Cheap shopping in Budapest 2024 | Sales in Budapest 2024

shopping in Budapest

Budapest has a vast variety of international and local brands for any kind of shopping.

Many tourists coming to Budapest think that since it is part of Eastern Europe, the prices of goods will be cheaper than in other parts of the world.

It may be true in some cases, but in reality, the prices of majority of brands in Budapest are quite similar to their international pricing.Make sure that your luggage has enough capacity to bring back the shopping you will buy from Budapest. One such top notch brand is Horizn-Studios, which offers luggage with greats designs and big capacity. You can also get a 20% discount on purchase of any new luggage item by using code HSxBudapezt.

If you are looking for artistic historic 5 start hotels in Budapest, we recommend checking the following.

However, you can definitely check,is Zara is cheaper in Hungary?

In fact food prices in Budapest as well as shopping in Budapest demands fat wallets during normal circumstances.

Either you want to buy clothes,shoes,toys,electronics, there are selective places where you will find the brand of your choice.

Electronics,Cameras,mobile phones,laptops and tablets are quite expansive in Hungary,hence, its not a good idea to shop in Hungary.

For women and girls looking for jewelry,cosmetics,perfumes or lipsticks, you will find good options to explore.

Budapest best time for shopping

Cheap Shopping in Budapest
Cheap Shopping in Budapest

The best time to visit Budapest for shopping in summers is July-August 2024.The summer collection sales start at the first week of July and continue till last week of August.

Despite being the summer collection, you can still find the winter clothes.In winters, the best time to visit Budapest for shopping is Mid January-February.


The sales start with 80% price reduction during Budapest Christmas.

The prices come down to 60% by the end of January and up to 70% at the mid of February.

The mentioned time periods are the ones when the sales start at the major fashion outlets and prices go directly to 70,60,50% of the original price.

Budapest shopping price and sales


The prices of clothes in international shops reduce drastically every year during the sales season in Budapest.A 30$ jeans will be available for 25$ and 20$ within a matter of few weeks.

These can be even available for 6 to 10$ until the stock lasts.Normally, all the visitors to Budapest are visiting the town center, which is vorosmarty ter.

But if you happen to stay closer to any of the shopping mall in Budapest like Arena Plaza, Allee Mall, West End shopping Center or Arkad 2.

You can visit these plazas to have cheap shopping during the mentioned days.

This area has fashion outlets like H&M, C&A,Springfield, PullAndBear, Bershka, Tezenis, Zara and many more.You can buy bags, shoes, scarfs, pants, shirts, jackets and coats.

Details of the sales can also be checked on the websites of these brands.

What are the main shopping streets in Budapest?

Budapest clothing stores Vaci Street
Budapest clothing stores Vaci Street

Budapest has quite many streets for shopping, these are normally touristic shopping streets.

These shopping streets are originating somewhere from the Budapest City center which is Deak Ferenc ter.

There are 3 Main shopping streets in Budapest for tourists which are almost adjacent to each other.

These include

Hungarian parliament building is the most magnificent monument,which is a must visit. Walking around the building is free but entering requires a paid entry. Make sure to Book your parliament entry ticket in advance.

Budapest Fashion Street
Budapest Fashion Street

In Budapest around city center, if you are looking for local Hungarian fashion and vintage brands with medium prices, then you may explore the Jewish district in the following streets.

  • Kiraly Street
  • Wesselenyi Street
  • Dob Utca

What shops are there in Budapest?

For tourists looking for shopping in Budapest in 2024, there are all sorts of options available in the city center.

For example,starting form Vorosmarty square, you will find international fashion apparel brands in mid range on Vaci Street and Fashion street (Deak ferenc street).

Famous shops in these areas are ZARA,HM,C&A,SPRINGFIELD,BERSHKA,MASSIMO DUTTI,Lacoste,HUMANIC,SALAMANDER and some huge souvenirs shops.

Massimo Dutti store Budapest

Vaci street also contains quite many local fashion brands shops on Petofi Sandor street,which is adjacent to Vaci Street.These Hungarian outlets are as pricey as international brands.

Majority of watches stores in Budapest are located on Andrassy Avenue,along with High End shopping brands like G-STAR RAW.

Traditional Souvenir shops in Budapest City center are closer to Budapest, Váci u 31, 1052, while for a bigger variety, its better to visit Great Market Hall.

Is there Primark in Budapest?

Primark in Budapest is planning to open its store in Arena Mall in 2024.

If you are looking for a wide variety of clothes,cosmetics and shops which you find in Primark, you cannot find such a huge and affordable store in Budapest.

Alternates to Primark Budapest

Primark Alternative in Budapest
Primark Alternative in Budapest

As Primark does not exist in Budapest, you must be wondering,what are it alternatives in Budapest.

Two alternates to Primark in Budapest for cheaper shopping are PEPCO and KiK.

These brands are nothing in terms of size of the shops and the variety which is available in Primark.

Affordable apparel brands in Budapest

Budapest Shopping Brands
Budapest Shopping Brands

For affordable apparel brands in Budapest for year 2024, you should visit Kik or Pepco.

You can find clothes,shoes,etc for men,women,kids,girls and boys in the PEPCO and Kik, as well as household accessories.

Compared to primark, shops of these brands are quite small,only a single storey and there is not a huge variety of clothing and accessories.

The closest PEPCO near Deak ferenc ter is 400m walk with address PEPCO, Budapest, Károly krt. 20, 1051.

What should I buy in Budapest?

