Best Shopping street in Budapest

Vaci street Budapest

Vaci Street is the tourist street of Budapest.It is a walking street where you will find mainly tourists from all around the world in every season.

Vaci street which has lot of fashion brands,restaurants,souvenir shops and fast food chains.You can find great options to buy cosmetics,luggage,shoes,jewelry,sports goods,and clothes at Vaci Street. There are a few toy stores but not a big one.

Parisi Udvar is the recommended 5 star hotel if you want to do shopping while staying in the best shopping area of Budapest.

In 2024 if your stay in Budapest less than two days, shopping in Budapest at Vaci street will be time saving compared to going to any shopping mall Budapest which has same brand outlets and similar pricing.

If you are looking for shopping at Vaci Street in Budapest and plan to stay in historic 5 star hotels nearby, do check the following.

Budapest Vaci Street Map

Finding the Vaci Street on Google maps is pretty easy, as you search “Budapest Vaci Street”, Google will show a red line mentioning the distance covered by Vaci Utca.

You can use the following map as well for checking the journey to reach Vaci Street Budapest.

Budapest Vaci Street Location

Vaci Street Budapest
Vaci Street Budapest

Vaci Street is located between Vorosmarty square and Great Market Hall of Budapest.

Vaci street is located in Belvaros District, where “Bel” means “inner” and “varos” means “city”. The best hotels to stay in Belvaros are Hotel Astoria and Ritz Carlton.

Vaci Street Length

The length of Vaci street is around 1.4 km.

If you are just exploring it,without spending time on the shops,it would take 16-20 mins walk in one direction.

It’s a walking street where cars or cycles are not allowed.

Is Vaci Street in Buda or Pest?

Vaci street is located on the Pest side of Budapest city.

In order to check, whether you are in Pest or Buda side, you should remember the terminology “Buda Hills”.

Buda side consists of smaller mountains and some monuments on these mountains e.g.Gellert Hill, Buda Castle and Fisherman Bastian.

Hence, if you seen any of such monuments on other side of Danube river, you are in Pest side.

Is Vaci street the main shopping street of Budapest?

Vaci Street definitely has lot of mid range international brands.

It contains many souvenir shops and a huge variety of options to shop from shoes,apparels,etc.

Hence, it can be called the Main shopping street of Budapest.

While nearby streets, Andrassy Avenue Budapest and Fashion street have shops which are mainly having luxury brands.

What are Vaci Street Opening Hours

Majority of clothing and souvenir shops at Vaci street are open at 10:00 and close at 21:00 during the normal work days.

While on Sundays, the opening time is still 10:00 for clothing shops but closing time is 20:00.

Restaurants at Vaci Utca have variable timings,as some offering breakfasts are open as early as 08:00 and are open till midnight.

Is Budapest Vaci utca open on Sundays

Vaci street is open on Sunday,Saturday and even more crowded than normal work days.

This is due to the reason that majority of tourists travel on weekends and Vaci street is one of the top attractions to visit in Budapest.

Also check our guide about,Are shops open in Budapest on Sundays?

Is Budapest Vaci Street safe at night

Vaci street is safe all around the day and evening. Either you are walking here early morning, or late in the night.

The street has been a calm walking place for tourists and kept safe from any kind of unfortunate accidents.

There is no street crime reports as the area is heavily monitored.

However, on crowded days, you should be careful from pickpockets, like any other touristic city.

What are the common scams in Vaci utca

Vaci utca definitely comes with scams for tourists,which can be avoided if you are aware.

Common Budapest scams Vaci street involve the following.

1) On a couple of points,A guy asking you to come inside an adult bar,which may charge you hefty money.
2) Some pedestrians offering you cheap iPhones or perfumes on 1/10th of the price.
3) Two girls asking for direction and trick you to visit a bar,where the bill is around 500 Euros or more for the coffee.
4) Although currency exchanges at Vaci street are having poor rates, you can be scammed by people standing nearby offering your lower rates and giving you some other currency than forints.

How to reach Budapest Vaci Street

You can reach Vaci street from various Budapest metro stations.

These metro stations are max 5 mins walk from the Vaci Street.

