Is 7th District of Budapest good for tourists?

Jewish Quarter of Budapest is located in the 7th district of Budapest.

As of 2024,it is the most happening district of Budapest.

Although the most happening day in Budapest is 20th of August when Budapest fireworks on St Stephens day are the biggest, and the whole city comes out to see the fireworks.

The key attractions aside from the Jewish architecture, restaurants, and buildings are Clubs, parties, nightlife and ease of access.

Either you are visiting Budapest for a few days or a week, walking along the Jewish district visit is a must in 2024.

If you are at the Deak Ferenc ter, the area on the opposite site, where the brown building is, is the Jewish District.

Jewish District Budapest - Budapest City Center Hungary
Jewish District Budapest – Opposite Budapest City Center Hungary

Dohany Street Synagogue – Jewish District Budapest

The main attraction in Jewish district is the Budapest Great synagogue, which is the biggest in Europe.

Its address is Budapest, Dohány u. 2, 1074.

The synagogue is 10 mins walk away from Deak Ferenc ter.

However,if you are coming from the other side, you can drop off at Astoria Metro station and walk towards it.

You can book a hop on hop off bus that will drop in front of Synagogue, while entry tickets to Synagogue can also be pre-booked here.

Great Synagogue Budapest
Great Synagogue Budapest

One of the top attractions in Budapest is the Great Synagogue. If you plan to visit, make sure to book your Great Synagogue ticket in advance to avoid long queues.

Rumbach Street Synagogue

Rumbach Synagogue Budapest
Rumbach Synagogue Budapest

The 2nd Jewish attraction in Budapest Jewish district is Rumbach Street Synagogue.

It is around 8 mins walk from Deak ferenc ter.

As it is not a huge one, walking on the streets, you may not notice it against the high wall buildings next to it.

It is essential to mark it on your map in order to not skip the beautiful marvel.

The synagogue is located at Budapest, Rumbach Sebestyén u., 1074.

Jewish district in Budapest is the oldest and most interesting part of Budapest and to know the history, make sure to join Budapest Jewish Heritage Tour.

Party at Gozsdu udvar in Jewish quarter of Budapest

For drinking and food, one of the major attractions is Gozsdu udvar, which is a long street full of bars and restaurants.

Either you visit in the afternoon or in the evening, it is full of tourists and specially the youngsters. Price of beer and food are average.

However, if you are looking for a party, then visiting after 10 pm is the best time.

The area around Gozsdu Udvar is a perfect place for youngsters looking for party. It is definitely advised to book a hotel or Hostel around Gozsdu Udvar.

Szimpla Kert in Jewish quarter

Another place to visit in the night is Szimpla Kert located at Budapest, Kazinczy u. 14, 1075.

It is a ruin pub, with full of all the scrape stuff put into various places, but the aura and overall look is intriguing.

At night, it is full of tourists, and hard to find a place.

It is also a must place to visit. You can have drinks as well as snacks.

It is a bit noisy inside, so you have to speak loudly for a better conversation. Entry to Szimpla Kert is free.

There is no dance floor, but only sitting places. There are no guards to check the ID cards for age restrictions.

At the Kazinczy street, where Szimpla Kert is located, there are small restaurants and pubs too, and you will notice groups of tourists and youngsters passing by.

Simpla Kert Budapest
Simpla Kert Budapest

Doboz Night club in Budapest Jewish district

Another major attraction in the Jewish District is Doboz, which is a nightclub, ruin club and bar. It has 4 big dance floors and very few places to sit and talk.

There is an entry fee which is around 5 dollars, however, you get a ticket that you can use to buy drinks.

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Entry is restricted to people above 18 and there are guards which check the ID cards.

Ruin Bars of Jewish district Budapest

Ruin Bars of Budapest
Ruin Bars of Budapest

You must be wondering what does ruin stands for.

Basically, Budapest city center has so many buildings which are in the shape of ruins, i.e. they needed a lot of renovation, or perhaps they should have been destroyed.

However, these buildings have been converted into pubs and bars which have a special feeling at night which is different from the modern clubs.

Hidden Gems and Surprises in Budapest Jewish district

Aside from the main attractions mentioned, the whole Jewish district is having hidden gems which are worth exploring through walking, instead of car.

Each street has special bars and cafés, which have a unique internal style and specialties.

At the nighttime, each place brings its own unique flavor and taste for the visitors and locals.

Budapest is famous for its ruin pubs,which provide a unique experience. If you are traveling with your friends,make sure to attend a Ruin pub crawl to visit the best ones.

Additionally, you must be aware, like any other European city center, there are some no parking streets, and you must be careful when coming by car.

Although on weekends parking is free, but if you park on the wrong place, you may be fined or even get your car locked if parked on the wrong place.

There are some parking plazas, which are expansive, but It’s worth to park there instead of taking risk for fine.

For exploring the Jewish District, if you have signed out of your accommodation, it is best to put your luggage to a storage place,which can be explored through RadicalStorage.

Parks in Jewish district of Budapest

For those looking for fresh air can find a couple of small parks. These are Kéthly Anna tér and
Klauzál tér.

For families looking for a playground for children in the Jewish district, there is one at Budapest, Király u. 23, 1077.

This is not visible in the Google Maps, however it’s a small playground for children with some playing activities.

Children park in Jewish District Budapest
Children park in Jewish District Budapest

Walkable Streets of Budapest

Kiraly Utca,Dob utca Wesselenyi Utca,and Donhany Utca, are the main streets which go in parallel in the Jewish district.

These are worth exploring by foot along with the streets connecting them.

These street are too much crowded during the day as well as nighttime.

Normally these streets are considered safe anytime of the year, however you should be careful in case there are some people trying to sell illegal things.

Traditional Jewish restaurants

One of the must-have thing in the Jewish district is to have the traditional Jewish food.

In front of the Dohany Synagogue, there are many Jewish restaurants.

Jewish district in Budapest is the oldest and most interesting part of Budapest and to know the history, make sure to join Budapest Jewish Heritage Tour.

Similarly, in Kiraly Utca, Wesselenyi Utca, and Dohany Utca, the side closer to Deak ferenc ter has a lot of places where you can try traditional Jewish Food.

How to reach Jewish Quarter Budapest?

Jewish quarter is right next to Budapest city center.
Hence, all you need to do is to reach Deak ferenc ter, which is easily accessible with Budapest underground metros as well as bus 100E.

The best option to visit Jewish quarter from Airport is to take  100E bus Budapest, which drops right at the boundary of Jewish quarter.

With Budapest Card,you can explore major attractions via public transport for free and get entry to multiple monuments with discounts.You can purchase it here.

Other option is to take 200E bus Budapest+Metro M3 combination where you should drop at Deak ferenc ter,and you will be few steps away from Budapest Jewish Quarter.

If you are coming to Nepliget Bus Station,you should take M3 Budapest metro, to reach Deak ferenc ter.

From Keleti Railway station, the best public transport options is to take underground Metro M2, which also stops at Deak Ferenc ter.

Have a look at the top places inside Jewish quarter if you have not booked your accommodation.