Do you need cash in Budapest in 2024?

Are you planning to visit Budapest in 2024?Do you prefer using credit and debit cards on your foreign trips?
You must be wondering whether you will need cash in Budapest in 2024.
This is the question that pops up in the minds of majority of non-EU tourists.

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Budapest is quite advanced in terms of cashless system.
Below are the different verticals in Budapest and their acceptance of cash and credit cards.

If you are looking for shopping at Vaci Street in Budapest and plan to stay in historic 5 star hotels nearby, do check the following.

Hungary Currency

Hungarian currency is called HUF, or Hungarian Forints.
It may come as a surprise to you that Hungary does not use EURO as its official currency despite being the member of EU.

The primary currency of pricing in Hungary is Hungarian forint.The prices of items in all the stores in Hungary are written with a prefix which can be HUF,Forint or ft.

Despite Hungarian forint being the official currency, it is recommended to have small amount of cash with you.

Do you need cash in Hungary for shopping

If you do not bring cash with you while shopping in any plaza in Budapest, you will be pretty OK.
Almost all the shops in any of the mid to large size plaza in Budapest accept local/foreign debit and credit cards.

Hence, you can live without cash while shopping in Budapest shopping malls.
Either you are buying clothes,shoes,food,bags,ice creams or candies in Budapest malls, you can pay with card and do not need any cash.

Budapest restaurants cash requirements

Majority of mid to big size restaurants in Budapest accept debit and credit cards.
Even if you do not bring Euros,Dollars or Pounds to Budapest, you can pay for your meals with your foreign cards.

On the Vaci Utca,Fashion Street,Kiraly Street,Areas in Jewish quarter,Heroes square,and on Andrassy Avenue, there is hardly any restaurant which does not accept card.Hence, you can survive without cash when eating out in Budapest restaurants.

Budapest cash requirements in fast food chains

All the international chains in every corner of Budapest accept card as a payment method.

Hence,if you love food from McDonalds,KFC,Burger King or Pizza Hut,all branches of international fast food chains accept debit and credit cards.

Payment by cards is accepted even on self service counters as well as counters with sales representatives.

You will still be OK without cash in Budapest for eating in fast food restaurants in 2024.

Cash requirements in Budapest City Center

You will certainly not require any cash while buying food,souvenirs,clothing or even renting bikes around Budapest city center.

If you carry debit or credit card from your home country, you will be having a smooth buying experience.

Area around Deak ferenc ter,next to Basilika, Dohany Street Synagogue,and Vorosmarthy Square, all kinds of shops will accept cards along-with cash in Euros and Hungarian Forints.

Budapest Hotels cash requirements

There is hardly any hotel which does not accept debit or credit card in Budapest city center as of 2024.
Of course, you can pay in Euros and Forints in cash,for your Budapest hotel stay.

As Majority of tourist book hotels through booking sites,and it is mentioned what modes of money acceptance are there.
If you want to pay cost for your hotel stay, you can use your cards,in addition to paying in Cash.

Cash usage in Budapest monuments tickets

You can buy tickets to all the famous monuments in Budapest with debit and credit card,in addition to paying with cash.

Ticket in Budapest Monuments including museums,Circus,Budapest Zoo,Opera House,Dohany Street Synagogue can be purchased with cards.There is option to buy in Euros and HUFs as well.

Cash usage in Budapest Bookshops

Budapest has huge bookshops which can be found at frequent places around the city.
All bookshops selling new books in Budapest have credit and debit card acceptance facilities.

Although you can pay in cash in HUF or EUR,EUR will give you a pretty bad conversion rate.

Cash for buying public transport tickets in Budapest

All the BKK ticket machines in Budapest have option to accept cards,hence you can survive without cash for buying tickets from the ticket vending machines.

However, cash is accepted only in form of forints,as Euros or any foreign currency is not accepted.