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Fuel Station Hungary

If you are visiting Hungary by Car, you must be looking forward to knowing about gas price in Hungary. Will you find petrol or diesel easily inside Hungary?What are the petrol prices in Hungary?What facilities are available in any fuel station in Hungary.

We try to cover the basic information what a Hungary traveler by car would like to know,as each country in Europe has its own way how the fuel stations operate.

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Fuel Station in Budapest
Fuel Station in Budapest

Gas Companies in Hungary

There are four major fuel companies in Hungary which are selling petrol and diesel for all sort of vehicles.

These are

  • OMV
  • MOL
  • LukeOil
  • Shell

Gas prices in Hungary

Fuel Price in Hungary
Gas Price in Hungary

The fuel prices for same kind of fuel are different at different locations in Hungary.
Sometimes,there can be a difference of 4 to 40 HUF per liter in the gas prices in Hungary.

The difference in gas prices can be even noticed in fuel stations by the same companies at different locations in Hungary.
For checking the fuel prices in Hungary, you can download WAZE app to see the fuel charges per liter.

Types of Fuels in Hungary

Fuel types in Hungary
Fuel types in Hungary

There are 4 varieties of gas available in a traditional Hungarian gas stations.
Two varieties of fuels in Hungary are related to Petrol,while two varieties are related to Diesel.

The normal version of Petrol in Hungary is called Benzin in Hungarian and also called Super 95 while there is a premium version called Super 100plus performance which is expansive.

The normal Diesel in Hungary is called Dizel, while the premium version is called Performance Dizel.In Hungary, Premium Diesel is expansive compared to the normal Diesel price.

In some fuel stations in Hungary you may find LPG as well.

Using the Waze application, you can find the type of fuel available in any fuel station in Hungary.

Best App for fuels stations in Hungary

If you are traveling by car and want to find the fuel stations next to you, it best to use WAZE application. In Waze application you can find all the fuel stations near your location in Hungary.
Waze application also tells you about the opening times of the fuel stations in Hungary.

How do you fill fuel in Budapest?

Car Fill up fuel in Hungary
Car Fill up fuel in Hungary

Majority of Fuel stations in Budapest require self service to fill fuel in the vehicle.
You park the car next to the fuel machine, select the appropriate fuel for your car.

Put the fuel pipe nozzle into your car fuel tank and manually press the button on nozzle to start the fuel injection.

There are locks next to the nozzle if you want to fill the tank to the full.
Once you fill the fuel, go to the store next to the fuel machine and tell them the machine number and you can pay the cost of fuel.

Mode of payments in Hungarian gas stations?

Mode of payments in Hungary at fuel stations

Debit and Credit cards are widely accepted in any fuel station in Hungary as well as in Budapest.
Fuel stations in Hungary accept card mostly in local currency,i.e. Hungarian Forint.

Some fuel stations in Hungary may accept Euros but provide a pretty bad exchange rate.

Bathrooms in Hungarian Fuel Stations?

You will definitely find bathrooms in Fuels stations inside Budapest city as well on highways.
Bathrooms in the fuel stations in Hungarian cities can be free as well as paid.

However, the bathrooms on Hungarian Highways,next to any fuel station will charge you .5 Euros, but that coupon can be used to purchase any item from the store.

Operators on Hungarian petrol pumps

In majority of Budapest fuel stations, there is at least one operator who may come and help to fill fuel in your
vehicle. However, the availability on spot depends on which fuel station you are.

At some fuel stations in Budapest, an operator may come and ask if he can help you with cleaning the windscreen or fill air in your tires.

Are gas stations in Budapest 24 hour operational?

The timings of Hungarian Fuel stations varies from location to location.
Some fule stations in Hungary are operational between 6:00 to 22:00. These exist within the city.
While even in the Budapest city, there are many 24 hour Fuel stations.

You should download the Waze app to check the 24 hour fuel stations in Hungary next to your place.

What facilities are there in Hungarian Fuel stations?

Hungary fuel stations facilities
Hungary fuel stations facilities

In majority of Fuel stations in Hungary, you will find a windscreen cleaning foam and wiper dipped into a soap water.You can clean you screen for free using self service.

Almost every Hungarian fuel station in city has a facility to check and fill air in your tires. At some fuel stations,the air checking/refiling machines can be found right next to the petrol filling machine and you can check/fill air in your tires right away.

While in some fuel stations, you have to move your car to another position dedicated to check tire air pressure and refill using self service.

Almost every traditional Hungarian fuel station has a small shop where you can buy limited variety of grocery.You can buy chips,snacks,coffee,cold drinks, wines, energy drinks as well as fresh bakery items from the fuel stations in major cities on Hungary.

However, keep in mind that prices of items at any Fuel station in Hungary are 20 percent more than what you get from a normal grocery store.