Where to buy cosmetics in Budapest in 2024?

Cosmetics Stores in Budapest

If you are visiting Budapest as a tourist or planning to live as an expat, you would be wondering where to buy Makeup in Budapest, What are the cosmetics stores in Budapest, What are the prices of Makeup in Budapest.

Budapest is a great place to visit for women shopping,either you are in Vaci Street,Andrassy Avenue or visiting any shopping mall in Budapest. You will find wide variety of stores for women shopping in Budapest.These stores are not limited to clothing but luggage,shoes,souvenirs,jewelry,sports goods and electronics stores.

Also check if there is Sephora in Budapest Hungary.

In Budapest you will find a wide variety of Makeup brands and cosmetics stores. There are a lot of cosmetics brands depending upon your liking,budget,location and personality.Make sure to bring a compact luggage and travel bags to take back the makeup shopping from Budapezt. You can design your custom luggage on Horizn-Studios and get a flat discount of 20% by using HSxBudapezt code.

Either you are looking for a high end cosmetics or basic makeup kits, you will find the options to buy it in Budapest. For a quick check of cosmetics in Budapest, you can visit the following websites

Cosmetics Brands in Budapest

Cosmetics Brands in Budapest
Cosmetics Brands in Budapest

You will find international as well as local cosmetics brands in Hungary. You will find world renowned cosmetics brands like MAC,Anastasia Beverly Hills,Bobbi Brown,Bourjois,Clarins,Clinique,Estee Lauder,Giorgio Armani,INGLOT,Isadora,LOreal Paris,Lancome,Morphe,Semilac, NYX and Yves Saint Laurant. On the other hands, there are store selling mid range Makeup in Hungary.

There are also cheaper cosmetics brands in Hungary which are lesser known in other parts of the world.

However, in terms of variety, there are makeup sets,skin powders, foundations,fixing sprays/powers and primers in the skincare category.Additionally there are over 100s of options available in beauty categories involving eye,nails,eyebrows and brushed.

For international delivery of cosmetics from top brands, you should visit eCosmetics.

Cosmetics prices in Budapest

Cosmetics prices in all stores in Budapest are mentioned in Local currency.i.e. Forint. However, if you are buying it from the physical store or online store, you can choose the currency you want to pay in.

Cosmetics prices in Budapest are cheaper at some online stores like Yves Rocher,Notino,Brasty and Douglas, while buying it from a physical store can be expansive.However, if you are not sure about the cosmetics brand you want to buy, or you want to try a new brand, its always the best option to go to a store and buy it physically.

The lower range cosmetics brands in Budapest have prices from 8 USD to 40 USD, and are available from stores like Douglas,Notino,Alza,Rossman and DM.

Mid to High range Makeup brands in Budapest can be explored at Parfimo,Brasty,Notino,Douglas,Alza and Mueller stores.

The prices of international makeup brands at Budapest Duty Free shop are not much different from what you find normally in cosmetics stores in Budapest.Additionally, there are no lucrative offers like you find in Dubai or Qatar Airport.

Cosmetics Discounts in Budapest

Cosmetics Discounts in Budapest
Cosmetics Discounts in Budapest

If you are looking for discounted cosmetics prices in Budapest, it is best to check the online websites of Yves Rocher, Parfimo,Notino,Douglas and Brasty.
They have regular offers coming throughout the year and you can buy at the right time.

For apparel brands Makeup from H&M,and Bershka you can find good discounts during the sales season in January/February and August/September.

There are certain brands in Hungary,which are even cheaper to a level that you can buy without any discounts.The economical cosmetics brand stores are NYX,FitMe,Ziaja,Gosh Copenhagen,LoReal Paris and Max Factor.

Online cosmetics stores in Budapest


If you are a resident and want to buy a cosmetics from a trusted store, it is always good to check online cosmetics stores in Hungary. You can get an estimated price of your favorite cosmetics online,even without visiting a physical store.

Either you are looking for foundation,face powder,concealer,blush,highlighters or makeup removers, you will find a good variety in online cosmetics stores in Budapest.

Best online stores for buying cosmetics in Hungary are Yves Rocher,Parfimo,Brasty,Notino,Alza,and Douglas.

Cosmetics stores worth checking which deliver to Hungary without being present in Hungary are eCosmetics and Allies of Skin.

ALZA online cosmetics store

Alza is a famous online store for ordering makeup in Hungary. Although not advertised for, it does have a good variety of makeup.

At Alza,there are limited brands of Makeup with prices ranging from 5 USD to 105 USD for over 50 makeup brands.

The biggest variety of makeup at Alza is from DERMACOL,MAYBELLINE NEW YORK,LoReal Paris,Bourjois,Max Factor,Revolution,Rimmel London and ESTÉE LAUDER.

One advantage of buying cosmetics from ALZA is that it has an English website,which is easier for English speaking expats.You can order a wide range of Makeup from Alza and get it delivered to your home address or any box, to collect it later.

There is also a possibility to collect it from their stores,which are only a couple in Budapest.

Notino online cosmetics Store


Notino has been an online store selling beauty products for many years in Hungary.
Although it started as an online store, it has opened a couple of physical stores.

