Green Bridge in Budapest | Liberty Bridge Hungary

Liberty Bridge Budapest view

Liberty bridge is one of the beautiful bridges in Budapest with a metallic structure.

It is the most happening bridge of Budapest with young couples,friends and tourists hanging around.

The detailed metallic artwork and architecture of the bridge definitely demands a first time visitor to a close walk on both pedestrian paths.

The bridge is beautiful in the day as well as during the night.

Names of Budapest Liberty Bridge


The official Hungarian name of Liberty bridge in Budapest is Szabadság-híd.

For English speaking visitors, the name is pronounced as “Sa-bad-shag Heed ”.

It is also known as Freedom Bridge. Due to its green color for the whole metallic structure, you can call it the green bridge of Budapest.

Budapest Liberty Bridge Location

Liberty bridge is located around the edge of Budapest city center.

It is right next to the Budapest Great Market Hall and Budapest Corvinus University on the Pest side with Vaci Utca a few mins walk away.

The Buda End of Freedom bridge is the starting point for a hike towards Gellert Hill, or so called the Budapest Statue of Liberty.

In some history books, Liberty bridge of Budapest was also called Fővám Square Bridge, due to its association with Fovam Square.

Another historical name for the freedom bridge is Francis Joseph Bridge.

How to reach Liberty Bridge

Green Bridge Budapest tram stop
Green Bridge Budapest tram stop

The main metro station as well as tram station for Budapest Public transport is Fovam Ter M.

You can reach liberty bridge with Budapest sightseeing Tram 2, Underground Budapest Metro M4 and Trams 47,48,49.

You can reach Liberty bridge from Budapest airport by taking bus 100E and dropping at Kalvin ter and walking for 10 mins in the Liberty bridge direction.

From coming to Liberty bridge from Keleti Train station, you can take underground Metro M4 and drop at the Fovam Ter Metro station,as you come out, you will be at the pest side of the bridge.

If you reach Budapest with Nepliget Bus station, you can take Metro M3 and drop at Kalvin ter and walk towards the liberty bridge.

Parking near Liberty bridge

Liberty bridge and the area around it on Buda and pest side does not have any parking places in 300 meter radius.

There is a parking garage behind the Market hall Budapest,but it is pretty expansive. Some options may be found around Molnar Street, but you have to be very careful as the area is part of the city center and they put car locks if you park in forbidden areas.

Budapest Liberty Bridge History

Liberty bridge has an interesting history,as it was built as a result of design competition around 1893.

The construction work for the Freedom bridge started in June 1894, while the inauguration was done in October 1896.

Within the next few years, trams were operational on the bridge.

Budapest Liberty bridge during 2nd world war

The name of the liberty bridge before the 2nd world war was Francis Joseph Bridge.

It was destroyed in January 1945 during the 2nd world war like other bridges as these were the primary target of the enemy.

It was opened again for public on 20 august 1946 and renamed as Liberty Bridge.

What is the Budapest Liberty bridge famous for?

Green Bridge Budapest Sunset
Green Bridge Budapest Sunset

Liberty bridge is the 2nd most attractive bridge in Budapest with the structure to put love locks and a stunning view of Budapest.

It is always occupied with girls and guys having picnics and parties in the middle of the bridge walls around sunset.

Additionally, the walk or cycling along the bridge sidewalks is a must have.

Due to the ease of climbing the towers, there have been some incidents when someone climbed the tower of liberty bridge,and the bridge had to be closed to rescue the climber.

Can you walk over the Budapest Liberty Bridge?

Budapest Liberty Bridge
Budapest Liberty Bridge

Yes, Liberty bridge is very much walk-able.

There are pathways for pedestrians as well as cyclists to go along the bridge.

The pathways exist on both sides of the bridge and are around 12 feet wide.Pedestrian as cycling is allowed in both ways on either sidewalks.

Is the Liberty bridge open to the public?

Liberty bridge is operational 24 hours a day on the sidewalks as well as the main traffic area.

In the middle of Liberty bridge, the trams 48,47and 49 are passing in both directions,while there is road on both sides of the tram for two way traffic.

Sometimes, liberty bridge is closed for vehicle traffic, either in case of a festival or some movie shooting.

What river is the Budapest Liberty Bridge built upon?

The Liberty Bridge of Budapest is built across the Danube. Danube is also called Duna locally. However, it is one of the biggest rivers crossing Budapest.

