plates with Hungarian buildings designs
  5. Tea and coffee mugs with Hungarian Buildings on them
  6. Beer mugs with pictures of Budapest monuments
  7. Budapest fridge magnets
  8. Hungarian key chains
  9. Rubik cubes of various sizes, materials and colors
  10. Budapest shot glasses
  11. Budapest posters
  12. Hungarian Post Cards
  13. Wine openers

At one portion of the Market hall, there are many shops selling following handmade Hungarian souvenirs.

Hungarian souvenirs between 20 and 40 USD in Budapest
Hungarian souvenirs between 20 and 40 USD in Budapest

One of the unique sweets in Budapest is the Hungarian Chimney cake. You can try it at various locations as well as attend a Hungarian Chimney cake baking workshop in Budapest.

  1. Jewelry boxes
  2. Wooden boxes
  3. Leather jackets
  4. Hats
  5. Gloves
  6. Belts
  7. Bed sheets covers
  8. Table covers

There are numerous shops on the second floor offering a great variety of items which you can take as souvenirs from Budapest.

The first floor of the Market hall contains dairy, meat and vegetable shops.

You can find the following Hungarian souvenirs on the first floor of Market hall.

  1. Hungarian dry paprika
  2. paprika power
  3. Hungarian palinka
  4. Hungarian spices
  5. Hungarian sausages
  6. Hungarian wooden dolls
  7. Wooden Cooking utensils with traditional Hungarian designs.

How to reach Budapest Great Market hall by public transport

If you want to come by sightseeing Budapest tram to the Great Market hall of Budapest, you can take tram 47,48,49 and 2.

If you are coming by Budapest buses, you can take blue bus 15,115, and red bus 83.

With Budapest Metro, you can drop off at Fovam Ter using Metro 4.

Buying Hungarian souvenirs in Budapest Vaci Utca

Vaci Utca Budapest Souvenirs shopping Hungary
Vaci Utca Budapest Souvenirs shopping Hungary 

Vaci street Budapest is a place which is a must-visit for the visitors looking to buy Budapest souvenirs.

It starts from one side in front of the Great Central Market Hall.

The other side of the Vaci Utca ends at Vorosmarty ter, which is a historical monument and contains numerous apparel shops.

You can find souvenir shops, restaurants, cafés and wine shops along Vaci Utca.

From the Budapest souvenir shops at Vaci Utca, you can find a good variety of Hungarian souvenirs.

Best Budapest souvenirs at Vaci Utca

You can find the following Hungarian souvenirs at shops in Vaci Utca.

  1. Hungarian national t-shirt
  2. Hungarian jerseys
  3. Scarfs
  4. Traditional Hungarian dresses
  5. Handmade kitchen pots with traditional Hungarian designs
  6. Handmade Hungarian dolls
  7. Hungarian ceramics
  8. Hand made table and bed covers with traditional Hungarian designs
  9. Custom shoes

Price of Budapest souvenirs at Vaci Utca

Hungarian Souvenirs from Budapest - Vaci Utca
Hungarian Souvenirs from Budapest – Vaci Utca

The prices of souvenirs at Vaci utca are somehow more than what you find in Central Market Hall.

In fact, you will find the most expensive souvenirs in Budapest from the shops on Vaci Utca.

Even in 2024, negotiation of prices is always present if you pay with cash and in HUF.

As you move closer to Vorosmarty square, the prices of souvenirs will increase gradually as its closer to the town center.

Central Market Hall and Vaci Utca are closer to the top attractions in Budapest, and booking your accommodation around these places will save you time and get maximum out of your Budapest visit.

Buying Hungarian souvenirs in Budapest from Grocery Shops

Hungarian Souvenirs in Budapest from grocery shops reasonable prices
Budapest Souvenirs from grocery shops reasonable prices

In 2024,you can buy many souvenirs in Budapest from grocery shops at reasonable prices.

You can find these Hungarian souvenirs in CBA, SPAR, Tesco and smaller grocery shops in underground metro stations.

