Places to buy tablets in Budapest

Places to buy tablets in Hungary

Coming to a new country like Hungary and buying a tablet in Budapest can be a difficult exercise. Specially in a country where everything is mostly in Hungarian,and sometimes, the customer service representatives are rarely speaking English.

Where to buy tablet in Budapest ? Are tablets in Budapest expansive? Where to buy the cheapest tablets in Budapest? are some of the questions that expats are trying to find answers.

Additionally, as you are in a foreign land and don’t have many friends,being a new entrant, and do not know who can recommend you good places to buy tablet. You would be wondering what are the best tablet stores in Budapest?

One of the challenges that foreigners face when moving to Hungary is where to buy tablets. Specially, if you are a student coming to Hungary for study or you want to buy a spare tablet for a family member,it could be a good idea to buy a new tablet in Budapest.

For a quick check, you can visit Alza which provides good tablet deals in Hungary and English Website for expats. Additionally, LaptopSzalon is another great online discount tablet store in Budapest with great prices and variety.

The reason is that if you buy tablet in Budapest, you will get a warranty with it which can be claimed during upcoming years of your stay in Budapest. So, lets say you came for a 2 year study program in Budapest.

In case there is an issue with your tablet, you can claim the warranty in Hungary,instead of traveling back to the other country where you thought of initially buying the tablet.

Budapest tablet Buying tips

Buying a tablet in Budapest, you do not have to worry about the language of the tablets.Unlike the laptops which come with Hungarian keyboard, tablets in Hungary don’t have such limitations.

Despite Hungarian being the primary language in Budapest,all international tablet brands in Budapest support multiple languages which can be configured when you turn on the tablet for the first time.

As Hungary is part of Eastern Europe, like many other products, tablet Manuals in Hungary have primary language as Hungarian while other Eastern European languages are also present in the Manual.However, English Language Manual will not be there.

Another challenge some of you may face when buying tablets in Budapest is that Shopkeepers are not speaking English. Hence, communicating with tablet shop representatives may be challenging.

Like other European countries promoting their languages, Hungarian language is promoted by majority of Hungarian tablet stores. Therefore, make sure to select a tablet store where you get a better customer service.

Here are some additional tips for tablet purchase in Budapest.

Tablet price

For buying a tablet in Budapest, you should identify how much you are willing to spend on a tablet before you start shopping.For buying tablets in Budapest, forget about Euros or USD.

Instead, think in terms of Hungarian forints,as all prices in Budapest tablet stores are in HUF. This will help narrow down your options and ensure that you don’t overspend.

The budget to buy a new tablet in Hungary can vary from 25000 HUF to 1200000 HUF.
As the majority of websites are in Hungarian, the price is normally written as Ar, or Arak. You should look at the netto arak,when buying tablets online in Budapest, as Netto means the gross price.


Size does matter when you are buying a tablet in Hungary or anywhere in the world. As Tablets are used by many for watching videos, or reading ebook, the size of the table is something that you should definitely think about.

At some Hungarian sites, you will see dimensions of the tablet,called Méretek (Szé / Ma / Mé) (widht,height,depth)and weight called Súly. In addition, the diagonal length of the tablet is mentioned,which is called Képernyőátló in Hungarian.


Another important factor when buying tablets in Budapest is the battery capacity which is measured in mAH.If you need a tablet with longer battery,select the ones which are having 4000 mAH to 5000 mAH.

As Budapest has lots of events and you may like to take pictures when you are out for a walk.
For checking battery capacity of a tablet you should look for the parameter Akkumulátor kapacitás, which means battery capacity.


In Budapest tablet stores, you will find options to buy tablets with a front and a back camera.
If you have already decided a specific tablet, the next thing is to find the store where it is available.
Older versions of tablets may be cheaper but come with older camera functions.

In Hungary, Samsung, Huawei, XIAOMI and Apple tablets are the famous tablet brands and no doubt, they are famous for their various qualities.

Back camera is called Hátsó kamera, while front camera is called Előlapi kamera.Camera resolution is called felbontása in Hungarian.

Network support

If you want to use a sim in your tablet, make sure to check if it supports any network such as 5G or LTE.

Accessories with the tablet

Make sure to check the accessories coming with the tablet box. Such options can be checked in Doboz tartalma option.


Like any other tablet, one important item to check is the charging connector, whether it is USB or USB-C. The connection of tablets in Budapest online stores can be checked in line of Csatlakozók.

Tablet processor and RAM

Make sure before buying the tablet in Budapest that it has good processor enough RAM to meet your needs. Specially if you are buying for playing games, processor and RAM of your tablet plays a key role. The RAM in Hungarian is called Memóriaméret at some online tablet stores in Budapest.


Another important factor when buying tablet in Budapest is to check what is the internal memory of the tablet.Whether an external memory card can be inserted.In case of an external memory card possibility, check about the maximum capacity of memory card called Memóriakártya max. kapacitása in Hungarian.

Check tablet Reviews

Before the tablet purchase in Budapest, make sure to check the exact model which meets your requirements.Then, check on google whether this tablet is also released in other markets, like Middle East,North America or India.

