Best Christmas Markets in Budapest for first time travelers

Best Christmas Markets in Budapest 2023

Whenever there is a discussion about Christmas markets for visitors in Budapest, there are lot of options to explore. This may be true for residents like me,but when talking about first time travelers coming to Budapest during Christmas, it would be a tricky question,which one should they visit if they have limited time.

As there are small and big Christmas market fairs around different districts in Budapest, we would like to present the best ones,which are easily accessible for the first time visitors. The reason being the fact that some posts on internet talking about Christmas markets in Budapest are a bit far from city center and not a good idea to see them,while bypassing the main and best Christmas markets in Budapest.

Budapest Christmas Markets Map

If you are a foreigner visiting Budapest for first time during Christmas, you will be overwhelmed with the number of options to explore for colors of Budapest Christmas markets. There is no need to get distracted by multiple Christmas fairs happening all around the city. If you are in Budapest for a couple of days, your main focus should be on the Christmas fairs around the city center.

All the key Christmas fairs in Budapest are setup around Deak Ference square which is the main square of Budapest.Once you are at Deak ferenc ter, you can visit the Christmas markets fairs by walking from one place to another. In the below map you can get an idea of the different Xmas fairs,their location and priority on which you can visit them.

Christmas Markets Map in Budapest City Center 2023
Christmas Markets Map in Budapest City Center 2023

How to reach there

How to reach BUDAPEST Xmas market from Airport
How to reach BUDAPEST Xmas market from Airport

You can reach Budapest Christmas market by public transport quite easily.All you have to do is reach Deak Ferenc ter with any public transport bus, metro or tram.

The underground Metros reaching Budapest Christmas markets around city center are M1,M2 and M3 at Deak Ferenc ter.

Trams 47,48, and 49 also drop closer to the Christmas Market of Budapest at Deak Ferenc ter.

If are coming with 100E Bus Budapest from Budapest airport, you are on good track as it will drop you from a walking distance from city center.To avoid hassles and complexities of ticket validation in Budapest public transport, you can book a shuttle for 10 USD or book a taxi online if you are arriving late.

In other words, with 100E you are almost stopping next to Central Budapest Christmas Market from Airport.

Many tourists are coming via international buses to Nepliget bus station from neighboring countries.In such case, to come from Nepliget station to Budapest Christmas Market you can take Metro M3 and get off at the Deak ferenc ter stop,which is closes to Christmas market.

List of best Christmas fairs for travelers

Best Christmas Fairs in Budapest for first time visitors
Best Christmas Fairs in Budapest for first time visitors

Based upon the design,decoration and rankings of Budapest Christmas markets, here are the ones that first time visitors should visit in order

  1. Saint Stephen Basilica Christmas market
  2. Vorosmarty square Christmas market
  3. Fashion Street Christmas Market
  4. Elizabeth Square Xmas Market
  5. Deak Ferenc square Christmas market
  6. Gozdu Udvar Christmas Market

These Christmas fairs are located in different districts, but are pretty closer in terms of distance. It is pretty easy to walk from one to another, once you are there in the Budapest city center.

Entry Fees to Christmas fairs in Budapest

You can enter any of the Christmas fairs in Budapest for free. There is no ticket to buy for just the entrance to these Christmas Markets,either in city center or away from it. Just be prepared,that although entrance is free, you may be surprised by the high prices of food,gifts and souvenirs at every Budapest Christmas Market.

In some of the key attractions in Budapest,entry fees is different based upon the residence status of the visitor, however, in case of Christmas markets, entry is free for visitors from all nationalities.

You must also be wondering that is there any pre-booking required to enter any of the Christmas markets in Budapest?

There is no pre-booking required to enter the Christmas markets in Budapest. However, do keep in mind that in the last 10 days of December, the maximum number of visitors come and the markets become pretty crowded.

1.Saint Stephen Basilica Christmas market

Budapest Basilica Christmas market 2023
Budapest Basilica Christmas market 2023

As a first time visitor during Christmas in Budapest in 2023, the one Market you must definitely visit is the on in front of Saint Stephen Basilica. There is a big Christmas tree, lot of food,drinks and souvenir stalls right next to the Basilica Christmas market in Budapest. You can enter from various directions, hence, not a big issue which side you are entering.

Prices of all items are the highest in Saint Stephen Basilica Christmas Market. The Xmas market is always held in St. Stephen Square, also known as Szent István tér. The Hungarian name of this Christmas market is Advent Bazilika.

Budapest St Stephen Basilica Xmas Market location 2023
Budapest St Stephen Basilica Xmas Market location 2023

In the evening time, there are regular light shows on Basilica,which you can enjoy for free. During the morning time, it is definitely recommended to attend the Organ Concert in St Stephen Basilica,check availability here.

