How many Christmas markets in Budapest in 2023?

How many Christmas Markets in Budapest

Budapest Christmas Markets have been part of Hungarian tradition for long. You must be wondering how many Christmas markets in Budapest are there?

At Christmas markets in Budapest, you have the luxury to buy Hungarian handmade souvenirs, try traditional Hungarian food and varieties of wines.

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These provide unforgettable experience for those eager to get into the spirit of the season. This the reason that one of the many Hungarian Christmas markets has been nominated as one of the best in Europe.

Visiting in December comes with additional advantage of experiencing Budapest Christmas Markets fun and exciting holiday activities. The rates of hotels during Christmas time are quite high,its best to book in advance and look for the appropriate choice.

The best places to stay near Budapest Christmas markets are the following

Budapest Christmas Markets locations in 2023

Budapest Christmas Markets Locations in 2023
Budapest Christmas Markets Locations in 2023

Just like previous years, in 2023, there have been many Christmas markets setup for this years Christmas celebrations in Budapest.

Here is the list of Christmas markets in Budapest you will find on the pest side.

  1. Vörösmarty Square Christmas Market (Vörösmarty Square)
  2. St. Stephen’s Basilica Christmas Market (Szent Istvan Square, St. Stephen Square)
  3. Budapest Fashion Street Christmas Market
  4. Elizabeth Square Budapest Xmas Market (Elizabeth Square/Erzsébet tér)
  5. Winter Wonderland Budapest (West End Shopping Mall)
  6. Christmas Market in Varoshaza (at Deak Ferenc ter)
  7. Christmas Festival In Madách Square
  8. Christmas Fair In Gozsdu Court
  9. Christmas market in City Park (in front of Heroes Square)
  10. Obuda Town Square Christmas Market
  11. Ujpest Town Hall

Budapest Christmas Market 2023 tickets

Ticket Prices for Budapest Christmas Markets in 2023
Ticket Prices for Budapest Christmas Markets in 2023

All the Christmas markets in Budapest have free entrance. There is no ticket to be purchased for entry to any Hungarian Christmas Market in Budapest. You must comply with the rules of the market which are typically displayed at the entrance.

Although entry to Christmas markets is free,food and souvenir shops are not. Additionally, if there are skating rinks next to any Christmas market, you will need to pay for renting skates. At some ice rinks closer to Christmas markets, the entry for kids under 10 may be free,while for adults there is limited entry with a fee.

The ice rinks on Deak Ferenc ter has fees for using the Ice Rink as well as for renting the skates.

Christmas Markets Timings in Budapest

Budapest Christmas Markets Timings 2023
Budapest Christmas Markets Timings 2023

The Budapest Christmas market in 2023 will be open from 11:00 to 20:00 for majority of the week.

On Friday and Saturday, the timings of Christmas market in Budapest are prolonged till 22:00.

The Christmas Market in Budapest at Basilica and Vorosmarty square will be open even on 25th and 26th of December.

So if you are visiting Budapest on Christmas day in 2023, you must be happy as you will be able to enjoy the beauty of one of the best Christmas Markets in Europe.

District for Budapest Christmas Market

If you plan to visit Budapest during Christmas time,and would like to stay where the majority of Christmas colors can be seen, you should stay in 5th District, as the main and biggest Christmas markets are held in district 5 of Budapest.

The Christmas market in front of St Stephen Basilica,Vorosmarty Square,Fashion street and Elizabeth Square are all in District 5 of Budapest. Here are the list of some accommodations near Budapest Christmas Market.

On the other hand, the Christmas market in West End City center is located in district 6, while City park Chritsmas market is in District 14.

Christmas Markets Dates for 2023

Budapest Christmas Markets Dates 2023
Budapest Christmas Markets Dates 2023

Historically, Christmas Market in Budapest start around mid-last week of November and are operational till End of December.

The biggest Christmas market in Budapest for 2023 is the one in front of Saint Stephen Basilica which started on 17 November and will be held until 1st of December.

The real c of Budapest Christmas starts around the early December and continues till January of next year.

From mid November till end of year,not only the Christmas markets but many areas in the city will become lit up with special decoration lights for Budapest Christmas.

There are Budapest Christmas Markets setup on at least 8 central locations,where some started early while other a bit later.

The Atmosphere of Christmas time in Budapest has been further enhanced with items available in stores and Christmas shops.

Duration of Budapest Christmas Markets

The main Christmas markets around Budapest city center are held for longer time and the same continues in 2023. One the other hand, the smaller Christmas fairs are held for at least 15 day going into Christmas.

.Hence, the Main Christmas market of Budapest will be held for one and half month until new year.

The Christmas market in Varoshaza Budapest will be held between 24 November and 7 January.

The Christmas fair in front of Madach Imre square will continue between 03 an 22 December.

Shopping in Budapest Christmas Markets

Shopping in Budapest Christmas Fair 2023
Shopping in Budapest Christmas Fair 2023

It is good to know that if you are looking for some special souvenirs, you will find major variety only in the central Christmas markets around Deak Ferenc ter. On the other hand, the christmas fairs in other locations are only limited to food options.

All the Christmas markets at Saint Stephen Square,Fashion Street,Elizabeth Square and Vorosmarty Square have Christmas shops.

You will definitely find options to to buy Christmas gifts and souvenirs for bringing back to home.There are shops selling hand made elephant tooth decoration pieces, Christmas balls and candle bowls.

You can also buy hand made kitchen stuff made up of clay and wood from the stalls and majority of Budapest Christmas Shops.

There are also hand made leather jackets,belts, ladies bags, men wallets and a large variety of leather goods in few Christmas shops in Budapest.There are shops selling hand knitted gloves,sweaters and warm clothes for children and adults.

You can also buy handmade pictures and drawings of Budapest by the local artists at some stalls in the Christmas market.

Food at Budapest Christmas Markets

Food in Budapest Christmas Markets
Food in Budapest Christmas Markets

If you are traveling during Budapest Christmas time in 2023, you can definitely enjoy the vibrant environment.You will find a wide variety of food for men,women and kids at Christmas Markets in Budapest.

The Hungarian food specialties to be tried in Budapest Christmas Market are Langos,Smoked Salmon,Halaszle,duck liver and Chimney Cake called KurtosKalacs.

For children, you will find huge stalls, selling chocolate cookies with various flavors, colorful candies.There are stalls selling fresh cheese and wine from various parts of Hungary.

You will definitely find seating arrangements if you plan to eat as there are benches with chairs right at the center of both the Christmas markets.

Payment options

How to pay in Budapest Christmas Markets in 2023
How to pay in Budapest Christmas Markets in 2023

Either you want to eat or drink something, you can pay with cash/card in local as well as foreign currency in Budapest Christmas markets. Even the small vendors selling coffee will accept a wide range of cards.

Similarly, if you want to buy any gift or souvenir, you will have options to pay with cash or card.

All the Christmas markets in Budapest have card payment options available. Hence, you will survive if you do not bring cash with you.

On the other hand, many shops also display prices in local currency as well as in Euros. Hence, if you want to pay in Euros,that will be accepted too.