Although you will buy the tablet from a Hungarian tablet store, it is still worthy to check the reviews of the same tablet model in other countries.

If you find reviews,be sure to read reviews from other customers to get an idea of the pros and cons of different tablets.

Check Multiple online Stores

Once you have selected a tablet that meets your requirements, its better to check its prices on multiple international stores online.

Don’t be afraid to compare prices at Hungarian tablet stores as well as international online retailers. This can help you get the idea whether there is a huge price difference in buying tablets from Hungary or abroad.

Let us say you found a tablet online, but don’t know how it feels in your hand, you may visit a store with physical presence and check it there. However, for ordering you can still order it online from another store if it is offering a good price different.

Buying tablet from a big store

Make sure you buy your tablet from a reputable tablet seller in Hungary.

Either you want to order a tablet online or from a a store,make sure to check the famous brand. This will help ensure that you get a high-quality tablet and that you have some recourse if there are any problems with the tablet.

Tablet brands in Budapest

Budapest has quite all the major tablet brands available.

Here are the common tablet brands that you will find in Budapest.

  1. Apple
  3. Huawei
  5. Cubot

Tablet stores in Hungary

Tablets are expansive devices which can come on a higher prices,therefore many buyers prefer buying from a big tablet store. However, doing research online will save you considerable time before visiting a physical tablet store in Budapest. tablet stores in Budapest can be mostly located in Shopping plazas, while some of them exist on major Budapest Roads.


Alza Store Budapest
Alza Store Budapest

Alza is the most expat friendly tablet store in Budapest, as its one of the few stores which offer its website in English. Not only it is user friendly, even the customer service is top notch and in English. The quality of tablet products is great as well as they are original. Alza provides you facility to select a tablet online,and collect is from their stores in Budapest.

The good thing for buying tablets from Alza website is that it provides you the option about 5G availability,and fast delivery on each listing, aside from the other filtering criteria.

You can your tablet either delivered to ALZABox, to your home address or collect is personally on their physical store in Budapest XIII. – Róbert Károly krt. 54-58.


LaptopSzalon is another great Hungarian store which offers a wide variety of tablets. It is has only one physical store located in Pecs city. However, delivery is done all around Hungary.

The delivery charges for anything including tablets are 1000 huf per delivery,however, delivery is free if you order anything over 500000 HUF. Click here for checking the wide range of tablets on LaptopSzalon.

One challenge with LaptopSzalon is their website in Hungarian, however, using google translator, you can easily get the required info in English. Their physical store address is

Laptopszalon – Pécs ,7624 Pécs, Ifjúság útja 11.

The store is open between 8 and 17 on Weekdays. LaptopSzalon Phone number is +36203679498 while email address is

MediaMarkt Hungary

One of the place to buy tablets in Budapest is MediaMarkt,which has big stores in major shopping plazas. MediaMarkt operates an online tablet store as well as physical stores in many parts of Hungary.
The prices of tablet in MediaMarkt are a bit high but it does give you luxury to check multiple tablet brands from their display rooms.

MediaMarkt Hungary website is in Hungarian and can be challenging to navigate.Similarly, despite having huge stores, it may be challenging for expats to communicate in English with the salesmen at MediaMarkt.

BestByte Hungary

BestByte Budapest
BestByte Budapest

Another tablet store in Hungary with many physical stores in Hungary is BestByte. The website of Bestbyte has a very clean interface for buying tablet,but unfortunately it is still all in Hungarian.\
However, the physical store has English speaking salesman who can be very helpful in deciding you the right product.
BestByte tablet store in Budapest is located in Allee Mall.You can either buy tablet in their shop or order it for home delivery.

Euronics Hungary

Another store where you can buy tablets in Hungary is Euronics. Euronics is an electronics store with wide variety of tablets. It has website only in Hungarian,and could be challenging for foreigner to navigate without google translate.

However, Euronics is a trusted name and has around 5 physical stores in Budapest. The main store is in Corvin Mall with address 1082, Budapest, Futó u. 37-45.

TESCO Hungary

Tesco Hungary Mobile Store
Tesco Hungary Mobile Store

TESCO is a big supermarket in Hungary. Although it has bigger variety of grocery items,but it does serve a limited range of tablets during certain times.

The good thing about buying tablets from Tesco Hungary is that they have a pretty good return policy. For any kind of issues or warranty claims, they are pretty consumer friendly. However, there is one issue,that you will hardly find any English speaking salesman.

It is hard to find tablets on Tesco Hungary website,however, you may find tablets in limited stores of Tesco.You can visit Tescos in Arena Mall and Pilango Utca for tablet Shopping.


EMAG Store Hungary
EMAG Story Hungary

EMAG is another trusted online store where you can buy wide variety of tablets. EMAG used to operate online, however, in recent times they have opened their physical stores too.

EMAG has one of the biggest collections of tablets and provide home delivery as well as in store collection. EMAG website is also in Hungarian hence, you need a google translator when buying tablets from it.