Breakfast in Budapest 2024 | Cheap brunch Budapest

Breakfast in Budapest

Wandering around Budapest city, you will not only find pubs every 10 steps but small coffee shops.breakfast and bakeries as well.

You must be wondering,what are prices in Budapest for normal food and varieties of drinks.

Are you looking to find the best and cheap breakfast in Budapest?

You can have it in under 2 USD/EUR/GBP,if you buy stuff from grocery stores.

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Around fashion street,Vaci street Budapest,Great Synagogue Budapest and the majority of touristic areas in Budapest, there are a lot of breakfast places.

Similarly, at the entrance of every metro station, you will find a bakery,where it might be possible to have take away breakfast.

As of 2024, there are long lines of people waiting to buy their breakfast before boarding metros for going to their offices.

You can find not only breakfast options but also international fast food chains near Budapest Keleti train station.

breakfast cafe Budapest
breakfast cafe Budapest

Hungarian word for Breakfast

In Hungarian, Breakfast is called “Reggeli”, which can be read as “Reg-geli” together.
Here g is pronounced as in goat, while “e” sound in “geli” is like in “Best”.

Majority of breakfast cafes around tourist areas in Budapest have written “Breakfast” with prices, outside their cafes,and do have English Menu.

However, if you are staying in a place away from the central part of Budapest or buying it from the grocery store, you may see only “Reggeli”.

Reggelli is pretty close to the Good Morning in Hungarian, which is “Jo Reggelt”. Although in touristic areas, you do not need to learn Hungarian phrases for tourists.

What is a traditional Hungarian Breakfast

Hungarians do have many options for breakfast.

One of the famous breakfast foods among Hungarians is “bundás kenyér”, translated as furry bread.

“Bundás kenyér” looks like french toast but is salty.

The bread is dipped into an egg mixed with salt and deep fried. This kind of bread is not so commonly available in breakfast places in touristic areas.

During normal working hours,Hungarians buy breakfast from a wide range of baked varieties from the bakeries or supermarket and eat in the office.

In addition to the croissants,sandwiches or any other kind of bread, coffee or yogurt are also common components of Hungarian breakfast .

Some Hungarians prefer simple white bread with the bread cream available from spar,lidl,aldi and Tesco as a typical breakfast.

The bread cream is available in various flavors and can be found in the dairy section under the refrigerated area of supermarkets.

Hungarian word for bakery

There are two famous words in Hungarian for Bakery and confectionery.

One is PekSeg while the other is Cukraszda.

Although many directories use these words interchangeably.

Hence, if you are looking for Breakfast in Budapest, three words you must remember are Regelli, Cukraszda, and PekSeg.

Famous Bakeries in Budapest

In recent times,new baker brands have continued to emerge in Budapest.

The most famous bakery chains in Budapest are Lipoti Pekseg and Fornetti.

You will find these around major metro and train stations.

Fornetti deals with only small biscuit sized bread,or snacks with chicken filling, cheese and fruit jams.

One type of pentagon shaped biscuit sized bread is called pogacsa “pogacha”.

Pogacsa Hungarian Cookies

Fornetti does not sell any sandwich type or croissant.

Also the majority of Fornetti chains do not have seating arrangements.

Lipoti PekSeg is another famous bakery in Budapest for breakfast.

It deals with a variety of breads and sandwiches,drinks,flavored yogurts and coffees at some shops.

Some branches of Lipoti Pekseg do have seating options for breakfast.

Best Budapest bakery

Budapest Breakfast prices

Depending upon your budget, in Budapest,in 2024, you can have a breakfast from under 300 hufs (1 USD/GBP/EUR )to 4000 hufs (11 USD/GBP/EUR) .

It all depends which breakfast option you would like to have on the specific day.

Cheap breakfast in Budapest

Cheap Breakfast Budapest
Cheap Breakfast Budapest

One of the cheapest options in Budapest to buy breakfast is from the grocery stores.

ALDI,LIDL,SPAR,TESCO,PRIMA,and Penny Market are located in every corner of Budapest.

The cheapest bakery bread in circular bun form and sesame seeds is available in Budapest grocery stores,for around 45 to 65 HUF,and two are sufficient for one person breakfast.

You can buy a cold coffee for 250 huf-350 huf in any supermarket and have your breakfast.

You can buy cheap breakfast in Budapest from supermarkets that will cost under 500 HUF,which is 2 USD/GBP.

Breakfast prices in Budapest cafes

Budapest Breakfast prices
Budapest Breakfast prices

Whether you are staying in the Budapest city centre, Jewish quarter,around Vaci Street or Andrassy Avenue, you will find quite many breakfast cafes.

Some Budapest breakfast cafes may serve only bakery items and have no cooking facility. While some may offer a variety of eggs with special bread.

Around the city centre, Breakfast Prices in Budapest cafes start around 1800 HUF (5 USD) and may go up to 4000 HUF (12 USD/GBP/EUR).

