Is there a taxi app in Budapest?

Fo Taxi App Budapest

There are multiple taxi apps in Budapest. Around 5 of the 10 big taxi companies have their active apps available.There are others which do market their apps on the taxis but those apps never work.

As of 2024, the working taxi apps in Budapest are from FoTaxi,CityTaxi,Best Taxi,Taxi4 and Bolt. It is hard to recommend which taxi app from these is the best.

There is no single recommended taxi app in Budapest since the prices and quality of service by all apps from these taxi companies are quite comparable.

You should always use a taxi app when booking Budapest taxi,as it provides you the estimated fare of your journey. Additionally, you can also select the mode of payment,either it is cash or card.

The best taxi fare calculators for Budapest are from KiwiTaxi and SunTransfers.

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Budapest Taxi App

Each taxi company in Budapest offers their own taxi booking app.

Budapest Taxis apps can be downloaded for free.

Following companies offer taxi apps in Budapest.

  • City Taxi
  • Fo Taxi
  • 6×6 Taxi
  • BOLT
  • BesTaxi App

City Taxi Budapest App

Budapest City Taxi app
Budapest City Taxi app

City Taxi Budapest app has an overall rating of 3.2/5 as of 2024 on Google playStore.

It seems like during the COVID  time in Budapest, there were less people traveling and majority of people could not get a better quality of service through City Taxi app.

Taxis were getting cancelled and people were angry.Hence, the reason for lower rating.However, recent review of city taxi Budapest app in 2024 are more about ease of use.

The recent reviews mention that if you have a foreign sim card you cannot get sms code. So, be careful if you are coming as a traveler and use City taxi app with non-Hungarian SIM card.

Another user mentioned, because of the City taxi Budapest app update, his previously id created through phone number is  no longer working as now Email id is used for login.

To avoid such hassles,make sure you at least book a taxi in advance,either you are arriving to Keleti Train Station, or Budapest Airport.

The best taxi fare calculators for Budapest are from KiwiTaxi and SunTransfers.

We downloaded the app, it was in English and there was an option to use the fare calculator. With a Hungarian sim card, registration in app, receiving SMS and login to the app was done in 4 mins.

6×6 Taxi Budapest App

Budapest taxi app 6x6 taxi
Budapest taxi app 6×6 taxi

6×6 Budapest taxi app has an overall rating of 3.1 with around 10K+ download.

It seems the app is targeted for locals and not for foreigners,as all the review comments are in Hungarian. The app was last updated on 17 December,2020 which is around 2 years ago.

It seems like after COVID started, the budgets for app development for 6×6 taxi Budapest was halted and no update has been done since.

That is the reason that although 6×6 taxi app is there on app store, but once you download it, it keeps on crashing. So, not worth to download 6×6 taxi Budapest app.

Fo Taxi App Budapest

Fo Taxi App Budapest
Fo Taxi App Budapest

As being part of Budapest airport official taxi partner, Fo taxi does have a big name.

However, the Fo taxi app on play store has a pretty bad rating which is 2.6/5 with 100K plus downloads.

The recent 9 comments were assigning 1 out 5 rating with majority of issues related to SMS confirmation for foreigners. i.e. If you have a foreign sim card, you will not get SMS delivered to you.

With local Hungarian number, we registered with Fo Taxi app and it was a smooth procedure.

If you want to use the fare calculator with Fo Taxi, its a bit tricky,but option is definitely there.

Overall, FoTaxi app seems to be working smooth but you have to get use to it.

Bolt taxi App Budapest

Bolt Taxi App Budapest
Bolt Taxi App Budapest

There is a generic Bolt app which allows you to make an account in any country where you live.

When traveling to Budapest, you may use the same ID and order a taxi.Checking the reviews of Bolt App, you may get surprised by seeing over 50M plus downloads and overall 4.9 rating.

Also check can I use bolt in Budapest without app?

However,these reviews ratings are not for Bolt Budapest taxi app but the global Bolt App.Additionally we tried to check the written reviews on play store,but it seems they are not visible as scrolling down, it shows other relevant apps.

Bolt Taxi app is in English and tourist friendly, perhaps that is the reason of their higher ratings.Want to know do you tip taxi in Budapest.

Best Taxi App in Budapest

Best taxi app Budapest
Best taxi app Budapest

If you are an expat and plan to book taxi with a Budapest taxi app. The recommended one is Bolt,you can register here for a discounted first registration.

Bolt is the best taxi app in Budapest as you can register it with a foreign number and create the account before landing to Budapest.The app design is quite responsive and it has best reviews on play-store and apple store.

With other taxi company apps in Budapest, there are some glitches,that either they do not work after download or you cannot register with a foreign sim card.

The best taxi fare calculators for Budapest are from KiwiTaxi and SunTransfers.

Best Taxi App in Budapest

Without any doubt, the best taxi app in Budapest is the BOLT. However, if you are a foreigner in a different country and coming for the first time in Hungary, it is better to book your airport transfer online. It has been observed that for certain taxi apps there are glitches,where registering using a non-Hungarian number may not lead to successful registration.

Hence,we recommend to use online websites to book your airport transfer using KiwiTaxi and SunTransfers and check the suitable option.