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Keleti Train Station Budapest

Keleti is a Hungarian word which means Eastern, Palya means field/court and Udvar means palace.

However, Palyaudvar means Railway station. Hence, Keleti Palyaudvar is the Eastern Railway Station in Budapest.If you are looking for Keleti Bahnhof, your destination is Keleti Train Station.

Keleti Budapest Main Entrance
Keleti Budapest Main Entrance

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Located in Budapest,the capital of Hungary, Keleti Palyaudvar is the Budapest train station that you must be dropping off if you are coming by train. Although there are other train stations as well in Budapest, (Nyugati,Kelefold,Deli)but Keleti is called the Budapest Central Station.

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Keleti Budapest train station Location

Budapest Train Station Keleti is located in 7th District of Budapest. Keleti Train Station is quite closer to city center. You can reach the city center from Keleti Budapest train station in 15 mins even with public transport buses and trains.

The exact address of Budapest train station is 1087 – Budapest, Kerepesi út 2-4.

Although it is present in a V shape intersection between Kerepesi Ut and Thokoly Ut, if viewed from the top.

Going to Keleti Train Station

Budapest Keleti Bus Station
Budapest Keleti Bus Station

You can reach Budapest Train station via trams,buses and metros operated by BKK.

There are two metros which are operating just underneath the Keleti Budapest Train Station. These are M2 (Red line Budapest) and M4 (Green Metro).The quickest  way to come from City Center (Deak Ferenc ter) to Budapest Train station is with underground Metro M2.

If you want to reach Budapest train station from Ferenciek tere, you can take buses 5,7,110,112,133E.

There is no direct metro from Budapest Keleti pu to airport. If you are looking for a bus from Budapest airport to Keleti train station,which does not exist, it is better to book an online taxi in advance.

Budapest Keleti Map

Keleti Budapest train station Map
Budapest Keleti train station Map

Here you can find the Budapest Keleti Map as of 2024.

The left part of the map with yellow box is the main entrance of the Budapest Train Station. There is still some construction work but it does not affect the normal operations of the train station.

Platforms 6-9 are right in front of the main entrance for Keleti Railway Station. The ticket office,lockers and bathrooms can be accessed if you walk along platform 6 and make two left turns.

For accessing platforms 1-5 and 10 to 13, you have to walk for 5 mins on platform 6 and 9 respectively,from the main entrance.

For buying train tickets to Budapest, we recommend checking in advance and booking online to get the best rate. 

Budapest Keleti Platforms

Budapest Train Station Keleti Platfrom 6 to 9
Budapest Train Station Keleti Platfrom 6 to 9

Keleti Station in Budapest has 13 platforms. The platforms at Keleti have been divided into 3 groups depending upon the trains which are arriving/leaving the Budapest train station.

The grouping of platforms at Budapest Keleti is done in such a way that there are platforms from 1-5,6-9 and 10 to 13. When entering from main entrance of Keleti Budapest, you will see platform group 6-9.

If you keep walking along platform 9, on the right hand side of the main hall, you will reach the other group of platforms from 10 to 13.

While coming from the main entrance of Budapest Keleti Station, you have to walk along platform 6 and on the left hand side, you will find platforms 1-5.

Budapest Keleti platform for Austria departure

Keleti train station platform for Vienna trains
Keleti train station platform for Vienna trains

The famous international departures and arrivals at Budapest Keleti are from Austria,Switzerland,Poland, Germany and Slovekia.

These are normally Railjet trains which are departing/arriving to Austria,Germany and Switzerland from Budapest train station. Most of the time, these are stopping at Platform 9 at Keleti train station.

The official website for Hungarian railways is but its pretty challenging to get any sort of information or book tickets with proper guidance.

You can find the FAQs info in English here. However, there are other online options to understand your train journey from Hungary to other EU countries.

Budapest Keleti train station timetable

Budapest Keleti train station timetable
Budapest Keleti train station timetable

Right in front of the main entrance of Budapest Keleti Train station, there is a huge timetable visible.The timetable at Keleti Budapest is available in two colored screens,one is blue and other is green.

The timetable mentions the arrivals and departures words in German,Hungarian and English.

As an international tourist you must be looking for Keleti train station timetable online.

Its unfortunate that the official website for Hungarian Railways does not depict an easy way to see the timetable. However, there are other ways you can check the latest timetable of international trains from Budapest to Austria and Germany.

Budapest Keleti Departures

In 2024,Keleti Budapest Departures can be seen in the blue screen right in front of the main entrance.The main headings of each column in blue colored timetable at Keleti Budapest train station are the following.

Tervezett Indulas meaning planned departure time.

The next one is Varhato Indulas meaning expected departure time,as the trains may get delayed due to certain reasons. It is only visible if there is a delay in the departure of the train.

Vonat means train,hence,the train number. Hova means where to/Destination, while the next column is telling the main train stations for the respective trains.

The last column at the Blue timetable of departures at Keleti Budapest is the Vg. which is short word for Vagany meaning Platform number.

The platform numbers are normally announced 10 minutes before the train departure,hence, you may need to wait to know which platform your train will depart.

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Taxi Budapest Keleti train station

Keleti Budapest Train Station Kerepesi Ut Taxi stand
Keleti Budapest Train Station Kerepesi Ut Taxi stand

There are two big taxi stands near the Keleti Train Station.

Both of these taxi stands are maximum 2 minutes walk away from the main platform of the Keleti Railway station Budapest.

One taxi stand near Budapest Railway station is located on the side which is adjacent to Kerepesi Ut. At one time 4 to 6 taxi can be found at this taxi stand.