How long does it take to walk across Liberty bridge?

walking on green bridge Budapest
walking on green bridge Budapest

As the length of liberty bridge is around 300 meter (around 800 feet).

The walk from one end to the other side takes approximately 10 mins.

In the evening time,you would love to find a place on the bridge to sit and enjoy the cool breeze and can easily spend 20 to 40 mins enjoying the breathtaking beauty of Budapest.

Can you drive across the Budapest Liberty bridge?

Yes,you can drive across the Liberty bridge in Budapest with a car or through a taxi.

There is also the possibility of onboard the Budapest public transport trams.

Trams 47,48,and 49 are regularly crossing the Liberty bridge.

Is there a fee to walk across Liberty Bridge?

Liberty bridge is free to walk on. There are no fees for walking across  it.

Even during the festivals, the bridge is free to enter for visitors as well as locals.

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Is there a fee to drive across Budapest Liberty Bridge?

Budapest Liberty Bridge Traffic
Budapest Liberty Bridge Traffic

There are no fees or toll to cross the Liberty bridge.

It is free for the public to cross either through personal or rented vehicles.

How far is Liberty bridge from Great Market Hall?

If you are on the pest side of Budapest, the Great market hall is less than 100 meters,i.e.a 3 minutes walk from the Liberty bridge.

While the Fovam ter Metro station as well as Tram station are right in front of it.

Is it safe to visit Liberty bridge?

Budapest Liberty Bridge Tram stop

Budapest’s Liberty bridge is quite safe to walk like other Budapest bridges.

There is a huge block between sidewalks on each side and the traffic,hence, no car can enter the walking area.

However, during peak periods, you must be careful of pickpockets.

Additionally, as there are cyclists and scooters which are going fast, and require caution to avoid any collision.

Is Budapest Liberty Bridge safe at night?

Budapest Liberty bridge is safe for walking across the Danube at night.

You can walk here around sunset,in the midnight as well as during the sunrise without any security issues.

Are there sitting arrangements on Liberty Bridge?

Sitting on Green Bridge
Sitting on Green Bridge

Like Budapest chain bridge, there is no sitting option on the sidewalks of Liberty bridge.

It is a bridge where the sidewalks have a flowing pedestrian traffic.

However, there are some flat areas in the middle and the edge of the bridge,where you can climb the base of the arc.

Although you may find signs stopping to sit on the bridge, still many youngsters would spend some time there.

Sunset and Sunrise experience at Liberty Bridge

Liberty bridge is a great place to enjoy the Budapest sunset and sunrise.

You may be lucky to find a sitting place on the bridge to watch the sunset or sunrise for 15 to 20 mins.

In order to watch the Budapest sunset in summer, the good time slots are between 20 40 to 21 00, in June/July/August.

Sunrise time in Budapest is between 0400 and 0430.

If there is one reason to visit Budapest,it should be watching sunset/sunrise on Liberty bridge.

What are the attractions near Liberty Bridge?

The main attractions on Buda Side closer to Liberty bridge are Gellert Baths,Gellert Hill/Statue of liberty Budapest.

On the Pest side,the main attractions are Balna,Budapest Corvinus University,Great Market Hall and Vaci Utca.

Is Liberty Bridge Budapest Clean?

Liberty bridge is pretty clean and well maintained despite a lot of tourists passing by and having picnics in the sitting area in the middle.

You will not notice any kind of litter or smelly area around.

Can you put love locks on Liberty Bridge?

Budapest Green Bridge Locks
Budapest Green Bridge Locks

Liberty bridge is the most favorable bridge in case you want to put a love lock.

It is not as full of love locks as other bridges in Europe,but still has limited points where love locks can be put.

How old is the Budapest Liberty bridge?

Liberty bridge is more than 100 years old.

It was built another time after the 2nd world war,when it was destroyed completely.

Is it better to walk or drive across Liberty Bridge?

Walking on Liberty Bridge Budapest is definitely a better option for tourists visiting Budapest for the first time.

Driving across Budapest Liberty bridge is also a great experience,which can be done either through a rental car or through trams operated by Budapest public transport.

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Are there restaurants under Liberty Bridge?

There is no area under the liberty bridge for restaurants or any other activity.

If you want to have food close to liberty bridge, the recommended closest area is to walk towards the pest end, where Great market hall Budapest (in the morning),Raday Street and Vaci Street Budapest provide good food options.