Best Indoor playground in Budapest for kids

Eleven Park Budapest

Eleven Park Budapest is a must visit place if your kids love running,jumping and climbing all day.

Are you coming to Budapest with kids these winters? Do you want to take your kids to an indoor playground in Budapest as outdoor playgrounds may be full of snow in winters.

No doubt, Budapest has one of the great collections of outdoor playgrounds. Majority of these playgrounds are sponsored by Hungarian government and have been renovated recently.

However, in some scenarios, visiting Budapest with kids will require some indoor playground to spend some good time. If you are coming to Budapest with kids, Eleven park is an indoor playground which is a great place for kids to have fun.

Eleven Park Budapest location

Eleven Park Budapest is located in the 11th district of Budapest.
Its location is Hengermalom út 19-21, Új Buda Center 2nd floor.

Entry to Eleven Park

Eleven Park Budapest Entrance
Budapest Indoor PlayGround Entrance

The Entry to Elevan park is from the backside,which is in front of the parking lot.
When entering the main door on ground floor, there are stairs on the left while life on the right.

You have to go to the 2nd floor to reach the entry door of the main hall.
When entering the main hall, there is a reception on the right side, while on the left side,there is area for
dropping the shoes as well as jacket.

Rules of Entry to Eleven Park

As Eleven Park is not free, you need to purchase a ticket for kids as per their requirements.
You cannot take your shoes inside the main hall,and have to drop them right in front of the reception.
It is not allowed to bring any kind of food to the main hall.
Once you leave the hall, you will have to purchase a new ticket to enter the hall.

Lockers at Eleven Park

Eleven Park Lockers
Eleven Park Lockers

You can purchase lockers at Eleven Park for a refundable fees of 2000 HUF (around 4.5 USD).
They provide a lock with a key,you get a small sized locker where you can put your backpack or jackets and put the lock.
Once, you are leaving the hall, you can return the lock with key and get the initial deposit of 2000 HUF.

Names of Eleven Park Budapest

Elevenpark újbuda and Elevenpark Játszóház Új Buda Center are two of the other names of Eleven Park for kids in Budapest.

Parking at Eleven Park Budapest

Right in front of the Eleven Park Building, there is a huge parking place.
Although it is a paid parking, but for visitors to Eleven park the parking is free.
Make sure to get your ticket stamped at the reception, when you are leaving the main hall.
You have to go with the stairs on first floor to get it approved by the security.

Facilities in Eleven Park

There are all sorts of facilities in Eleven Park Budapest,that you can expect in a children playground.
The washrooms are clean and well maintained inside Eleven Park.

There is a canteen,where you can buy a limited variety of food items but it is good for children as well as adults.
At Eleven Park Budapest, there is a small ice cream parlor for buying ice cream.

You will find a small area where children can get pictures painted on their face.
There are big sofas lying in every corner of the main hall where parents can sit and watch their children play.

Toddlers area Eleven Park Budapest

Toddlers Area Eleven Park
Toddlers Area Eleven Park

Just behind the climbing area,there is a walled area for toddlers in Eleven Park Budapest.
The toddlers area is mainly for kids under 3 years age.

If you are coming with kids 3 or below, the toddlers area is the perfect fit for your little one.
The toddlers area next to the entrance has small slides,and soft blocks for toddlers to make buildings.

There is another toddlers area at the end of the hall.
The toddlers area has lots of colorful balls where toddlers can enjoy.

Parents can also join toddlers inside the area.

Climbing area Eleven Park

Right after entering Eleven Park, there is a big climbing area where children of ages 6 and above can climb.There are 4 types of climbing walls which are located in the same area,next to the reception.
Each climbing wall is around 20 feet high.

There are assistants who are preparing children and checking the necessary equipment to
help children climb the respective walls.The climbing walls at Eleven park come in spiral stairs form,Straight wall as well as in cascaded spheres forms.

Arcade Games Eleven Park

arcade games eleven park budapest
arcade games eleven park budapest

There are classic arcade games for kids which can be only played with help of coins.

Minimum two coins are required to play the arcade game.If you win, there will be a small gift coming out of the game. The games are good for kids between age of 3 to 12.

Roller Coaster Eleven Park

Right in the center of Eleven Park main hall, there is a medium sized roller coaster which is a pendulum shaped slide.
The roller coaster starts slowly moving and goes to a height of 15 feet and then starts to slow down.

Entry to roller coaster slide is also through special coins which can be bought from the reception.
Roller coaster is always having a queue of 4 to 8 people at any time during the peak seasons.

Go Carting Eleven Park

Electric Go Carting Eleven Park Budapest
Electric Go Carting Eleven Park Budapest

Your children can also try go carting in a small area in the central part of the main hall.
GoCarting also requires coins before trying any car inside the Gocarting arena.
The go carting area has electric cars for kids which they can drive in small tracks.

FacePainting Eleven Park

FacePainting Eleven Park Budapest
FacePainting Eleven Park Budapest

There is an artist sitting next to the Pendulum slide at Eleven park where your kids can get face paint.
Face painting facility is not free. You have to pay Eleven park coins to get face paint for the kids.
There is a big variety of characters that you can choose from to paint on the face.

AirHockey Eleven Park

Air Hockey Tables Eleven Park Budapest
Air Hockey Tables Eleven Park Budapest

There are around 6 air hockey tables at Eleven park where little ones can play with siblings or family.