Turo rudi cheap Hungarian Souvenir under 1 dollar Budapest
Turo rudi cheap Hungarian Souvenir under 1 dollar Budapest

Some common souvenirs which are easily available in shops are

  1. Turo Rudi
  2. Paprika Powder
  3. Hungarian beer
  4. Hungarian Wine
  5. Hungarian flag design souvenirs

Turo Rudi is a Hungarian chocolate made up of cottage cheese and comes in different flavors.

The price of Turo Rudi is under 1 USD,and it is easily available in all the grocery stores.

It can be risky to take Turo Rudi if your flight is long, as it needs to be kept in cold temperatures.

There are some shops with the name “Élelmiszer” by Chinese vendors where you can find following souvenirs at reasonable price.

  1. Hungarian souvenir Cups
  2. Souvenir plates with Budapest monuments
  3. Souvenir key chains with Budapest monuments images
  4. Hungarian souvenir magnets
  5. Poker cards with Hungarian souvenir images

These souvenir shops in Budapest are hard to be found in the city center but present in non-tourist areas.

Buying Cheap souvenirs in Budapest from Hungarian Post Office

Post tickets - Unique Souvenirs in Budapest
Post tickets – Unique Souvenirs in Budapest

You can also buy souvenirs in Budapest from Post offices.

One special place to buy Hungarian souvenirs in 2024, is the Hungarian post office also called Posta.

  1. Hungarian tickets
  2. Hungarian coins
  3. Hungarian stickers
  4. Children toy in the form of cars and puzzles

Posta offices in Budapest are open during the weekdays, and closed on Sundays.

However, some bigger Posta offices are open during Saturday.

If you happen to pass by any Posta during the weekdays, you may find less costly Hungarian Souvenirs.

You can buy souvenirs in the Budapest post office with cash as well as debit/credit cards.

Cheap souvenir mugs in Budapest from Post office
Cheap souvenir mugs in Budapest from Post office

Buying Budapest Souvenirs from festivals

Summer of Budapest (from April till September) is full of activities and festivals.

Festivals are arranged around Deak Ferenc ter (in front of Basilica), Andrassy Avenue (closer to Heroes square Budapest), Vajdahunyad Castle and Buda castle.

If you happen to visit Budapest during summers, there is a great probability that you will encounter such festivals while walking around the city.

During the Budapest summer festivals, many vendors from villages and other cities come to showcase their products.

In such cases, you have a better chance of buying authentic Hungarian souvenirs.

You can buy following souvenirs in festivals from Budapest.

Buying hungarian wine and palinka as souvenirs in Budapest
Buying Hungarian wine and palinka as souvenirs in Budapest
  1. Variety of cheese
  2. Wooden toys for kids
  3. Handmade pottery items
  4. Leather goods from Hungarian artists
  5. Unique handmade Jewelry
  6. Traditional Hungarian dresses
  7. Original Honey
  8. Handmade sweets and jellies
  9. Hungarian sausages
  10. Wines from various parts of Hungary

You must ensure to have cash in form of Hungarian forints, i.e. Budapest currency, as in these festivals card machines are rarely used.

Buying cheap Budapest souvenirs from streets

Where to buy Hungarian Souvenirs Budapest at good price
Where to buy Hungarian Souvenirs Budapest at good price

There is no possibility to buy souvenirs in Budapest streets aside from the places mentioned.

Budapest is quite different from Paris, Venice, or Rome, where next to every monument, you can buy souvenirs.

You will not find random people selling souvenirs in any corner of Budapest.

If you plan to buy souvenirs, it’s important to buy while exploring the areas mentioned above.

Herendi porcelain are special Hungarian pots made up of china clay.

You can find a huge shop for Herendi porcelain 5 mins walk from Vorosmarty square.

It is located in front of József Nádor Square.

Some shops can be located just behind Vaci Utca on Becsi Utca.

Herendi Porcelen- Luxury Budapest Souvenirs in Hungary
Herendi Porcelen- Luxury Budapest Souvenirs in Hungary

Gozsdu Udvar has some private sellers on the weekends, during the daytime, selling handmade goods.

There are a few shops on Kiraly utca too, where you can buy table, bed covers with Hungarian Embroidery designs.

There are a few souvenir shops in Budapest closer to St. Stephen Basilica as well.

