What is the best time to visit Budapest in 2024

Best time and weather to visit Budapest for first time

When is the best time to visit Budapest is definitely the first question that comes to mind if you plan to come in 2024.

Hungary is a landlocked country located at the Carpathian Basic.

It enjoys 4 seasons from winter, spring, autumn and summers.

The weather is constantly varying throughout the year.

The best places to stay near Budapest City center are

Best time to visit Budapest 2024

All the months are good to visit Budapest as it is a pretty lively city.

However, the majority of the tourists visit in summer.

Keep in mind that Hungary is a landlocked country and there are almost negligible beaches in Budapest.

(There are a few, but not recommended if your visit is lesser than 4 days)

In spring and autumn, the tourist numbers are little less than the summer.

Still visiting Budapest can depend upon various factors.e.g. budget, no. of days, group or solo travel, traveling with family, and activities planned.

Budapest Weather in Summers 2024

Budapest Weather in Summers June July August
Budapest Weather in Summers June July August

Summers in Budapest are normally spread among 3.5 months, May, June, July and August.

Historically, the temperature of Budapest in summers used to vary from 22C(71F) to 27C(80F) degrees.

However, since the last 2 years, temperatures in July and August have risen to 35C(95F).

Budapest becomes so hot in the summers that doing outdoor activities in the summers becomes challenging.

Sunrise in Budapest during summer is around 4-5 AM and the sunset can prolong upto 20:45.

The summer nights in Budapest are completely dark around 22 :00.

Hiking in Budapest during summer to Gellert Hill and Buda Castle will be a daunting task to achieve in extreme hot weather.

Walking inside the city is still OK due to building shadows and breeze from the buda hills.

Things to know if you visit Budapest in Summer

If you are coming in summer 2024 to Budapest, do ensure to have a hotel room with AC inside.

This is important as many people might be staying in apartment buildings which may not have Air Conditioner.

Also try to avoid the top floors of the building as the temperature will be more than the lower storeys.

Bring clothes which are suitable for hot weather, as the sun is warm and bright.

There are not many seaside tanning options in Budapest aside from visiting Turkish thermal baths.

Budapest nights in summer are really great to walk around the city.

In the 2nd half of August, thunderstorms are a norm and an umbrella is a good option to carry.

Why Visit Budapest in Summer 2024

Heroes square boating near city park Budapest Hungary
Heroes square boating near city park Budapest Hungary

Summer is the crowded season in Budapest as many tourists come.

The advantage of visiting Budapest in summer is that

  • Days are longer, which means more time for sightseeing.
  • Nightclubs are shifting  outdoors.
  • Lots of festivals in the city center, Buda castle and heroes square.
  • Sziget festival
  • F1 Hungarian grand prix
  • August 20 Hungarian National Day (Huge fireworks for half hour in the night along Danube)
  • Liver concerts and festivals on Andrassy Utca
  • Boating in Lake next to Heroes square

Is Budapest weather in Autumn good for travel?

Budapest weather in Autumn September October November
Budapest weather in Autumn September October November

Autumn in Budapest starts from September and continues till the end of October.

Sunrise is around 6:00 while sunset is 20:00-19:00.

The days become shorter moving towards the winters.

Leaves are falling from the trees and streets are orange with pale yellow leaves.

The temperatures are not high as in summers.

During autumn time the max temperature is around 12C(53F) to 17C(63F) in daytime, while in night can fall to 4C-8C.

The weather is cold enough to have a jacket and maybe a cap to cover your head.

Looking from the window, a Budapest autumn sunny day may trick you into wearing summer clothes.

Beware of such scenarios and ensure to carry warm clothes.

Locals call it vénasszonyok nyara, the old women’s summer.

Such terminologies exist in other European countries too.

Why visit Budapest in Autumn 2024

Autumn in Budapest is a good time for long walks along the Danube and within the city.

23 October National day is celebrated with connection to the 1956 revolution and war of independence.

Halloween and All Saints’ Day is celebrated on 31 October and 1st November.

Around Every weekend, Andrassy Utca hosts many live concerts and food festivals.

Heroes square hosts the horse races around the big circle, where entry is free.

Budapest Weather in Winters 2024

Winter months in Budapest are December, January and February.

Temperature falls to 0C(32F) even during the morning time.

Sunlight is almost not existent and the sky is gray most of the time.

Sunrise is around 7:00 while sunset is around 1600.

Hence, there is limited time to do sightseeing in the daytime.

The change of weather does not impact the operational timings of Buses and Metros.

Snowfall for the last few years starts around Christmas or even after it.

