What are the most common scams in Budapest Hungary?

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Just like any other city in the world, there are scams in tourist areas of Budapest even in 2024.As a tourist, you must ensure that you do not fall to these scams and traps.

Getting caught in any of the Budapest scams may lead to financial loss.

According to a recent survey,like in older survey, Budapest is considered a safe city in 2024.

The violent crime rate in Budapest is the lowest in the world,hence you must be sure that you are more safe in Budapest than any other city.

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Budapest scams tourists must be aware of

There are many types of scams in Budapest that tourists may encounter.
These scams are somehow common in other tourist cities of the world too.
Majority of Budapest scams can belong to following categories.

  • Taxi scams in Budapest
  • Budapest scams in bars
  • Budapest scams on the streets

In addition to the scams mentioned above,you may also find fake products in certain stores in limited locations,e.g. fake watches,shoes, and luggage.

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Taxi scams in Budapest

Taxi is the most convenient way to transfer from Budapest Airport to City Center.

As a tourist you may be victim of Budapest taxi scam if you are hiring a taxi, other than the official taxi booth.

You can find this taxi booth once you come out of the Budapest airport terminals for arrivals.

The bad taxi driver may take a longer route to bring you to your destination and overcharging you.

In another case, you may be scammed by freelancer Budapest taxi within the city.

Taxi scams with the Budapest city center happen, if you hire a taxi on the street,specially at night.
Majority of taxis in Budapest are metered, but still you may fall victim to these scams.

Uber Budapest is, unfortunately not operational in Hungary since 2018.

There are other taxi apps that give better idea about taxi fare in Budapest.

Budapest bar scams

In certain areas of Budapest, while walking on the street, you might be invited into a bar by ladies standing outside.

The ladies may convince you that entry is free, you just have to pay for the drink, which is not expansive.

However, once you enter and take a drink in the bar, it could have a high concentration of alcohol that may get you drunk.

In parallel there would be dancing girls, who will try to seduce you.

You being drunk may be involved in some naught play and after sometime, the bar will charge you 600 to 2000 Euro bill.

If you cannot pay with cash, they will send security guards with you to get cash from ATM, no matter it is 01:00 in the night. Do check our guide for Budapest ATM no fee to get idea about ATM fees in Budapest.

There is nothing you can do about it.

Budapest street scams

In the streets of Budapest you may be victim of multiple types of scams.

These involve

  • Budapest scam involving 2 Girls
  • Budapest scams involving money exchange
  • Budapest scam involving fake luxury item seller

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Budapest scam involving 2 Girls

This kind of scam normally occurs in the city center, around Vaci Street Budapest.

The scam involves two girls, who pretend to be tourists.They have a map in their hand and are asking tourists about a destination.They will just stop you and ask “Do you know where is this place”?

As most of tourists are in good mood, they will check the map and try to help.

In the meantime, the girls will ask about you,”where are you from, where are you going”

While you start answering them, they will behave as if they are part of your group.

Specially in case of only men, the girls will try to ensure that while talking,they can have one on one interaction and try to divide the group.

If the girls are successful,they will take you to a pub or a cafe,offer you a drink.

Everything will be fine until the time when the bill comes out.

The bill will be in thousands of dollars or Euros,despite the fact the Budapest Currency is Forint.

You will be angry,and furious but now its too late.

Even if you try to call the police, you will be treated more aggressively.

In the end, only option for you would be to pay the bill.

Even if you don’t have it, they will send a boxer with you to bring it from the ATM.

The best option to avoid such scams is to ensure that you are not consuming any kind of food or drinks with them.

In fact, the best option would be to just get rid of them if you can’t help them at the same time.

Budapest scams involving money exchange

You may be scammed in Budapest if you try to exchange your money from the people standing next to money exchange shops in famous Budapest streets.

If you are standing in a line for money exchange in Budapest, some random people may come to you and offer you a better rate for exchanging a foreign currency.

It may happen that those people give you another currency (Belarus currency) instead of Hungarian Forints, and you will have a currency that you cannot use in Budapest.

As Budapest has pretty good cash acceptance system and Debit/credit cards are accepted all around the city, you can survive even without exchanging a currency.

However, it is always good to have local currency in cash as it may be needed in case of festivals where private vendors do not accept cards.

If you have managed to reach Deak ferenc ter without currency exchange and need to change the currency, you can visit the best exchange in Budapest.

Have a look at guide for money exchange Budapest for tourists.

Budapest scam involving luxury item seller

Another kind of scam in Budapest which you can avoid easily is related to people selling fake luxury items on famous streets of Budapest.

If you are walking around Deak ferenc ter, you may encounter some men and women who will politely asking you to buy something.

They may be selling latest model of Iphone, Scarfs of famous brands, or luxury perfumes.

On asking the price, you might be surprised as the price will be one tenth of the original price.

These are all fake items,and you must not spend any money in buying from the street sellers.

In case you want to buy something from them, they will ask for cash and accept USD/GBP/EUR.