How many bridges in Budapest

Budapest has 8 bridges erected across the Danube and connecting Buda with Pest.

The beautiful city of Budapest is divided by the mighty Danube river,with Buda on one side while pest on the other.

Each of the Budapest Bridges have their unique design and beauty.

The bridges of Budapest are not only worth visiting but one of the reasons to visit Budapest.

In fact, one of the top things to do in Budapest is to walk on the bridges.

Name of Budapest Bridges

All the Budapest bridges have Hungarian names by default.

However, English versions of these names also exist.

The list of Budapest Bridges in terms of beauty and popularity is shown below.

Location of Budapest Bridges

As a traveler you must be wondering where are the 8 Budapest bridges located. Are they easily accessible?

The good thing about Budapest bridges is that 4 out 8 top bridges are not very far from each other.

These famous bridges of  are pretty much closer to the city center,and can be seen with Sightseeing Budapest tram 2 in a 20 mins ride.

The closest bridge to Budapest city center is Chain Bridge which is currently closed due to maintenance work.

Famous bridges of Budapest


Budapest Bridges are famous for their unique architecture,design,artwork and material.

The bridges are famous among tourists as they can easily walk or cycle on the passageways on both sides of each bridge.

The famous bridges of Budapest in order are

  • Chain Bridge – Széchenyi Lánchíd
  • Liberty Bridge – Szabadság-híd
  • Elisabeth Bridge – Erzsébet-híd
  • Margaret Bridge – Margit híd

Chain Bridge is without any doubt, the most famous bridge in Budapest due to its unique architecture,design and the legend associated with the Lions tongue on each end of the bridge.

Which is the longest bridge in Budapest?

Arpad Bridge is the longest bridge in Budapest. It is around 2km long, and mostly used by vehicles traveling between Buda Hills and Pest.

Although one end is connected to Margaret Island, but still for tourists, it is better to visit the Margaret Bridge to reach Margret island.

Can you walk over Budapest Bridges?

Can you walk over Budapest Bridge?Yes

Budapest bridges are pretty much walk-able.

The Liberty Bridge (Green in color), Erzsebet Bridge (White in color),Chain Bridge(Bridge with lions) and Margaret Bridge(bridge along 6-4 tram and next to Margaret island) have quite wide walk-able areas to cross the Danube on both sides.

NOTE: Chain bridge is currently not operational for walking or any kind of traffic,due to maintenance.

What is the name of the main bridge in Budapest?

Budapest Széchenyi Lánchíd

The main bridge of Budapest is the Chain bridge (called Széchenyi Lánchíd).

If you look for Bridge in Budapest with lions, that is basically the chain bridge, which has been shown in many movies,not only European,Hollywood,but in Indian movies too.

Sometimes, Chain bridge is closed due to film shootings at certain time slots of the day.

In such a case it can be a good option for you to enjoy the film shooting.

What river do Budapest bridges are built upon?

Danube is the Main River in Budapest
Danube is the Main River in Budapest

All the 8 bridges in Budapest are built upon the Danube. Danube is also called Duna locally.

However, it is one of the biggest rivers crossing Hungary and in Budapest.

How long does it take to walk across any bridge in Budapest?

As 4 of 8 Budapest Bridges are pretty walkable, the average time to walk in one direction for crossing Danube, along Liberty Bridge/Chain Bridge/Elizabeth Bridge is around 8 to 10 mins.

What is the shortest Bridge in Budapest?


The shortest Bridge in Budapest is Liberty or Freedom bridge,also known as Szabadsag Hid.

It has a length of around 300 meter.i.e. Around 1000 feet.

Can you drive across Budapest bridges?

Yes,you can drive across any of the Budapest bridges with a car. Some have tram routes along the bridges in the center.All the Budapest bridges were primarily built for allowing traffic to flow between Buda and Pest.

Is there a fee to walk across Budapest Bridges?

All of the Budapest bridges are free to walk. There are no fees for walking across any of the Budapest bridges.

Is there a fee to drive across Budapest Bridges?