Within the Christmas market you will also find a small ice rink as well as a photo booth that will take your picture in front of Basilica and send to your email.

2.Vorosmarty square Christmas market

Vorosmarty Square Budapest Christmas Market 2023
Vorosmarty Square Budapest Christmas Market 2023

The 2nd biggest Christmas Market in Budapest for year 2023 is held at Vorosmarty Square also named as Vörösmarty tér in Hungarian. The Christmas Market is always arranged in such a way that one side has all the food stalls and seating arrangements in front of it, while the other part of the square is full of Souvenir stalls.

Christmas Market in Budapest at Vorosmarty square is a must visit in 2023. Illuminated with Christmas lights and decorations, the Budapest Christmas market is located in the heart of Budapest.

Vorosmarty Square Xmas Market Budapest map 2023
Vorosmarty Square Xmas Market Budapest map 2023

The Christmas tree at the center of Vorosmarty square is visible,either you enter from Vaci Street or Fashion street.It welcomes the visitors who come in huge numbers even during the chilly and extremely cold weather.

Just like the previous years, you will find food stalls offering traditional Hungarian food at the Vorosmarty Xmas Market in Budapest. Additionally, there are souvenir shops,candy stalls and hand made clothing items.

3-Fashion Street Budapest Christmas Market

Fashion Street Budapest Christmas Market 2023
Fashion Street Budapest Christmas Market 2023

The 3rd location to see the Budapest Christmas time in 2023 is the Fashion Street, which starts from Deak Ferenc ter and ends at Vorosmarty Square. Its address is Deák Ferenc utca 15.

Fashion street is mainly attractive because of excellent decoration,while there are limited number of stalls. The Budapest Xmas market on Fashion street is good for taking memorable and attractive pictures.

There are special lights and Christmas tree decorating the whole street and makes it a must visit place to walk during night for first time visitors during Christmas.

4-Elizabeth Square Budapest Christmas Market

Elizabeth Square Budapest Christmas Market 2023
Elizabeth Square Budapest Christmas Market 2023

Budapest Christmas time brings you another venue to enjoy the winters attraction in form of Christmas Market near Elizabeth Square(Erzsébet tér).

This is a small Christmas market at a walking distance from Deak Ferenc ter where you can buy handmade souvenirs, drink mulled wine and shop unique gifts to take back home.

Elizabeth Square Budapest Christmas market fair location 2023
Elizabeth Square Budapest Christmas market fair location 2023

The Christmas market has mainly souvenir shops along the street,highlighted with 2 red lines in the picture. The street of souvenirs during Christmas market is located between Deak Ferenc ter and Erzsebet ter. You can spend 15 to 30 mins in this street if you plan to buy some Christmas gifts.

5 -Deak Ferenc ter Christmas Fair

Deak Ferenc ter Budapest Christmas fair 2023
Deak Ferenc Square Budapest Christmas fair 2023

Located right next to Deak Ferenc ter metro station, this Christmas fair is also a good option to visit if you are coming with the kids. In fact, if you are coming by public transport the Varoshaza Christmas fair is visible right from the start.

It is not much crowded compared to the Basilica and Vorosmarty markets,as there are limted attraction.Though it does have an Ice rink established for the year 2023 in Városháza.

You can find traditional Hungarian dishes like Langos, Chimney Cake,mulled wine,hot tea, porkolt and stuffed cabbage in stalls in this small christmas fair.

6-Gozdu Udvar Xmas Fair

Budapest Gozdu Palace Christmas Fair 2023
Budapest Gozdu Palace Christmas Fair 2023

Gozdu Udvar is one of great attractions to visit in Budapest during Christmas time. It is one of the indoor Christmas markets in Budapest to see the Christmas decorations and preparations.

There are no street food options like in other Christmas markets,but proper food restaurants.A
You can walk inside the Gozdu Christmas fair in Budapest for free. While walking from one side to another, you will find lots of hand made souvenirs as well as some pretty unique gifts to take back home.

Gozdu Udvar Christmas fair location
Gozdu Udvar Christmas fair location

How to explore

If you are at Deak Ferenc ter in Budapest, you can easily visit all the Christmas markets around.
You can start by walking the whole Fashion street Christmas Market,which should be 10 to 15 mins walk including photos.

Then you can spend around 45 to 60 minutes in the Vorosmarty Square Christmas Market as it has souvenir stalls as well as many food options.

After the Vorosmarty Square Christmas Market, you can walk towards the Christmas market in Elizabeth Square,which can take 20 additional minutes.

From the Elizabeth Square Christmas Market, you can walk towards the St.Stephen’s Square, where the big Budapest Christmas Market is established.