Budapest Cafes serving freshly cooked eggs with bread and juice/coffee are on the expansive side.

On the other hand, cafes serving croissants/sandwiches and coffee may be in the middle range in terms of pricing.

The price of a simple croissant in any breakfast cafe in Budapest is around 300 to 450 HUF,i.e. 1 to 1.5 USD/EUR/GBP.

A cappuccino with any bakery item costs an additional 450 to 800 HUF,i.e. 1.5 to 2 USD/EUR/GBP.

Some breakfast cafes in Budapest serving fresh juice will charge from 500 to 1200 huf(2 to 4 USD/GBP/EUR) for a glass of 2 dl(200ml) to 5 dl(500 ml).

Budapest supermarkets Breakfast 2024

Budapest Breakfast price
Budapest Breakfast price

The good thing with the majority of supermarkets in Budapest,no matter big or small, is that they have a local bakery in the background.

The bakers in these supermarkets are continuously baking new bread,which is available from the morning till evening time and provide a variety of cheap options to buy breakfast.

All the food chains in Budapest,e.g. TESCO,SPAR,ALDI,LIDL and Penny Market have an equally big variety of breakfast breads.

Common types of bread in Budapest supermarkets

Some of the common varieties of Bread available in Budapest grocery stores are the following. Majority of names associated with breakfast breads in Budapest have been inherited from the shapes that they resemble.

  • Vaj Croissant – Butter croissant
  • Kakaos Csiga – Cocoa Snail
  • Fahejas Csiga – Cinnamon Snail
  • Sajtkremes Rud – Cream cheese rod
  • Vanilia pudingos Parna – Pillow with vanilla pudding filling
  • Csoki Croissant – Chocolate Croissant
  • Fokhagyma rud – Garlic Bread
  • Almas Haromszog – Apple triangle
  • Megyes taska – Cherry bag
  • Sajtos Sonkas Croissant – Cheese ham croissant
  • Sokmegvas Baggett – Bougette with seeds
  • Bajor perec – Bavarian pretzel
  • Buci – Bun
  • Pogacsa – Snacks like bread
  • Teljes Kiorlesu Tobbmagvas vegan croissant – Whole grain vegan croissant with seeds

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Best Croissant in Budapest supermarkets

Out of the many supermarkets in Budapest, LIDL and ALDI stores have better quality croissants and other bakery items.

Whether you want to buy butter croissant or a chocolate croissant from a supermarket in Budapest for breakfast, you will find the best quality in LIDL and ALDI.

The butter croissant price in ALDI or LIDL in Budapest is 150 HUF (around 0.5 USD/GBP/EUR).

Although it is the same price in other stores but quality and taste is not as good as in these stores.

Even some professional bakeries in Budapest,despite being expensive, do not have as good bakery items as in LIDL and ALDI.

SPAR has below average bakery items in terms of taste and quality compared to other grocery stores in Budapest.

Budapest McDonalds Breakfast

McDonalds is quite frequently available in every corner of Budapest.

You can find all the branches of McDonalds in Hungary in the following link.

It is also possible to check the timing of the respective McDonalds branch in Hungary.

You can also check whether there is a restaurant, drive-in option and McCafe in the specific branch.

Budapest McDonalds Breakfast Menu 2024

You can have Breakfast in any Budapest McDonalds.

The current Budapest McDonalds Breakfast Menu is available online as well.

It is in Hungarian but you can use a browser plugin to translate into English.

On average, a breakfast in McDonalds Budapest ranges from 1200 to 1400 HUF.i.e 3 to 4 Euros/USD/GBP, which includes only sandwiches.

If you want to buy coffee with your breakfast in McDonalds,that will cost extra 700 HUF TO 900 HUF.i.e. 2 to 3 USD/EUR/GBP.

Following Breakfast Menu is available in Budapest McDonalds.

  • BLT McMuffin – Contains Bacon Lettuce and Tomatoes in buns
  • Tojasos McMuffin – Eggs Only in buns
  • Tojasos- Baconos McMuffin – Eggs and Bacon in buns

Budapest Burger King Breakfast 2024

After McDonalds, one of the frequent fast food chains that you would find in Budapest is Burger King.

Burger king breakfast menu is available in multiple Budapest branches as of 2024.

Out of the 3 breakfast options available in Budapest Burger King, 2 of them come with bacon, while the other one comes with cheese.

If you are looking for a sandwich with eggs and without bacon, you can explicitly ask them to skip the bacon in your sandwich.

Burger king breakfast options contain only sandwich options and these are.

  • Baconos-tojásos szendvics – Bacon-Eggs Sandwich
    Sajtos toast – Cheese Sandwich
    Baconos sajtos toast – Bacon and Cheese Sandwich

Price for Breakfast in Budapest Burger King ranges from 1400 HUF to 2500 HUF(3 to 8 USD/GBP/EUR), depending upon whether you buy just the sandwich,coffee or a glass of fresh juice.