Budapest is a well-organized city, where after snowfall the streets are cleaned from snow.

Salt is also sprinkled on the streets to avoid slipping.

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Activities during the winter time in Budapest

A winter jacket, winter hat and muffler is a must to be in your luggage when visiting during winters.

Budapest Weather in Winters - December January February
Budapest Weather in Winters – December January February

Why visit Budapest in Winters

During the winters, Budapest is covered with snow.

The white snow does not prevent the visitors from enjoying the cold weather and diverse activities available.

There are various activities that you can do during the winter time in Budapest.

You can visit the

  • Skating arenas
  • Museums
  • Thermal baths
  • Cafés
  • Christmas fairs
  • Bars
  • Indoor dance clubs
  • Danube bank to watch the Frozen Danube

Budapest Weather in Spring 2024

Budapest weather in Spring -March April May
Budapest weather in Spring -March April May

At the end of February and the start of March, spring season starts in Budapest.

People bored seeing the gray sky during the winter start to see more sun.

The dull outlook of the city starts converting into a colorful and bright appearance.

Despite the sun coming out, the weather in Budapest is windy during the month of March.

Hence, it is important to carry a warm jacket and hat for a visit in March.

Budapest’s temperatures in spring vary from 10C(50F) to 17C(63F).

Is Spring the best season for Budapest travel?

The weather in spring is perfect for hiking towards Gellert Hill, Fisherman Bastian and Buda Castle.

Other options to walk are along the Andrassy Utca, Danube, exploring Margaret Island, and beautiful bridges of Budapest.

The spring celebrations in Budapest are normally held in Art Galleries and Museums.

Entrance to these exhibitions and celebrations are possible through tickets costing 3000 HUF(10 Euro) to 6000 HUF(20 Euros).

The 15th of March is a public holiday in Hungary.

The revolution memorial celebrations are held at Kossuth Lajos ter (in front of the parliament) and Heroes square.

If you plan to visit during March, do visit the ceremony held in the morning time.

During the 2nd half of the day, you may explore the family festival on Buda hills.

Várkert Bazaar which exists just under the Buda castle is a must-visit too.

You may find yourself lucky to have a free entry to Parliament on either 15 or 16 March, if there is not a long queue.

(Do check with your hotel which day is free to enter the Parliament).

Best time to visit Budapest for fireworks

Fireworks in front of chain bridge Budapest saint istvan day Hungary
Fireworks in front of chain bridge Budapest saint Stephen day Hungary

Hungary celebrates its national day on August 20.

On every August 20th, the locals and visitors have the opportunity to see huge fireworks.

These fireworks are held along the Danube river.

Fireworks last for half an hour and normally start around 21:00 or 21:30.

Both sides of the Danube river are packed with people and there is hardly any place to stand.

Although new year celebrations involve fireworks in town center, they are on a very limited level.

Hence, the best time to visit Budapest for fireworks is in August, and especially on the 20th of August.

Best time to visit Budapest for couples

In the summer, from April to September, there are festivals organized closer to Deak Ferenc ter, Heroes square and Buda Castle.

Hence, if you are looking to explore the city on foot, any time between April and September is good.

Wine tasting competitions are held in Buda castle that require a nominal fee to enter.

However, the festivals at Deak ferenc ter and Heroes square are having free entry.

For couples looking to perform outdoor activities, summer is the best time.

Couples can also enjoy a visit to the thermal baths during winter times in Budapest.

Gellert baths,Szechenyi baths and Kiraly Baths are great options in winters to enjoy the unique experience.

Best time to visit Budapest with kids

In Hungary, normally the 20th of August is added to the weekends to make it a long weekend.

During the long weekend involving 20th of august, there are army parades in the daytime in front of Parliament.

Later on, there are rallies conducted by performing artists on the Andrassy utca.

Additionally, the park in front of Vajdahunyad Castle is decorated for children’s activities.

There are free mechanical games for children around 5 to 12 years of age.

Food trucks are there. Hungarian army men are there with a lot of games to offer the huge number of families.

Hence, August 20-23, is an excellent time to visit Budapest with kids.

Best time to visit Budapest for teens

Best time to visit Budapest for teens
Best time to visit Budapest for teens

For teens looking to party in Budapest, both summer and winter times are great.

Budapest outdoor clubs are closed during the winter time.

Hence, the option to indoor party is only during December, and January.

For party loving teens coming to Budapest in summer, there are numerous outdoor club options.

At Deak ferenc ter, the Akvárium Klub serves as the main attraction for a huge number of youngsters to chatter around.