Do Hungarian taxis accept card in 2024?

Although you can live in Budapest with card only,while taxis are only exception where, sometimes, the card may not be the preferred medium of payment. This happens most of the time if you have picked a Budapest taxi on the street and it was a freelancer taxi.

On the other hand, if book a taxi in Hungary via phone or through the app, there is always an option to mention the card payment option.

Another thing to check when hiring a taxi from street is to ask the driver if they accept card payment.You can also check the stickers on the right back seat where the types of acceptable cards are visible.

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The best taxi fare calculators for Budapest are from KiwiTaxi and SunTransfers as you can book the taxis online without having to worry about cards acceptance.

Despite the fact that Uber Budapest does not exist,the majority of taxi companies accept various kinds of cards.

Fo Taxi Budapest accepted cards
Fo Taxi Budapest accepted cards

In 2024, More than 95% of taxis in Budapest accept card. These taxis belong to Suntransfers,KiwiTaxi,FoTaxi,CityTaxi,BestTaxi,and Bolt.

However, it is still a good practice to book a taxi through the app, as all working taxi apps in Budapest offer the facility to choose payment via card or cash.

Bolt app payment options in Budapest - card and cash
Bolt app payment options in Budapest – card and cash

Freelancer taxis in Budapest are not registered on any app, they are private taxis which are not working under any big company name.

Due to working as a single company, freelancer taxi drivers prefer cash over card,as there will be no history of such payment and they can avoid paying tax to the government.

If you are looking for an estimated taxi fare in Budapest, you can use the online fare calculator.

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