These involve

  • Deak Ferenc ter: Metros M1,M2,M3, 5 min walk from Vaci street Northern end
  • Vorosmarthy square: Metro M1, Start of Vaci street northern end
  • Ferenciek tere:Metro M3, Middle of Vaci street
  • Fovam ter: Metro M4,Southern end of Vaci street
  • Street Car parking around Vaci Street Budapest

As Vaci street is right in the center of Budapest, many streets around it are no enter streets for cars.

Although you will find some cars parked but those may be of residents.Make sure, you are not entering the no go area.

It is better to park your car in underground parking areas which may be expansive.

Visit Budapest Vaci Utca with public transport

Vaci Street is easily assessable with Budapest Public transport.

If you are coming with Budapest airport 100E bus, you will be dropping of at Deak Ferenc ter, which is the closest metro station with Vaci Street.

For tourists coming with 200E airport bus, they will take Metro M3 to reach Deak Ferenc ter.

If you are coming from Budapest Népliget bus station, you should take Metro M3 which will bring you next to Deak Ferenc ter.

Vaci utca vs Vaci Ut

Street is called utca in Hungarian.While Avenue is called út.

In Budapest, there is a street called Vaci utca as well as an Avenue called Vaci út.

You should ensure that you are going to Vaci Utca and not on Vaci út.

As Vaci Utca or Vaci Street is the topic under discussion, as long as you are near Deak ferenc ter,or inner city of Budapest, you are fine.

It is one of the must walk in case you want to explore the most happening street with lots of people .

Vaci Utca Budapest shopping

Vaci Street Budapest shopping
Vaci Street Budapest shopping

If you have visited other capitals in European countries, you will notice that the city centers are quite full of international brands offering wide options of shopping. There is commercialization as the city centers are the main destination of tourists. Same is the case with Budapest Vaci Street.

Vaci Utca Budapest shopping is not different either,as it is a mix of 30% local brands while 70% is occupied with international brands stores. The shopping experience in Vaci Utca is definitely worth it, as it is mostly occupied with visitors, but not as much as you find in shopping streets of other European countries.

Shopping at Vaci Utca is definitely a recommended activity as visitors will enjoy walking as well as buying desired goods. Specially during the sales time in January-February and July-August, the discounts at Vaci Utca shops can go upto 50% or more.

Vaci Utca Shops

Vaci Street Budapest has variety of shops, and does have grouping of similar kind of shops at different areas.You will find souvenirs shops,restaurants, coffee shops, Hungarian and international fashion apparels outlets.

Majority of international fashion apparel shops in Budapest are located at the northern end of Vaci Street.You can start from the Vorosmarty square and walk towards the direction of Central Market hall Budapest for shopping on your next Budapest trip.

Vaci Utca Stores

Vaci Street Budapest stores
Vaci Street Budapest stores

At Vaci Utca, you will find variety of stores for shopping. You will find a wide range of fashion apparel brands,Shoe stores,Cosmetics Stores, Jewellery stores as well as gift stores on Vaci Street Budapest.

Majority of stores on Vaci Street are located in the area closer to Vorosmarty Square,so it is better you start exploring the stores on Vaci Utca from this end.

Vaci Street fashion Stores

Famous Vaci Utca Stores in Budapest for fashion shopping are the following. These are international clothing brands and their prices are displayed in forints,however, the real prices are comparable to the international rates of their items.

  • ZARA
  • HM
  • C&A
  • Desigual
  • Mango

Vaci Street Shoe Stores

There are stores on Vaci street where you can buy variety of shoes.
These stores are definitely expansive but sometimes you may find discounts up to 30%.

Shoe stores in Vaci Street display all the prices in Hungarian forints, but do accept Euros on a special rate if you pay by cash.

  • Footlocker
  • Office Shoes
  • Salamander
  • Footlocker
  • Players Room
  • GEOX
  • Kazar
  • ZARA
  • HnM
  • Springfield
  • Bershka
  • Pull and Bear
Vaci street Budapest shoes stores
Vaci street Budapest shoes stores

Footlocker,Office Shoes,Salamander,Footlocker,Players Room,GEOX,HUMANIC,Kazar, and DEICHMANN are stores in Budapest Vaci Street, specialized for shoes. While the other stores mentioned offer a limited variety of shoes for special niche customers.