Airtables at Eleven park also require token from the reception. With one session, if one player scores 10 goals, the game will be over.
The airhockey tables are quite occupied most of the time.

Bicycles at Eleven Park

Children Cycles eleven park
Children Cycles eleven park

There are various types of mechanical bicycles for kids from age 3 to 12 years.
There are bicycles for single kid, as well as bicycles where two children can drive together.
Some cycles are designed in a way that parents can stand on the back lever of bicycle and push the bicycle while the kids is enjoying the ride.
Bicycle driving is a free activity.

Eleven Park Restaurant

Eleven Park Restaurant
Eleven Park Restaurant

When entering the Eleven Park, there is a huge area on the right hand side which is totally reserved for eating.
Although it is not allowed to bring food from outside, however, you can order a small variety of food.

You will find vegetarian as well as food including meat as well at the Eleven Park restaurant.
The seating area is open for people buying food from the canteen inside the Eleven Park.

You can sit in any open desk if it is not reserved.
Reserved tables are normally for the birthday parties as there can be 5 to 10 Birthday parties in winter time.

Trampoline Eleven Park

Eleven Park Budapest Trampoline
Eleven Park Budapest Trampoline

There is a big trampoline with around 8 sections. Each section can be used by one kids to try jumping.
However, in case of high rush, 2 kids can also be seen jumping on the same trampoline section.

As a parent it is better to keep an eye on your kid if he is jumping along with other kids in the same section. Trampoline in Eleven Park is free to use.

Giant Volcano Mountain slide

Volcano Mountain slide Budapest Eleven Park
Volcano Mountain slide Budapest Eleven Park

There is a cone shaped slide in the middle of the main hall of Eleven Park.
Cone shaped slide is in the form of mountain with a height of around 15 feet.

Children from ages 3 to 12 love to climb the inclination and then slide down.
The cone shaped slide is free to climb no matter how many attempts children make.

The mountain slide at Eleven park can be climbed from any side. It is is 360 degree accessible.
There is a sitting place as well at the top of the mountain slide,but only limited to 4 children.

Bumper Cars Eleven Park

Bumper Cars Eleven Park
Bumper Cars Eleven Park

At Eleven Park Budapest, there is a facility for kids to rock and roll through the bumper cars.
Only one kid is allowed to sit in the bumper car.
Usage of bumper cars is not free at eleven park,as you have to insert coins to use the car.

MonoRail Cars Eleven Park

MonoRail Eleven Park Budapest
MonoRail Eleven Park Budapest

At Eleven Park Budapest, there is a small monoRail.
The mono rail is at a height of 20 feet from the ground.

There are 3 to 4 rails operating at a time.
A MonoRail can accommodate 2 to 3 children at a time.
Monorail is not free and coins have to be used to onboard the rail.

Roller Slides Eleven Park

Roller slides Eleven Park Budapest
Roller slides Eleven Park Budapest

There are two roller slides at Eleven Park.
The roller slides are best to enjoy with the special seat which are only 2.

But Kids can even sit directly on the rolling slide and slide down comfortably.
Rollers slides at Eleven park are free to use.Only challenge is that it is too crowded.

Jumping castles Eleven Park

Jumping Castle Eleven Park Budapest
Jumping Castle Eleven Park Budapest

There are 3 bouncing castles in the eleven park Budapest.
Entry to Jumping castles is free.

One jumping castle is in the form of a lion while other one is the form of a green castle.
Kids from minors to adults can be seen enjoying jumping in an out of the jumping castles.

Target Shooting Eleven Park

At Eleven park there is a small arrangement for target shooting.
It is not visible unless you are willing to explore.
The Target shooting arrangement is behind the toddlers corner with lot of balls in a net area.

Seating Arrangement Eleven Park

Eleven Park Seating
Eleven Park Seating

As Eleven Park is practically design for kids to explore all the fun activities,where parents don’t have to worry about.All around the park, there are soft sofas places for parents to sit and relax while kids are doing rock n roll.

There are around 40+ comfortable sofas where parents and caretakers can sit and talk.
The sofas are different from the desks placed next to the food court.
There are around 40 desks in front of the canteen where you can dine in as well as take part in birthdays.

Birthday Parties at Eleven Park

Birthday Parties eleven park Budapest
Birthday Parties eleven park Budapest

There is a possibility to book Birthday parties at Eleven Park Budapest.
You have to call them and make a reservation in advance at least a week.

After reservation, you have to visit to make sure that your requirements are understood,socially related to food. They can serve chips,pizzas,chicken boneless strips,Falafel,ice cream and juices.

Eleven Park Toilets

Toilets Eleven Park Budapest
Toilets Eleven Park Budapest

Toilets in eleven park are available for ladies and gents.
As you cannot take any shoes,slippers inside the hall, you have to walk without any shoes to the washrooms.

The good things is that Eleven park toilets are well maintained and you dont see a need to get your shoes to use the toilets. Toilets in Eleven park are free to use.

Eleven Park Busy days

Normally, Eleven Park is full of visitors in the winter times,i.e. between September and February.
The reason being the fact that Budapest gets really cold and hardly many people visit parks, in case of snow or rain.
Hence, they tend to find places like Eleven park where children can play in a safe environment.
Even on a weekend when it is raining outside, families would visit Eleven park instead of taking children to open parks.