Notino cosmetics store in Hungary offers facial care,eyebrow care,eyelash and eye care products . You will also find a wide variety of face masks,facial peels,lip care/toning and sun-bathing products.

As Notino has strength in online cosmetics business,it is definitely a great site to order Makeup.
Only challenge is that it has a Hungarian website. However, for best online cosmetics prices in Budapest,without any doubt, the best choice is Notino.

Douglas Online cosmetics store

Biggest online makeup Stores in Hungary
Biggest online makeup Stores in Hungary

Although you can find Douglas cosmetics stores all around Budapest,there is also an option to order Makeup online. Douglas website is also in Hungarian,and can be challenging for English speakers to order from here. However, if you are looking to check discounts, online checking is still better before buying it from the store.

Douglas Budapest online cosmetics store has a complete portfolio of makeup.

You can buy lipsticks,lip balms,lip gloss,skin powders,blush,eye shadows,mascaras,eye pencils and all sort of makeup accessories from Douglas store. Douglas has cosmetics from international brands,while it also sells its own makeup kits in various varieties.

Yves Rocher online store

Yves Rocher is another French cosmetics and skin care company which has been operating in Hungary for long time. They have their own range of cosmetics products in lower to mid range pricing category.

Yves Rocher online store is a great way to check their wide range of skin,face,body,hair care and make up products.

Parfimo online store

One great website for buying cosmetics in Hungary, is Parfimo. It has not done much marketing for itself but the range of makeup,skincare and perfume varieties it has, it is definitely worth to check the wide range of cosmetics products.

Parfimo does not have a physical store but do offer mother and child care products in additional to traditional beauty products in Hungary. You can visit their website at Parfimo.

Lavender products store

If you are looking for lavender cosmetics and skincare products, its a bit difficult to find shops selling in bigger plazas. On Vaci street, there may be an odd shop selling Lavender profucts in Budapest. However, for checking online shops for Lavener profucts, you can visit LavenderTihany.

Makeup stores in Budapest

Makeup Stores in Budapest
Makeup Stores in Budapest

In Budapest, there are all sorts of stores to buy Makeup. You can buy Makeup in cosmetics stores, stores from international brands as well as the duty free shop at Budapest airport.

There are certain cosmetics stores which are dedicated to improve the buyers experience,while some are offering broader range of beauty products.

Douglas cosmetics Store

Biggest Cosmetics Store in Hungary
Biggest Cosmetics Store in Hungary

Douglas is a beauty products chain in Hungary,which deals with the top quality international cosmetics brands. There is a huge dedicated section every Douglas store in Budapest,where you can test and try the Makeup of your choice.

As Douglas also deals with other beauty products, there are dedicated representatives,who may help you in finding the cosmetics of your choice.

Douglas cosmetics stores in Budapest can be found in every big shopping plaza in Budapest. e.g. in Arena Mall, Allee Mall, Arkad 2 mall,West End shopping mall and Vaci Street.

If you have limited time in Budapest and want to buy Cosmetics, the best option would be to visit Douglas store in Vaci Street.

If you are a residing in Hungary, you can also order Makeup online from the Douglas website,and also check the offers and available variety of Makeup.

Minimum price of a cosmetics at Douglas starts around 50-60 USD,hence, if your budget is low, visiting Douglas is not a good option in Budapest.

Famous International cosmetics brands at Douglas Hungary are Anastasia Beverly Hills,Art Deco,Bobbi Brownn, Clarins,Clinique,DIOR BACKSTAGE,Dr Irena Eris,Estee Lauder,Florence By Mills,Giorgio Armani,GOSH Copenhagen,Guerlain,IT Cosmetics,Jeffrey Starr,Isadora,LOreal Paris,Lancome,Max Factor, Maybelline,Morphe,NYX,Semilac,Sensai,Shiseido,Yves Saint Laurent,Ziaja.

Notino cosmetics Store

Notino Makeup store Budapest Arena Plaza
Notino Makeup store Budapest Arena Plaza

Notino is another big store in Hungary,which is mainly famous for its perfume variety.
It is one of the biggest perfume stores in Budapest, however, has a wide variety of cosmetics just like Douglas.

Notino does not have many physical stores in Budapest. There are only 2 physical stores of Notino in Budapest. The best option for visitors is to check their website, or visit their cosmetics store in Arena Mall. The other Budapest cosmetics store of Notino is in Mammut 2 shopping mall which is a bit far from the city center.

The biggest variety of makeup at Notino are from Lancome,NYX,Estee Lauder,SHiseido,Elizabeth Arden,Alcina,Anastasia Beverly Hills,Ardell,ARD DECO,Astra Meke-up,Avon,Barry M, Benefit, BioNike, Bobbi Brown,BrushArt, Catrice,Clinique, da Vinci, Delia Cosmetics, Diego Dalla Palma,Dior, Essence, Eveline Cosmetics,Gosh, Jeffree Start, SLAM, Lovely, Luvia,MAC,Makeup Revolution, Maybelline,Mesauda Milano, NARS, MUA Makeup Academy,NeoNail, Orlane,and 3INA. However, you can find 100s of Makeup from other brands too.