Elizabeth Bridge Budapest
Elizabeth Bridge Budapest

Unlike other countries where there is a toll for crossing a river through a bridge, Budapest bridges are free to cross with a Hungarian as well as foreign vehicle.

Which is the closest bridge to Budapest shoes?

The closest bridge to the Budapest Jewish shoes memorial is the Chain Bridge. On the pest side (non hilly side of budapest), you can reach Shoes on Danube memorial by walking for 600m (around 2000 feet) for 10 mins.

Which is the bridge in Budapest with lions?

The Budapest bridge with lions is the chain bridge. It has Lions statues on both sides at Pest and Buda side. From the Buda side you can walk from Deak ferenc ter or Vorosmarty square for (600 meter)1800 feet to reach the lions on the pest side.

Is it safe to visit Budapest bridges?

All of the Budapest bridges are quite safe to visit for crossing the Danube between Buda and Pest.

Are Budapest bridges safe at night?

Budapest is one of the safest cities in Easter Europe and walking across bridges is safe at night. No matter if it’s 2300 in the night or 0002 in the midnight, you will see tourists walking around in the summers as well as winters.

Which Budapest bridge is good for a picnic?

The Freedom bridge (Szabadság Híd, green color bridge), is one of the bridges in Budapest where you can have a picnic.In fact, while walking on the freedom bridge, you will see locals as well as tourists sitting in the middle of the pillars. If you find a place to sit, definitely spend half an hour enjoying the Budapest beauty.

Which bridge is good for watching the sunset?

Picnic at freedom bridge Budapest
Picnic at freedom bridge Budapest

In order to watch the Budapest sunset in summer, it is good to occupy a place on the freedom bridge around 8 30 and watch the sunset till 9. As there is not much space, it is good to be there early. There are no fees for sitting on the structure of the freedom bridge.

Which bridge is closer to Gellert Hill and Budapest Great Market Hall?

On Buda side, you can reach the market hall Budapest within 5 mins walk from freedom bridge. While on the pest side, freedom bridge Buda end is the starting point of the hike towards Gellert Hill.

Are Budapest Bridges Clean?

All of the Budapest bridges are pretty well maintained and clean. You will not notice any kind of litter or smelly area around,despite a lot of tourists walking across the Budapest Bridges.

Which is the Budapest lock Bridge?

The freedom bridge in Budapest is famous for love locks. It is one of bridges in Budapest, where visitors would bring and put love locks. Although its structure of walls is not as love lock friendly,and requires locks with longer necks. You will notice that it is not loaded with locks as in other cities or Europe.

What are the Budapest Pedestrian Bridges?

The pedestrian bridges in Budapest include Freedom bridge,Chain Bridge,Erzsebet bridge, margaret bridge,and Arpad Bridge. These bridges have around 10 to 12 feet walking space on both ends for pedestrians moving in both directions.

Which Budapest Bridge is closed temporarily?

Chain Bridge in Budapest also known as Széchenyi Lánchíd was closed temporarily for renovation. It is opened with limited functionality for public transport and pedestrians.

Which Budapest bridge vibrates during normal times?

The freedom bridge is unique compared to other bridges in Budapest as it vibrates whenever the tram is crossing the Danube over its track.

Which is the oldest bridge in Budapest?

Chain bridge is considered to be the oldest bridge in Budapest. Before it, the only possibility to cross between buda and pest was through boats and ships.

Is it better to walk or drive across Budapest Bridges?

Traffic on Budapest Bridge
Traffic on Budapest Bridge

Walking on any of the top 4 bridges in Budapest is definitely a better option for tourists visiting Budapest for the first time. Specially the walk on Freedom bridge,Chain Bridge and Erzsebet bridge is definitely recommended.

The traffic on all the bridges in Budapest is quite high and it moves slowly. Therefore if you plan to visit by car,make sure to leave early.

Are there restaurants under Budapest Bridges?

There is no Budapest bridge with restaurants under it. If you want to have food,after exploring any of the bridges, best option is to visit the Pest side of any Bridge and you will find food options.