Books  souvenirs from Budapest

One of the unique souvenirs to buy from Budapest is the Hungarian Books.

There are huge book stores in Corvin Plaza,Allee Mall, Westend Shopping Mall, Arkad 2 and Arena Mall, where you can buy Hungarian versions of Harry Potter and other famous books from Libri.hu.

If you are a book collector and like to collect books in different languages, buying your favourite book in Hungarian can be a great souvenir from Budapest.

The Hungarian books from bookstores in Budapest are ranging from 20 Euros to 40 Euros (6500 HUF to 16000 HUF).

Additionally, if you visit ALDI,LIDL,TESCO and SPAR, there are limited varieties of Hungarian books that can be great souvenir options.

If you are looking for cheaper Hungarian books as souvenirs, you can find some book carts around Keleti Palyaudvar, Kalvin ter and around Andrassy Street near Opera House.

Budapest souvenirs prices

Prices of Budapest souvenirs can vary from 1 USD to thousands of US dollars.

You will find the best prices of cheap Budapest souvenirs available at Tesco and Chinese shops, but there is limited variety.

For example, price of Hungarian paprika power is 200 HUF lesser at TESCO than what you find in a big shop in Vaci Utca.

Similarly, if you happen to find some Chinese shops while walking around, you may find a souvenir mug, which has a price 200 to 500 Huf lesser than what you find on Vaci Utca.

However, if you are in a mood to see a wide variety of Budapest Souvenirs, you should visit Vaci Utca,Great Market Hall and Vorosmarthy Square.

The prices of Budapest souvenirs will vary depending upon how unique the souvenir is,and where the shop is located.

What are the cheap souvenirs in Budapest

If we assume that Cheap souvenirs in Budapest are the ones which are priced under 15 USDs.

You can buy such cheap souvenirs from any of the above-mentioned venues.

Buying cheap hungarian souvenirs magnets in Budapest
Buying cheap Hungarian souvenirs magnets in Budapest
  1. Hungarian souvenir fridge magnets are priced from 500 HUF to 750 HUF (2 to 3 USDs), depending upon which shop you are buying.
  2. Hungarian post cards can be purchased from souvenir shops at 150 to 350 HUF(approx under 1 USD) depending upon the size and quality of post card.
  3. For those interested in Hungarian souvenir, t-shirts and caps may notice that these are priced between 2000 HUF and 4000 HUF (8 to 13 USD).
  4. Similarly, Hungarian shot glasses, coffee mugs are priced from 1500 HUF to 4500 HUF (4 to 15 USD)depending upon their sizes and quality.
  5. The smallest packet of Hungarian paprika powder that can be taken as a souvenir is available in Tesco for 550 HUF while the bigger one is around.
  6. You can even buy a cheap wine for 2500-3000 HUF (8 to 10 USD).
  7. Some wooden toys and Rubik cube are also available under 10 USD.

Mid-range Budapest Souvenirs Prices

If we assume that Budapest souvenirs in the mid-range are priced around 4500 HUF to 14000 HUF (15 to 40 USD).

These include a polo shirt with Hungarian flag design and costs around 6000 HUF.

On the other hand,a Hungarian light jacket which can cost between 6000 HUF to 9000 HUF.

You can even buy a good quality palinka bottle for 6000 to 7000 HUF(18 to 22 USD)

A good quality wine is also available in the same price range.

You can buy a plate with designs of Hungarian monuments for around 4500 HUF.

Additionally, a model of any Hungarian monument (e.g. Parliament or Chain Bridge) as a souvenir in 6000 to 14000 HUF range.

Expansive Budapest souvenirs Prices

Special Hungarian Souvenirs plates in Budapest
Special Hungarian Souvenirs plates in Budapest

If you are looking for high-end souvenirs from Budapest, you must be ready to bear their big cost.

These start from 15000 HUF (45 USDs) and continue to 45000 HUF (130 USD) or even to 150000 HUF (500 Euros).

Budapest souvenirs which fall in the expansive category are the following.

  1. Embroidered covers for beds and tables
  2. Herend and Zsolnay porcelain
  3. Leather jackets, shoes, belts and hats