Budapest Margaret Bridge | Margit Hid Budapest

Budapest Margaret Bridge

Margaret Bridge is not as artistic as the Budapest Chain Bridge or the Liberty Bridge.

However,it does provide great views of Budapest parliament and Hilly mountains to take breathtaking pictures.

In addition to providing a connection between Buda and Pest, it also connects to Margaret island.

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There are two ways to reach Margaret island,one is through Arpad Bridge,while other is with Margaret bridge.

The bridge is beautiful in the day as well as during the night.

Names of Budapest Margaret Bridge

Margit Hid Budapest
Margit Hid Budapest

The official Hungarian name of Margaret bridge in Budapest is Margit-híd.

For English speaking visitors, the name is pronounced as “Maar-git Heed ”.

Budapest Margaret Bridge Location

Margaret Island Budapest
Margaret Island Budapest

Margaret bridge is located at a considerable distance from the Budapest city center.

It is around 20 mins walk from the Budapest Parliament building on the pest side.

How to reach Margaret Bridge

The main tram station to reach Margaret bridge on the pest side is Jazai Mari ter.

With Budapest Public transport you can take 6-4 tram from Corvin or Nyugati Railway station to reach the Margaret Bridge..

You can reach Margaret bridge with Budapest sightseeing Tram 2 which drops at the edge of the bridge and best for sight seeing.

Parking near Margaret bridge

Margaret Bridge does not offer any parking facilities like other bridges of Budapest.

Hence,if you plan to walk on the Bridge, it’s better to park your car on the pest side,somewhere around Jazai Mari ter.

Budapest Margaret Bridge History

Budapest Margaret Bridge
Budapest Margaret Bridge

Margaret bridge construction was also started as a result of a competition in 1872.

The bridge structure was made in France and imported to Budapest. In 1876,i.e. Around 4 years after the construction started, the Bridge was opened to the public.

What is the Budapest Margaret bridge famous for?

Budapest Margaret Island Fountain
Budapest Margaret Island Fountain

Margaret bridge is famous for its connection to Margaret Island,which is an Eye shaped island in Budapest.

During summer and winter times, Margaret bridge provides a great view of Budapest monument for taking lovely pictures.

Margaret bridge has the widest sidewalks for pedestrians and cyclists.

In the summer around sun set, there is a famous fountain show in Margaret island,which is free to watch.

Can you walk over the Budapest Margaret Bridge?

Yes, Margaret bridge is very walk-able.

There are pathways for pedestrians as well as cyclists to go along the bridge.

The pathways exist on both sides of the bridge and are widest compared to other bridges in Budapest.

Pedestrian can walk on both sides,along with cyclist  on both ways on either sidewalks.

Is the Margaret bridge open to the public?

Margaret bridge is operational 24 hours a day on the sidewalks as well as the main traffic area.

In the middle of Margaret bridge, the trams 6-4 are passing in both directions,while there is road on both sides of the tram for two way traffic.

What river is the Budapest Margaret Bridge built upon?

The Margaret Bridge of Budapest is built across the Danube. Danube is also called Duna locally.

However, it is one of the biggest rivers crossing Budapest.

How long does it take to walk across Margaret bridge?

As the length of Margaret bridge is around 650 meter (around 2132 feet).

The walk from one end to the other side takes approximately 10 mins.

However, the majority of tourists would walk till the middle of the bridge,take pictures with Parliament and Buda Hills background,and walk back towards the Pest side.

Can you drive across the Budapest Margaret bridge?

Budapest Margaret island driving
Budapest Margaret island driving

Yes,you can drive across the Margaret bridge in Budapest with a car or through a taxi.

There is also the possibility of onboard the Budapest public transport trams. Tram 6 and 4 are regularly crossing the Margaret bridge.

Is there a fee to walk across Margaret Bridge?

Margaret bridge is free to walk on. There are no fees for walking across  it.

Is there a fee to drive across Budapest Margaret Bridge?

There are no fees or toll to cross the Margaret bridge.

It is free for the public to cross either through personal or rented vehicles.

Is it safe to visit Margaret bridge?

Budapest’s Margaret bridge is quite safe to walk.

Side walk facing the parliament building is quite wide (around 20 feet wide).

While the one facing Margaret island has dedicated lanes for pedestrians and cyclists.

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Is Budapest Margaret Bridge safe at night?

Margaret Bridge Budapest at night
Margaret Bridge Budapest at night

Budapest Margaret bridge is safe for walking across the Danube at night.

You can walk here around sunset,in the midnight as well as during the sunrise without any security issues.

Are there sitting arrangements on Margaret Bridge?

There is no sitting option on the sidewalks of Margaret bridge.

It is a bridge where the sidewalks have a flowing pedestrian traffic,especially the one facing the Margaret island.

The walls of the bridge facing parliament have a few places where you can sit but these are used by visitors to climb up and take pictures,with parliament in the background.

If you plan to spend sometime on a bridge, you should visit Budapest liberty Bridge, which is green in color.

Sunset and Sunrise experience at Margaret Bridge

Parliament view from Margaret Bridge
Parliament view from Margaret Bridge

Margaret bridge is a great place to enjoy the Budapest sunset and sunrise.

You may be lucky to find a sitting place on the bridge to watch the sunset or sunrise for 15 to 20 mins.

In order to watch the Budapest sunset in summer, the good time slots are between 20 40 to 21 00, in June/July/August.

Sunrise time in Budapest is between 0400 and 0430. The center of Margaret bridge is an excellent location and one of the top reason to see Budapest sunset/sunrise.

What are the attractions near Margaret Bridge?

The main attraction on Margaret bridge is the Margaret island,which is a long eye-shaped island.

You can watch the fountain show during summer time around sunset.

Additionally it has a huge running track as well as various gardens.

Is Margaret Bridge Budapest Clean?

Margaret bridge is pretty clean and well maintained despite a lot of tourists passing by.

You will not notice any kind of litter or smelly area around,just like other Bridges of Budapest.

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Can you put love locks on Margaret Bridge?

There is no option on Budapest Margaret bridge to put love locks.

If you are interested for love locks installation,then liberty bridge can be a better option.

How old is the Budapest Margaret bridge?

Margaret bridge is more than 100 years old.

It was built another time after the 2nd world war,when it was destroyed completely.

Is it better to walk or drive across Margaret Bridge?

Walking on Margaret Bridge Budapest is definitely a better option for tourists visiting Budapest for the first time.

Driving across Budapest Margaret bridge is also a great experience,which can be done either through a rental car or through trams operated by Budapest public transport.

Are there restaurants under Margaret Bridge?

There is no area under the Margaret bridge for restaurants or any other activity.

If you want to have food close to Margaret bridge, the recommended closest area is to walk towards the pest end, where there are many restaurants.

If you drop at Jazai Mari ter tram stop, you will find a Mcdonalds as well as many cafes and restaurants.