Birth Place of John Von Neumann in Budapest

Jon Von Neumann birthplace - unique place to visit budapest Hungary

If you have a little connection to computers,you must be excited to visit the Birth place of John Von Neumann in Budapest.

John von Neumann is a name that every kid has read in the computer history books.

But do you know that John Von Nuemann was a Hungarian.

His original name is Neumann János Lajos.

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Jon Von Neumann birthplace budapest
Jon Von Neumann birthplace Budapest

He was not only a great mathematician but a physicist, engineer and computer scientist.

He had great contributions to the field of Science,Math and physics.

Some even call him the father of the latest computers.

What if you get to know that the birth place of Jon Von Neumann is in Budapest.

Infact,he was borne in a building pretty close to the Budapest town center.i.e. Deak Ferenc Ter.

If you have already explored the Jewish Quarter Budapest, you can have a quick visit nearby.

Jon Von Neumann birth building
Jon Von Neumann birth building
Jon Von Neumann birth building

Well it may be a surprise that whether he was not borne in a hospital but an apartment building may be a mystery,but the carving outside the building does have a connection to Nuemanns early stay in the building.

One of the top attractions in Budapest is the Great Synagogue. If you plan to visit, make sure to book your Great Synagogue ticket in advance to avoid long queues.

The first few lines in Hungarian tells the fact that in this house, John Neumann was borne and lived for 18 years.

Whereas the lower part of the plate gives the English version.

Its a hidden place and not many will even notice it.

The building is located at Bathori Utca 26,however, it seems like an office held by a commercial company.

The place is 14 mins away from Deak Ferenc Ter (around 1 Km).

If you have been walking all day and want to come here by public transport, its worth to check Budapest Metro System.