Vaci Street Budapest Jewelry stores

For buying Jewellery stores on Vaci street Budapest, you can visit the following stores

  • Swaroski
  • Bijou Brigitte

For detailed guide about buying jewely in Hungary, check our guide for Jewelry Shops in Hungary.

Vaci Street Budapest Undergarments Stores

For buying undergarments, you can visit the following stores in Vaci Street Budapest.

  • Calzedonia
  • Womens Secrets
  • HnM
  • CnA
  • ZARA

TEZENIS,Calzedonia,and Womens Secrets stores on Vaci Utca are the primary sellers of Undergarments for men and women. While at HnM, CnA and ZARA Vaci Utca, you can find good varieties of bras,panties,underwear,vests and boxers in addition to buying fashion apparel.

Vaci Street Budapest undergarments store
Vaci Street Budapest undergarments store

Vaci Street Budapest Cosmetics and perfumes Stores

Vaci Street Budapest Cosmetics Stores
Vaci Street Budapest Cosmetics Stores

For buying cosmetics in Budapest Vaci street you can visit MAC Cosmetics Store. Additionally, there is Muller store on Vaci Utca which is good for buying cosmetics,gifts, perfumes and skin care products.

There is a store with the name Douglas Parfüméria where you can buy wide range of perfumes and skin care products. If you want to buy skincare products, you can visit L’OCCITANE on Vaci Street Budapest,which is specialized in skin care products.

You can check our detailed guide about Budapest cosmetics stores and Where to buy perfumes in Budapest.

Budapest Vaci Street Cafes

Budapest Vaci Street Cafe
Budapest Vaci Street Cafe

If you are looking for having coffee,ice creams,desserts and tea, there is no shortage of cafes on Budapest Vaci Street. You will find a wide range of cafes on Vaci street with quality items.

Some of the cafes on Vaci street are the following.

  • Cafe Gerbeaud
  • HardRock Cafe
  • Szamos Cafe
  • Anna Cafe

Are Vaci street stores expansive for shopping

If you are planning to buy clothes in Vaci street from international brands stores, then definitely, Vaci street is the best option.

The reason is that international brands stores prices are consistent throughout Budapest and you can do shopping while exploring Budapest.

Hence, Vaci street is not expansive for international brand shopping.

However,if you plan to various souvenirs shop Budapest at Vaci Street, you may find some expansive ones.Therefore, you need to do more exploration to find the best price while shopping at Vaci Street.

What currency to use on Vaci Street

Almost every shop and restaurant in Vaci street accepts debit/credit cards.

You can definitely survive with card payments on Budapest Vaci street, and there is no need for visiting money exchange Budapest.

However, you must ensure that you are paying in HUF when choosing the currency as it will be cheaper.

Vaci Street Shops for clothing

Clothing shops around Vaci street are evenly spread around.

However, majority of apparels brands are located near Vorosmarty square and can be found until Kossuth Lajos u. intersects the Vaci Street.

This distance turns out to be 700 meter walk.

Vaci Street shops near Vorsmarty square are

  • CnA
  • PullnBear
  • Bershka
  • Springfield
  • Tezenis
  • Zara

CnA shop in Vaci Street Budapest

CnA Vaci Street Budapest Stores
CnA Vaci Street Budapest Stores

Right in front of the Vorosmarty metro stop, CnA shop at Vaci street is a good place for shopping.

Its address is Budapest, Vörösmarty tér 1, 1051.

You can buy clothes,shoes and accessories  for kids from the kids section on first floor.

Women section is a bigger one as ground floor and some portion of first floor is dedicated to women clothing and accessories.

Men section is a bit smaller but contains more of office clothing stuff.

It used to be a 3 storey building. However, nowadays only ground floor and first floor are operational.

Pull n Bear shops Budapest Vaci Street

Pull and bear fashion apparel is also located right in front of Vorosmarty square.It is mainly famous among guys,men and girls and ladies.

You can buy jeans,trousers,shirts,t-shirts,jackets,wallets and perfumes.There is no option to do children shopping here.Prices are same as on their other shops in Budapest.

Pull and Bear Budapest Vaci utca address is Budapest, Váci út 1-3, 1062.

