Places to buy Cameras in Hungary in 2024

Camera Stores in Hungary

Coming to a new country like Hungary and buying a Camera in Budapest can be challenging.

In terms of finding camera shops,You will hardly find anything in English,whether it is a shop name or a sign board.

Are cameras in Budapest expansive?Where to buy camera in Budapest ? Where to buy the cheapest cameras in Budapest? are some of the questions that expats are trying to find answers,if they are looking to buy cameras in Budapest.

Additionally, if you would check with your Hungarian friends about camera shops in Budapest, not many will be able to tell.
Gone are the days when people would buy Analog cameras and take photos with legacy cameras.

However, nowadays,everyone has a smartphone,and not many people look into buying cameras and do not even think of knowing more about cameras.

Therefore, it would be solely up to you to find best camera stores in Budapest.

Getting a camera in Budapest can be a great idea if you are a vlogger. Even if you are not, if you have arrived in Budapest as student, getting good quality pictures and videos can be only possible with a good camera.

If you came with the family, think of buying a camera as you will find great events and beautiful places to take pictures of your family for your stay in Budapest. Taking photos in the day time with mobile camera may not be an issue in Budapest.

However, considering the beauty of Budapest at night, you would love to take high quality pictures which are only possible with a camera.

Just check the monuments like Heroes Square, Budapest Parliament, Budapest Gellert Hill and Buda Castle,and above all the chain bridge.
These monuments will convince you to buy a good camera and take memorable high quality pictures.

For foreigners and new comers to Budapest, it is almost impossible to find a camera shop in a plaza or while walking on streets.

For a quick check, you can visit Alza which provides good camera deals in Hungary and English Website for expats.

The reason is that if you buy camera in Budapest, you will get a warranty with it which can be claimed during upcoming years of your stay in Budapest. So, lets say you came for a 2 year study program in Budapest.

In case there is an issue with your camera, you can claim the warranty in Hungary,instead of traveling back to the other country where you thought of initially buying the camera.

Another good thing with buying cameras in Hungary is that, there are cashback options available for all the major brands including Sony,Canon,Nikon,and Panasonic.

Budapest camera Buying Challenges

Buying a camera in Budapest, you do not have to worry about the language of the cameras.
Unlike the laptops which come with Hungarian keyboard, cameras in Hungary don’t have such limitations.
Despite Hungarian being the primary language in Budapest,all international camera brands in Budapest support multiple languages which can be configured when you turn on the camera for the first time.

As Hungary is part of Eastern Europe, like many other products, camera Manuals in Hungary have primary language as Hungarian while other Eastern European languages are also present in the Manual.However, English Language Manual may not be there.

Another challenge some of you may face when buying cameras in Budapest is that Shopkeepers are not speaking English. Hence, communicating with camera shop representatives may be challenging.

Like other European countries promoting their languages, Hungarian language is promoted by majority of Hungarian camera stores. Therefore, make sure to select a camera store where you get a better customer service.

Camera brands in Budapest

Budapest has quite all the major camera brands available.

Here are the common camera brands that you will find in Budapest.

  1. Nikon
  2. Canon
  3. Sony
  4. Panasonic/Lumix
  5. FujiFilm
  6. Kodak
  7. Olympus

Camera stores in Hungary

Cameras are expansive devices which can come on a higher prices,therefore it is recommended to buy it from a big camera store. However, doing research online will save you considerable time before visiting a physical camera store in Budapest.

With the penetration of e-commerce, there are big websites selling cameras in Budapest while their warehouses are away from the main city.


Alza is the most expat friendly camera store in Budapest, as its one of the few stores which offer its website in English. Not only it is user friendly, even the customer service is top notch and in English. The quality of camera products is great as well as they are original. Alza provides you facility to select a camera online,and collect is from their stores in Budapest.

The good thing for buying cameras from Alza website is that it provides regular discounts,and has more than 10 brands of camera.You can your camera either delivered to ALZABox, to your home address or collect is personally on their physical store in Budapest XIII. – Róbert Károly krt. 54-58.


Tripont is another big online camera store in Hungary. It has a huge collection of cameras,lenses and photography equipment.

You will find cameras,lenses,and equipment at discounted price. Despite the fact that their website is in Hungarian, it is still worth to check the prices of your desired cameras,camera bodies and lenses before making a final decision.

MediaMarkt Hungary

One of the place to buy cameras in Budapest is MediaMarkt,which has big stores in major shopping plazas. MediaMarkt operates an online camera store as well as physical stores in many parts of Hungary.

The prices of camera in MediaMarkt are a bit high but it does give you luxury to check multiple camera brands from their display rooms.

MediaMarkt Hungary website is in Hungarian and can be challenging to navigate.Similarly, despite having huge stores.However,when buying cameras, it may be challenging for expats to communicate in English with the salesmen at MediaMarkt.

220volt Hungary

Another camera store in Hungary with many physical stores in Hungary is 220volt. 220volt has a very clean website for buying camera,but unfortunately it is still all in Hungarian.
However, the physical store has English speaking salesman who can be very helpful in deciding you the right product. camera store in Budapest is located at 1135 Budapest, Szegedi út 42-44..You can either buy camera in their shop or order it for home delivery.

Euronics Hungary

Another store where you can buy cameras in Hungary is Euronics. Euronics is an electronics store with a limited amount of cameras. It has website only in Hungarian,and could be challenging for foreigner to navigate without google translate.

However, Euronics is a trusted name and has around 5 physical stores in Budapest. You should visit Corvin Mall to buy cameras in Euronics.


EMAG is another trusted online store where you can buy wide variety of cameras. However,there prices of cameras and lenses are quite higher than other companies in Budapest.EMAG used to operate online, however, in recent times they have opened their physical stores too.

EMAG has one of the biggest collections of cameras and provide home delivery as well as in store collection. EMAG website is also in Hungarian hence, you need a google translator when buying cameras from it.