What to buy at Budapest Christmas Markets?

What to buy in Budapest Christmas markets

If this year on Christmas you are able to travel to Budapest, one of the key question would be what to buy in Christmas markets. Just like markets around the world, it is essential that before throwing your money on buying anything from the Budapest Christmas markets, you make sure that the souvenirs are locally made.

Keep in mind that, despite so many Christmas markets setup all around Budapest,only the ones near the City center have good stalls for buying Souvenirs.On the other hand, the Christmas markets ways from Budapest City center have mostly food items.In this guide,we are going to present our experience,having visited Christmas markets in Budapest for the last 12 years.You will find a wide range of Hungarian Christmas market Gift ideas from low to high range.

As the best Christmas markets in Budapest are around the Deak Ferenc Square,the best places to stay near Budapest City center and Christmas markets are

Tips for Shopping at Budapest Christmas Markets

The first thing you can keep in your mind is that, you can use both card and cash in order to buy souvenirs in Budapest Xmas Markets.No matter, you are in Vorosmarty Square Christmas market or the St Stephen Square Christmas market, you will find all the vendors accepting card payments easily.

Prices for food in Budapest Christmas markets have sky rocketed,however, the gifts and souvenir prices seem to be on average. You can pay in Euros as well as in Local currency,as the shops are displaying prices of items in both Huf as well as Euros.

Due to the difference of price in Euros and Forints, always make sure to think in one currency,otherwise you will get confused.It is better to pay by card and in Forints instead of Euros in any Budapest Christmas market.

Custom Design Mugs and Cups

best souvenir budapest Christmas market
Best souvenir Budapest Christmas market

One of the the key gifts to buy from Budapest Christmas markets are the handmade custom design mugs and cups. You can buy these mugs for personal use or as gifts to be use for drinking coffee or hot chocolate. Typical cup designs of Christmas mugs in Budapest Christmas markets, contain an animal picture with a Santa hat. The prices range for these mugs is between 4500 to 7000 Huf (13 to 18 USD/EUR).

Hungarian Paprika Powder

traditional hungarian gifts in Budapest Christmas market
Traditional Hungarian gifts in Budapest Christmas market

In case you are not aware, Hungarians call themselves to be strongly associated with paprika. Hence, many of the Hungarian dishes are cooked with whole paprika as well as paprika powder. Hence, one of the traditional gifts from Hungary you can buy at Christmas markets is Hungarian Paprika powder. The price of Hungarian paprika powder varies depending upon the company,type and size of the packing. The typical prices is between 1000 to 2500 Huf (3 to 7.5 USD/EUR).

Scented Wreath

best gifts from budapest Christmas
Best gifts from Budapest Christmas Market

One of the best economical gifts you can buy from Budapest Christmas markets are the scented wreaths. These are great home decorating items as well as enhancing the overall feel of your home. Scented wreaths prices start at 2500 Huf(7 USD/EUR). Scented wreath souvenir shops can be found both in Vorosmarty and Basilica Xmas market of Budapest.

Ceramic Dolls

souvenirs from budapest Christmas Market
Souvenirs from Budapest Christmas Market

If you are into home decoration and looking for new ideas, you will find a ton in the Budapest Christmas markets. One such item for home decoration are the Ceramic dolls,which are a bit pricey but worth it,considering their unique design and vibrant colors. Ceramic hanging dolls from Budapest Christmas markets are available for 9600 Huf (30 USD/EUR).

Ceramic Oil Vaporizers

souvenir shops budapest
Souvenir shops Budapest Xmas Market

Another great gift to buy from Hungarian Christmas market are the Ceramic oil vaporizers. These come in diverse colors and designs. These are unique in design and average price is 3500 Huf (10 USD/EUR). On the other hand,there are smaller ones available for 2500 Huf(7 USD/EUR). The bigger sized ones are available for 5000 HUf (15 USD/EUR).

Lavender Oil Soaps

Hungarian gifts from Christmas market
Hungarian gifts from Christmas market

Hungary is not only famous for its lavender fields but also the lavender products which are available in various forms. At Christmas markets in Budapest, you can buy lavender oil beauty products. One of the cheapest native Hungarian gift to buy from Christmas markets is the lavender oil soap. There are multiple combinations of soap ingredients. The price of Hungarian Lavender soaps is starting at 2000 Huf (6 USD/EUR).

Hungarian Fridge Magnets

souvenir shop Budapest Christmas market
Souvenir Shop Budapest Christmas Market

In Budapest city center you will find many souvenir shops to buy magnets with a great variety of low to high quality magnets. However, in the Christmas markets in Budapest, you will find some unique magnets which may not be available on other shops. Hence, these will be expansive in Christmas markets. It is up to you whether you want to pay for the premium.Budapest magnet prices in some shops start at 3000 Huf (8.5 USD/EUR).

Gingerbread and cookies

Hungarian Souvenirs in Christmas
Hungarian Souvenirs at Christmas

If you are looking for some edible souvenirs for kids from Budapest Christmas markets, you can definitely think of buying Gingerbread cookies which are a specialty of Hungarian Christmas traditions. The smallest pack of ginger break is starting around 1000 Huf (3 USD/EUR) and increases in price with the size and quantity.

Winter caps

Winter Souvenirs from Budapest Xmas markets
Winter Souvenirs from Budapest Xmas markets

One of the great winter souvenirs to buy from Budapest Christmas markets are the winter hats. These come in various designs,size and colors. If you are looking for one, Budapest Christmas market is the place. The winter hats come in combination with mufflers. These special varieties of hats are available in Vorosmarty Square Christmas market.

Wooden Animal Model Toys

kids gifts Hungarian Christmas market
Kids gifts in Hungarian Christmas market

A very unique gift that you can buy from Hungarian Christmas market in Budapest is the wooden animal toy model.There are 7 models including chameleon,Bat,owl and other varieties of birds. The price of wooden toys starts at 4800 huf (13 USD/EUR) and goes up to 7800 Huf (20 USD/EUR).