How to get a taxi in Budapest in 2024?

What Taxi to use in Budapest instead of Uber

Wondering how to get a taxi in Budapest, a city where you will hardly find a foreign taxi driver.
Either you are looking for a taxi at Budapest airport,or anywhere near the city center, you can use either of the following ways to get Budapest taxi.

Pro Tip : For a quick check of taxi price from Budapest Airport to city, best taxi fare calculators for Budapest are from KiwiTaxi and SunTransfers.

  1. Visit a taxi stand nearby
  2. Booking through a Budapest taxi app
  3. Booking via Taxi company website
  4. Getting the taxi by calling a phone number

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Visit a Taxi Stand

You can get a taxi in Budapest by visiting a taxi stand within the city.
These taxi stands are normally around major monuments,hospitals,bus/train stations and street corners.
Budapest taxi stands can be identified with yellow zig zag lines.

Additionally, there is a board with Taxi icon and number of taxis which can stand behind this sign board.
At the taxi stand in Budapest, there are taxis from big companies as well as freelance taxi drivers.

It is still advised to avoid taxis from the taxi stand as they may charge you little bit more than what a taxi app will tell.
Some may not be able to communicate in English,hence, double challenge for the Budapest visitors.

Getting a Budapest taxi at the stand even with a big brand name does not ensure that you will be charged fairly.
One exception is the Budapest Airport,as there is only one big booth by FoTaxi offering official taxi services to the visitors.It can be trusted to offer you a fair rate for Airport transfers to city.

Click here for the estimated current taxi fare for your trip in Budapest,since Uber Budapest does not exist.

Booking through a Budapest taxi app

If you have time, the best way to book a taxi in Budapest is through an app.
There is not a central app for getting taxis in Budapest.

Many big taxi companies have their apps available on Playstore and Apple store.
You can download a couple of apps and try their fare calculator and book it in advance.
After covid,the number of taxis in Budapest have greatly reduced,hence,it is a good practice to book you taxi in advance.

Booking taxis with apps works best if you do not have a special requirement,like taking pets,or lot of luggage.

The best taxi fare calculators for Budapest are from KiwiTaxi and SunTransfers.

Taxis in Budapest can be booked with apps from BestTaxi,FoTaxi,CityTaxi,Taxi4 and Bolt Budapest.
Best option to calculate the estimated fare in Budapest is by using the mentioned taxi apps,whereas for online taxi fare calculation, book your taxi here.

Booking via Taxi company website

You can book a taxi in Budapest by dropping a message or writing an email to the taxi website.
This way of taxi booking in Budapest should be used if you have special requirements. For example, you are coming with kids and want child seats.

Or you want a bigger taxi because of large luggage you are bringing. It can be a good option to book a Budapest taxi via the website if you are traveling with a wheelchair.

As not all the taxi websites are in English,you will have 3 to 4 options to book a taxi online via website contacts.
KiwiTaxi,FoTaxi,CityTaxi,Taxi4,SunTransfers are some of the Budapest Taxis English websites offering online bookings.

However, we recommend using KiwiTaxi and SunTransfers to get an for first time Budapest visitors

Getting a Budapest taxi by phone number

You can also request a taxi by calling taxi number in Budapest.
Almost every taxi company in Budapest has a phone number.

Compared to taxi booking by app, getting a taxi by phone in Budapest is a better option if you have special requests and need a quick answer.

As getting response by email can be delayed,considering the fact that not all taxi companies have English speaking representatives,while booking by phone number can be quick.

You call a number and if you have to wait, you can call the other number.

  1. City Taxi +36 1 2-111-111
  2. Fo Taxi +36 1 222 2 222
  3. 6×6 Taxi +36 1 666 6666
  4. Taxi4  06 1 4 444 444
  5. Best Taxi +36 1 700 000
  6. Elite Taxi +36 20 412 0412