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Budapest Plug Type

In Hungary,all the electrical appliances use standard 220-240V and 50 Hz.

If you are coming to Budapest from UK,USA,ASIA,Australia or Arab world, you may need to buy the right socket converter for your mobile charger.

What plugs are used in Budapest? What is Budapest plug type?what adapter do i need for Budapest? are some of the questions going through your mind when planning Budapest trip.

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What plugs are used in Budapest
What plugs are used in Budapest

Shops for charger converters in Budapest

In Budapest,You can buy converters for mobile chargers from physicals stores,like MediaMarkt,Euronics,and bestByte.Although these companies do provide online order options.

You can also check, which provides universal travel adapters at cheaper rates compared to the other mentioned stores.

Additionally these can also be purchased from shops named Elelmiszer and bigger Tesco/SPAR super markets.

MediaMarkt,Euronics and Bestbyte have their stores in shopping malls in Budapest.

The shopping malls are Corvin Plaza,Arena,Allee,WestEnd Shopping Mall.

While Elelmiszer shops can be found on random places in Budapest.

Travel adapter in Hungarian

If you plan to buy an adapter in Budapest,make sure you know the Hungarian for it, as in some places, you may not find English speaking representatives.

Adapter has almost the same spellings in Hungarian but pronounced differently.

However, the “travel adapter” is called “utazo adapter”.

If you are looking for a fold-able universal travel adapter, you can check Földelt univerzális utazó adapter.

AlzaPower Travel Charger T100 feh�r

Budapest plug sockets

The electric sockets in Budapest are of type C and F.

The most common plug in Budapest is F type socket.

These are sockets with a circular area and can accept plugs with two male pins with round shape and no third pin.

what plugs are used in Hungary
what plugs are used in Hungary

Do Budapest supermarkets have charger converters?

Yes you can buy charger converters and plug converters in Budapest from Tesco and SPAR.

Although not all the supermarkets have these charger converters but in bigger shops,the are available.

If you do not find in these super markets,visiting an electronics store is a good option.

Where to buy best quality adapters in Budapest

plugs in Hungary
plugs in Hungary

The best quality adapters in Budapest can be purchased from international stores like, mediamarkt, euronics and BestByte.

Although not all the adapters in these stores are of good quality,but considering the variety available there,you can definitely find the one based on your desired price.

Where to buy cheap mobile adapters in Budapest

Plug Type Hungary
Plug Type Hungary

The best prices for Budapest plug adapters can be found in shops called “elelmiszer”.

These shops can be located randomly on the street/roads of Budapest.

As these shops are selling a wide collection of items, the cheaper mobile adapters may also come with average quality.

Budapest plug adapter shops near Keleti Station

Budapest Plug Sockets
Budapest Plug Sockets

There is an elelmiszer from a walking distance from Keleti Station,where you can buy mobile charger converters.

Additionally,there are a few mobile shops at a walking distance from the Keleti station selling such accessories.

You can also visit TESCO in Arena Plaza which is 15 mins walk from Keleti station.

Are plug adapters cheaper in Budapest

Mobile adapters in Budapest are not cheap,specially, in international electronics stores.

However,in Chinese shops called Elelmiszer, these are somehow at a better price.

Budapest is quite expansive in terms of electronics. However, if you are looking for a wide variety of online electronics stores in Budapest, is the recommended one.

Hence,if you are traveling from another country to Budapest for few days, its better to buy a universal charger to ease your life in Budapest.

 Online shops for buying Hungarian adapters

Two famous websites in Hungary for buying converter adapters are EMAG and ALZA.HU.

Although prices on these websites are cheaper  for Budapest plug types, but delivery cost makes it the same as buying from an electronics store.

Hence,if you are a traveler to Budapest, it is better to buy these from physical stores.

Does Hungary use EU plugs?

Yes Hungarian plug types are same as in other European Union countries,excluding United Kingdom and Ireland.

If you are traveling from Spain,Germany,France,etc, those plug chargers should work OK in Hungary,with exception of Switzerland.
Hence,it is better to buy a universal adapter on your next Hungarian trip.

Universal adapters price in Budapest

If you are thinking to buy universal adapter within Budapest considering it is cheap. Think again,as depending upon the quality and brand, a universal adapter in Budapest will cost between 18 to 28 USD/EUR/GBP.

Kinds of adapters in Budapest

Either you are coming from USA or Australia,Great Britain or Canada, you will mostly find Hungarian to other country adapters in Budapest Electronics shops. Hence, best option for you to buy in Budapest are the universal adapters.