What are 24 hour pharmacies in Budapest

Budapest Pharmacy

Visiting a 24-hour pharmacy in Budapest may be required in case of sudden illness as majority of these close around 6 pm.

Either you are a patient or have a need to buy certain kinds of medicine in Budapest, it is essential to know how pharmacies operate in Budapest.

Pharmacies in Budapest can be found on regular intervals in majority of areas around the city center.

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The major challenge a Budapest tourist may face is the language,as majority of pharmacies in Budapest have only Hungarian names and descriptions.

Although at some places, Budapest pharmacies are having a green Plus(+) sign next to the store.
You can identify Hungarian pharmacies with the plus icon with green color, while walking on the streets.

Hungarian word for pharmacy

Pharmacy Budapest
Pharmacy Budapest

Despite being part of European Union, many tourists think that there will be Hungarian translation of every public sign on the streets and shops, but it is not the reality on ground.

Same is the case with pharmacies in Budapest,which has the majority of expats living.

The Hungarian words for tourists to remember for pharmacy are

  • Apotheke
  • gyógyszertár
  • Patika

Any pharmacy in Budapest, will have at least one of these words after their name,while some may add pharmacy on stickers at one of their outer displays.

Prescription to buy medicines in Budapest pharmacies

You can buy medicines based upon prescription as well as without these in Budapest pharmacies.

Medicines prescribed only by Hungarian doctors can be used to buy majority of medicines.

However, limited number of medicines without prescription can definitely be purchased.

For example you can buy pain killers and medicines related to flu,cough and headache in any Budapest pharmacy.

Budapest pharmacy Discounts

If you have a TAJ card,which is normally issued to residents of Hungary, you are eligible for discounts for certain medicines.

Similarly, if you have a prescription by a Hungarian doctor,there can be a good discount
available for the certain medicine.

In majority of cases, a TAJ card and a prescription by a Hungarian doctor is essential to get discounts on medicines from pharmacies.

Pharmacy locations in Budapest

Budapest Chemist
Budapest Chemist

You can find Pharmacies and drugstores in Budapest in districts 5,6,7,8 and 9 on regular intervals.

For example,at the road along 6-4 tram,every next stop, you will find a pharmacy.

Almost every Budapest mall,including allee,corvin,westend,arena and arkad 2, there a pharmacies found.

However,if you are staying around Jewish district or near parliament, finding a pharmacy on walking distance may be challenging, but you can use Budapest public transport system to reach these.

Around Keleti Palyudvar, there are some medicine stores in Garay Utca and Peterfy Sandor Utca.

Procedure to buy medicine in Budapest Pharmacies

In any normal pharmacy in Budapest, there are at least 3 to 4 counters,where you can buy medicine.

During peak hours, all counters will be treating customers.

New customers have to stand in a line and wait for the call from the pharmacist.

It is normal that,not all the pharmacists speak English, you may request for an English speaking pharmacist.

In such case you may have to wait for a bit longer to buy the medicine.

Budapest pharmacies opening hours

Normal timings of pharmacies in Budapest are from 0800 to 1800 during the weekdays.

On Friday,some may close an hour early, whereas on Saturday, the timing may be until 1400.

Majority of pharmacies in Budapest are closed on Sunday.

Budapest pharmacies visit after working hours

There are limited number of pharmacies in Budapest which are can be visited to buy medicine even after the closing hours.

You can visit these pharmacies on weekends as well,after the displayed working hours.

However, there is a catch, the pharmacies appear closed from the outside and have only a special counter open at one end.

The counter is normally not so evident,if you are visiting for the first time.However,as there are limited number of pharmacies open after working hours,the long line of people somewhere near the pharmacy will identify the point of contact.

In case you do not find queue of people next to any Budapest 24 hour pharmacy,and you may have to find the small window and press a bell to alert the pharmacist inside.

Additionally, the price of medicine bought after the pharmacy closing hours is 1.3 to 1.5 times of the normal price.

Do they speak English in Budapest pharmacies

Apotheke Budapest
Apotheke Budapest

Not all the pharmacists in any Budapest pharmacies speak English.

However, you will definitely find an English speaking representative whom you can talk and buy the desired medicine.

If there are young representatives, there is more probability that they speak good English.

You can always ask for an English speaking pharmacist if you visit a counter in a pharmacy who does not understand English.

24 hour pharmacies in Budapest

Budapest Drugstore
Budapest Drugstore

As tourists, it can be challenging to find a pharmacy to buy a medicine after the normal working hours in Budapest.

However, around city center, following pharmacies can be visited to purchase medicines after closing times as well as on weekends.

These are easily accessible in the city center around mid night.

Sometimes,there have been complaints of slow and rude behavior by visitors against the pharmacist who was operating during the mid night duty in 24 hour pharmacies mentioned below.

Hence if you already know the medicine what you may need in Budapest, it is better to visit during the work time as you may find better and kind representatives in pharmacies.

Although there are pharmacies(at least one) in every district of Budapest,which are operational 24 hour. However, the post covers the ones which may be easier for tourist staying around city center.

Following info is just for the visitor information,however, the buying experience at respective stores may be subject to the on duty person.

Teréz Gyógyszertár – 24 hour pharmacy Budapest

This pharmacy may be your first choice for tourist if they have to buy medicine after the working hours in Budapest.

If you are staying around the city enter,as it is easily accessible via 6-4 tram which runs throughout the night.

The address of this pharmacy is 1067-Budapest, Teréz krt. 41. It in Budapest 6th district.

Either you are staying around Nyugati,Blaha Lujza ter or in Jewish District, this pharmacy can be easily reached.

You can also call them before going to buy medicine on 0613114439.

Fővám Téri Gyógyszertár – 24 hour drugstore Budapest

This pharmacy was located right in front of Great Market Hall of Budapest and open even after the working hours during weekends too.

The address of Fővám Téri Gyógyszertár was 1056 Budapest, Fővám tér 4, however, this pharmacy has been closed as of 2024.

Három Sas Gyógyszertár – 24 hour pharmacy near blaha

It is another 24 hour drugstore in Budapest which is located closer to city center and is accessible whole night with 6-4 tram.

Its address is 1082-Budapest, Baross u 70-72.

In case you are unable to find a medicine in other mentioned stores,this may be visited after closing hours.

If you are  looking for a 24 hour pharmacy near blaha lujza ter,this one could be 2 stops away.

Is TAJ card required for buying medicines in Budapest pharmacies?

If you are buying a medicine with Hungarian doctor prescription, the TAJ card may be needed to show at the counter,as it may come with discounts.

However,as a tourist,majority will not have a TAJ card or prescription from a Hungarian doctor,hence, it is still possible to buy a medicine without TAJ card (if permitted to be bought without prescription).

Which is the most famous pharmacy in Budapest

There is no big chain of pharmacies in Budapest,as majority of them have 1 to 3 branches.

The prices of medicines in various drugstores in Budapest may vary,as some offer discounts (even without TAJ card).

Some of the pharmacies in Budapest are the following,however,neither of these offer an English version.

Additionally, around city center,neither of these are operational 24 hours.