The second taxi stand near Keleti Station Budapest is on the other side. The second taxi stand is adjacent to the Thokoly Ut, however, it is also walking distance from the main platform.This part of taxi stand also has 5 to 8 taxi standing at one time near the Keleti Railway station.

Budapest train station Taxi stand Thokoly Ut
Budapest train station Taxi stand Thokoly Ut

The taxis at Budapest Keleti Railway Station are a mix of branded as well as freelancers. Although it is advised to book a taxi in advance as some may overcharge. However, if you want to hire a taxi, always go with the ones with branded names.e.g. Bolt, FoTaxi,City Taxi and BestTaxi.

The best and safest option for booking a taxi in Budapest is to use a pre-booked taxi that will help you avoid taxi scams and other challenges.

Aside from Keleti Railway station, International tourists can reach Budapest via Nepliget Bus Station, and Budapest Airport. Either you are visiting Budapest or leaving to any other city by train, Keleti Railway Station is the place to be in 2024.

Budapest Keleti Ticket office

Although you can buy Hungarian Railways international train tickets online as well, however in case of further clarification, you can visit the physical offices at Budapest Keleti.

At Budapest Keleti Train station, there are two ticket offices.

One ticket office at Budapest Keleti station is for national trains.i.e. trains running within Hungary.
There is an international trains ticket office for passengers who are traveling to other countries from Hungary.

In 2024, Even if you are an old school and like to purchase tickets from the physical office. It is recommended to check availability of train tickets from/to Keleti Budapest before planning your trip as the prices can vary when bought at the spot.

Domestic Ticket Office Keleti

Budapest train Station Keleti Domestic Ticket Office
Budapest train Station Keleti Domestic Ticket Office

For purchasing national railway tickets you can visit the Domestic Ticket office at Keleti Budapest.In case of any questions or any queries regarding the domestic railway tickets, you can visit this office.

The Domestic Ticket office is right next to the Platform 9 as of 2024.

If you are coming from the main entrance of Keleti Budapest Train station in 2024, the domestic ticket office will be on your right side.

At the top of the entrance door for domestic ticket office, you can see Belfoldi Jegypenztar in Hungarian as well as Domestic Ticket Office.

The domestic ticket office at Keleti Budapest is quite crowded and it may take sometime for your turn.

Budapest Keleti international ticket office

Budapest Train station Keleti International ticket office
Budapest Keleti International ticket office

International ticket office in Hungarian is called Nemzetkozi Jegypenztar.

The international ticket office at Keleti Budapest Train station is different from the Domestic Ticket office. It is not located anywhere near the domestic ticket office.

If you are coming from the main entrance of Keleti Budapest, you have to walk straight on the left side (along platform 6) of the main hall.

After walking for 30 steps,there you will find a small beautiful hall on turning left. This hall is the Lots Hall, where you will find a passage that leads to the Keleti international ticket office.

As of 2024, the international ticket office at Keleti Budapest is located adjacent to platform 6 but entrance is from the LOTZ hall.

LOTZ Hall Keleti Budapest train Station
LOTZ Hall Keleti Budapest train Station

There are multiple counters to serve the international travelers at Budapest Keleti, however, still delay can be expected in case of peak season. In 2024 You have to stand in a queue after getting the token from a machine to discuss your situation with the international ticket office at Keleti.

The attendants in Keleti international ticket office do speak English.

Even in 2024, there are mixed reviews about the service quality of the operators and treatment of passengers.

International ticket office Keleti Budapest
International ticket office Keleti Budapest Train Station

You can find great deals and discounts when booking international rain tickets online. This will save you time and energy.

Hungarian Railways online tickets

You can purchase Hungarian Railways on line tickets from their official website from the link

However, the interface is not so user friendly and many pages will still show information in Hungarian.
It is essential to read the FAQs page where there are certain discounts mentioned, but you have to explicitly ask for it when booking your tickets.

Beware that sometimes if systems are upgraded, online ticket booking facility can be non-operational, and you will have to buy the tickets from the station.

For as low as 9 Euros, you can travel from Budapest to Vienna on special trains, as well as using a bus service.

Budapest Keleti Train Station Ticket Machines

Keleti Station Budapest Train ticket machine
Keleti Station Budapest Train ticket machine

At Keleti Budapest, there are a good number of ticket machines installed on regular intervals.Train ticket machines at Keleti are called VonatJegy, where Vonat is the train and jegy is the ticket.

The color of Train ticket machines at Keleti Railway Station Budapest is Blue,yellow and white.You can select English language to plan your journey with the Ticket machines at Keleti Train Station.

There are options to choose a Ticket purchase or a Pass Purchase at Keleti train ticket machines and for each option,the step by step instructions are shown with pictures on the top part of the machine.

The central left part of Keleti Train tickets machine has the touch screen to select different options for the train tickets. While on the central right side, you can either pay in HUF cash or use various kinds of Master/Visa Cards to purchase train tickets.

For passengers coming from Thokoly Ut side, there are around 5 ticket machines if you walk along platform 6 towards the main Entrance.

On the other hand, in 2024 there are around 10 ticket machines installed in a big hall which is next to platform 9 of Keleti Railway station. This is the same hall which has a opening towards Kerepesi Ut.

Keleti Budapest Railway Ticket Machines
Keleti Budapest Railway Ticket Machines

Budapest Keleti Toilets

Budapest Keleti Toilets
Budapest Keleti Toilets

Toilets in Budapest Keleti train station are located next to the International Ticket office. You need to walk along platform 6 and after making a couple of turns, you can find the toilets called WC “Way Say” in Hungarian. Toilets in Keleti station are located on the Thokoly Ut side.

The toilets at Keleti train station are clean and well maintained,as you have to pay 200 HUF,i.e. 0.5 USD to use the toilet. There is a manual operator whom you have to pay in local currency.