What is Budapest Vaci street good for?

Vaci street Budapest

Vaci Street is the tourist street of Budapest.It is a walking street where you will find mainly tourists from all around the world in every season.

Vaci street which has lot of fashion brands,restaurants,souvenir shops and fast food chains.You can find great options to buy cosmetics,luggage,shoes,jewelry,sports goods,and clothes at Vaci Street. There are a few toy stores but not a big one.

Parisi Udvar is the recommended 5 star hotel if you want to do shopping while staying in the best shopping area of Budapest.

In 2024 if your stay in Budapest less than two days, shopping in Budapest at Vaci street will be time saving compared to going to any shopping mall Budapest which has same brand outlets and similar pricing.

If you are looking for shopping at Vaci Street in Budapest and plan to stay in historic 5 star hotels nearby, do check the following.

Budapest Vaci Street Map

Finding the Vaci Street on Google maps is pretty easy, as you search “Budapest Vaci Street”, Google will show a red line mentioning the distance covered by Vaci Utca.

You can use the following map as well for checking the journey to reach Vaci Street Budapest.

Budapest Vaci Street Location

Vaci Street Budapest
Vaci Street Budapest

Vaci Street is located between Vorosmarty square and Great Market Hall of Budapest.

Vaci street is located in Belvaros District, where “Bel” means “inner” and “varos” means “city”. The best hotels to stay in Belvaros are Hotel Astoria and Ritz Carlton.

Vaci Street Length

The length of Vaci street is around 1.4 km.

If you are just exploring it,without spending time on the shops,it would take 16-20 mins walk in one direction.

It’s a walking street where cars or cycles are not allowed.

Hence, it can be called the Main shopping street of Budapest.

While nearby streets, Andrassy Avenue Budapest and Fashion street have shops which are mainly having luxury brands.

Vaci utca vs Vaci Ut

Street is called utca in Hungarian.While Avenue is called út.

In Budapest, there is a street called Vaci utca as well as an Avenue called Vaci út.

You should ensure that you are going to Vaci Utca and not on Vaci út.

As Vaci Utca or Vaci Street is the topic under discussion, as long as you are near Deak ferenc ter,or inner city of Budapest, you are fine.

It is one of the must walk in case you want to explore the most happening street with lots of people .

Vaci Utca Budapest shopping

If you have visited other capitals in European countries, you will notice that the city centers are quite full of international brands offering wide options of shopping. There is commercialization as the city centers are the main destination of tourists. Same is the case with Budapest Vaci Street.

Vaci Utca Budapest shopping is not different either,as it is a mix of 30% local brands while 70% is occupied with international brands stores. The shopping experience in Vaci Utca is definitely worth it, as it is mostly occupied with visitors, but not as much as you find in shopping streets of other European countries.

Shopping at Vaci Utca is definitely a recommended activity as visitors will enjoy walking as well as buying desired goods. Specially during the sales time in January-February and July-August, the discounts at Vaci Utca shops can go upto 50% or more.

What currency to use on Vaci Street

Almost every shop and restaurant in Vaci street accepts debit/credit cards.

You can definitely survive with card payments on Budapest Vaci street, and there is no need for visiting money exchange Budapest.

However, you must ensure that you are paying in HUF when choosing the currency as it will be cheaper.

Famous shops in Vaci Street

Moving further from Zara, you will find following shops on Vaci street.

  • Footlocker
  • Adidas
  • ECCO
  • Desigual
  • Reserved