What is the famous avenue in Budapest?

Andrassy Avenue Budapest

Andrassy Avenue (Boulevard) is the most famous boulevards of Budapest where tourists must walk for various attractions.

Since its birth till 2024,Budapest Andrassy Avenue has the same importance as Shanzelize of Paris.

The boulevard starts from the Deak Ferenc ter and ends at the Heroes Square,which is another historical monument in Hungarian culture.

Andrassy Avenue Names

Avenue is called Ut in Hungarian. Hence, the Hungarian name of Andrassy Avenue is Andrassy Ut.

Andrassy Avenue Location

Andrassy Ut Budapest
Andrassy Ut Budapest

Andrassy Avenue is located around the city center,closer to Deak Ferenc Ter.It stretches towards the Heroes Square at the other end of Budapest.

It is located in District VI of Budapest.If you are hanging around in the Jewish Quarter of Budapest, you will definitely find a way coming out towards Andrassy.

Andrassy Avenue Attractions

Budapest Opera Andrassy Avenue
Budapest Opera Andrassy Avenue

From big fashion brands selling clothes,shoes and watches, Andrassy Avenue attractions are not only limited to shopping in Budapest.

Budapest Opera House, Parisi BookStore,Liszt Ferenc Tér and Jókai Tér,Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music,Miniversum and Terror House Museum are some of the top Andrassy Avenue attractions.

Many of these attractions history is covered in the Andrassy Avenue walking tour.

The length of Andrassy is around 1.3 Miles (2.3 KM).

Although it is not a long distance but for Budapest visitors (who have limited time) should see only the top attractions which are populated at one end of the boulevard.

Another great experience to have on Andrassy Avenue is to onboard oldest Hungarian underground metro M1,yellow metro. The M1 metro goes underground in parallel to Andrassy Avenue till the Schechenyi Baths.

It can be a great idea to walk Andrassy Avenue in one direction, while take the Metro M1 on way back.

Andrassy Avenue Metro

Andrassy Avenue Metro Budapest
Andrassy Avenue Metro Budapest

To reach Andrassy Avenue, you can take either Budapest Metro M1,M2 or M3 to reach Deak ferenc ter and start your walking journey.

However, the metro which goes in parallel to Andrassy Avenue is M1 or yellow Metro.

It is an underground metro,which is 15 to 20 stairs deep.

If you feel tired,while exploring the Andrassy Ut, you can take M1 and move in towards Heroes Square or Deak Ferenc ter direction.

Also keep in mind that Neither of the metro stops on Andrassy have any lift,and only way to go up and down is through stairs on Budapest yellow Metro M1.

Andrassy Avenue Museums

Andrassy Avenue of Budapest does host many important Museums.

The most famous one is the House of Terror Museum,which is famous for depicting life during world wars.

If you are traveling to Budapest with kids, then, Miniversum Model Train Museum is a perfect place to visit.

For visitor s interested in Musical History of Budapest, there is a great museum worth visiting called Zoltán Kodály Memorial Museum.

Additionally, there is Budapest Puppet Theater which can be a fun place for families to have great time in Budapest.

Andrassy Avenue Safety

Andrassy Avenue safe at night
Andrassy Avenue safe at night

Just like majority of Budapest, Andrassy Avenue is one of the safest areas to walk in the day as well as midnight.

Either you are visiting Budapest in Summers,or winters,each season is great to walk on the sidewalks of Andrassy.

The sidewalks on Andrassy Utca have greet belts next to them as well as benches for sitting.

Andrassy Street Christmas lights

Andrassy street is decorated with lights a few weeks before the Christmas.

There are special lights put on the trees as well as installed on regular intervals.

The lighting starts from Deak ferenc ter and continues till Heroes square,where Andrassy ends.

It can be a good idea to drive on Andrassy to have the taste of Budapest Christmas.

Andrassy Street Parking

As Andrassy Street is pretty wide,3 lane road with a 4th one used for parking.

There is definitely a good amount of parking spots along the Andrassy Avenue.

However, it may be hard to find parking in Budapest Andrassy on weekends as it is free on public holidays as well as weekends.

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Andrassy Street Attractions close to Heroes Square

Andrassy street ends at the Heroes square. The area around Heroes square has lot of attractions.

  • Two Museums
  • A lake
  • City Park (A huge public park)
  • A castle museum
  • Budapest zoo
  • Budapest Circus
  • Széchenyi Thermal Bath.

Is Andrassy on Buda or Pest Side?

Budapest Andrassy Avenue is on the pest side.

If you are coming from the Buda side, the best option is to take a bus from Clark Adam square which drops you at Deak ferenc ter,and from there you can walk towards Andrassy.

Is shopping at Andrassy Expansive?

Andrassy Avenue in Budapest hosts the top tier luxury brands and is definitely famous for high priced items.

Despite having international brands, you may find local brands which are as expansive as others.

Is Andrassy and Fashion street same?

Andrassy Aveneue is completely different from Fashion street.

Although both originate closer to Deak ferenc ter.

Fashion street is just for pedestrians and no vehicles are allowed,whereas, on Andrassy there are sidewalks next to 3 lane road.
Andrassy avenue hosts one of the most expansive brand shops,while on fashion street the brands range from mid to top tier range.