Based on our experience, prices of Makeup are a bit less on Notino compare to Douglas for the same cosmetics product. Although the physical store of Notino is a bit smaller compared to Douglas,and hence, you may find a greater cosmetics variety in Douglas.

Yves Cosmetics Store

If you want to buy Yves Cosmetics products in Budapest, you are lucky. It has a store in every big plaza in Budapest.

Yves stores in Budapest are selling their own range of beauty products,including perfumes,face care /skind care creams and powders,eye care products as well as hair care products.

Yves cosmetics stores are of good size and present in Vaci Street,Arkad 2, Mammut, Allee , Arena, Duna Plaza and Corving Plaza.

Sales representatives in Yves Stores of Budapest do speak English.

DM cosmetics Store

Affordable Beauty Store in Budapest
Affordable Beauty Store in Budapest

DM also known as drogerie markt is another store where you can find the Makeup in Budapest. The Makeup variety in DM Hungary falls in the lower to mid range category. The good thing about DM is that their cosmetics stores are available in every second corner of Budapest.

If you have a limited budget to buy cosmetics in Budapest, you can get it from DM.
Although prices for Makeup are higher in DM even for a less expansive brand, you will still find 25 to 50 % discount on random occasions

The prices of Makeup in DM Hungary range from 8 USD to 30 USD. If you are looking for international brands with prices on higher end, DM is not the right place.

Although DM has an online website,but its better to buy cosmetics from their physical store.

DM store in Hungary also sells Korean cosmetics from Beauty of Joseon,Benton,Cosrx,Etude House,Farmstay,Mediheal,Missha,MIZON,PAX MOLY,Purito,Pyunkang Yul,The SAEM,TonyMoly,Wooshin Labottach.

Rossman cosmetics Store

Rossmann Cosmetics store Budapest
Rossmann Cosmetics store Budapest

Rossman is another store in Budapest where you can find variety of Makeup. Rossman Hungary also has a variety of cosmetics in the low to mid range. The price range of Makeup in Rossman is between 10 and 35 USD.

You can find Rossman cosmetics stores at various locations in Budapest.Almost every big plaza in Budapest has a Rossman with cosmetics section. The cosmetics variety at Rossman is not so different from what you find at DM Hungary.

At Rossman stores in Budapest, you may have language challenges as some sales people do not speak English.

There is a Rossman Store 5 minutes walk from Keleti Station in Budapest,where you can buy makeup if required.

Pupa Milano

Pupa Milano is another famous women cosmetics brand in Hungary which is expanding at a quick speed. Pupa has a good variety of makeup ranging from low to mid range category.

Pupa stores in Budapest are located in Arena Plaza,Corvin Plaza,Arkad 2 and Mammut 2 shopping malls.

Clinique Cosmetics


Clinique is a cosmetics brand that is considered in the mid range price. Although its products are sold on different cosmetics stores, but it has also opened some physical stores.their physical stores are located in Vaci Street,Arena Plaza and West End Shopping center.

The cosmetics prices in Budapest for Clinique are ranging from 15 USD to 120 USD.

Mueller cosmetics Store


Mulller store also have a huge variety of Makeup in Budapest. Although there are limited physical stores in Muller but there are dedicated huge section associated to Makeup.
Muller cosmetics stores in Budapest are located on Vaci Street,in Corvin Plaza and Blaha Lujza ter in a shopping mall.

Mueller is an expansive store,but there are discounts available sometimes.
If you are looking for low to high end Makeup variety in Budapest, you should visit Mueller store.

Mueller website does not have a list of items sold,therefore, best is to visit the store.

Tesco Stores Makeup

Cosmetics in Budapest TESCO
Cosmetics in Budapest TESCO

You can find a very limited variety of Makeup in Tesco Super Markets. In Budapest, there are quite many big Tesco Store, where there is cosmetics variety in the lower range.

TESCO does not offer higher end cosmetics options.


Nyx Cosmetics products in Budapest
Nyx Cosmetics products in Budapest

NYX cosmetics had opened their physical store in multiple plazas in Budapest around 2015.However, they closed it after few years. As of 2024, there is no NYX physical store in Budapest.pup

Nowadays, you can find multiple stores in Budapest selling NYX cosmetics. These include Rossman,Douglas and Notino.

Bershka Makeup

Bershka stores in Budapest are mainly focusing on apparel for boys and girls, but they also have a very limited variety of Makeup in some stores. Specially the Bershka Stores in Vorosmarthy Square and Arena Plaza do offer limited makeup variety. Bershka stores are selling their own makeup,and not from any other vendor.

Cheap Cosmetics stores


If you are looking to buy cheap Makeup in Budapest, you have multiple options.
You can visit Parfimo,Notino/ALZA websites and Rossman/DM stores to have a view of low to mid range makeup brands.

International Cosmetics Stores


The most famous stores for buying international cosmetics in Budapest are Yves Rocher, Parfimo,Brasty,MAC,Pupa Milano,Notino and Douglas.