Bershka Store Vaci Street Budapest

Budapest Bershka Vaci Street
Budapest Bershka Vaci Street

Bershka at Vaci street is also located at one edge of Deak ferenc utca and Vorosmarty square.The brand is mainly for you girls and boys.

There is a good variety of makeup items aside from the regular fashion apparel items.The ground floor and first floor is for girls,while half portion on 1st floor is for boys.

Springfield shop Vaci Street

Vaci Street Budapest Springfield
Vaci Street Budapest Springfield

Springfield is also a fashion apparel brand for men and women.Located on Vaci street,it is 2 mins walk from Vorosmarty square.

Right in front of Hardrock Cafe Budapest, the store has two portions.

The basement area of Springfield on Vaci Street Budapest is for men,while ground floor has men and women section.

HnM Store Vaci Street

Vaci Street Budapest HnM Store
Vaci Street Budapest HnM Store

The HnM store at Vaci street is the biggest store in terms of area as well as storeys in Budapest city center.In fact, it is like a mini plaza with luxurious interior design with various sections for men,women,boys,girls and kids.

The building consists of 3 floors with huge variety of clothes in each section.

It is a great place do to complete family shopping for clothes and accessories.The store is next to Hard Rock cafe Budapest and 4 mins walk from Vorosmarty square.

The opening times of HnM store at Vaci street are 10:00-21:00 or weekdays,and 10:00-19:00 on weekends.Top most floor is for kids,boys and girls shopping, while half of the middle floor is for men shopping.

One and half floors are dedicated to women section,while there is a Home accessories portion on 1st floor.

Zara Budapest Vaci Street

Budapest Zara store Vaci Street
Budapest Zara store Vaci Street

Zara is a must visit international shopping apparel brand in Vaci street Budapest.At Vaci Street, Zara Budapest has a 4 storey building.

Zara shopping store on Vaci Street is 5 mins walk from Vorosmarty square. In 2024,Zara Vaci Street Budapest opening times are from 10:00 to 21:00 during the weekdays,while on weekends it closed at 19:00. The Store is open on both Saturday and Sundays.

The underground floor for Zara Vaci Street is reserved for kids, while 3 storeys are just for women shopping.The top floor is reserved for men clothing.

Famous shops in Vaci Street

Moving further from Zara, you will find following shops on Vaci street.

  • Footlocker
  • Adidas
  • ECCO
  • Desigual
  • Reserved

Vaci Street Restaurants in Budapest

Vaci Street Budapest Restaurants
Vaci Street Budapest Restaurants

If you are walking from Vorosmarty square Budapest, towards the great market hall direction, you will find a mix of restaurants, souvenir shops, Burger King.

Here is a list of few restaurants on Budapest Vaci Street.

  • Marty’s Local Kitchen
  • Breakfast bistro
  • Red Pepper Etterem
  • Vapiano
  • St. Andrea Wine & Skybar
  • Pastaio
  • Burger King
  • McDonalds

McDonalds at Vaci utca Budapest is 6 mins walk from Vorosmarty square,as it is on another street crossing Vaci street.This area is full of restaurants with a wide range of variety, the prices and menus are written outside the shops. These restaurants are mostly quite expansive.

KFC is quite visible before you cross the road, while walking in the direction of Market Hall.

Crossing the main road will bring you to other part of Vaci utca which has less commercial brands but more souvenirs related shops. Many stores in this area were closed during covid time and have not recovered from the losses.

Vaci Street Budapest restaurants
Vaci Street Budapest restaurants

There are a lot of restaurants and wine shops. There are options to visit a musical concert in a church too.You can try ice cream, chips, tea and many more.

The prices are normally in HUF, but they accept euro and USD too.

In January and September, the sale season is on, and its a pretty good opportunity to buy clothes on best prices in Vaci Street of Budapest.At the end of the Vaci Utca you will see the great market hall, which is another key destination in Budapest.

Are Vaci Street restaurants expansive

In terms of food prices, Vaci street has some of the expansive restaurants in Budapest.

Off course, this is because it is one of the top walkable and shopping streets of Budapest.

However, if you plan to eat from International fast food chains, the prices may be acceptable as the prices of food items are same as in non-touristic areas of Budapest.