How to do Budapest sightseeing with trams

Budapest SightSeeing Tram

From Budapest Castle to Fisherman Bastion,and Gellert Hill and Great Market Hall to the Hungarian Parliament, you will find spectacular sightseeing opportunities in Budapest.Not to forget the Andrassy Avenue which takes you through the revolutionary historical landmarks of Hungary.

Do you want to explore Budapest on bus and trams with best sights?
Are you looking for economical way for sightseeing in Budapest?
Do you want to explore Budapest city on your own?

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You are at the right place, as Budapest is pretty much see-able through the public transport,trams,buses and metros.
There are numerous buses and trams which can show different faces of Budapest. Adding on top are the guided Hop on Hop Bus tours,RiverRides and Danube cruises to explore Budapest from a unique perspective.

Sightseeing in Budapest

The sights you see and attractions you visit in Budapest depends upon various factors like, time,budget,and the mode of transport you plan to choose.

With Budapest river cruises, which can range from 20 mins to 3 hours , you can have a memorable time seeing the Budapest attractions along Danube in a unique way.Attractions along Danube are Gellert Hill,Buda Palace,Fishermen Bastian,Chain Bridge and Budapest Parliament.However,since Budapest is not like Amsterdam or Venice,hence, you will still need to get the real taste of city by exploring the land through food or a vehicle.

With Hop on Hop off tours in Budapest, you have the luxury of dropping off near the top attractions,walk around and then take the bus again to visit the next attraction.It can be a good option to explore Budapest top attractions with Hop on Hop Bus or BigBus Tours,if you have limited time. The good news is that Hop on Hop off Budapest and BigBus Budapest,both operate in Budapest.

Many young visitors in Budapest prefer to book a bicycle or a scootie to for city sightseeing in Budapest.The scooties available from local companies are not cheap,but definitely provide a better alternate if you do not like to walk.

Either you are willing to do Budapest sightseeing to visit the top Budapest attractions, or want to have a Budapest City tour without booking a Danube Cruise or Hop on Hop off bus, you need to keep track of a few trams and bus from the public transport.Here are the best sightseeing routes in Budapest.

To summarize, you can perform sightseeing in Budapest through following ways.

  • Walking
  • Renting a scootie
  • Renting a bicycle
  • Danube cruise
  • Renting a car
  • Hop on Hop off Bus / Big Bus Budapest
  • Budapest Public transport

Budapest sightseeing Route

As Budapest is a big city, tourist may get overwhelmed with the number of routes they can take when exploring the city.The city has various historical landmarks distributed among different locations.

As Budapest is built around the famous Danube river, majority of historical landmarks are built along the river. If you just start walking from the Freedom Bridge till the Margaret Bridge along the river, you will cover the major sights. But that is not all, to see the main Avenue of Budapest, you need to walk along Andrassy Avenue. Then there are areas belonging to the old city that is still in a good shape and worth exploring.

You can have city tour in Budapest using a Budapest Card,where you are traveling on your own, or through a hop on hop off bus tour.

The sightseeing routes in Budapest can be classified as the following,based upon the public transport.

  • Tram 2 for best sightseeing along Danube River on Pest side.
  • Tram 41 and 17 running along Buda side, to see attractions on the Pest side.
  • Tram 47,48,and 49 passes through a famous bridge,Jewish District and City center.
  • Tram 6 and 4 route in Budapest is good to get the taste of normal city life in Budapest.
  • Budapest Bus 105 to see the architecture along Andrassy Avenue and reaching Heroes Square
  • Bus 74 Budapest route passes through the Jewish area and old town
  • Danube River Cruise to see Budapest riverside from a different perspective
  • Hop on Hop Off Budapest to visit all top monuments in a guided Route
  • Big Bus Budapest to visit all monuments in Budapest in a guided route
  • Budapest RiverRide route takes you to top destinations and a ride along Danube

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Budapest sightseeing trams 2024

Do you plan the Budapest sightseeing along Danube with public transport? You must be familiar with the following public transport trams in Budapest as these pass through the key monuments.

  • Budapest Tram 2
  • Tram 49 Budapest
  • Budapest tram 48
  • Tram 47 Budapest
  • Tram 19 Budapest
  • Tram 4 Budapest
  • Budapest Tram 6
  • Tram 41 Budapest

With these trams, you can see the beauty of Budapest in 20 mins,which is exceptional along the Danube. Also check our article, How to use a tram in Budapest.

Budapest Tram Map

Budapest tram map
Budapest tram map

As there are so many trams,trolleys and Buses operating in Budapest, there is no dedicated tram map available from Budapest public transport authority. There are a few maps available which cover the public transport as well as the tram network,which makes it quite complicated to identify the right trams.On a certain level, you can identify the trams with yellow color and numbers mentioned on certain points.

We think from a tourist point of view, checking a complete map ca be quite confusing,and best way is to know the top trams we recommend and use their individual maps,to plan your journey.