What to buy in Budapest
What to buy in Budapest

If you are looking to try traditional Hungarian food, you should try KurtosKolacs, langos, turo Rudi.

For buying high end Hungarian souvenirs, Herendi Porcelain, Ajka Crystals,Traditional Hungarian shirts,Dolls and Tokaji Aszu Wines can be good options.

Off course, you can buy T-shirts,plates,key chains,magnets, paprika, beer and coffee mugs from which are cheaper souvenirs in Budapest.

Is there a duty free shop at Budapest Airport?

Yes, there is a duty free shop at the Budapest airport terminals with many shopping options.

The Duty free shop in Budapest airport is not so huge,but can certainly take up to one hour to explore it.

You can buy chocolates,perfumes,cookies,cosmetics and alcoholic drinks at the Hungarian duty free shop.

Budapest Airport food options are quite many.

Are there shopping outlets in Budapest?

If you are looking for outlets from famous brands in Budapest city center, you will be utterly disappointed.

You may find a couple of random shops on Vaci Street and Fashion street claiming to be selling at factory prices,but they seem to be expensive.

There is no TKMaxx in Budapest or even in Hungary as of 2024.

However,the famous outlet area closer to Budapest is called PremiereOutlet,which has a huge outlets stores,more than 50 from various shopping brands.

Premier Outlet is far from Budapest,as it is not accessible by special public transport.

In fact, car is needed to reach there.

Where to go for Clothes shopping in Budapest?

Budapest Shopping Mall
Budapest Shopping Mall

If you are looking for clothes shopping,you can visit clothing shops in shopping malls of Budapest.Many Budapest Shopping malls are easily accessible by Underground metros of Budapest.

West End shopping Mall, Arena shopping center,Allee Mall and Arkad 2 Shopping malls have numerous brands for clothes.

In addition, you can visit Vaci Street,Fashion Street, Andrassy Avenue and Great Market Hall for souvenirs clothing shopping in Budapest.

Even if you visit a smaller clothing shop selling Chinese shoes or locally made clothes, they will not be cheap.

Where to do cheap shopping in Budapest?

Sales in Budapest
Sales in Budapest

Budapest if not the best place for buying electronics as these are quite expansive as of 2024.

Even with 20% and 30% discounts on electronic stores, the prices are pretty high for mobile phones,laptops,gadgets and watches.

For cheap souvenirs in Budapest, you can explore the Great market hall and some smaller shops along the ruin bars in Jewish District.

There are a couple of instances in a year, when branded clothes cheap shopping in Budapest is possible at Vaci street,Fashion street and Shopping Malls of Budapest.

It happens during the sales seasons,which are July-August and January-Februrary.

Otherwise, cheap shopping is possible in Budapest throughout the year at PEPCO,KiK and Decathlon shops.

What are Major Budapest Shopping Brands?

Budapest Shopping Brands
Budapest Shopping Brands

Budapest has variety of shopping brands,although not all can be found in the city center.

Major brands for shoe shopping in Budapest are Salamander,Humanic,CCC,Skechers,FootLocker,Deichmenn,GEOX,ECCO.

If you are looking to buy sports stuff, you will find Hervis Sports,Decathlon,SportsDirect,ADIDAS.

For fashion apparel brands in Budapest, some brands to mention are Superdry Store,Playersroom,G-Star Raw,SPRINGFIELD,PULLnBear,Bershka, Massimo Dutti,DESIGUAL,GANT, Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger.

If you are looking for brands for family shopping, H&M,CnA,ZARA,United Colors of Benetton and Reserved shops are located at majority of places.

You can buy cosmetics and perfumes in Budapest from Notino, Yves-Rocher,Rossmann,DM and Inglot, and The Body Shop.

Famous electronic stores in Budapest are Euronics and MediaMarkt with huge stores.

Top online electronic brands in Hungary include Alza, Emag, LaptopSalon.

Apple stores in Budapest are also present in various locations.

Major supermarkets in Budapest are ALDI,LIDL,TESCO,SPAR,penny, and Auchan.

Where to do luxury shopping in Budapest?

Luxury Shopping in Budapest
Luxury Shopping in Budapest

Andrassy Avenue in Budapest is the top recommendation for luxury shopping in 2024.

There are numerous watches stores, fashion apparel brands and luxury clothing stores on Andrassy Avenue.

The luxury shopping on Budapest Andrassy Avenue is recommended between Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út and Octogon Metro Stop for yellow metro.

Other options to do Luxury shopping in Budapest is to visit Arena Mall,and Arkad 2 plaza, which have medium to high class fashion shops.

Mom Park shopping plaza is one of the high end plaza with top luxury brands in Budapest,though it is a bit far from main city.

What are best shopping malls in Budapest?

Best Shopping Mall Budapest
Best Shopping Mall Budapest

Shopping plazas in Budapest are built with modern design and good quality to attract international shopping brands to open their outlets.

Top shopping malls in Budapest are

  • Arena Plaza
  • Arkad 2
  • Allee shopping center
  • West End Shopping Mall
  • Mom Park

Arena Plaza and Arkad 2 are quite huge and can be reached from Keleti Railway station with Budapest public transport.

West End shopping center is also a pretty big plaza with lot of shops,and is closer to Nyugati Railway Station.

Allee Shopping mall is a medium sized plaza but still has many options for doing all kind of apparel shopping.

You can reach Allee mall from Deak ferenc ter with tram in 45 mins,while watching the beautiful city.

Mom park is having pretty high end brands but is located a bit away from city.

Corvin mall is also a good option to visit for shopping,if you are in the 8th and 9th district.